Why is Mexico not a world football power?

Why is Mexico not a world football power?

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  1. Why is México not a world football power? The answer is simple, because México compete in a poor football zone. As well as corruption the Mexican pleayers they earn a lot of money, they have a stupid mindset, Vela is the best example of what not to do.

  2. Politics: the rich kids or players with connections get the opportunity, not the players that can make a difference. If Mexico wasn't so corrupt we would already be making the finals.

  3. Its due to racism and exclusion. There are more foreigners in every team than there are nationals in the same way that brown skinned mexicans are constantly dehumanize, discriminated and excluded in mexican tv

  4. Because they think they are the best and are entitled. I get very annoyed by all the Mexican commentators thinking they are a super power. Not even close. In America, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and Colombia are all better. Mexico just makes the world cup every time because they play in CONCACAF which is not real competition. They will not join CONMEBOL because they know it'll be the end of the money machine. They wouldn't go to the world cup as often as they do now.

  5. Thats a big lie you dummy! 🤓! A lot of Mexican people think about how boring this game is.. Mexican people would rather watch Boxing cause Mexicans are #1 in World Championship Boxing Title holders as well as wrestling-(Lucha Libre) is #1 worldwide and other Sports where you can use your hands in, not only your feet. Handball and other sports where you can use both hands and feet.

  6. Many reasons why Mexico isn't a powerhouse. But their is one reason I think impacts Mexico's success. It might not be as big as the corruption, but I think the fans support of the players impacts them. You always see Mexicans bashing and insulting young Mexican players. Although you should have passion for your club, you should always support the national team before your club. Fans are continually wishing the worst for Mexican players and hoping they fail. They love the foreign players but hate the Mexicans.

  7. It's simple, they don't have talent to compete with another teams, by the way, so many people think too much bullshit about corruption, but the fact is this

  8. There’s a number one problem in Mexico National team, corruption… the federation has all the power of the team… the coach doesn’t decide who to call up to the national team… that name is Televisa

  9. First ,they never were good at it ,second ,in Mexican league the 11 players could be from another country ,and you can’t talk about chicharito come on ,the biggest benchwarmer ever,talk about Sanchez or Marquez the only players first class in the Mexican history

  10. Everyone cares about money
    Talent will lead you to your dream doesn’t matter about money
    If you’re good than you’re good

  11. Mexico has no right too demand much from the market !!!! Also if a player is use too being payed too much and a European team wants him and offers him low them I would not want to go to Europe it’s really a difficult situation. But the clubs pay them more because they obviously want to keep them.

  12. Becouse , in center america there is no futbol. Mexico is alone there . And is a very good team . But the quality of the players is very low becouse they don’t play with no one in center america 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Regardless of where they are on the map. If they decided, which has been proposed already to join CONMEBOL and CONCACAF then the WC qualifiers is where Mexico could get better. Copa America is just one tournament. And most of the times not even south american teams take their best team. LIke for example, someone mentiones mexico got to the finals in COpa America in Colombia. Guess what? Argentina didn't go to that cup and Brazil had an under 23. The real competition is in the WC qualifiers. For 2 years Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay play the toughest qualifier in the world. And that makes them that much better. Maybe if Mexico played the WC qualifiers in CONMEBOL they would get a real measure of where they are at and what they have to improve. As far as how far they have made it, its irrelevant when you see teams like Sweden who also makes it to the finals but never wins. South Korea has made it to the final 4 of the WC. Anyone can win a game. But consistently Mexico always falls when the competition is real in the WC. And don't give me Germany in the last WC. Germany wasn't any good last time they did not even make it out of the gourp. Mainly the had ball hogs instead of playing fluid soccer like 2014. From Germany's new squad that Lowe is using you can tell they are going back to what made them great in 2014. 2018 Germany onther story.

  14. Because the players are all 5'7" 140 lbs, compare the average Mexican player to Didier Drogba or the best athletes in the world and you get the idea, it's about athleticism.

  15. #Toronto FC ⚽️ is the greatest champions football club ever in the world of football without a doubt! "Not enough money for bribes to pay the FIFA officials" #AllforOne 🇨🇦💖⚽️ #CanadaSoccer is suffering big too!

  16. I seen Mexican America’s they play good it’s just about money and especially in Mexico money is a problem u nedd money to sign and play and connections ..

  17. Concacaf isn't the problem because they can always play big teams and compete in Copa America anyway.. The big problem is the league is full of $$$$ and won't sell players that are in prime development thus stunting growth.. that combined with a shitty loser culture and lack of discipline..

    The Mexican national team in the past had this mentality of being inferior to the superpowers and commending themselves for 'trying'… that does not breed a winner.. today they have this mentality of being level with the elite without having to prove anything because the media has put them on an undeserved pedestal.. so they basically have a self centered arrogance like an American identity that won't ever push you to be better.. it doesn't help when you're thrashing concacaf minnows 5-0 every time only enhancing the idea that you're 'elite'.

    The mentality has to change to a team that is just hungry to win everything there is to win… 'garra', Mexico doesn't have it.. they're overall more talented than Colombia, Uruguay, Chile, Croatia etc… you can even argue they have more riches in midfield than the Argentine national team… but they don't have their 'garra' mentality… if Mexico had a 'win at all costs' mentality and discipline they would easily be a top 8 team in the world.

  18. chinga este video…mexico es clase a, nuestra liga es entre las 2 o 3 mejores del mundo y la seleccion tiene los mejores jugadores de toda america menos brasil. todos lo saben y estan de acuerdo aca el problema son los directivos.

  19. It’s all about the money in Mexico, it’s not about futbol. The players want money and not glory. All a bunch of pretty boys.

  20. The real reason is that players don’t need to go to Europe to get payed well. The Mexican league on average is the best paying league in the America’s. In most cases, player hate paid more to play in Mexico then they do in Europe.

  21. Their best players fail in Europe and settle for mls or the mx league. And their national team settles for winning the gold cup.

  22. Brazil: Our national team doesn't perform as our high quality players go abroad and don't strengthen our local league
    Mexico: Our national team doesn't perform as our high quality players don't go abroad and choose to stay home.

  23. it's because they don't play smartly or play as a team. they play selfishly and like a bunch of individuals. taking 40 yards shots when multiple passing options are available. its been that way ever since I started watching. They're like the manchester united of international football (well so is argentina)

  24. 1. Investment in infrastructure 2. Not great in attracting attention from Europian or Asian audience 3. Players from that country have had limited success elsewhere.

  25. If the Mexican league was in Europe, it wouldn't even be in top 10. That's a fact if you look at money, players and everything. So i disagree with it being a top league in the world

  26. 3 main reasons:

    1. Corruption. True Mexican talent does not play in the best academies, only rich children. Sad, simple truth. You have to be rich, connected, and usually both to excel in Mexico as a footballer or any other job.

    2. Greed. Mexico Football Association is concentrated on playing as many games as possible to reign in as much money as possible (Gold Cup as an example). We only really meet teams of horrible quality until major tournaments, very few are the times we play a European or South American squad/anyone not from CONCACAF. Sometimes we play very well against the best sides in the world, other times we are humiliated against very average teams, that even a few years ago would not have even been a threat, such as Chile, or the third string Argentina side (although the last loss was due to unbelievable defensive errors).

    3. Poor choices. The best actual Mexican footballers have played in good leagues, but also some very, very poor leagues/teams. Take Ochoa, who has finally gone to a good club in Liga MX's America, but was playing in second division Ajaccio even after stellar World Cup performances. Or Chicharito, deciding to move to West Ham, thankfully he has joined Sevilla. Rarely do Mexican stars choose good moves, they will chase money or accept the first European offer given. Edson Álvarez and Raúl Jiménez, Chuky Lozano, Tecatito Corona, and a few others, are among the few to have made/consistently make, good transfer moves to better as players. Too often poor choices are made to conform to good salaries/lifestyles

  27. The main problem as I see, is that many kids that are by far the better players in their academys, if they want to play in the firts team, they have to pay a considerable amount of money, which most of the times they dont have, so the player that play pro, they are no at all the best ones we could have!
    Also the video talks about passion, but just go around a couple of football games on the weekend a and a lot of them are not even half full! Its a shame our football, maybe we should another national sport!

  28. Playing in the domestic leagues helps a lot in making a formidable national team, Brazil are blaming their players for playing in foreign leagues

  29. ah yes… Mexican players,.. Carlos Pena – Rangers, was an alchoholic when Pedro signed him, and Eduardo Herrera didn't set the heather on fire as they say. EfrainJuarez – Celtic was very average and hardly played after he got hammered by Mexico in more ways than one. So far from what I've seen they're not very good. Scotlands not exactly a great league and they didn't exactly do well so that kinda shows the level they were at…even though they were Mexican Internationals.

  30. instead of admiting error they deny it ….its why mexico never conquers,
    however in present times the real race is the the real saiiyins ,no matter what epidemics strikes ,the toltec will survive
    and overcome the enemy ….
    i can prove that….

  31. You think that soccer fans would be happy that their sport is so wildly popular the world over but it seems like they spend all of their time bitching and complaining that their sport is not even more dominant throughout the globe. They also need to quit lobbing grenades at one another.

  32. The last times Mexico was invited to play the Copa America, they sent a B team. The last time they prefered to play Gold Cup, so CONMEBOL had to invite Asian teams. Like Australia leaving OFC to play in Asia, Mexico should leave CONCACAF to play with South American teams. It's the only way that they can improve their level.

  33. Why Mexico Isn't a powerhouse?
    1. Liga MX is first business, then sport.
    2. Priority is given to foreigners over Mexicans.
    3. Corruption in youth teams and scouts, were those who can pay get priority, those who have talent, but no money, get fucked.
    4. Other teams in CONCACAF do not improve, besides United States and Costa Rica, the rest are stagnant.
    5. More Corruption.

  34. Send good players to europe. Eventually liga mx will become another basileiro serie A. Good for nothing. Instead sending talents to europe I think they should make good facilities in mexico.

  35. Classical mexican arrogance when talking about CONCACAF as of they hadn't been saved several times of not being eliminated of the Gold Cup or the World Cup Classifiers

  36. Cauae we’re just not that good and alot of Mexican players don’t take the game as serious as Brazil and Argentina.

  37. Mexico pro/rel system is awfully weak and teams can pay fines to avoid relegation especially if the promoted team cannot gain a license for LigaMX by the football federation.

  38. You hit 2 key points but not for the right reason. The real problem is the over nationalistic mentality of Mexicans. They dismiss the Gold Cup and criticize players that go abroad because they believe they should excel.
    Reality is they are just not that good a top Liga MX player is a quality sub in Europe's top leagues not an everyday starter as they wish Chicharito to be.
    Pavel Pardo hit the nail in the head, aim for the Bundesliga and get quality minutes there or in Holland.

  39. It's a mystery how Mexico and Russia never became world football powers. Two countries with huge territories and population, and a decent organization in sports where football is the main one…

    Other countries with big population where football is the main sport, but also are weak, are Nigeria, South Africa and Indonesia. But at least, for what I know, they are not very well organized.

    On the other side, Uruguay, with a few more than 3 million people and a small territory, won 2 world cups and many Copas Americas (where have to compete with Brazil and Argentina).

  40. Mexico can improve if move to Conmebol (not only playing Copa America, and their clubs Libertadores and Sudamericana, as a "guest"), but it will probably not qualify world cups very often.

  41. why dont mexico do what australia did they were better then the teams in there region and now play in asia where they are finding it harder and not winning all the time …mexico to play in the south american system…..costa rica and panama are probaby the best other teams in the area and america dont care to much or soccer unless its womens

  42. I’m no Tactical Genius – I’ve watched professional football since dad took us to watch Division 3 AFC Bournemouth vs Notts County in 1972 and am smart enough to have once got a job with a national gas fitting company but cannot sus out what System a team is playing …but I know this – in the World Cup in which Mexico drew 2 – 2 with Brazil , I thought they looked good enough to get at least to the final. Unfortunately They drew 2-2 with the Brazil which Germany went on to thrash 7-1 ! First football sticker album was my elder brother’s’ MEXICO 70 ‘ . Go Mexico – your time is next – only Holland deserve to win it as much as you. England are crap ! 😎🇨🇳🏴🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿Love from Wessexshire near AFC Bournemouth

  43. She missed out an important factor, the global competition with so many countries involved is so great. Mexico might win one game against better teams but maybe overall they are just not good enough. I their players are so great why not go and prove it abroad? And population is not relevant. China has far more people and a big money league but their national team is crap, its more about development.

  44. The problem is that Mexico haven't competition in CONCAF (If you consider USA as "competition" you are far behind Top 8 and max Top20). The only solution is to merge CONCAF and the South American federation.

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