When Football meets Music: Guti Razor Fam – The Music behind Football Religion TV

yours is good to you as a fan chick
chick chick chick chick in our team can use flag back in the blocks on Burnham
who is a very same way filly denied Japanese song she’s being for the place
gram bats have your dates and I don’t give a damn shoutouts it’ll fix that
slab we’re balling is still making a plan of surprise for hate for the math
which you must stay down for the jab snarfbear blue zones better relax while
you’re struggling Sora from you have such made over the taxicab make you boys
better maxi pads especially McAfee man if you are can
handle that man fuck these all that so sure hate me this my name is Andre say
I’ve been Ballentine seaman Valentine use a sponge to calculate it sounds
based upon the main comp least rs500 drop my when I take a pause to the hate
cops wanna keep me not inside oh please don’t we fought fair shiny night mash it
off no train right this Bend that’s all right Massena – in fact – but she’s about she
decide what is in each time but is it countess elites allow that around sound
the streets wanna travel i wanna step to talk and we horace cooper a beach man fuck yeah thanks watching this vid guys and don’t
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