We Trapped Matt and Rebecca in Game Master Incorporated Escape Room to Control the GM!

We Trapped Matt and Rebecca in Game Master Incorporated Escape Room to Control the GM!

all right agents I just broke on to Matt
Rebecca’s roof I’m gonna break into the house hoping his sleep cloud worked
because what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna capture them and get the remote back
thank you for your help we saw all your comments on our Instagram page make sure
you go there and give us any additional information you know so I’m gonna call
HR in agent a they’re at the top-secret location and Bakersfield where we’re
gonna be able to plug in the remote and control the gamemaster all right you’re
calling all right let me connect them real quick all right I’m gonna connect
them to the screen for you oh hey Janice it’s your kness are you there
oh there you are perfect now that you’re receiving this we know everything went
well on phase one all right so we’re all set up in Bakersfield so bring Matt and
Rebekah and the remote be sure that you bring everything and everyone up here to
Brainiac then once we have the remote we can go ahead and plug it into the game
and we’ll control the game master we’ll be sure to give a special thanks to Matt
Rebecca fir sang it all up for us you just heard for them we’re all set give
us a thumbs up if you think this is a good plan and we’re gonna be able to get
the remote back all right so I’m actually gonna break into their house
right here because the sleep cloud should be kicking in right now
oh oh yeah make sure to subscribe and turn on the building patience and all
that other stuff but okay be quiet we’re going in there I think the sleep cloud
worked now I have to go in get them and get the remote all right I’m gonna have
to drag them out in a second but first I have to find the remote it has to be
here somewhere maybe no and quickly Dragomir a little heavy yeah Matt hold it this
payback for crushing our meeting yeah yeah yeah so yeah have them I put them
in the backseat of the car and I actually got the remote but oh um yeah I
just came back in to look for the reactivate er but I forgot about
something okay hi hi peanut what am I supposed to do with the dogs
do you like me we’ve met before right yeah we’ve met oh look your chance
oh hi people you’re so sweet what am I supposed to do with you Beth and Rebecca
are you here I might need to put you in a safe place right I mean I do care
about dog do you even do anything wrong you she’s not Rebecca safe safe safe
safe safe Alice I could put you in a safe house you like that yeah yeah it
looks like you like that it does okay looks like it blackjack where’s
blackjack blackjack coming back that your mommy dad you’re taking a little
vacation back Jack you’re gonna sneak up where are you back jack anymore you
wanna go to the seatbelts you wanna go to the seatbelts
yeah mommy and daddy are gonna be cute Oh Oh blackjack doesn’t like me it’s
okay they’re just on vacation it’s okay look peanuts okay with it come
on come on come on Quadra can you give me some treats Oh
all right look this is good you like this you want to go to the safe house
while mommy and daddy are on vacation oh yeah oh yeah now you’re getting excited
that means getting excited yeah you got trees we only have a few minutes come
with me protect come on just broke can unlock to the door they
need it really fixing their locks are too easy to break into it so what do you
guys want to do today huh I got a little bit of time before I have to be up in
Bakersfield but we could play a little bit you want to do that Matt and Rebecca
are gonna be sleeping for a while you look like you might want to sleep a
little huh I have an idea blackjack Pina how about we collab and I could steal
some of your fan that sounds like a good idea right quadrant we get up oh yeah
help the Geum I increase our subscribes and likes right oh yeah you look like
you want to do that doing you wanna do you all you want to do that or is it now
you like me because you got a treat huh maybe teen I got a little bit of sleep
cloud – I’m sorry I didn’t mean to give your sleep out I gotta make a phone call
real quick okay you just sit right here me one second hey yeah um so yeah I I
think I think we’re pretty safe in sleep Club you know they’re in the back seat
they’re sleeping I gave them a big pretty big dose so they’ll probably be a
little while but I actually have this idea that I want to execute real quick
so if you just can continue setting things up I’ll be there in a little bit
okay no no it’s really good it’s a really good plan you’re gonna you’re
gonna love it when you see it okay okay no I promise I promise that’s stupid
that’s just say it’s gonna help the GM I for sure for certain especially our
YouTube channel that’s what’s this all about
okay okay go I’ll give you a call when I’m on my way
all right all right agent on alright but what do you guys want to do huh you want
to play some games let’s give this video billing
this is a location what this is all right let’s go okay we’re gonna put in
this room but don’t worry it’s fine they’re just sleeping big master Network
shirts on that’s how funny is gonna be when they wake up and they’re Oh big fat
game master network can’t get out of this cage somebody else recording how we’re coming
out you got it oh yeah welcome in through the month is there handcuffs
over there okay okay
because it’s have all of the first one you hit the switch okay and the first
finger okay we just got the gamemaster unlock
the controller like this video and comment what you think will happen here
18f switch me all right so come on oh how cool is this geom I guess who’s
winning now all right let me see we’re working around the test run for the game
because you know mr. hex is G mi too right so now we got to put them to test
off the game okay so do you want to take them take us Travis facility right all
right Oh we can joke the gamemaster how about
that heart so it’s important that we don’t start the game all right that’s
why we’re controlling being a master so he could go in there test running for us
but the game cannot start it’s a huge algorithm look if one starts did right
the whole dancing it kills somebody completes right right we’re off we all
would be stuck here and stuck in the game if it starts out no no we’re not
doing that we have to go to em I tell men but they’re very clearly not getting
up yeah that’s no way they’re getting out we haven’t wrapped in either the
other room you know in another cage alright so guess what GMI we have
control of the remote we have a madman Rebecca we we we just do we just win oh
we’re absolutely winning all right so make sure you like this video subscribe
and turn on those notebook notifications also check out our Instagram because a
lot of our agents at home share a lot of information which we really appreciate
thank you so much for doing that it’s helped us get to this point and right
now Juna Maya what are we doing

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  1. The zam family like me is always on rebbeca and Matt's side no one like gmi all you likes, subscribers are fake because rebbeca told us to do it so we could get information from you and we comment the information to rebbeca I am always gonna be on rebbecas side I'm always gonna be a zam fam no one's gonna stop me not even GMI and Mr x or should I say Mr 💩 pants and agent that are so rude and mean like monsters a how rude 💩 pants hahahahahaha you know what you shut the hell up

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