What You DON’T Know About Colin Kaepernick

What You DON’T Know About Colin Kaepernick


55 thoughts on “What You DON’T Know About Colin Kaepernick

  1. He's a garbage qb who became a bench warmer. It wasn't until then when he did his "protest" before then hes never spoken about the issue. You do the math.

  2. Trump and Obama are on the same side. This is all BullShit. Don't fall for it. Divide and Conquer is the plan. It is working. Don't let it.

  3. Yo, on the REAL, i heard on the street that James Lofton, Wr for the GB Packers, back in the 80's!!!! Is Colin's Biological Father Hmmmmm!

  4. Mr.Storm thanks for educating the masses on my black brother Kap he is an amazing person.He values people more than paper in this time and age its a rarity.i cherish his charisma and his bravery.i know his journey will inspire millions to do better to there fellow man.his sporting career will end with the trophy he should have won.this guy is a true talent i don't follow nfl now until he is reinstated by these slave owners.blacks really need to wake up start our own league and this movement will produce that..

  5. Colin is a pseudo activist who is causing more harm then benefit! He is not leading people anywhere expect a reality check on how remorse seeking is a good idea! He just wants attention with sentimental stories which will stir ur heart but still leave u thoughtless on the harms of everyday reality!

  6. You tyt what happened to ESPN about that woke shit! Everyone got dismantled because no one cares about a crying millionaire, he is in the same category of a bankrupted Hollywood B-Lister

  7. CK has done nothing productive for the cause. Hes actually raised the resistance against it. Hes made more hate in this country than any single man in modern history. The kicker of it all is, he sat quiet and didnt do shit until his career was already down the tubes, then all of a sudden, the great sjw arises from his seat on the bench to cause a rucuss. This guys a phony of a sellout as they come and will never suit up for an nfl game again. He shouldve kept his mouth shut and finished his career as a back up qb and the nation would be a more peaceful and less hateful place

  8. Colin is a terrible QB thats why he doesn't have a job in the NFL if it was for kneeling during the national anthem how come Eric Reid gots a job?

  9. Kap is a complete coward and the wrong person to look up to for Criminal Justice Reform.
    1. He didn't vote in the last election and probably the midterms
    2. He let his fanboys speak for him, and never once did a sit down interview with a major news organization about his views and goals or sit in front of the US Congress to reach some productive dialogue with politicians, while at the same time we have kids from Parkland Florida going around the county fighting against the NRA and gun lobbyists.
    3. He never co-sign any major Criminal Justice Reform legislation

  10. So let me get this straight, how deep was lebron thinking when he posted racist lyrics about jews on his instagram??? You fucking libtard idiots with your double standard bullshit

  11. Why is it light skins always the ones to protest?? Guess it's an internal battles shitty white part of him keep the black side of him down..

  12. …he was black balled because he acted on the lies he was fed by parties with specific agendas, who use and manipulate him for their own gain… once his money dries up, he's going down alone… only his adopted parents will be there to pick him up… AGAIN…

  13. Never forget he didn’t start protesting till he was benched in the pre season in 2016. Turned down offers and wanted to be paid higher than the average starting QB.

  14. Hey LBJ quotes an Snowflake anti-somatic lyric yet no outrage oops btw KAp is a me guy(like Tebow) and was an ok QB like.. Tebow 🧐🧐

  15. Best words ever said from the great white hope, "Get that son a bitch off the field right now, he's fired" Trump 2020 Krap jobless 2020 NFL season

  16. Colin wants to be Sam Bradford sooo bad. Sam is trash but still ranked in 135 million dollars. I mean Colin wants that too, average and rich

  17. Awful video. Apparently we owe Colin Kaepernick praise because he knelt down while a song played and made millions of dollars off of it

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