Was Tennis Star Serena Williams The Victim Of A Double Standard? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Was Tennis Star Serena Williams The Victim Of A Double Standard? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

100 thoughts on “Was Tennis Star Serena Williams The Victim Of A Double Standard? | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

  1. Mary sounds like a man, but yeah I agree with Mary and totally disagree with delusional Billie Jean who obviously knows sh!t about the sport of tennis and it's rules.

  2. It’s crazy how Mary just took over this interview and was just raining down all these criticisms. But the other journalist out classed her. So anti Serena this Mary …also the one super quiet about sharpovas drug abuse, especially in light of her calling Maria “better than Serena” in 2004. Yet to apologize or correct that statement. In light of a what 19? Game win streak. So Yea. Ok Mary. voice of reason. You on Serena.

  3. This brings #Feminism in such a bad light happy haha :-). That im happy & content Serena Williams went crazy… phantastic & delicious hahaha!! thumbs up

    It was about time that #Feminism gets a blow because its cancer for the world worldwide how it is practiced now (3rd wave #Feminism).

  4. I doubt Serena is treated differently than the males as she seems to have more testosterone than most men. Figure that one out. She is like a drag queen , talking about having had a baby. OK we get it, now move on and get respectful. No more threats, vulgarities and racket breaking. Few feel sorry for her as no one likes bullies…..

  5. You're all ignoring the fact that Serena is a male. Look at those big manly arms around that Japanese girl! Look at Serena's torso and tell me he's not male.

  6. If Serena wants to act like a man he should play on the men's side. That's not a female but you people are pretending not to see it. Females are expected to act like ladies.

  7. There was no code violation in the game, If someone pint that out to the chair umpire that there was a code violation it’s because there is people that manage the game of tennis that is getting overzealous so they interfere with the game when Serena play so you set some one to watch Serena coach Patrick Mouratoglou, and I can understand if the Chair umpire Carlos Ramos was watching Patrick Mouratoglou in the crowd that simple means that he was not paying attention to the tennis game so I am sure that some one brought that to his attention that
    Patrick Mouratoglou was coaching Serena Williams now there is a big conspiracy any time when Serena Williams play tennis game because there is a well hidden organise force in place to sabotage the game any time Serena Williams play they just do not want to see Serena Williams brake Margaret Court record, what I would love to see is Serena put this thing to rest by doing what she have to do and that is to brake Margaret Court record I do not what to see no more drama by Serena Williams get the monkey 🐒 off your back, you have to take this thing dead 💀 seriously Serena why do you want to be second best and Margaret Court be the best player ever.Serena you cannot be the best player ever if you do not brake Margaret Court record

  8. people say Serena has a following saying that what she did was warranted. But i see NO ONE on her side here. she was a big baby and she deserved to lose. Grats to Osaka on her win she deserved more than what she got because of Serena.

  9. American political dirt trying to infest sports ! SW is a great tennis player. And a cheap personality. Osaka was a victim of racism !!! Thats why she left for US! SO in America any black person can succeed EXCEPT some black americans. I guess for SOME of them to respect the rules means racial discrimination.

  10. First off those calling this a double standard are mostly folks with little to no knowledge of tennis, the rules in which Serena willingly broke as well and almost no interest in the world of tennis in general. They are SJWs and feminists who rally without knowing they in fact are in the wrong. That is part and parcel of those folks. They do not care about the facts or rules. They should be ignored.

    Secondly this was nothing to do with sexism and racism, which doesn't stop Megan from throwing up that smoke screen anyway. There is no sexism at play, both players are women and the umpire has had a long history of fair reffing both genders. There is no racism at play, both players are black and the umpire has a long history of treating all races fairly. It has no bearing at all beyond trying to drum up sympathy for Serena even though the only one at fault for her actions are herself. Why Megan called for a need to have a black woman to speak on it disappoints me, does she think black women have different rules in which they play tennis over other women? Are you wondering why Megan did that? Simple. She was looking for another victim card to play. And Mary was right to call her out on that, Serena was playing against another black woman.

    Third to declare that an umpire should look beyond the violations when they happen and give a bias to a player based on their history within and without the game currently in play is unethical. Megan was foolish to make that statement. Who you are outside of a game has no bearing on the game as you play it. When you step onto a court you are agreeing to the rules of the match. If you break them you should get a penalty. Serena and her coach broke three of them. She was correctly penalized each time.

    Lastly to answer the question of the title of this video, no she was not.

  11. How can they invite this person who has no knowledge of tennis rules and cannot even play tennis but just use subjective biased raw emotions as a basis for justifying somebody's illegal actions? Thank God Mary was there to have an unbiased intelligent opinion

  12. It was about discriminating against women of color, eh? Man, that poor biracial black-asian gal must've gotten slammed by the umpire as well, then! Oh, she didn't, because she wasn't an insufferable crybaby?


  13. This…. I….. have people lost their minds? Is this serious? Really?! This is a pure cringe. Aghhhh! I feel so sorry for people trying to defend Serena. They're obviously in some way forced to do it. By Society, their workplace, what is expected of them, this leftists craziness (btw I consider myself Lefty on most things). But overall all arguments like this just hurts causes they're pretending to support. Kinda what Serena did 2 fight against sexism and sportsmanship. Anyone without a gender and half of working brain knows that she was absolutely undeniably 100% wrong in this case and to play sexism card nothing but hurtful did those who actually fight against it. She, as one of the best athletes of all time, on a stage that is so grandiose, did a tremendous disservice in a most selfish way do the cause.

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  15. Oh man, why did they put that other lady there. Mary was obviously an expert on the game and the other lady was just there to give a counter point. That was painful.

  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_tennis_violations

    MSNBC can't even do a simple google search, more lenient with men ? explain the over the 3 to 1 ratio in which men get fines. Seems rather in line with the lesser sentencing woman also get in the justice system.

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  18. 2:04 Mary is not the minority on this one. Agree with Mary or not (which everyone can have their opinion). The poll states that majority agree with Mary. That is a fact. It doesn't mean she is right, but Mary belongs to the majority.

  19. Well done Mary! 100 percent correct! The pathetic fat feminist standing beside her had nothing sensible to say, and she was saying it too loudly.

  20. Well, her coach did admit he was coaching Serena, period. The horrible thing that happened is that the glorious grand slam moment was stolen from a young tennis champion.

  21. Mary Carillo has all the evidence and she is on point. The other lady on the other hand has some "baggage" and is riding the victim card wagon!!!! Pure and simple Serena is a sore loser. There are several precedents that Serena is losing and she attacks the official……look at the 2009 match where she threatened the lineswoman……2011 where she unloaded a tirade on a female umpire.

  22. tennis or not ,both women have lot to learn from each other ,Naomi is a woman if colour she has to look also learn from Serena's career,as a woman of colour in sport or any powerful position you will forever be scrutinised Serena is a black woman who very good at the sport, I think she reacted like a human being who was frustrated of fighting for so long her reaction was not one emotion it is a string things which came out at one moment, Naomi is a true champ so sweet and very diplomatic with her answers


  24. Mary Carillo is a respected reporter – been around the game for decades – and was spot on with assessment of Williams actions. Deadspin EIC Greenwell is trying to sell clicks and I have little tolerance or any respect for irrational positions. Greenwell is out of depth on this subject matter…

  25. Carlos Ramos has never given a coaching violation in his CAREER to a woman except for Serena & Venus Williams. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ2beRodlc4

  26. Please…”White Privilege” always has to say to something about a black women when she call out BS, and if it was Naomi to do the same, they would have the same problem and say the same thing about. It funny how black women and other women of color are great when we are quiet. But, it a problem and white people want to calls us dramatic or trouble makers or even the terms “ Bully” when check your BS. Nah, that’s disrespectful….she did not bully him and that’s just crossing a line. Why can’t we as black women show our emotions w/ being attached to some stigma. A white woman can show her anger or frustration and nobody says a word. Serena is a human being and she has the right to show her emotions as such. I think she handle it very well, she was firm and getting her point across in letting that guy know he was wrong. She didn’t curse or physically harm him….People need to not speak on what they don’t know!..

  27. This is exactly what is wrong with modern political discourse, and a reason why "Deadspin" is such a joke. People with no idea what they are talking about, making ridiculous arguments against a person with a lifetime of experience in the sport and true knowledge of what is going on.

  28. Chris Evert is also wrong. You penalize verbal abuse WHEN it happens. A "if you do it again, you will get penalized" is wrong. These prima donnas know the rules and abuse them. She abused him time and again…Liar, thief etc. Serena should have been penalized much stricter than she was. He gave her plenty of space and she just kept attacking him and LYING…

  29. Serena looks and acts like a man, which is why he gets confused for being treated differently. It's doing his brains no good at all.

  30. We cannot forget the problems of Mary Carrillo with Serena and Venus Williams I could feel Carrillo gritting her teeth to say anything positive about Serena And yes to Carrillo's point Serena's worse times on court have come at the US Open, remember the Capriati match which brought in "Hawkeye" could anyone say why the calls were like they were without citing racism. And who can forget Serena, Venus and Richard Williams extreme show of racism that had those two great champions stay away for more than 10yrs. There is so much more and the other guest spoke to in saying there wasn't a Black woman in this conversation. Carrillo coming back with Osaka being a person of color tries to ignore the fact of American racial culture; Osaka gets to call Her self Japanese She has a different country Makes all the difference in the world

  31. Mary Carillo is a racist, stupid, partial , commentator. IN fact not even a real commentator. What a liar,SHE does Not & Never did respect SERENA.

  32. In late May I asked 10 different women in 10 different places what June 4th 2019 meant to them. None had a clue as to what I was talking about. This included professional women and liberal women. What a joke.

  33. Serena! I support you. Fighting for what you think is right. I am not your fan but I support you in this case. Fighting Serena. I back you up. Whoever blames you is superficial. All they see that on the surface. Typical people these days. Go, Go Serena!! (I myself Asian).

  34. But Mary IS a vile, disgusting racist – there's ample evidence over her career. And the people on here defending her and ignoring the double standards exhibited by the umpire are, charitably, ignorant, or, more likely, odious skin-crawling racists, just like Mary.


  36. You know it's a little crazy that some how this is "patriarchy's fault!"
    Like really? You didn't like, basically a refs call. You challenged the ref, insulted the ref, and slammed your racket in a snow of anger and defiance. In what sport would the player, coach, or manager not get penalized for doing this things? Dislike the call, fine, say the ref was full of himself, whatever, but don't chalk this up to "sexism."
    Especially when the real victim was Osaka who had what should have been an amazing moment tarnished. But then that wouldn't push their narrative.

  37. Typical of this tribe…

    Never take responsibility…

    Blame everyone else…

    Always play the victim…

    Always play the race card….

    Always make up lies

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