Why The US Women’s Team Is Great At Soccer

Why The US Women’s Team Is Great At Soccer

[Narrator] On June 11, 2019,
the US women’s soccer team beat Thailand 13 to 0. That’s more goals than
any team has ever scored in a game in the history of the World Cup. It’s also more goals than the US men’s team has scored in every World Cup since 2006 combined. Yeah, the women’s team dominates. In fact, as of 2019, they’re
the No. 1 ranked team in the world. So, why are American
women so good at soccer? Well, it starts with this graph. For at least four decades, women’s soccer has been rapidly gaining
popularity in the US. In 1971, for example, there were only 700 high-school
female soccer players. But by 2014, that number had grown to nearly 376,000. And more young players means: Eileen Narcotta-Welp:
That there is gonna be an increase in competition, which means that’s going to lead to better technical and tactical play that will weed out the best players. [Narrator] That’s Eileen Narcotta-Welp, a soccer scholar at the
University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. There are a few reasons, she says, why women’s soccer has
become so popular in the US. And one of them is Title IX, which legislators passed in 1972. It prohibits federally funded
educational institutions from discriminating on the basis of sex. And that applies to high-school and college athletic programs. Narcotta-Welp: They said,
“Listen, you have to add women’s programs, you have to be able to demonstrate that you are at least providing opportunities for women. So you just saw an explosion
of different sports. [Narrator] Especially soccer. In large part, Narcotta-Welp: Because you can carry such a large number of
women on those teams. [Narrator] It was simple math: By starting a women’s soccer team, schools could easily iron
out gender discrepancies in their athletic programs. But it wasn’t just Title IX that pushed women’s soccer
into the American mainstream and onto the world stage. It was also victory.
Two victories, actually. In 1991, the US national women’s team won the World Cup, the first
Women’s World Cup in history. And shortly after, major
brands like Nike and Umbro sponsored some of its players, cementing them as American icons. Then there was the World Cup of 1999, when women’s soccer exploded. The final game against China is widely considered the biggest moment in US women’s sports ever. It went to penalty kicks, and Brandi Chastain scored the last goal, beating China 5 to 4. After that, it seemed like every American girl wanted to play soccer, which only increased the pool of talent. But the team’s success isn’t
just about the popularity of women’s soccer in America. It’s also about the suppression
of the sport abroad. England, for example, essentially banned women’s soccer from 1921 to 1971, Germany did the same from 1955 to 1970, and so did Brazil from 1941 to 1981. These countries and many others claimed that soccer was
simply not a woman’s sport. So for a long time there
were hardly any teams abroad, and that’s true even in more modern times. In 2006, for example,
there were about 3,000,000 registered youth female players worldwide, and more than half of them were in the US. And even today, Narcotta-Welp: Soccer
really is only defined as a female sport in the United States. Everywhere else, it is a male sport. [Narrator] Taken altogether, that’s why the US women’s soccer team is so good, but other countries
might now be catching up. At least if there’s
anything to this graph. It shows what’s called
the Soccer Power Index, which is an estimate of
a team’s skill level. The US is in first, but France, Germany, and a handful of other
countries are now close behind. And that’s largely thanks
to a sharp increase in the number of players in Europe, and to money. From 2012 to 2017, for example,
European soccer associations more than doubled their
spending on women’s teams, from about 50,000,000 euros
to nearly 112,000,000. And with more money, Narcotta-Welp: You might have
access to better trainers, to better fitness instructors, to strength coaches, to maybe even start specializing
particular coaching areas. [Narrator] Now whether that
translates to victories is another question. At least for now, the US is one of the favored teams to win the World Cup in 2019. Take it from the expert: Narcotta-Welp: I wouldn’t put it past them to continue to remain at
the top of women’s soccer for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Winning 13-0 really doesn't mean anything more than winging say 4-0. It's just about differences in the way teams respond to a blowout. Looking at a score and comparing teams in different leagues is so dumb. My team when I was 8 scored 10 goals in a game once. Does that mean that a bunch of 2nd graders can be compared to the us national team suddenly? No. The only thing you should be talking about if you are comparing teams is the way they play. The womens usa national team is the best womens team on the planet. But they wouldn't beat a mens college soccer team in a serious match let alone a team of teenagers in s scrimmage, which we all know happened. Yeah it was a scrimmage, and you can't judge them for that, but imagine any premier league team in the same situation. It simply would NOT happen. It wouldn't happen because it doesn't happen. Those teams play with youth as well, and they do not get beat even in matches that aren't serious. Their level of playing is too high to be messed with by a bunch of kids.

    Edit: also, American women are good at soccer because they are treated well in our country. Sexists countries=bad women's team. So basically by saying the women's team is amazing you are also saying that it is because America treats women better.

  2. Here in the US there is a bunch of white girls playing soccer every time I go and play a tournament.

  3. the moment I heard that result I knew the reason why nobody calls women's soccer a sport. I mean, HOW THE HELL DO YOU WIN 13-0

  4. Because America is the best in sports that the rest of the world don't really give a shit about. Oh you're offended. Here's some few examples basketball, American ?football?, Baseball, and now women's football lol.

  5. Show the video of the us women team twerking after winning the cup because that's the only thing they're good at


  7. IS the womens soccer team that great or the rest of the worlds women soccer teams that's terrible. A group of teenage boys in Texas have the answer to that question.

  8. Because men have a physical advantage. They are obviously all transgendered male to females. Look at "women's" tennis. Same thing. And it's fraud because they are stealing the glory from genuine females. If you can't see what is obvious: skeletal and muscular structure, brow ridges, shoulder to hip ratio, Adam's apples, placement of the navel and Adonis belt at the waist.. you must be blind. Just look at them in bikinis if you can't see it on the field.

  9. You can’t compare the men’s and women’s team, their competition is at completely different levels. My u14 team could’ve beaten Thailand by more.

  10. In a few years, we will have trans representing the women team. It will be more enjoyable to watch. But very bad for real women.

  11. Umm no. Women soccer team that won literally lost to a U-15 devision boys soccer team that same year… oh wait that was this year…

    Also they won by a penalty shot that’s a pity win if anything and everyone knew it… American women team was also had questionable actions throughout the match…

  12. How about a little context when comparing men and women's soccer. Dominating in an infinitely inferior league is significant only to those in that league. Nobody else cares except friends and family of said league. It's like comparing a T-ball league to the Majors.

  13. i called my 64 year old mom to watch woman football,i told her its world cup final,and she said to me f that, that is boring,a woman who knows everything about football,in europe we just dont care about it,thats why usa woman team is dominate versus rest of the world,we just dont care

  14. I just can't support USA women's team. I don't like their attitude.
    On the other hand, Japanese Women team is one of my favorite team.

  15. wow the china thing where the us won 5-4 reminds me of my all star game where we tied in normal play, then nobody scored in overtime so we were forced to do penalty kicks, and we were tied until the end, then the other team’s last person to kick ended the tie and they won. .-. sad memories.

  16. Bro I wish u would put them against the males team and see how “great” they really are😂

  17. no it's not that they were great it's just that the other teams were just so bad they couldn't even beat a 15 year old boy team LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL

  18. They are great, but U15 can still beat them… And if we talk about mens soccer team, then its another level. much higher level. Next time when womens want to talk about money – they should play against U.S. mens soccer team. And without mercy. Real soccer.

  19. Easy, because the rest of the teams in women world cup are bad af, 13 – 0 goals don't show "good" they are but how bad the others female teams are.

  20. Guys CR7, LM10 played and scored against defenders like: Sergio Ramos, Pepe, Marcelo, Pique etc (internationally) whereas women Face idol Goalkeepers and Defenders like: Taylor Swift and Beyonce.

  21. Men have a bigger competition, thus not scoring as many goals… try playing against some U-15 boys and… oh wait

  22. The American and Australian international women's teams, as well as the Manchester United Women's Football Club, have ALL been beaten by school boys. That's three professional women's teams, beaten by SCHOOL boys…..

    Why do they get paid less again? Oh yeah, it's because women are shit at the game!

  23. Can we stop comparing the men’s performance to the women’s? We don’t need to! The women are great. They’re the best in the world. But they’re not playing against men.

    Women’s soccer is no where near at the level of men, especially around the world. If every country had comparable talent in women’s like they do in men’s soccer, there wouldn’t be such a disparity.

    Let’s just celebrate the fact that our women’s team kicks ass. Cut the political BS already

  24. The USWNT beating Thailand 13-0 wasn’t anywhere near as impressive as Germany’s demolition of Brazil in a World Cup semi final IN BRAZIL. And they showed way more class in the process too. The USWNT are a great women’s team but comparing them to the men is a pretty dumb idea for so many reasons. Cheer them on for what they are, don’t be idiotic and start making comparisons that shouldn’t be made.

  25. Well maybe because most federation don’t have professional women soccer or cannot Afford a women team in their lines o yea the USWNT got mopped around by 15 year old boys

  26. Girls beating Girls, Girls are bad at soccer and bad girls play less bad girls. Big surprise this happened? They such put them against the man team and then they will switch place.

  27. The rest of the women around the world aren't that great. Apart from a few countries around europe, there is literally no competition. US women have the best infrastructure in the sport. If these US women really cared about women's equality of opportunity, they would be campaigning for all women around the world, not just US. Instead it seems like they want more money in their pockets when they are already in the world's richest 1% based on salary, look it up.

  28. Dont get me wrong, I love my Country and I love the Women who wear the Red, White , and Blue durring the World Cup! I support them and am so happy for them winning the Cup yet again…

    However, if I am being honest, I would sincerely pay FAR MORE MONEY to watch them play in a rematch with those 15-16 year old boys than another World Cup!!!

  29. I’m British and I play football but I have to admit women’s football in America is actually better then men’s football in America, just my opinion as I see it.

  30. FUN FACT: FC Dallas's professional men's team are ranked 636th in the world. USA women couldn't even beat FC Dallas's under 15 boys. The US women's team are the number on ranked nation among the women, and they lost to the under 15's of a club who's best squad are ranked 636th among the men.

  31. Historically soccer wasn't as popular of a sport for men in the US, so all the resources and good coaches were naturally diverted to training women. In other countries where soccer is popular, the best coaches even the female ones, are training men and boys teams. If you took Guardiola and his academy coaches and made him train a ladies team from when they are kids to when they are adults, they will be easily the best in the world.

  32. Most national male football games don't go all out past 4-0 or so because of the risk of injuries.

    The concept of trying to get 13-0 when for example Belgium plays Luxembourg just isn't there.

  33. Actually im pretty sure why they scored 13 and had the world record for that is becos they had shitty ass opponents but when it comes to the men theres more than one good team

  34. Other than USA and a few other countries from Europe, most nations are still very regressive towards their women. That's why their female national teams receive nowhere near the same funding from their respective federations. That's why the women's game is nowhere near as competitive as the men's.

  35. My son at the age of 7 scored 18 goals by himself in one game( result 18 -0 ). In the previous two years the team were undefeated champs with 200 goals per season.
    So who cares about this. Its easy to jump over a low bar!
    Woman soccer is a joke the top female teams get beaten by under 15 boys teams.

  36. Barely any one actually cares soccer in the U.S. especially women’s professional teams I didn’t even know there was a professional team until they were begging for better wages

  37. every butthurt boy's comment is "buT thEy gOT BeaT bY a BunCh of 15 YeaR OlDs" when the team said before the video that they were going to let them win to give them confidence for a big upcoming tournament that they had.

  38. In short, the US women's team isn't good, it's just that all the other teams suck. There's less than 10 pro women's teams in the world because women's football isn't taken seriously outside the US

  39. You ever think the reason why men don t score to mucth goals like women becouse most of the men are stronger all the same level? Just put US female team vs Any male team and you gonna get the score oh whait you already got, a team of 15 years old boys won them.

  40. Becouse the US Women's Team is competing against a buch of third world stay-at-home moms that enjoy playing football here and there, while the US Men's Team has to face a 1,60 dwarf that has the speed and acceleration of Hussein Bolt, the skills of Maradona and Pelé combined and the reflexes of a combat aircraft or F1 pilot.

    So… That's that.

  41. Why The US Women's Team Is Great At Soccer ? Simple math.
    Take US money + US population + nobody really cared 'bout women soccer 'till 1991. Had the female game been as popular as the male game we would have a completely different story. Its basically the same reason why USWNT is so abysmal at Sepak Takrow or why they haven't won either the Volley Ball World Cup EVER or the Water Polo World Cup since 1979.

  42. Because no other country so far bothered to do so basically?

    This is like asking why the best American football players come from the US. Barely anyone else bothers.

    Same applies to many sports. Say, Water polo.

    Almost all of the world champions of water polo come from the ex-Yugoslavia region.

    Because they care.

    Same reason the USMNT sucks so badly compared to say, the Belgian one. People in Belgium care. Schools with work teams to develop talents like Kevin De Bruyne, giving him less classes to attend, though he of course still needed to get his high school degree. The team he trained with provided tutoring.

    Like, where is the mystery here?

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