Why The NBA Is Apologizing For Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protesters | NBC News Now

Why The NBA Is Apologizing For Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protesters | NBC News Now

100 thoughts on “Why The NBA Is Apologizing For Tweet Supporting Hong Kong Protesters | NBC News Now

  1. freedom of speach is only for american. if i say i support 911 in american, would i be free? just a joke! americans dont know the facts about hongkong, and they only know china is bad. that is discrimination.that fact is that american is not controlling all countires,so please regulate your own country only. china has ability to handle china’s issuses.china and american have different values.please respect for each other,rather than put american values on china compulsively.

  2. Pop, Kerr, LeBron and others have no problem bashing their own country. But when it comes time to stand up to an evil dictatorship and stand in solidarity with protesters fighting for freedom, they are silent.

  3. Let's see if Microsoft CEO and Apple CEO tweets and have statement that they 100% support hong kong and see if China ban all iPhones and all computers with Windows OS.

  4. NBA and the Rockets can exercise their freedom of speech. They don't have to apologize. Consequently, the Chinese can exercise their freedom to boycott the NBA and the Rockets. What's there to talk about?

  5. You know nothing, all China treat Rockets as our own team cuz of Yao, now the manager hurt all of Chinese. Besides for Hongkong topic is the same topic as racialist in US, please when you comments do more investigation.

  6. Thucidydes Trap – When a rising power challenges an existing power to become a global hedgemon
    there is a better than even chance that it will eventually lead to war.

  7. "Our view is that any speech that challenges national sovereignty and social stability does not fall into the scope of freedom of speech." The Chinese could save a lot of time and just say they don't believe in freedom of speech at all.

  8. Try to understand HK situation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pcw7lcZA7SE&list=PLxdy1rSfJPV7HJ8Zvo3D4-7Upw2Dlw4x0&index=8&t=0s

  9. just curious why sterling got punished so hard while morey gets so much support, one is racism which is quite sensitive in united states while the other is supporting hong kong independence which is very sensitive in china

  10. Free speech?


    Economic sanctions?

    Supporting Hong Kong's departure from China?

    What has China done?

    Split Hawaii?

    Forbid Apple to be sold in China?

    Your demons.

    Hurting others in the name of freedom

    Can't refuse yet

    Does not accepting your harm turn into terrorism?

  11. it is not about weather China over react, it is about public famous man should not publicly support terrorism of other county. also national devide power. we also not play with 911

  12. The US use sanction and China use boycott. US is a free country free speech?.you must be crazy. You can say almost everything in China but in US be prepare to be suit in court. The bill can cause you to be broke.

  13. So we have Hollywood, NBA, American universities hosting “Confucius schools”(Chinese propaganda) and the American real estate market as appeasers of China.

    Which American institutions are next to fall over?

  14. Seems like the place that alone amusingly calls itself “the world’s greatest democracy” (because that’s working out so well right now, isn’t it?) hasn’t quite managed to develop spines or moral compasses in its leading clubs and bodies. Now roll over. Fetch. Beg.

  15. This tweet has cost a lot of people a lot money. Not only for rich NBA players, but for thousands of team staff and arena workers who don't get fat paychecks. Sticking to your value sometimes comes with a cost (however righteous that value may seem to you), but who gave you, Daryl Morey, a millionnaire, the right to volunteer thousand other's livelihood so you can stand on the moral high ground?

  16. It's not supporting democracy that gets the Chinese, it's what's behind the demonstration in Hong Kong, those are separatists, in China it's a big no no

    Essentially it comes down to what Morey said on Twitter about Hong Kong is equivalent to shouting MAKE PORK GREAT AGAIN IN A MOSQUE or shouting LET'S CELEBRATE 911 in Manhattan!!! I guess people just don't get it, because really how many people really cares, and how many just making themselves feel better by repeating democracy all the time?

  17. Oh noo we wove rasketbal hea in shina oh no taky my lewon james and my reff cory and my antonahi ravis oh nooo

  18. Because the NBA is apparently secretly owned by China. Wake up fools: Trump went after the Chinese his first day in office. There is a HUGE chance all the chaos and division in American is Chinese meddling (including the Russia narrative).

  19. Freedom of speech doesn't mean there will be no consequences for your words. Imagine a chinese CEO supporting Osama bin laden attack on the US??

  20. Where is Steve Kerr, Poppovich, and Lebron James and all the other social justice warriors to speak out on human rights violations?

  21. Stand with Islamic soldiers who stood up for their freedom in 9-11 to fight against US oppression. Fight for freedom. All Americans who hold the value of freedom should praise their effort and courage

  22. Funny how quiet Labron James and Stef Curry are now. I just keep hearing the song Money because they only have principles when it costs them nothing. Thought so…

  23. NBA wants to make money from a country it doesn't want to show respect. Then ppl in the country doesn't like it anymore. End of story. It is simple, isn't it? NBA has freedom, Chinese have freedom.

  24. How do you feel if I say. The 911 incident was a act for freedoms. Not terrorism. All those guys hijacked the plane were heros.

  25. perhaps China threatened to so what King Henry VIII did to the Pope; they just might lower the net height, change the rules and create a game strictly for their own culture.

  26. These rich spoiled brats who constantly grip about our president and take up for human rights violators because they are spineless cowards. I'm done with the nba. Silence means your o k with it.

  27. Well done NBA for making your country a laughing stock to the world – your media does a great job already in making fools of themselves in front of the whole world. So sorry for Americans who have a moral spine still.

  28. Most CNNuts don't seem to accept that accepting FULL liberty mean accepting the ensuing reactions gracefully. Why be a whimping teddy? What it works ONE side, and NOT the other? Is that how free speech works?

  29. It’s not about freedom of speech. It’s about whether you respect the core value of Chinese people. If no respect, no business.

  30. “The Americans are great missionaries. They have an irrepressible urge to convert others.”, 1992, The Wit & Wisdom of Lee Kuan Yew

  31. Winnie the Pooh vs. NBA…
    THE SHOWDOWN!!! China ain't got no tegridy. Only 14,000,000,000 yen on pay per communist

  32. I believe the reason why China is taking such harsh actions at this moment is because it doesn't want to give the Chinese citizens any funny ideas about Democaracy, if the present situation is not controlled aggressively, who knows it could stir up protests in China as well.

  33. NBA chicken out, it all comes to money, why not just closed all nike, adidas, gucci, coach etc to get it over with? comes down to money too

  34. I just want to watch basketball. The world sucks everything's corrupted and lame. Blame commie leftards, they are the reason for it

  35. So where are all these SJW NBA players now? Shouldn't they be supporting Hong Kong's stand against an oppressive regime? Funny how their their values vanish when it negatively affects their bottom line. Or maybe it was just all virtue signaling in the first place…

  36. Everyone we all know what we need to do. It might be dangerous but for the current situation it's wildly needed. We need to give Japan the ok, they're our only hope to stop the chinese government. They proved it once and they can do it again.

  37. Trash, plain and simple. I thought America was the land of the free. Maybe my history classes have been wrong all this time.

  38. well well well! a lot of racists here, good for you though! hypocript to claim it's all about money, it's about respect! you do whatever you want but you want the money from the huminiated and damaged, that's hypocricy .

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