Washington Capitals vs Winnipeg Jets | NHL | NOV-14-2018 | 21:00 EST

[Applause] November but there are gains of a schedule that you circle on the calendar with a big fat magic marker and this is one of them the Stanley Cup champion capitals roll into Winnipeg to face the Jets oh she steps it up on the line for the caps jumped off to Backstrom a shot and there’s the first save of the night and how true has got it but it’s cut off by Stevenson back to the line quick shot by Carlson that’s tip just wide Niklas Backstrom at it stick lifts it goes over the corner sets it up to Carlson Carlson Ovechkin quick snap shot gets a second attempt hits the side of the net what a save by Helen buck the second one he just misfired on it turned over here come the Jets short-handed Connor anything Tyler Meyers up in the play that with the rag the puck a little bit over a minute God and this Washington power flow back to the point for oil on ball fetch kid one time right on how about say rebound Claire crowd waiting for something to hit the Washington net and a bank shot from all the way down the ice does so here come the cats again Brenna scores what a shot by Jacob Brenna one and nothing capitals a nice long pass one pass exit out of the zone to brown and then he just snaps it off and he just picks that corner far side what a beauty shot flower sellers parks right in front oh she’s in the high slot here’s Ovechkin across safe I how about loose puck cleared by the Jets and Blake Wheeler your goalies got to be your best penalty killer and and the two power play so far I’d say Connor hell bucks it’s pretty good Backstrom little backhand feeds whoever finds some room sweeps it back to Ovechkin there’s the shot and another stop by Ella buck with no rebound back to the top of the circle line a shoots that is it sitting there picked up by Connor Connor tries a sharp angle drive and costly make that stop it’s an action finally around Copley where Connor a block shot no one could locate the puck and Connor just tried to get it kind of a short side and we’ll kind of see if and hit them on the mask yep brown on the side of the mask and that undid the snap since the bait of that contact from schrott gets into the poor there’s a shot tip just Wi-Fi Ovechkin gets onto the rebound line eight steps in solo cuts in a little fat candor goes wide and he is hit by bowing she ought to Center but not much further as that’s broken up and skated tack by Orlov in for Backstrom hello buck on that back door play to jacob Rena now it’s Orloff they’re jamming them at their own blue line they’re not giving them any space and it’s cleaning out this transition and the Capitals are getting really good opportunities often these are great a quality scoring chances for the Washington Capitals at hella Bacchus had to be really good and another big chance here for the Jets to try to get this building into it they control the drop back to pufn pufn gives it up to wheeler there it is didn’t take long tie game what one when the Jets power play is cooking the puck moves so fast that you can’t keep up to it to Shively Carlson try to clear and the Jets control it again here’s pop with a quick pass across great Club stop by Coughlin the one-timer by Patrick line a the other try take away shy flee cuz they know how dangerous he is serious with his baby toe and that’s what makes a pretty powerpoint on pass off the skate of Ovechkin he’ll step in dances around gets it away as the caps come in Wilson with a shot up high on Alomar held it alive by Sherrod and phoenix Copley is the reason this game is still tied cuts back on morale and it throws it back to the near pod for juice juices shot tip to the way by and roll past that post caps moving that puck around the zone but they turn it over to lie ahead Oakes lotta he’s got some help with them Patrick line a nice little Luke just high and wide of some nice stick work to create the opportunity either way it comes Wiener way there across and strongly to break that up those carlson copies down the net is off and there’s the whistle I mean it’s a good break thereby or lock and right there waiting drop pass back and forth and then all of a sudden it you miss it oh she and Backstrom and down the other ways at three on one for the Winnipeg Jets and what a nice sliding block by John Carlson the tan the white rose it in towards the net to that will be held by Phoenix Copley jets came in feeling really good about their game in caps it – now here’s the chance for Backstrom back from its top three back reaches back and keeps that puck out that was dancing on the line was able to keep it out of the goal Backstrom’s reaction might tell the story he doesn’t look overly excited what a beautiful pass from Carlson to Backstrom and the short side right there he goes upstairs and I thought maybe it got up underneath we’ll have a look at it there beautiful save and on the second one there hits the crossbar I thought it went I thought it went underneath the crossbar and there’s where it bounces around and they’re gonna have a long look at it but I don’t think it goes in here we’ll give us a better look I thought this one here it might have went underneath but it rattles off the crossbar and then off his back in his arm and I don’t think it goes across I think it’s no goal good call by the referee and this will move on in a 1-1 fashion what a great job by Backstrom to stay with the rebound and get the second one to try to get it upstairs it’s partially deflected and blocked by Zeus incredible to see involving of alexander ovechkin face off when she arrived with a shot at that it’s tipped again right in front of coffee he’s been a bunch of tricky stops tonight around the boards to 10m chips and past Ovechkin back up to center ice picked up a block by 10m ahead to Sherrod snapshots [Applause] baby sure finds the back of the bed and it’s to one with a bag their first lead of the night he just rips this thing this is a great shot snapper that low side that beats copley it’s one I think he should have had manic up chance trying to get some traction gone they did not win two games in a row until last week here’s all steps you save with oh she’s sitting right there I mentioned it earlier they try to trap the deep pinching up and then Orlov joins the rush and all of a sudden it’s a quick 201 as they catch the jets in the Connor hella once again with wheeler on the back check and front to Wilson oh she [Applause] and the crowd gets up on its feet as the Winnipeg Jets are stuck no [Applause] the defending Stanley Cup champs three one five [Music] [Applause] back-to-back back-to-back nights for Washington’s top especially coming into Winnipeg here but Winnipeg was asleep at the wheel in the first period who would have thought at the end of the day they were could regroup from that but boy did they ever good character by the Jets and a big win three to one

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