Wrestling vs Rugby 7s – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Wrestling vs Rugby 7s – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

Hi, I’m Sam Cross.
I’m from Wales. I’m part of the Team GB
Rugby 7s team. (AGE 25, HEIGHT 100CM, WEIGHT
103KG) Rugby 7s is fast and
action-packed, it’s exciting, it’s high scoring. (SILVER MEDALLIST, RIO 2016) I’m Sofia Mattsson from Sweden
and I’m an Olympic wrestler in the 53 kilo category. (AGE 28, HEIGHT 164CM, WEIGHT
53KG) We need to have a lot of
courage and self-confidence, believe in yourself
and the will to really, really want to win. (BRONZE MEDALLIST, RIO 2016) (RUGBY, WRESTLING) (WRESTLING, RUGBY) – Hi Sofia.
– Hi. Welcome to the Team GB Rugby
base at The Lensbury Hotel in
London. Do you know much about rugby? Actually not. I guess you’re supposed
to have a lot of speed and there’s a lot
of body contact. Yeah, I think it’ll suit you
with your wrestling background. There’s a lot of physical
contact, a lot of head-to-head, so looking forward to
introducing you to it today. I’m used to getting close
to people and I won’t be afraid if I get tackled or anything, so I think that will come in
handy. (HE’S PUMPED!) Well, welcome
to my world on the mat and today, we are going
to do some wrestling. Do you know
anything about wrestling or have you tried it before? Yeah, in rugby we’ve done a
little bit of judo, just looking at taking people
down. Well, that sounds perfect. I think there’s going to be a
few transferable skills. In rugby, a very
physical sport, bone on bone, looking to move people
and be aggressive. (THE KIT) Rugby, this IS our kit. Pretty normal,
pretty standard issue. This is the top
we wore in the Olympics, so it’s a Team GB kit. First of all, I see you’ve
got your Swedish kit on, so you’re in London
today with Team GB, so I got you this jersey,
I hope it fits. Thank you so much. How do you feel
about your singlet? Do you feel comfortable? Ah, yeah, not leaving much for
the imagination, but it feels good. You certainly
look good in the yellow and blue colours I must say. The singlet as you
can feel is really tight, it’s so your opponent
won’t grab it when you wrestle. That’s what I love about
wrestling is that this is all you need. (THE INITIATION) The point of the game is you
pass the ball or run the ball and you try
and get it over this line here. Every time we score a try we
get a chance to kick the ball between the sticks
to score an extra two points. I’ll quickly show
you how it’s done. – Goal!
– Goal. Two points! So, here’s the
ball, there’s the posts. Good luck. This is your first attempt
at the Rugby 7s drop-kick. Thank you. Is it supposed to touch
the ground before I kick it? Touch the ground before you
kick it, and then over the bar, but between the posts. OK. Yeah, it probably
can’t get any worse! Last attempt, so it will bounce
and sort of lift up. The ball, it feels unnatural
to have a rugby ball and there’s a lot more
technique than I thought. OK, so, the first thing
we’re going to do, we’re just going just to try
to catch each other’s feet. Every time you touch it,
it’s one point. – OK.
– OK. I was surprised by how
actually quick she was and quick on her feet
and sharp with her hands. As I was going, she was gone
before I could even get there. So, basically I pretend that
someone has taken me down and I need to get into a
bridge. I’m going to show you and then
you’re going to try to get out. So basically I’m down
here and then I just need to be strong enough
to jump out of the bridge. The best thing is about
mobility, flexibility and to be able to
use your body to find what kind
of muscles you need to use in what kind of positions. (THE WARM UP) We normally get the balls in
our hands, get the ball passing. I wonder if my hand
is big enough to grab it. So, if you start… Slowly,
in whichever hand you pass. If you’re passing right,
right hand starts at the back, left at the front. Nice! Super! And then you with me. I’m actually pretty surprised
that he’s very mobile for a big guy. (THE BASICS) Here’s the training
part of the day. I’m going to show you
a couple of technical points on how to kick a Rugby
7s drop-kick. Just start square on here
and you’re going to place it and then you’re going to kick
through. You should never kick
straight but always on an angle so you’ve got that
space, whereas if you’re straight you’re going to kick
with your toe instead of your
inside part of the foot. Not bad. Good. A lot better. – Hey!
– Good. You have to catch
the ball after I kick it. I think Tokyo 2020
could be on the cards here! Check this out. This is our tackling pad. This what we use
day to day in training to practise our tackling. We go opposite foot,
get close and hit them with my right shoulder. I get my left foot in close and I’m going to look to get my
hands around the bag and
then hit the pad. Nice, that was good. I was saying, with my
sport, just give it a go and don’t be afraid. This is kind of starting to
look a little bit more like wrestling now. That was good. First time being tackled
by a girl, it’s good. I’m going to go there, tackle
you and then I come after the ball. In wrestling you want to put
your opponents on their back, then you win, or at the end
of the match and if no-one puts the other one on the back,
they’re going to count the scores. You’re going
to throw him all over you until he lands on his back. You’re going to use your neck
when you’re jumping out of the bridge, so you
need to be able to move it. Try to make one lap. I think there’s a
few things that we do in rugby which are kind of similar to
wrestling, which mix in. The strength work we do works
quite well. Probably the bit I’m struggling
the most is just that they’re almost like
gymnasts. (THE CHALLENGE) OK, Sofia,
the final challenge. Drop-kick. Over the crossbar,
between the posts. You’ve got this, let’s go. (3 ATTEMPTS) (TO SCORE A DROP KICK GOAL) It’s coming off the foot
now, so it’s looking a lot better. You’re kicking the ball,
you’re not kicking air any more, so I think we’ve definitely
improved from the start. I think if you were a Rugby
7s player, you’d probably be a catcher and chasing
the kick offs rather a kicker. – Thank you very much.
– Thank you. (FIRST TO 3 TOUCHES) (OF THE OPPONENT’S FOOT WINS) The first one who
gets three shots is the winner. One. Two. Three! (3 ATTEMPTS) (TO COME OUT OF A BRIDGE
POSITION) To the other challenge,
and the bridge. Yeah, good. I think that’s
enough for today. You were really good. – Thank you very much.
– Yeah, thank you. You did great and you
almost managed the last one, I think just a little
bit more training and then… – Keep practising!
– Yeah, for sure. There’s quite a lot of
similarities between our sports, I think we found that
out today that wrestling and rugby has a lot of
transferable skills with how physical these guys are,
which is very similar to us, how much contact we have. The toughest bit was
just how fast they move. First of all I thought
rugby was really fun and it was more detailed
than I thought it would be. It was more technical
and the kick was obviously harder than
I thought it would be. (SPORTS SWAP)

99 thoughts on “Wrestling vs Rugby 7s – Can They Switch Sports? | Sports Swap Challenge

  1. In wrestling most guys who belong to this gentleman class don't bridge that way, they are to heavy and long to pop that way, that's a small man move and a girl move basically. Also not every wrestler need to be that flexible, women wrestlers do, but most women are flexible anyways. She shoulda teach him how to single leg or heel hook or some other basic move other than a suplex. And for the rugby dude, drop kicking takes a long while to figure it out. Also a tackle at speed is pretty different form a double leg take down, you can carry way more momentum and produce a bigger impact, I've practiced both sports, to me, their are not that much alike.

  2. Ah this reminds me of my wrestling experience… I felt like I would slipp a disk when I would do those neck bridges, ah the good ole days

  3. I play rugby and I love it. I often thought about how I would love to try out wrestling, as well, but I am a bit insecure about it. I am pretty obese and weight 110kg (as a woman). Do you girls (maybe also guys) who do wrestling think I can still do wrestling? I am afraid that in the local wrestling school there won't be any other women about my size to do a fair match wouldn't be possible even in training. And I am also wondering about competition. I know that for professional competitions the highest weight class for women is 72 kg. So would I not be able to compete as I grow more experienced or are there different weight classes for amateur wrestling?
    At first I was insecure about playing Rugby as well, but there I can often use my physical attributes to be of advantage for my team, so I am not ashamed to train and play with team mates who are all skinnier (and fitter) than me.
    Would really appreciate an answer :)!

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  10. Wrestling is one of the hardest sports out there. They say not every athlete can be a wrestler, but a wrestler can be any athlete.

  11. "I had reach, she had flexibility. It was brutal. After 9 rounds, the judges declared it a draw. A lot of unhappy bettors in the other room. We, uh, ended up having a tiebreaker in her quarters. I had reach, she had flexibility. More than one way to work off stress, I guess…"

  12. This is faaaaaar from what I expected. Nobody expects wrestler's skills to transfer to handling the balls… I am interested in how well they can do as forward players, in scrums and so forth. Likewise, I am interested in how "strong" the rugby tackles are against the wrestlers, rather than how fast… There is absolutely no point of "swap" in this video.

  13. I want to know why GB play as whole nation in rugby and play by individual team of England, Scotland and Wales and Ireland in cricket.

  14. Of course it comes in handy. She's a wrestler she know how to sprawl, duck under, funk, reverse and even double leg her opponent

  15. but… why didn't they wrestle??? She would have won within 20 seconds, but this would have been a fun 20 seconds! (for us, not for him)

  16. i really enjoy these, but i'd love to see them do a full wrestling match with someone their own size, or maybe a little bit smaller, and same for the rugby playing. so they can feel the true challenge under realistic conditions. i do both, and believe me it can be humbling when someone with skills shows you how its done

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