WORLD OF FINAL FANTASY has just gotten bigger and better “Mirage Keepers”? Me and Reynn? Those the-marks on your arms are proof. You were born to work the-miracles! Take another look at the town. Ah! What the honk… Every member state in the Federation is trussed up like this. Sorry, who are the “Dyad’s Servants”? The Dyad’s Servants were Mirages that carried out most of the Dyad’s dirty work. Right? Wh…what is all this stuff? All this is the true face of the Federation. Wait! You can’t go! We still have so many questions! You bring nothing to this world but pain and chaos! Did that… Did that…happen? What was that? What did we just see? Please… Promise me…that you’ll forgive them. For me. The Avatar Change System lets you fight as legendary heroes from the FF series New Mirages! Go fishing with Noctis! I have to pay for bringing you into this world. This ends…now!

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