WORLD-CLASS Table Tennis Tactics 1 (Mizutani’s serve revisited) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

WORLD-CLASS Table Tennis Tactics 1 (Mizutani’s serve revisited) — TOMORROW TABLE TENNIS

Hi there! Today marks the beginning of our new tactics’ series Before we do that, I just want to clarify
several things I said in the Mizutani’s video Some of you [thank you ^^] mentioned that
spin has three rotational axes. Let’s say this is x.. y.. and z-axis
Rotating about the x-axis, that’s topspin and backspin
That dictates the movement vertically The horizontal movement is actually controlled
by spinning about the z-axis, like this This is called a corkscrew spin
And last time I mentioned sidespin which spins about the y-axis
It spins on top and parallel to the table, so it doesn’t produce any friction
Now we know that in Mizutani’s serve, the curve is mainly produced by [corkscrew] spin,
like this The ball curves away
As last time I mentioned, you can still combine a backspin stroke with a sidespin stroke
because when you do that, you are naturally adding the corkscrew spin
Here, I want to emphasize the movement towards your stomach which gives you more cork spin Now, I want to share with you a very useful tactic or combination
which is when your opponent serves, you come in a do a banana flip, then do a backhand
topspin off the bounce Nowadays, in table tennis, taking the initiative
is super advantageous This highly offensive combination helps you with that Notice the difference between a backhand drive
and a backhand topspin off the bounce Backhand drive is mainly hitting without brushing. The ball slows down as it travels
But backhand topspin off the bounce has a lot of brushing.
The ball accelerates when it lands on the table contributing to its fast rhythm which makes it very effective Now let’s talk about placement
Once you come in to do the banana flip to your opponent’s backhand
They’ll probably block it to your backhand, a cross court
You can just wait here to do your three lines Especially, I find it very effective to do
a backhand topspin down the line So you’re attacking the two corners
You always have to get ready for the next ball and if they return it, you can do another cross court Here are several world-class examples Now, I’ll briefly go through the important points First, step in your right leg, then after you finish the banana flip, you have to thrust
your right leg against the ground And your left leg has to jump with your right
leg, together And return to your ready position so that
your left foot is slightly in front of your right foot You have to move quickly, or it’ll look something like this .-. Once you’re in this position, you should have a relatively low center of gravity to start
with Then, thrust your leg and move your center
of gravity upward and forward So you are using your whole body to execute the shot Be careful the ball is coming very fast with topspin on it You should always find the point where you
can utilize the force that’s carried on the ball Lastly, there’re three details you should follow First thing: your hand has to be higher than looping a backspin So somewhere around here [ok.. maybe a bit lower than that] Second point: you have to contact the ball earlier when it’s still rising
Thirdly, remember to brush the ball which is crucial for consistency and quality
Try this combination in your game and see if it’s effective
Also, I want to invite all of you to think about if your opponent is using this tactic,
what are some effective ways to deal with that. Leave in the comments below and we’ll explore
in the next video. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Best videos…love you from Bangladesh….i always wait for your video and your video is more effective than ping skill and other youtube channel…..thank you very much…

  2. Amazingg as alwaysssss
    Can you please do a video about positioning and ready.position
    I always get caught up in a bad positon sometimes near table sometimes far and cant loop the ball because of that
    Thabks for you HARD WORKK Appreciateddd

  3. Your videos are great. You have a very good technique , which is great for teaching and also you give advanced tips. Keep up the good work.

  4. Great video. Just wondering what your blade and rubber setup is? When I try and do the same serve it seems I don't get anywhere near as much spin on the ball even though I'm brushing well.

  5. You amazed me…
    Thank you very much>>
    but how can I train on the banana flip alone? is there any way? I ve made my own homemade robot maybe it helps a little

  6. Another way of receiving is strawberry (Simon gauzy style) can you have a tutorial for that and also Can you do a detailed video on how to chop block like Ma Long or Koki Niwa ?

  7. Great video again. I think if an opponent is using this strategy of flicking and backhand counter down the line on 4th ball, then serving short might work. And in case the opponent still flicks, the best bet would be to anticipate a down the line ball and counter actively to the forehand corner of the opponent. Better said than done. This is a really tough decision. And really good footwork is needed to counter this technique. What are your thoughts? Thanks for putting efforts in explaining both sides of the tactics. Keep up the good work!

  8. Your videos are soo cool!
    I think after using your techniques I've become a better player..
    Pls continue with this series..
    Great video.
    Really helpful as always:)

  9. high toss pendulum serve with heavy side back spin. Even if they banana flick it, the quality is going to be low and you can rip it easily. And it's almost impossible for them to banana flick if to your FH side if you serve it that way, just step around and rip it big with your FH.This is ma long's tactic against banana flick players.

  10. Good video. Enjoy the channel. I know you're a shakehander but if there's a high level penholder at club, perhaps you can do a video on a FH fade. That's the opposite of a hook. My forehand can have a lot of hook on it when I want but I struggle with penhold hitting that inside-out forehand that fades away from the opponent (youtube "wang liqin crazy spin" if this is still not clear what i mean). I know shakehanders can bend their wrist back on this shot. I'm sure Sun or you have this shot in your bag of tricks. Penholders the way they hold the paddle cannot really do the same thing IMO. I've seen Xu Xin at times get really low and almost windmill like loop this ball that curves inside-out away from the opponent but I really have no idea how to do this shot. Ma lin also could do it quite well but I think he executed his variation differently. Thanks if you have any insights.

  11. Would love to see a video on bouncing footwork and distance from the table. Hard to understand these concepts without a coach..

  12. Thank you for posting this highly educational and helpful video. I appreciate your attention to detail. Have you by any chance any advice for older players like me who have slow footwork. I have been playing for 30 years and was rated right around 2000 USATT. When I get to the ball, I can perform high quality shots. Sadly, when I am out of position by being too slow, I have to try to compensate for being late which makes me inconsistent. Thank you and all the best.

  13. If your opponent has good footwork then this will work less than half of the time , especially down the line backhand topspin , it is prone to a very deep swerving and curving away forehand ( From a right handed player) counter loop (or maybe a smash back down the same line : that would be like an awesome thing to do, i can't, wang liqin could :P) which isn't a very tough shot to achieve i'd reckon for any serious player. But the tactic is still good for a consistent variation and it's a very well made video too.

  14. mate I'm waiting for decoding Kristian Karlsson's weird serve for example in this match:

  15. generally i think ppl counter the flick by counterdriving mostly back to the receiver's wide backhand, or for the real good players they can counterdrive back to the wide forehand when the receiver autopilot bounce back to his bh side. both techniques are super hard tho – i haven't learned how. would like to know!

  16. Hi, wanna ask for the banana flick, Dont we have to brush also on top of the ball for the perfect top spin result ??

  17. The `Z` axis/corkscrew serve is easier for me using the backhand serve. Allowing the ball to drop onto the blade and brushing the bottom. Can be easily disquised as well when occasionally throwing in a topspin or backspin from the same `Z` axis.

  18. Hey, I had a question – how to create more spin off of European rubbers. I find it difficult to get insane spin off my Hard Gewo Hype EL

  19. Hi bro, I have subscribed and watched many of your videos. All are great and invaluable as well. Why don't you go pro and keep making the video? I am sure both will great for you.

  20. how to deal with side spin serve which is long and leaves from the side of the table incase we don't want to use the pivot and make a forehand attack? in such a case backhand push won't work so how to open with back hand loop pls explain

  21. If your opponent is doing this tactic just wait for your serve and when he gives the ball to you JUST CRUSH IT. and without looking behind just run……. 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁

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