YouTubers React To Vintage NBA Slam Dunk Contests

YouTubers React To Vintage NBA Slam Dunk Contests

“High toss, lob, and reverse jam!” “High above the rim.” [ crowd cheering ] “Run” “That” “Back” “Run that back.” “The dunk contest has always been my favorite
event at an All-Star Weekend.” “It was the real championship for me.” “That’s the one event that
I was always looking forward to.” “I used to play on rims that were 6 and 7 feet
just so I could feel like I could dunk and
jump as high as those guys.” “1984. Who’s that, Larry Nance Senior?” “That’s something I don’t think guys
can do nowadays. Rocking it back like that,
underneath the basket.” “That guy was the best windmill dunker. He would cup it.” “Oh, Dr. J. Let’s see.” “He wants to be creative. I mean, this is the man
who invented the dunk to some people.” “Oh, whoa, whoa… run that back.” “What?” “That’s crazy.” “These are like some underrated
dunk contests.”“Off the board.”“Yo, Larry Nance got bunnies.” “Here’s Julius.” “We got Julius again, reversing, that’s nice.” “Jeez, he like, did an
ice skating spin in the air.” “He hit his head, John.” “Did he hit his head?” “I’ve done that before.” “Let me see, son… you’re okay, get back out there.” “You should get two points for
hitting your head on the backboard.” “That’s crazy that his son is in the contest this year. One of my favorites right here.” “Run that back That was the dunk, man. The rock-the-baby. Rockabye baby.” “That’s why I played on little rims, ’cause I want to do that.” “Here we go, can he do what he did in ’76?” “Was that from the free throw?” “I would need a couple extra steps.” “He kinda stepped in a little bit from the free throw line, so I don’t know… I’m not gonna count that one.” “Here is Larry Nance.”
“He’s gotta be different!” “Two-ball. Larry Nance… let’s get it!” “Two of them in a row.” “Man, that’s crazy.” “Awww, Dr. J got robbed.” “Look at Dr. J, he just wants to get outta here.
Where my keys?” “The first dunk contest I remember
that stood out to me was Jordan, Dominique Wilkins… that dunk contest was insane.” “This was the beginning of the
Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan rivalry.” “One of my favorite dunks, run that back. Favorite dunks, ever. Uh. That double pump. Oh, so tough.” “MJ on the warmup.
Got his chain on and all that.” Yeah, Stansbury used to do
the Statue of Liberty.” “Oh yeah. He got two chains on.” “Michael’s just… supreme.” “See, Jordan, he’s supposed to win just ’cause his swag is just like, on 100 right now. Dominique, man… too powerful.” “Dominique and Jordan were just on another level. Ah, dude… so much power.” “Dominique… get it.” “Oh, he put the tape down. We gotta play that back. Did he – did he go behind the mark?” “See that foot? Free throw line.” “Absolutely incredible to me.” “Wow!” “Soaring, leaping, one-handed.” “Ohhh!” “Uh! Run that back.” “Strong. Aggressive. Crazy.” “Dominique was way more powerful. He deserved that one.” “It’s the new 1985 Slam Dunk Champion.” “1986 Dunk Contest. Let’s see what we got. Oh, Spud Webb’s in the building. For the little people.” “Just sick how much bounce he has.” “I wanna know his vertical.” Bro… no bounce, run that back.” “Spud Webb did a 360.” “I can barely do that, and I’m 6’10!” “Take that, little guy.” “Dominique had to compete against his own teammate. It wasn’t even a contest.” “What? Hold on, wait – run that back.” “Dominique is at a loss for words.” “This man looks like a little kid,
that’s just got unrealistic hops.” “And now he’s upset. He’s like, ‘I gotta top this?’
But he did though.” “Dominique, just major bounce.” “Two-handed windmill from the side.” [ crowd cheering ] “Look at everybody getting into it.” “Reverse jam!” “MJ!” “That’s crazy.” “Jordan’s like, ‘damn I’m glad I didn’t enter that year.'” “Round of applause.” “1988, rematch.” “Dominique and MJ. What a rivalry.” “This was the best Dunk Contest of every Dunk Contest.” “Oh… see Dominique’s head is just
clear above the rim.” “Whew! Run that back.” “When you see somebody that can catch
that kind of a pass off the glass, I get hungry to throw him a lob. I see you, MJ.” “Wow, that was really crazy.” “Everything he did, man was like, trying to break the rim.” “And that’s back when shoes weighed like 4 pounds. Run that back. Oh dude, you know how much that hurt? Look at his hand bounce off that.”“Michael Jordan needs a 48 to tie.”“Let’s see what he got. Oh, free throw line. Freaky. See all the finesse he used in the air? Oh, that poster’s on my wall. Run that back. Run that one back for sure.” “This was the greatest, man. Look at this. Ahhh, bro. I had this poster in my room,
and it was my favorite poster. It’s the most amazing shot.” “They gave Jordan a 50!”

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  1. It’s stupid how they hated on Dr. J for stepping over the Line but then Jordan’s “all time dunk” was over the line and they were praising him smh

  2. Slamdunk before was so CORNY!!! Specially MJ.. hes much of a gimmick… tounge sticking out..licking the air…overrated..funny…hahaha

  3. One of the best dunks was MJ's one handed double clutch 180 off of one foot, which was actually an elbow dunk.

  4. I hope Hulk Hogan doesn't get mad about his daughter talking about black men again.. at least some of these were rich.

  5. Could’ve done without Brooke Hogan in this. And why does she look like she’s in her late 40’s? She’s like 30, and looking like her mom already.

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