Week 3 Fantasy Football Pickups

Week 3 Fantasy Football Pickups

all right so it now was still a little
of that is if we’re both for you guys bailey were in the news we should you
pick up this week right diet other couples just don’t focus on
one you know if you put this into a ball at all you know you should think of snow and
just in case because michael turner i’ve heard endures store dot org for atlanta at you know you should pick
up tolbert the running back for san diego because ryan that he’s got hurt he
looks like he’s alright but you never know when he can’t we can be out for six
weeks but we’ve got to digest but mainly those are obvious i knew it was a virgin
areas thomas is a y receiver for the broncos these iraqi and i don’t normally believe
in rookie receivers i don’t think anything of them i didn’t drafter murray
like that but looked up and he is is first game is the first day week one is
of an injury get eight taxes ninety seven yards of a
touchdown woody wait for uh… obviously occasions felling and
its affiliates good that little that atlanta offers a wide spent asked
michael turner was not serious or it could come back into the second victory so they protective for my
daughter of a back occasionally has a totally uh… logical that i have that
southeast anyone virginia bosses important anil uh… tolbert is no answer that no matter how long arrive matthews is out in the fall back he’s fatter than retro ob okay at the interest of uh… and understand into cash they uh… every ajay basket to accounts
last week that with me they of missing the point but the uh… uh… again like i said he’s a beautiful
back i don’t consider that illegality five-time that that that doesn’t seem to
be an answer therefore to make for san diego the guy like respected like the
key how you know when you’re late but not uh… the redskins third string right but now that’s how you know when you’re
lee fill that but i know what this is a private facets deficit you’ve indicated fantastic but but as a guy who’s won his legal six tel all their egos their egos that this is
how evelyn tully this with stuff like this when you know
we’ve got guys you got to take the alligator as before they do everybody knows to get jason
selling on everybody knew to get ready to act so who is this price they’re
running back he’s not process that they had a really
believe they’ll kill and williams he had a really good cant need out
willie parker india like ansel favorite during and you know we can all see the
struggles that clinton forces having uh… and larry johnson had a tenured
lost anneke moment that game yesterday that helpful in their profit get
published a cooperative that day but losing ten yards to the key moment that they’re surviving that’s going to
get some time he came in at the end of the end incurable queueing with the
redskins if you have a spot if he said i like incurably snowy dinner
at you know and larry johnson s five-and-a-half feet under dung dung dot cut eventually yet again and couldn’t
quarters i don’t believe in at all this is you have to wait a long time you
might have to wait a long time for waves come through for until you got a roster
spot all the third week nine you may get a number to back as a new home to hold
on the back and then you get a uh… uh… but it’s tough to hold on iraq’s
response all way too weak on that kind of speculation i think acting at the time you can do it
you get a that’s a way to tell you one as the as the card and reigning champion
of densely that you know that he is one six times with a
sense of the regular lives living in the past as well as there has been been
living in the past undp i say you should go out and she get earl
bennett the uh… wide receiver for chicago for a few reasons one is that uh… devin aroma show do who who
they like and there aren’t too and he’s a very good fast with the great vertical
ability brush wide receiver the he seems to have been skip now by robin at on
that on that depth chart and jay cutler they’re they’re going to thrown the ball
allotments here he also went to vanderbilt vertical or wants is a little
bit of what he’s been thrown in thrown film for your earl bennett also one of
the few sitting supreme court justice yet to
be a starting wide receiver which is unprecedented this soon in fact but all
that not a sexy man chances are it’s not own nearly and he is going to finalize
of me what receivers i also met in the washington is a guy who should get the is that you
know always you should have the number one receiver on the team he should be on
so if he’s not owned even on that team i would get i think that the parties all was a
target all right uh… i don’t believe in the
url cord as much as you do the flip side is cutler uh… obviously people have color
navin yearly i think obviously but you might want to do it the trade
for them cutler is you know that i don’t know how to start listening to my guess
is in and not well throughout the season but he’s in a pro-life right and make
that case it and again it was the business jackson speculation it was rejected as the redskins make that could be fantastic scheduled
for a lick of middling receiver like almost a quarter of my with my backup
quarterback and obviously now is if court

7 thoughts on “Week 3 Fantasy Football Pickups

  1. Even before Ryan Matthews got hurt, Tolbert was getting goal line carries. They really like Tolbert and who else would be able to get the bulk of the carries? Darren Sproles? No.

    Ben is talking nonsense. Earl Bennett is a nonsense call as well. He's won't get significant looks unless 2 people between Hester, Knox, and Aromashadu go down.

  2. @crackerz99 there isnt really much to report on right now. i assume non of them watch baseball, although thats almost in the playoffs.

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