Why John Oliver Loves Liverpool FC | Pre-Season 2019

Why John Oliver Loves Liverpool FC | Pre-Season 2019

This is – I will say this – this is as proud
as my dad is ever going to get of me. This isn’t the way he wanted it
to happen either. He turns around… Whoaaaa… You jog on the spot,
you turn around and you go… COME ON, HAVE SOME OF THAT! Hello there, I’m John Oliver
from HBO’s Last Week Tonight, and I’m here to talk to you about
my favourite football team, Liverpool. And that is football. Football, Britain’s national sport, I’m not gonna
use the word that Americans use for our sport. The S word, I’m not gonna
soil my mouth with that noise. Just know that every time you use that word,
somewhere in the world a British person dies. First is they’re coming here
on the back of a spectacular triumph, winning the European Cup for the sixth time. That’s more than a hand, right, because
they’ve had a hand’s full of European Cups, now they’ve added a thumb to that. Jürgen Klopp, the manager of Liverpool, is one of the most
charismatic people in football. I actually spoke to Mo Salah once and I wanted to know what it was like to be on
the receiving end of a Jürgen Klopp hug. Cos it looks like the kind of dream you had as
a kid and – if you’re really honest – as an adult. And he said the only complaint he has is that
sometimes Jürgen squeezes too hard. That’s not a complaint –
that’s a compliment. So I would like to be squeezed too hard by
Jürgen and to believe anything was possible. Also, the team has changed. Between
the posts you’ve got Alisson Becker. The best goalkeeper in the world.
I’ve inflected it up like that was a question, it invites no answer, it’s a statement of fact –
he’s the best goalkeeper in the world. And he’s beautiful. When I look at Alisson Becker I just
wanna curl up on the floor in front of him and have him tell me that
everything’s going to be OK, scoop me up and rock me to sleep. He’d never drop me!
He would never drop me. If anything he’d palm me comfortably
over the crossbar. Van Dijk, the greatest centre-back
in the world. It’s like he’s carved out of Dutch rock. To see him in the flesh would be like
watching a statue run really fast. Andy Robertson, the flying Scotsman. That guy will run until he’s dead
and then he’ll run as a ghost. Then you’ve got Trent Alexander-Arnold,
a local lad, he was living at home! Local boy Trent just won
the Champions League. I’m almost crying thinking about that,
and I’m medically dead inside. Liverpool fans have some of
the best songs in the world. You can jump around and swing
your scarf to ‘Allez Allez Allez’, I think there’s a dirty version
and a clean version. Ignore the clean version, sing the dirty one,
it’s the original and the best. And there’s Mo Salah. ♫ Mo Salah, Mo Salah
Running down the wing… ♫ I’ve got him here. ♫ Salah-la-la, la-laaa-ah ♫ The Egyptian King. ♫ Just repeat and repeat and repeat
and repeat and repeat. It’s not complicated
and it’s inherently catchy. Also you’ve got a chance to see them play at
some of the most iconic stadiums in America, Yankee Stadium, Fenway Park,
Notre Dame Stadium, and you’re watching them play Borussia
Dortmund, Sevilla and Sporting Lisbon. And hopefully all will fall
in front of the mighty Reds.

100 thoughts on “Why John Oliver Loves Liverpool FC | Pre-Season 2019

  1. Man City fans take a good long hard look at this. Even better,when you come to Anfield,visit the trophy room. That'll be the nearest you'll ever get to seeing Big Ears

  2. I remember seeing an interview with Letterman where John Oliver says football is his biggest passion, and when Letterman asks him how many teams are in the top league he says 'I don't know, I think it's about 19 at the moment'. Riiiiiiiiiiiiight.

  3. one question in my fu**ng head why John's eye borrows are so dark while non of his other body hears are not? Please someone to help不不不

  4. It was the Brits that original called football soccer to differentiate it from Rugby football and it ended up being appropriated by the yanks

  5. Absolutely true every time I hear the S word I think part of my brain died or at least hurt , not just the British are affected by that !!

  6. I like John Oliver and I think that Liverpool is a sensibly run super club. But Jaysus man have ya seen what city can do?

  7. Can we just stop calling it Sporting Lisbon? It's in the fucking logo.
    Just read the logo. Not hard. It's not their name, never has been and never will.

  8. 2:52 "…you've got a chance to see them play at some of the most iconic stadiums in America."

    Shows image of demolished Yankee Stadium. Classic.

    (Though Liverpool is owned by same people that own the Red Sox so maybe they did it on purpose.)

  9. Sadly "soccer" is a British word. It comes from an abbreviation/bastardisation of "Association Football", as football was technically known. Association was abbreviated to "assoc" ( with a hard "c") and, eventually to soccer. It breaks my heart to say it but it's our word.

  10. okay this is a tough one: what is the best thing ever?
    like: mo salah's daughter dribbling and scoring a goal
    comment: TAA's corner against barca

  11. Soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer soccer

  12. I don't need John Oliver to like LFC to know why I like LFC; but it doesn't hurt to know that that wonky stick of gold is on the same side

  13. Im not a Liverpool fan, but its always nice to see a fan being excited and giddy in celebrating their club

  14. I may not support the club (wink wink), but I do enjoy another fan's enthusiasm about their club, in the bad and good times. I want a hug, Frankie!

  15. John, I love that you hate the word soccer but have a book entitled "Table Soccer" on the shelf behind you :). Something that you purchased? Likely…

  16. Hey John, we only use the word soccer, because you Brits gave it to us. It's an abbreviation for association, as in (English) Association Football, as opposed to Irish Football, Australian Rules Football, or American Football. We love you Brits so much, and your 19th century slang as well, that we just can't quit the word soccer. Plus, it is handy since we already had a game called football.

  17. Foot ball, its a sport that uses feet and a ball to play. Its not what I see in American football, maybe for Americans a ball looks like this: !

  18. Actually, contrary to popular belief, the first to use the word soccer were the English . It was first coined in the early 1900s as a shortened way of saying association football. It was meant to be able to differentiate between rugby and association football. Do your research John Oliver.

  19. YNWA !! Soccer is an English term from the late 1800s, It's an abstraction of the word (as)sociation football and not an American invention at all.

  20. i think its amusing that we always like banish terrible comics to the usa and they always hit it big time, think russel brand, ricky gervais and johh oliver

  21. I get and like how he hates the 'S' word, but why does he have a sign in the background that says 'Subbuteo; Table Soccer'?

  22. Humbled by Man City last year and the year before e finished 25 points ahead of your small club And dont go quoting champions league its a cup competition anybody can prosper imagine no premiership trophy mike dropped

  23. Ok so now I BADLY NEED to see John Oliver and Jurgen Klopp have a discussion.
    No S word. Always use the F bomb.

  24. Actually, Soccer was coined in Britain. Just like a ten pound note is a tenner, association football is soccer.

  25. Respect from a Spurs fan here. Our teams both had amazing journeys and while Im gutted that the final was spoilt at 20 seconds in (yes, still salty here), I work with Scousers and some are not all that bad. Look forward to a hopeful win at our gaff in Jan 2020- and a probable loss at anfield

  26. Anyone else get a giggle out of the fact he hates the 'S' word so much with it being on a box in the corner of his office the whole time?

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