Viral Parenting Video Causes Investigation

Viral Parenting Video Causes Investigation

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phone lines open and I will get Bostic money online tonight I also want to talk
about another topic is spanking an effective way to discipline now they’re
spanking there is tone ups there’s beating I myself had never been beaten
as a child my father never hit me a spoiled kid you’ve heard me talk about
my relationship with my father over the years I liked him and loved him he was
fascinating to me he was a man from the south I was raised up north so I just
enjoyed watching him and uh had a great childhood my mother gave me a couple of
tune ups you know she’d uh poke you in the head pop pluck your bow grab him by
the afro if I didn’t pay attention to um you know different things by way of
school you know reading and homework and stuff like that but I’ve never been
quote-unquote beaten the reason for this title tonight is because there’s an
investigation underway after a video has now popped off for those of you who are
up to speed more so via Facebook Bone Beaumont Texas if I’m saying this right
an elementary school I’m not gonna say the name of the school but for those of
you who saw it a mother a black mother she went into the school had the belt
brought her son out and got busy and as soon as he saw the teacher he started
apologizing cop and please I don’t know the full details Bostic money we’ll
break it down a little bit more but dumb Ronnie said to me it’s give me a second
via email she said how do you feel about this and I said well based upon what I
can see I think the mother may have done the right thing it looks a little harsh
but children you know like adults need parameters guidelines discipline
now again I’m not a biological father but I have raised you know children with
other you know girlfriends and what-have-you so maybe in my opinion
won’t really mean that much tonight but I am going to jump out the window now
and say that I think spanking is okay I don’t necessarily co-sign beating
because again I’ve never been beat I was never one of those kids who had to go
out inside and was it extension cord and go pick go pick your switch that wasn’t
my world but I think that you know a little tone up here and there is I don’t
think anything’s wrong with it all right so that’s my position
Ronny on the other hand I will let her say her position and we will open up the
conversation also oh wait I’m sorry brand-new um George’s came in today of
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think about Buckwald also um I may touch on YouTube’s policies that are going to
change in December for those of you content creators you probably already
know but the game is gonna change again so there’s a lot of things that I may
want to touch on but if not we’ll you know save that for tomorrow show or
Sunday and sadly one person is dead and two were injured in a shooting at a
church let me slow down at a Church’s Chicken and thank you for the emails with
regards to all of the updates on the Popeyes you know do we say brawls fights
mob violence thank you thank you I don’t know what’s going on but um there’s
something that happened with now some Hispanics down in San Antonio Texas yeah
they were brawling over popeyes chicken sandwiches anyway okay let me see if I
get Bostick money on the line and then I want to get young dope man to call in how we doing a live chat guys everything
okay let me see did I do something wrong is everything okay with the speed okay
okay we should be good okay all right thank you very much for them let me know
what’s going on Bostick earlier hey Ronnie are you there
post applauding hey thank you for being available first and foremost I got a
lead start tonight so the video that you and I spoke about earlier and it’s it’s
picked up a lot of traction out of Beaumont Texas is that the location I
don’t wanna say the name of the school but um is that the area where the
investigation is going on now yes yes Beaumont Texas okay okay and the mother
has she been arrested there is an investigation underway have they taken
her son and how old is her son without saying his name do you know the age of
the child has not been confirmed as of yet neither has the identity of the
child or the mother okay okay so if I can get your opinion first before we
open up the phone lines and and dig deeper into the story you saw the video
and what are your thoughts and what is your position with regards to
disciplining children please okay well I found the entire video extremely hard to
watch and but before I unpacked a video let me
just first start by with the fact that this woman bought her own film crew with
her so that they could record and you know upload the footage to social media
right so going into this you have to keep in mind that you know this woman is
thirsting for validation otherwise what do you seek to gain by turning a beating
into content for your social media accounts everything doesn’t belong on
the Internet okay okay you know so you know congratulations to her her video
got over a million views on one twitter account five hundred thousand on another
video and so on and so forth and it’s quickly as these videos are going up
they’re getting taken down because the video is very extreme and you know so
now you know she wanted to do it for social media and now she has to school
the police department and child services investigating her so not very well
played okay so now your position on spanking beating or what was that you
said to me also this morning by way of email you had a strong position against
that was a corporal punishment can you elaborate please yeah well I mean when
you get down to it the only upsides of corporal punishment is immediate
compliance there are no long-term benefits that are meaningful if your
goal is to resolve the problem that’s causing the child to misbehave spanking
doesn’t you know effectively achieve that goal because you have to get to the
root cause there’s a difference between a cause and a centum so meaning the
teacher will say so this woman that showed up to the school said that the
teacher quotes her so for instance for example the teacher could say that the
child wasn’t listening or following directions that’s the symptom of the
problem you have to get to the root cause or the problem will persist and
you’ll just be dealing with a different symptom or the same symptom over and
over again okay so now you’re giving some very good
you know insight but at the same time you’re not a mother correct or that’s my
nose that that’s correct okay okay okay now did the mother say or do we know why
she went to the school and what was the cause of you know beating him I I think
she beat his ass and that was that was more than a spanking what’s what’s the
call do we know well I don’t think anyone any rational person can look at
this video and not characterize it as excessive or abusive even people who use
corporal punishment agree that it’s not something that should be administered
when you are emotional or agitated and that woman was clearly agitated but
besides the fact that she repeatedly struck him considered the language that
she used and the things that she was saying to him so that sort of paints the
picture of why she was there I guess the teacher calls her to report him is
behaving in class but she was using the n-word over and over to address him you
know she told him she would break his face if the lady calls him again if the
video only had sound she was talking to him in a language that he could
understand Ronny if you ask me okay well if you ask me you’re supposed to speak
life into your child and she was talking to him as if his life didn’t even matter
and after she berated him and humiliated him in front of the slanted eyed woman
she ordered him to apologize to the woman I thought he started apologizing
like within seconds before you know before anything he just he realized his
transgressions you know I’m sorry I’m sorry maybe I need to go back and watch
it all right let me bring in some calls okay now see that’s what I said that’s
what I first started off by saying that’s the only upside to corporal
punishment is the immediate compliance the crying the pleading the begging the
apologizing that’s what you’re going to get it’s an immediate correction yes is
it resolving the problem the underlining root cause no it’s not okay stay there
area code three two three you’re on the line
good evening three-two-three are you there hello three-two-three yes no maybe
okay gotta keep it pushing let’s go to area code 703 good evening 703 are you
there talking about this I adore far o mo
facts in the building early how are you sir
I’m doing pretty good um this is crazy this lady’s crazy okay Oh
for those who don’t know mo your marry your father boy yes teenage girls yes
homo so I like to start off by saying that um
whooping do work but what this woman did was not what the child she abused this
child mmm and I think she decided to go to jail ASAP for you to grab him first
of all for you to come to school we always we all been told I like parents
to have you stand decent parents when I get you home
that’s what you’re always told if you’re gonna get a book okay wait talk gives
you home you know that would be the longest car ride at home but that’s what
they would tell you cuz you know if you as a church or wherever in the grocery
store they don’t say never give that look I’m saying don’t don’t ask for
nothing and then you keep acting up they say when I get you home what she did was
she came in with a belt around her neck snatch little man Oh mm-hmm you know
took him outside and then just caught me like beat she was me and the other thing
when you whip your child you shouldn’t be angry when you whip you when you
discipline your child that’s like rule number one so that you don’t go
overboard I remember one time my dad waited two weeks to whip my butt because
I’m a daddy in algebra okay you’re saying because she was so mad he said
you know when he came home with his like oh yeah I still owe you going downstairs
you’re still a fantasy what he didn’t want to whoop me right when I got my
report card I mean I think so you don’t whooping Shaolin you’re angry and then
too you want to plot a whipping on the butt or the leg area she was hitting him
wherever with the bill I’m swinging them around and then what was the most
disgusting part animal McCullar animals that’s how
animals have even mo you’re a black man calling a black woman an animal yeah you
really go that’s not a black woman that’s uh that’s a CSF female okay see
the animal the reason why I say that is even heavy animals don’t treat a young
like that for you to get your face I beg to differ but the head for you to get
his face common nigger I’m gonna break your face you see laughing you don’t do
that all right angle guys if I can jump in and just to be objective and again
I’m not a father and I was never beaten as a kid so objectively speaking I think
this mother may it may not have been angry maybe she was disappointed in her
son who should know better and the fact that I got to come up to this goddamn
school when you know you should be on your best behavior I give you what you
want at home even if there’s not a father at the in the home sometimes you
have mothers that do for the damn kids let’s not just dump on single mothers if
that is her case her situation I don’t know and-and-and-and Ronnie I’m coming to you
next there are people who over the decades who I have heard say that black
mothers and black fathers will beat their kids harder than white kids
because they want to prepare them for what can happen in the world against
them by way of violence and hatred what do you say about that running well you
know the cemeteries are full and the jails are full with people who quote
unquote got there but be ok so thinking that you can somehow strike your child
and prevent you know a bullet from entering their brain from a cop who
fears them just because they thought that they were intimidating you know
that’s I think that’s a very small minded way to look at it because
spanking actually when you look at the numbers and the studies that are done
crosses all racial and socio-economic background so just simply that means
poor people expect their kids rich people’s spank their kids white people
spank their kids white black people think their kids so
you know to say to try to make the argument I’m beating you so that you
know the cops don’t have to deal with you later
that’s a little irrational okay now I’m not again I’m just trying to be
objective and and we will bring in bright white children as well because
you sent me a video from a year or two ago of a 16 year old white girl whose
father was a judge now he beat the hell out of her with the belt and he resigned
as a judge we’ll get to that shortly but again I’m just trying to put something
on the table that I have heard if it’s not if it has no legs then it has no
legs but I just already said I’m coming um Oh what I’m saying that’s what I have
heard from time to time no you were saying jump in please yes so we want to
talk about different ethnic groups all the people black all the people that
black people are told they should aspire to be like the Indians the Chinese the
Nigerians other African groups all discipline their children the thing is
we’re not talking about spankings or disciplines we’re talking about abuse
you’re saying you abusing the child will cause more damage to the child than what
you’re trying to do when you’re trying to saying when you’re trying to correct
their behavior and what we witness here we got that we got to stop using these
terms interchangeably beating whooping whooping and Spanky okay you know and
abuse under that’s what I think that’s a very uh it’s very irresponsible in
saying we you we when people use those terms interchangeably okay because we
usually you spank a child I believe this spanking should be the last resort
you should first talk to him you know punishment grounding those kind of
things but you have to have that option I was talking to this little nigga get
through to him and he burned the house down anyway you know I you know was
callate anyway and crash the motherfucker I tried to talk to
Goodman’s ever had with playing with fire in the
it’s funny you said burn the house down because I have the worst whooping I ever
had okay you know because you know because that my dad wanted to correct
that behavior because I could have ruined everything that my family ever
built by being irresponsible but you know like I said every other ethnic
group the other fan they use you’re saying corporal punishment or whatever
you want to call it but not abuse this woman abuses child and I’m gonna say
that she abused them and she need to be locked hello okay no you’re a father I’m
not so I’m respecting what you what you say but I am just trying to throw you a
couple of curveballs and also with regards to corporal punishment Ronnie I
don’t know the numbers I don’t know the crime stats but where is that that they
had a public caning is that in remember the guy that was keen for stealing the
cars yes I support corporal punishment yeah listen you you’ve you’ve not only
have you stole something but you have dishonored and disgraced our culture
therefore we have to try to you know help you but there we can’t guarantee
you what is it cause we can’t guarantee your rehabilitation but we’re going to
uh you know beat you have bit you have to death so others will learn from your
mistakes I think that’s a beautiful thing I’m dead-ass caning hang on a
second guys let me I’m try and get some coals in here and guys I’m coming to
catch Apple super chat also six six one eighty they’re good evening six six one
you turn it down six six one please are you doing too much folks try and be
ready if you’re calling in that’s good area code
6:04 gleaming 604 you there we’re talking about this video on Facebook all
over the place 604 yeah great me how are you yeah go that okay you join the
conversations sir no he’s not he just wants to be silly that’s fine okay so no
area code three six zero good evening three six zero you’re there are you up
to speed on the video the black mother hey what’s this lived on Devesh hey what’s up man
have you seen the video on Facebook the black mother yeah I seen I think I feel
like this is very abusive mentally psychologically if you look at it she’s
handed things at home like me in regards to that I’m bring out a Bible verse
proverbs 13 weeks 2024 he that spareth his rod hates it but he that loves help
chastises us so that’s a big verse in the Bible that speaks all alike not
mentally abusing I agree with like most start and I agree with Rania on the
things that she said like it messes with people hair psychologically in a long
time and most of the time there’s like things like mental depression you know
like the things that happen in the when you get older and be able to well it
makes you stronger at the same time because I got what this when I was a kid
I was just about to ask you now do you think you think that getting a beating
sometimes helped helps you get a better understanding of things and your
surroundings I remember one time when I stole something worth it yeah yes but
there’s something to get a whuppin for I really wouldn’t remember like not doing
the dishes I’m doing some night my mom didn’t tell me to do before you go sir
can I ask you a question is dope man now telling on people are you up to speed on
who dope man is alright okay thank you man thank you okay no no maybe that’s
why dope man is coming out now and telling
because it’s a new generation they don’t remember he used to wear the the
pandanus don’t men are you calling in are you now shook where are you send him
an email he said he was calling it I don’t know blow him up but you know is
he telling on people he went at French Montana real hard you know just I have
to say man French Montana is a good guy French and
I met one time we had a good interview it was 2012 100.3 the beat in Philly he
drove down just for the interview you know and I think he has earned his
success yes he was a former coke boy but not don’t man is up on em wreck TV
telling about the transactions talking about activity anyway hold on a sec guys
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so we got the we got we got the Chargers playing against the Raiders
I’m ready there’s a charge is plenty of like that some West Coast actually let’s
go Zack okay before we get into the first topic you
know who young dope man is right aka dope man honestly when I thought it I
thought it I saw the capture those where but is he saying is that don’t like the
dope man like this not of a specific person but like the dope man don’t man
is a pioneer hood box-office calm he’s now he took off the goddamn
bandanna he’s talking he’s talking about activity he’s up on empty from um rec TV
talking about other statute of limitations has expired
no it has not not for pimps anyway oh yeah
yeah but I thought I was gonna Moretti meet us I was i watch the interview with
one of your uh what an alcohol I mean I’m sorry well one of rich porter boys
might want to get a tattoo talking about oh god yeah you know said how you
thought about our poll coming out right you know telling this story as all these
years I thought I don’t get these Clues if he’s an architect in this and I put
him a speck on his name but I mean don’t manage that he’s a pimp ain’t no such
thing as it used to be penalty he’s talking I’m concerned anyway can you
join us on the other first topic is spanking an effective way to discipline
would say you guys I’m gonna say this you know say I got two daughters I got
one four years old and another daughter this ten years old right I’m a man of a
certain age you know I’m some forty two years old when I came up my mother used
to whoop-whoop us from some extension cords
all the type of stuff and whooping okay you know say we I had three it was three
of us I’d older brother younger brother you know say so you know the whippings
deterred me from a lot of stuff my older brother not so much because he went in
and you know say he was really really heavy in the streets we’re all sitting
back in a day so I can say that you know you can whooping don’t won’t deter your
kids from doing what you don’t want them to do but it ain’t gonna turn and you
can welcome you can whoop whoop day whooping all you want
it’s indicate some people will learn from it and it’s um it’s a 50-50 chance
that they’re gonna learn from from from getting corporal punishment man you know
I’m say is that’s not gonna guarantee the kids is gonna you know and I know
star you don’t got no are kids that Ukraine but you know that right whooping
somebody’s I have stood by and watched a girlfriend or two you know
get busy on their kids and I just I minded my business because you know if
the father was you know somewhat sorted in the picture and he was paying child
support it was not my place to intervene or if if the
mother was turned up but I’m talking about some why I’ve seen some white
girls get busy on the kids and it’s almost like and I hate to say this
sometimes it can be a a stress reliever for the mother because the kid has
worked her nerve and no it may not help the kid but it helps the mothers that
sound crazy yeah it don’t sound cry because the
mothers getting me that she can learn if you all but look like do I go though
come on on your man or your man you update to your man huh to the UH to the
to the proper they got him they got him so they didn’t get him but they know who
is yeah and it was a police chase trying to capture Kate face trying to catch him
and they crashed into it like two different cars trying to catch the dude
they was all his life he he got away still in the area but they all talk you
know can you give me the area eyes the eyes please what’s that area called
again what the area where the stabbing
happened Ronnie do you remember the area what is it called left good so the
popeyes chicken sandwich stabber he was in a police chase you say within the
last 24 hours yeah they got his address you know and
they were chasing them and they chased him murder of course a lot of DC they
crashed into a couple of cars Wow and they they didn’t catch him but he’s
still in the area and they know exactly who he is now I got his identity is
addressed all that so they over told you know they’re like you know it’s the race
man yes sir thank you all right hold on a second guys okay
thank you for the update okay guys let me go to a couple of cash
apps and super checks and their mo want to come back to you because you are
a father of four with regards to our main topic t-money how are you thank you
for the donation t-money aka ground control 23 thank you so much all right
okay dangerous what’s going on okay he sent me an email
I’ll get to that later kid dangerous Elvis the chef Rosenberg all he won he
wants a piece of the action hold on a second
that man supports the machine where are you Elvis the chef Rosenberg Elvis are
you there sir good evening good evening Oh Oh mr. chef Rosenberg can you hear me
how are you man oh man I’m good I went and saw the video okay I’m the mother
gone to the school right you know what what might happen to this woman is what
happened to my mother and that is that a home when my mother passed away they had
the whole entire service for her and I dictated the repast at her house okay
but the service was around the corner at the church and I stayed outside at the
time I was driving a Mustang convertible and I was with the kids they were real
young and there’s like five years ago and I sat outside while the service went
on with my kids and with white she never went inside so this woman who think this
woman who thinks that she’s just coming on child and setting the example she
might end up with a son who don’t even go inside to help you knurl Wow Wow okay
because I know all about what a little boys gone through my mother beat me from
my school all the way to my house because she heard that this woman did
that in California and my mother did what she heard was being done and she
actually did it to me it was a very sick individual I grow up with and this young
man is growing up with a not only beat them verbally abuses them
so the way she referred to him in the n-word and electronic stuff you know it
really was heartbreaking to watch and it reminded me of my sick deranged mother
okay the hang on a second if I can jump in and with all due respect did your
mother have some type of mental unstable issue or did she just beat you because
she thought that was the right thing to do or did it have something to do with
your father or lack thereof well I’m sure I’m sure had a lot of things to do
my mother was undiagnosed I would put her down at the borderline okay a
personality disorder but she’s solely under she was undiagnosed or my mom
believed that she was doing the right thing she thought that it was she would
I my mother thought that beating us until she could not beat anymore yeah
was a normal cool thing to do you know and it was just like why did you want to
jump in there Elvis the chef is speaking from the position of a victim was Ronnie right and I think it’s important that he
brought up the mental health aspect because when you look at the scholarship
that exists on spanking as far as the pros and the cons and you weigh them out
and you look at the downsides you know you have impaired achievement increased
aggression increased antisocial behaviors you also have an increased
likelihood of mental health issues so you know there are a lot of people who
were spanked and they used this justification that you know oh I was
spanked and I turned out alright well there’s two things about that
it’s not that you turned out all right because you were spanked it’s that you
turned out all right despite having been spanked because correlation doesn’t
equal causation so it’s very important for people like Elvis to speak the truth
and say that this had a lasting effect on me because the second thing to people
saying you know I turned out all right how do you know you’re all right have
you been psychologically evaluated or you know are you taking the self-serving
liberty of performing your own evaluation people tend to think that
because they have a car and a place and a job that they’re doing alright and
their whole life could be in shambles and falling apart yeah
mo do you want to chime in and what Elvis Rosenberg said mo facts yeah I
totally agree wit what Elvis said and I also wanted to say we have to be careful
with interchanging abuse with spankings I just want we have to be careful with
that but it’s something that you said also sue Starr that a lot of times the
parent beats the child to release their stress has nothing to do with with
correcting the child’s behavior it’s the pent up aggression or pent up
frustration they have with with the child
that they’re trying to release and that’s the total and that’s why I came
on the line saying you shouldn’t discipline your child when you’re angry
you should have a level a jacuz law and then you should explain to the child why
I am disciplining you and I want to be very clear the act of spanking was
allowed in schools up into the hours into the second grade and schools all
over the world still allow spanking we’re not talking about abuse this woman
is incorrect what do you mean that’s incorrect that’s
incorrect there are schools 21 states still allowed thinking by school staff
members and not fair when I was when I was in Iowa and North Carolina I can
only speak in North Carolina that’s when they stopped spanking because that’s the
last thinking I got in school and it was a spanking it was okay but then you you
also try to make it a global thing when in fact this country is only one of two
westernized countries that hasn’t banned it outright more than 100 countries have
banned it that that means that over a hundred times highly educated people sat
down to look at the scholarship related to corporal punishment and they realized
it was you know time to make an update okay and I would like to add to you
all the people that we bring here to America they’re highly intelligent or
that they their educational values is backed by some kind of spanking or
discipline over that manner so we can’t act like they’re saying we always said
the Haitians and Nigerians but the Chinese Indians they all use this form
of discipline and it’s not about abusing the child it’s about having a last on
last ditch effort to say oh you don’t want to listen don’t want to understand
you know it’s a it’s the last option it’s similar to the death penalty just
end with you how you treat criminals you have to have that last option on the
table you’re saying to get through to some people know if I can jump in for a
second money can you give us your source and they you said you had a link you
were trying to send me earlier then I get a little swamp put your statue just
gave morning yeah you can turn to it’s a study done by the American Psychological
Association but I mean if you simply go online and you go on google the general
consensus among everyone what can hear me the general consensus is that you
know when you weigh the pros against the cons it’s it’s ineffective by and large
and the lasting effects that can carry on as a result of it it’s you know it’s
like why would you even want to take the chance if your goal is to correct
misbehavior get to the root cause of the problem you know bending somebody over
and physically hurting them that’s you know that’s not really necessary that’s
reminiscent to me it reminds me of you know a slave master whipping no no no no
same guy stay right there Moe and Ronnie Elvis the chef Rosenberg you had the
last word so I can bring more colas in Elvis please it’s Elvis there Elvis six
four six by the last word last word the last word I was saying I am a father who
has in the last few years spanked my children because I do realize
that we have tried this other method of
trying to get our children to understand and they keep on testing you testing you
and it could be like an emergency situation like do not get off of that
seat because it can be dangerous and next thing you know they’re like trying
to cross a highway it sometimes takes a little quick top to get them to
understand that this is a little more serious so there is a difference between
the quick pop and the abuse okay I’ve never abused my children but I have pop
them and it happened okay Elvis thank you for checking in man have
a good evening salute okay Elvis the chef Rosenberg going to check him guys I
don’t see an email here from young dope man oh shit maybe he doesn’t want the
smoke tonight pioneer social media content for further information guys go
to Emmerich TV on YouTube that’s the homie M rec TV you know him from Forbes
DVD com along with Toki diamonds and let me know what you think for those of you
who do know don’t man’s history he’s now he’s not wearing the bandanas no more he
he’s talking about French Montana leaving some of the coke
boys object objectively speaking sometimes you have to share the dead
weight if everybody can’t go corporate everybody can’t go mainstream you can’t
feed niggers you know all throughout their goddamn journey I think that’s
that’s one of the biggest misconceptions of hip-hop and the business of our rap
music you know as if the boss always has to spoon-feed niggas but if he calls in
I’ll keep you guys posted hang on a second Ronnie mo Blue Label
multimedia greetings thank you for your donation Blue Label multimedia calm as
to homie he’s a day one Bubba Quan good evening he says star I can’t really give
a concise answer to tonight’s topic did all I know is um I got my ass beat as a
firstborn and dealt with it okay hashtag oh whoa okay
I don’t know if his fingers beat by his mother his father I don’t know the game
is rigged set star respectfully after watching Deb Antony on Queens flips
platform I must say not only will she spank you
but she will make you the wife I hope you die so okay he’s talking about walk
off lockers mom respectfully I was trying to holler at her a couple years
ago think she’s in Atlanta maybe I should holler again Bush kid good
evening sir sends in a donation start it’s nothing wrong with keeping your
kids in line by spanking you have to go see a doctor sleep more mmm
nine out of ten make sure you take a date okay
hashtag make sure you take a date to the doctor okay I think for the most part
I’m pretty healthy I had some some back issues but listen I swear by the Aleve
I’ve been getting a couple of emails y’all don’t take Aleve do this and do
that I feel good I know what works for me at my age I take certain things if I
drink too much you know on the weekends I take Bayer Aspirin back in action but
thank you for your on you cash app right okay um can we shift gears for a second
mo if you still have time and Ronny as well so with regards to corporal
punishment spanking beating tuneups and so on and so forth I don’t know the
stats if any Ronnie maybe you can help me out with regards to white children
being spanked black children being spanked beat and so on and so forth is
there a better way to discipline different cultures mo can we start with
you is there a better way to discipline different coaches because we see most of
the mass shooters are white males well yes I think that um Ronnie did bring up
a point of Western countries taking corporal punishment away and we see the
lack of they have for their elders and their
parents I mean it’s a direct correlation so I think you had to have with I have
four children although have different personalities different methods of
discipline works for each child differently I think you had to have
every option on the table you have to use every option you have to see which
with the child responds to I think that if you had like you said we see the
school shooters or you know people of that extent of that ilk most of the time
they were not probably beaten they did not get disciplined so to take as I said
to take that out there a timeout and stop little Johnny and all that not
ain’t gonna work you gotta let them know look you pushing the line you pushing
the line you’re saying you bout to get up on it so let me be a little bit more
direct mode do you think if more white children were beaten we would not have
more white mass shooters oh is that that does not make sense I’m just asking oh
I’ll say like this within a dirt there’s a direct trend between when we took
spanked made spanking socially acceptable and how people act there is a
direct there’s a direct correlation there and yes I think if we brought
spankings I ate two schools if we made it socially acceptable to spank children
and not have to hide it because now people like oh I’m scared of what my
kids or somebody gonna call child services you know no you could just Bank
your child but at the same time – there’s certain parameters that you
should use when you spank the child okay Ronny and yet comments with regards to
that question who do you wanna write I mean as I said thinking is done at the
same rate across all the different racial and ethnic backgrounds and
socioeconomic backgrounds you referenced the judge who briefly had to step down
he did actually return to the bench but he briefly had to step down first
banking his his daughter in a video that was recorded and released by
you’ve had politicians you’ve had athletes get in trouble for spanking
their children so this is not something that you know only happened to certain
people it’s not that you know most white kids aren’t getting spankings because
the numbers show that most of them are it’s done roughly at the same rate so I
I can’t you know every culture has its different thing so we don’t have you
know in black neighborhoods they’re not showing up to shoot up the the entire
school and discriminately right but we can talk about the gang
violence we can talk about the aggression that we see there and these
are kids who are coming from households where they’re most likely probably
getting spanked or have been spanked in the past so I don’t think we can say the
solution to solving the school shooter problem is more spanking for white kids
the numbers show that they’re getting dissed thinking okay Ronny is it too
personal to ask you did you get spanked when you were younger any experiences
that you’d want to share no I did not it’s not a personal question I don’t
think I did not get spanked so and you know just like people like to say I was
spanked and I turned out all right I guess I could sort of make the same
argument but what I will say is this there is a difference between fear and
respect what a child’s fears their parent that fear is situational and it
has an expiration date meaning if a situation presents itself where the
child thinks they can get away with it they’re going to do it and as to the
expiration date when that child is 18 19 20 and they’re out on their own their
behavior is no longer predicated on any real sense of fear they’re doing what
they want to do and a lot of times you know these kids that were kept under
lock and key these are the ones that go buck wild on the flip side if you have a
child who respects their parents so much so that they feel naturally inclined to
conduct themselves in a way that within the guidelines that their parent says
that respect is something that has the potential to last a lifetime there’s no
expiration date on that so okay Ronnie hang on a second I hear you loud and
clear and I appreciate your different position but but I’ve had friends
growing up and some of the black friends they would say nah I’m not gonna go with
you Troy and these white boys and go do that crazy shit because if I do it and I
go home I’ll get fucked up so I do believe that there are some preventive
measures that can go along with you know the psychological effects if I’m saying
this right of getting your ass beat the white boys I used to hang with they
didn’t give a frock they would burn down people’s sheds they would strangle
people’s cats they would put sugar in people’s gas tanks no fucks given some
of the black kids would say hey whoa whoa whoa no I can’t do that
I do that crazy shit I’m going home and if we get caught I’m getting fucked up
Troy I’ll see you later and it would bounce what do you think
about that mo that type of I totally 100% agree with you because when Don
Lilly said hey look don’t make me get you that’s my father right now and Ronny
said at 20 in 1920 you loser no no my dad but your your point is predicated on
something I didn’t say I said the fear when you leave at 18 I saw and you’re
not there at the fear nor doesn’t tell me you’re afraid your dad’s going to
come to your house with a better fit that theory that you’re talking about
it’s called Reverend he’s called Reverend you know it’s a
respect I don’t care how old you get listen I don’t still swear in front of
my mother I would never talk to my mother a
certain way because she brought me up right and then we as you get older
and you become a parent you understand that oh that’s why she got me she was
trying to keep me from that situation and I go back and thank my mom thank you
for being the person that she was thank you Dad for being the person that you
would because you can’t light starts there that behavior is that whatever
they did to me kept me from going with X Y & Z and interesting and really messing
my life so it’s not a feat it’s not a fear like oh I’m terrified of them it’s
called reverence and you build that inner child I had a friend I’m not gonna
say his first name but their little white kid this is middle school his last
name was Santoro his father was a doctor every week like clockwork his thing was
pulling the fucking fire alarm and he didn’t run hang on a second all
throughout the goddamn school thought the entire school would have to go
outside and line up and he would just grin and smirk and and and a couple of
black kids didn’t want no parts of him because they knew if they did that dumb
shit they get roughed up at home I’m sorry you wanted to say good I’m
rambling yeah I know I think you clearly misheard or you were not listening
clearly to what I said which is really the same thing I said that there is a
difference between fear and respect here has an exploration gene in the sense
that at 40 years old you’re not afraid that your father is going to come pull
his belt out if you do something wrong respect is something I said that can
last a lifetime and you said it’s fear is reverence if you look up reverence
reverence is just a deep amount of respect that’s literally the definition
so it’s not the same fear and respect are two different things well with the
respect you’re talking about is like respective appear I’m talking about yeah hey let me get Luther I’m out from my
dad he might do take it at all who knows you know Sam because he’s on like AIDS
obviously I didn’t teach you so here’s the famous 40 years you didn’t
only faces earth maybe I need to give you an update on a star called a tuna so
who knows so that’s why I said um yeah I would never come out this out of my net
wrong my dad but I appreciate everybody will be he gave me because it may be the
man that I am and as we see today and I just was so I just want to make one pick
one small pivot here it’s amazing how people liquor TI’s you’re saying as for
being kind of father that he’s trying to be and bring his daughter up right now I
don’t agree with his methods but this and the cinema is based in people look
at that is wrong but then you know then they want to say well you’re supposed to
be being a kid’s friend no you know opposed to be that’s a biggest problem
people need to stop being a kid’s friend I tell my daughter other day I said you
got one daddy that’s it you know you get you can make friends everybody I find
your friend I’m your daddy hang on a second guys a BL are you in
the line sir area code six one seven a vo yeah I just wanted to say how we
going I just want to say that I totally think that beatings whippings whatever
you want to call them a beautiful great thing for children especially in the
hood you know what I’m saying you see what happened to them after they stop
getting them so I totally disagree with this whole notion that being whooped as
abuse on any level I think when I think when I think of somebody like I kind of
disagree with Moe in home and and Ronnie about what child abuse is because not
specifically asking them but generally who the hell are you to tell me what
abuse is to my son and I’ll tell you this
what abuse is really is I’d say abuse is more something like
your father calls you on the living room they’re singing Christmas carols but I
guess there’s something enough you miss one of the lyrics dropkicks you want to
chest to some shit like that they starving your scene yeah chaining you to
a radio you trying to go get some milk to teach you for no reason that’s child
abuse if your parent is a whoopin your ass there’s no rules of engagement for
that you know get to walk up to me and tell me I’m doing it wrong
that’s ridiculous so I got my eyes beat plenty of time I’m gonna beat this the
literal shit out of me one time and and she told me you think I’m gonna stop cuz
you cry wipe the blood off no yeah she gave me some tissue and she told me to
wipe the blood off my face no I I grew up I grew up as a man of integrity who
has respect for my mother and other people through that through that coming
up and integrity building so I just I totally disagree with the notion that
you get to decide what’s right and wrong away with pushing a limit when you’re
getting yeah yeah if you’re not being totally abused abused separate from
getting a beatin you getting a beat and your mother decides to elbow you once
you wanna neck kick you wish you would have switch that’s a vision that’s
separate from childhood okay so that’s how I feel about it
thank you man before I let you go a BL are you familiar with um dope man from a
hood box office calm any chance absolutely don’t I used to watch dope
man all the time I used to have a stripper that used to talk crazy on the
cameras upping the hell out of money and stuff I loved em wreck heavy you know I
spoke to em wreck and I got here I got the green light to you know bring dope
man on it he hasn’t called in as is he don’t man
man when I’ve seen his name on your screen I started googling him again I
was like oh yeah excuse my language like the way of watching you now yeah more
power to them he’s trying to change this community listen I want to see old pension well
you know what hey man thank you for calling thank you have you thanked
i’ma pull it back before I say the wrong goddamn thing he might start telling on
me shit don’t man you’re calling in what’s going on man
okay um Moe thank you for calling you man do you want to finish up I’ll give
it let’s take another five minutes on this topic I don’t wanna rush off
anything else wanna put on the table before shift gears cuz I do want to talk
about the Popeye craze that’s still going on
Moe backs please yes may I just say like this we had to be careful when we
interchange whoopin and beatings abuse you know those that’s very dangerous for
like us this woman and the thing that most discussing about this person that
did this to this child was it wasn’t even the physical what she did because I
mean that was excessive in itself but the verbal and I think verbally abusing
the poor child is far more harmful far more Hawthorne
lasting than what you do physically dussander call him nigger and getting
his face in the threatening man like you saying I’m gonna break your face you
said nose kind of thing she could have done that without the whoopin and it
still it would still would have been abuse in my eyes you know saying that’s
your child that’s the thing that you created in her womb and i’ma say this
one thing too for it to come from a mother is totally different my mother
was my refuge after ass-whipping from my dad you’re saying she come pick you up
right now you know your daddy had the kitchen now here then you know saying
but he still love you so for that to come from the mother that love the love
giver that’s gonna that’s gonna vary that’s gonna scar that child for a very
long time and in fact that she recorded it you know that no saint the
combination of all the things I’m not only really like I said the way she
looked them I think there may have been a little overboard with the verbal and
the recording of it and the location made it abuse yeah if I can jump in and
say I don’t like the fact that it was recorded and it’s gonna be out there for
him to see for the rest of his life that part I don’t like but you know maybe
there is no father in the home and she has to assume the position of not just a
mother but the father as well does that make a difference
mo or no yeah and that’s why I always hear though number
the number one job of a mother a single mother is finding the father for her
children that’s your number one job Adam since you don’t have a father because
that’s how it used to be that one we used to say now I’m gonna find me a man
she said I gotta find these babies a daddy that’s that was that’s how it used
to be so I mean I think you know mama wants to get her swerve on and be
pleasure you’re saying and not putting the child first so I mean that is it
okay if the mother finds herself another lover possibly in jail of course it is I
mean hopefully hopefully you will find a man that can say that you find you know
attractive and loving but the first job of a single mother should be finding
that child a father figure country because it takes to my book it takes to
parents to raise a child I would like to say one last thing sure what their
labeling TR weird karate I wanted to call yesterday but I was on a conference
call man it was killing me I want to go there but if you want to continue the
conversation stay with me don’t run off the line I’ll come back to you
same way I want to get some of these some of these that okay okay Ronnie do
you have the UM the the women who posted the video they took it down of T I did
you know that the podcast yeah I have I made my own screen record of it okay
stay right have it I’ll be right back okay hey listen guys let me go to UM
Kashyap hey uh ask move ninety part me ash move 79 wants to join the
conversation I’ll get to shortly hold on a second okay what is this don’t man
where are you he says I waited for the show what is this Mac only make international
calls I can shoot to the room now do you want hold on a second call now nigga its
he curving me except my bad he was trying to get to the International to
the hotel international call something something yo call now nigga maybe I
should get em wreck on the line alright give me a second as to homo Pepin fuck Rick Vader 7 7 7 greetings sir he says
Ronnie’s music list are trash but everything else that she says is 100%
hashtag salute hashtag best co-host ok thank you uh Rick Vader 777th Bush kid
says black New York police officer is arrested on duty by federal agents with
assault weapons over 18 million insurance fraud as 26 others are also
picked up yeah I saw that and just you know it’s a local story local New York
story hopefully it’ll pick up traction we can talk about that tomorrow thank
you AJ rx on the check in store I’ll tell your
homey Lord Jamar that some black men can identify with mm for shit like this ok
black fathers leave their sons to psycho black mothers shit ok thank you
ok and I got the homie again blue label multimedia folks make sure you check out
the homie blue label multimedia calm ok got his banner coming up right after the
tonight’s broadcast we got some phone calls here area code
5:04 grieving 504 you there you know yeah what up stars are low from
the hey Howie said I just wanted to say this real quick I heard this on your
show a while ago when was you went on alias okay now this is later but this is
actually a tune-up just a wish with Teddy Riley and his daughter remember
that one right right right yeah she spit in his face and he picked up a guitar
bust overhead you ever heard about Hoskins yeah I don’t know the hope the
full details but yeah tell you why didn’t you get arrested over that that
situation yeah yeah I think so but what I’m saying is about the discipline and
the beatings and stuff like that I believe that he never had a problem
after that you know what huh yeah I think Creflo Dollar choked out his 15
year old daughter I’m not mistaken allegedly choked yeah got her in line
and no I said also don’t man wasn’t there was a female that I used the
corner so back then to name honey honey red head shot me in email two weeks ago
and said she don’t go by the name honey red no more I mean that goes to show you
how I said I go to show you how long I’ve been listening and all things going
on not 97 – well thank you salute man I want to hold your bow and listen to the
show thank you thank you so much yeah yeah yeah it’s young don’t man telling
snitching why are you dope man come on man that extra she do to try to get the
phone yadda yadda yadda AV code nine to nine good evening are you there nine to
nine hey there kids okay you saw the video this video
whatever and I didn’t want to speak on that just lets perspective oh but I’m
hearing the your colons here speaking of the life there’s a little female and I
can’t say her name I just always ever Bostick Ronnie she’s right there
costing money I’ll buy that’s how you doing miss Lee I have a daughter and out
of situation you’re not I think like like it was fair earlier it’s very
different approaches within different situations so this black woman so now I
have to look at it this woman is coming up to the school
you know we don’t know this woman who’s taking off work for this situation
yeah we don’t know if she had the money to even have to be a habit ability to
take off work for that situation she has to make sure that she ain’t got to come
back up to that school again okay and she has to put that strength and
energy into that into that teacher at the same time that’s he that kid has to
know and has to recognize because he is having a misunderstanding of recognizing
who was of authority here so she’s basically pacified had to be done in
front of her and he couldn’t have been done at all okay so it had to be done at
that point and I say oh and I say that to say this is going on so however she
went about doing it now Kurt now I will say this this is one thing I was he was
very very well boss chick what he did to her mentally is why I call them overcome
niggas in his face you niggas me you know that that was crazy but the act of
the whoopin and she gave them I personally I feel like it was all along
you know I’m a father I look at a situation where my daughter
I don’t worry I don’t do anything to her like that but it came a time where I had
to and she was shocked but I did that for like you said that immediate
gratification but that let her knew about the situation that no you don’t do
this because like that like their photos their earlier who knows what she
would’ve days that she’s not making a logical decision based off of what she
knows right and wrong even though she knows right or wrong so I have to show
you what’s right at room okay okay why do you want to chime in on what Nicole
was saying monster quani I mean you know people are entitled to discipline their
children the way that they see fit so I’m not going to criticize him or you
know tell him that he’s wrong I can only speak as to what I would do and I would
not come up to the school and carry on and you know damage my child’s psyche
that like he said and I think a couple other
people have said the way that she spoke to him was the most damaging because
your physical wounds will heal but sometimes certain things you know I know
people who like Elvis said he didn’t even go inside of the funeral just
because certain things that happened in their childhood certain things that were
said to them you’re not asked you’re never going to be as you know the f-word
calling them that you know just all sorts of things you know just certain
things that you shouldn’t say to a male child I mean really there’s certain
things you shouldn’t say to a child period but the way that she humiliated
him in front of that woman and then to do all of that and then to say now tell
her you’re so not better not you know all of that it’s like yes oh you’re
playing up this woman but now at the same time Ronnie to be fair to be fair
you’re not a mother so you don’t necessarily know how you would react me
what you’re saying I hear you it sounds sounds great but you know
sometimes you got that little bunny you got that little beautiful life force
you know something happens and then you die you lose it seen it happen to my
knowledge to my knowledge she’s a single mom so as he’s coming up there to that
school if she doesn’t out of the coulomb nigga you absolutely right she shouldn’t
do him like that up on anybody I don’t think no kiss treated like that but the
mere fact of telling him now tell that lady sorry because guess what that’s
embarrassing she just I embarrassed you the same with you embarrasses lady who
I’m putting you know around your teacher what are you around your parents on a
day-to-day basis I hope right you don’t tell him to apologize after you just
denigrated him to the lowest level possible calling him all sorts of in
words telling him if this lady even calls I’m going to break your face so
it’s this really was a show for the lady it was a display for her I’m here I’m
gonna get him my son but if he gives you a hard time you know there was a way to
get to the root cause of the problem without doing all of that if I can jump
in one more time guys and then call I’ll give you the last word you know the
Honorable Elijah Muhammad I don’t think you make this correlation
not used to say that before I can build you up I have to strip you mentally and
break you down before I can build you back up I have to let you look at
yourself and sit and let you see yourself for the fool that you have
become your last word that caller hey star I appreciate you having me made I
like that that’s not me that’s the Honorable Elijah Muhammad does his words
not mine yes thank you yeah yeah the messenger to
the black man I have to break you down to the very last compound you be okay
take a good look at yourself drinking smoking chewing gum doing drugs
fantasizing about white women I’ve got to break you down and shame you okay I’m
rambling pardon me okay somebody says they want to join the conversation who
are you uh hey Krystal holiness is that Krystal that we know Ronnie crystals at
you every good three-point-seven hey Ronnie hey hey crystal how you been lady
just go home with you good good I wanted to jump in on the conversation okay
please I actually was watching the video when
you when the little pop-up came up and you would you your thing came up so you
were talking about this I was like look at this I think she was out of line I
mean honestly the beating or the hitting or whatever you think itself but it
wasn’t that crazy she had him a couple of times and dragged them wasn’t that
enough I should have did it at home it really wouldn’t have been so insane but
in the school with the verbal abusive conversation it was too much I’m not
into doing that type of thing first of all your son does white woman
I’m gonna beat him like what are you talking about vain for me but calling
him a nigga and it was just mean the way she was talking to him it was like she
was talking to a grown man I couldn’t see the love in the conversation and I
feel like I’m a mom so as a mother I feel like I wanna make
all my stuff more was talking about bring the beans back to the school no
you cannot hit my child absolutely fucking not people don’t have love in
their heart people don’t love your child people go to work to work and people are
frustrated and you shouldn’t beat your kids when you’re upset but imagine you
send your child to school with 30 other students and then she just managed to
start beating them are you out of your mind no if you don’t love my child you
can’t show up to my child fill up my child you cannot be my job Ariat mo do
you wanna jump in there where’s mo facts yes the reason the reason why I say that
is if you look at the time when we’re going with spankings were in school the
teachers had more authority um like I said I got spankings in 1st 2nd grade
kindergarten first and second grade there was just like they had a paddle
they were saying it was strictly understand on the road the rear end you
know what I’m saying is that would give the teacher more leverage in the
situation now we had to talk about the quality of teachers that we had the same
times who we don’t have the same quality and we had at conversation but I will
say this when you look at other nations around the world where the teachers are
able to some of us may I have I work at a very diverse owned company with people
from Africa Asia all over Asia everywhere they talk about the teacher
will wrap them on the knuckles with a ruler do they spank the kids in Japan do
we know that is a yes really with a pair of the parents dude I
can speak for the pen yeah you kind of mean if it’s funny it’s funny cuz we’ve
had this conversation especially the reason why I say is the group I work
with closely if they are the Indians and you see they will ask it’s gonna be
everywhere but they’ll say ain’t they’ll lean over
and get quiet could they understand what a social climber here in America last
time that I checked Japanese students middle school high school and college
were far more advanced than Americans I don’t know if that’s a result of
spanking beating I don’t know but you know the mind control and the discipline
what you think about that yeah and like I say even live in if you want to do on
send quote unquote black versus black the Nigerians and the Haitians you’re
saying they backed their educational values up with you’re saying with some
kind of corporate discipline okay so I mean we see the results we see the
fruits of it and the thing is it don’t out of me I agree with crystal it has to
be done out of love out of place of love and wanting to grow the child up not to
tear them down but we I mean what hang my second crystal are you a mother
what’s personal I am a mother I have two daughters really okay yeah have you ever
spanked them or beat them is that too personal yeah no I have but I don’t
really spank my kids it’s very like hardly ever because I really believe in
having conversation with them they’re talking to them I don’t know if that
works either but I’m just trying to find my balance I just don’t I strongly
believe that beating your kids every day is just not gonna work the stupid it’s
ridiculous it’s not gonna make them better so don’t get me wrong I would do
it I enough though after a while of conversations and things like that I’ll
be letting them know like alright I got your number and I’m gonna tighten it up
and to be honest with you when I do tighten it up every once in a blue I get
instant it’s like like Ronnie said instant change yes and that instant
change will last a while but it’s like conversations that I’m having though
okay and for me to actually thank you you got to really be doing a lot Krystal
I thank you for your call um thank you for checking and everything else okay
you want to promote anything that you’re doing though just you’re just calling in
no I’m actually yeah I’m just calling studying for this
test I’m taking but I have a good night guys
thank you so much okay crystal hey Ronnie folks please understand that I’m
just trying to be objective here I’m not a parent I’ve
been at doggy daddy over the years and if being a doggy daddy it has any
reflection on how I’ll be as a parent then my kids probably won’t be shit when
I do have kids that I’ve had was the last dogs that I had I had five teacup
chihuahua uh none of them wore up leashes when they had puppies I didn’t
have the heart to give the damn puppies away so I kept all of them and I never
hid them I raised my voice sometimes and then listened to me for the most part
they would come with me then follow me I’d open up the the fucking sliding
doing they run out into the yard when I lived in Pennsylvania and I just I
didn’t I couldn’t hit them they were too small and I liked them too much you know
so I don’t know if those are dogs you know mo is it too personal to ask have
you ever spanked your kids or did you tell us that before
oh yeah I’ll get them when it calls for like I say it’s the last option on the
table okay I’ll try to use other other methods and
I guess the each child has different hues and things at work some of you know
I had to just take away their favorite items the saying one of them you know
they just Newberry is right now I’m gonna do what I want to do okay you
gonna do what you wanna do so I gotta get you what I did you give them to nubs
spankings or beatings nice question Oh Spanky Spanky I mean like I said I mean
you want to target the blood in the leg area and I mean Moses how how you saying
you use your hand because you like I mean I know swish bushes no more I don’t
know what has the hell happened to swish bushes but um that’s another story for
another day but um I think the Bell is a little bit excessive I mean but if you
get it right there and pop-pop send them on their way you’re saying I mean it
could clears it right up and at a certain point I mean it don’t work
anymore when they get big enough where they make the calculation I’m gonna take
this ass-whooping still do what I want to do that’s when you start have to take
restriction taking the phones and the you can’t go nowhere and lock them down
I mean so it is a it’s different it’s different methods for the age group and
what you’re dealing with you got to get them if you get them young then you know
you have less trouble when they get older
don’t you okay mom I’m gonna shift gears man thank you for checking in and when
is your next podcast uh popping up on mobile backs you can drop in one on
every Monday I just want to make this one thing about tea I’ll just show you
how to use the word abuse they are they’re saying now tea I own on the
Internet is having non what it’s a non romantic domestic abuse that’s what
they’re accusing us so we have to be very careful when we use these words
because spanking is a spanking abuse is abuse and what that lady did was abuse
and what the idea is nowhere near abuse it was trying to protect his daughter
even though I think is with metaphor between Tom but I understand the
sentiment where he was coming from right Thank You mo have a good evening
I have a girl Ronny have a good with star tonight okay hang on Ronny I’ll be
right back let me make sure I clear the phone lines out whoo all right don’t man
is not calling and he gave me some excuse about the phone the hotel folks
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also moringa origins comets mor ing a origins calm and triple butter I’ve got
this in the mail today I got about three of these okay
this is some good stuff right here can you see that I was using some earlier
yeah strike a pose
vogue Ronnie you sent me an email
what was this email about Ronnie Japan what’s this please break this down the
Prime Minister and the cabinet are actually looking to outlaw banking so I
sent that to you actually our if more would have stayed on the line I was
gonna ask him because he keeps comparing to these places and I don’t think he’s
really done their research um you know on this and he says yeah then Japan they
even spank in the schools no they don’t and as a matter of fact they’re trying
to make it illegal for parents to spank at home so the problem is that in this
country we have a culture of kids that are out of control
because you you know you have to look at all of the different influences there’s
a you know innumerable reasons why things are the way that they are so you
can’t compare a bastardized culture or society like America to a place like
Japan do you understand what I’m saying because you know there’s a lot of
reasons why you know kids are you know out of control here if that’s the
parents you know showing out at the schools so on and so forth
okay can I throw you a curveball Ronnie with all due respect so yeah you don’t
believe in corporal punishment you don’t think spanking helps and it
does not rehabilitate correct well let me ask you this hang on hang on can you
answer that question first can you answer without asking me a question okay
I would say spankings are no more effective than prisons are at correcting
actual behavior like I started to say before I’m 35 there are still three
things I would never do because it would dishonor my parents not because I’m
afraid they’re going to show up to my house and dragged me outside so if
you’re thinking long term you want your children to respect you so that they
conduct themselves in such a way that it reflects good on you okay now if I can
just try and squeeze this in maybe this doesn’t work why do you like fight
videos so much I’m I’m entertained by it I’m living vicariously through it it’s
not a way that I would conduct myself so watching someone else you know make a
display of themselves somewhat entertaining okay because you do like
you do like fight videos we’ve spoken and I love fight videos three Curtis
it’s a curve ball that’s all every coach six six two good evening six six two
we’re talking about a few things here tonight the the Popeyes craze of the
brawl they did even their Hispanics are now brawling and we’re talking about
spanking is it effective are you there six six – yeah I’m here yes sir I’m good
what about you I’m good we want to jump in the issues with the ladies are
staying in this house I really didn’t appreciate that at all okay really
if you just look at it I’m from the South I’m from deep Mississippi South
and when it comes to stuff like there but I learned at least four it’s bankers
and stuff like that the women who spent their kids like there there was mainly
because they was embarrassed by the way the kids acted at school because they
want teaching those lessons at home okay but what I see a lot of you in there I
only got some thinking when it was something that could have hurt me you
know I’m saying like matches doing things that were actually physically
hurt you doesn’t the only time spank you came into my house okay everybody else
they will beat they they will beat their children because they knew they wouldn’t
teach keys missing at home and that’s really
what it come down to it you’re trying your kids when they are growing up as my
grandmother and mother and father used to say egg like you got some goddamn
sense right right you you so when you go to school you know how to respect your
elders you naughty respect teachers you know how to respect everybody so they
don’t have no problems with you in school but you know you you’ve never
raised a child right especially these day they just give kids knits lyrically
iPads and they just let the TVs raise the kids so they go they go beat their
kids like you embarrassing me and the kid be like well you ain’t told me
nothing so how how do I even know what I’m doing okay so I think they’re
actually actually just like you said earlier that the great teacher said I
have to break you down yeah that’s not dope yeah but that’s why
I have to strip you of everything oh you gotta raise a child look you got to
break a man down because a man has learned wrong Petaling learn that’s a
good point so if you feel the child is right they’ll be okay
so that’s a woman who is misleading her child and therefore was suffer yet the
needs of her legacy that she has built in a child is it fair to say that the
mother may be deep down inside she wants she wants to make sure she ain’t raising
no Punk there could be take a beer will be true
and fuck you up make sure you ain’t no punk-ass nigga roundhouse pow we’ll kick 1000 chesnic
stand up don’t mean it going around beat being women and that’s how you get
people in jail you can’t go up paying women because they they go around like
this one they remind me of my mother so I’m gonna keep this this woman in line
because I could keep my mommy look okay so that’s duck sauce it’s a vicious
process yeah and like I said I don’t I don’t have a lot of these issues because
I really I appreciate my parents already the way he did but I do recognize
we’re going home because of these things you just dismissed up man yeah yeah hey
man I thank you for your insight thank you so much I appreciate help ooh yes
sir okay hold on a second boss chick Ronnie a VL also sent in a super jet he
says I wanted to add that government the government uses the normal practice of
clapping as an avenue to get in to get in your home and become the highest
authority in your family okay thank you everyall for adding that who is this my
name G star have you ever heard the term buck breaking that’s what these young
single moms have picked up slave masters used to do it now they do it yes that’s
an old term I don’t know if I agree with that I don’t know if black mothers doing
you know being harsh on their their boys or girls is consistent with what you
know the slave masters used to do that was there was different intentions you
know but thank you for your donation Ronnie Rick Bader’s I forget to ask he
sent in a super chat about your music list you do you have music list
somewhere or is he talking about what you’ve said on the show do you post
music list on Baby Bop no he’s talking about the previous discussions okay
anything else we needed to mention I think I may have asked you some ot I so
so the females that the podcast that he was on did they apologize or they just
took the video down I just saw a little piece made it really read into it you
know no I’m not sure but I did see that his daughter was liking a lot of the
tweets and the post I think Brandi had first mention
not last night so it looks like she sort of has a problem with it as well herself
you know she just maybe not want to be vocal about it but when you like or
retweet something it’s sort of like a cosign I guess so
but can we talk about the chicken drama we’re gonna shift gears now I have some
notes Ronny what do you want to start because as it Church’s Chicken in San
Diego San Diego one or two or one or two people shot and killed you want to start
there what do you want to go yes so that was Wednesday night and you have one
dead two injured basically a guy got upset with the workers he pulled out his
gun and he just started letting off but they do have a surveillance photo of the
getaway car so he’ll probably be captured soon moving on to San Antonio
Texas you had the Popeyes employees actually
fighting back and throwing trays back yeah in food at the customers yeah they
were not playing hang on a second let’s let’s someone posted that on their
Twitter page you know where that is so we can give that source it was a
worker behind the counter and she she told the other little Hispanic girl she
said get from behind the man because she wanted to smoke and she threw the trays
or something at her right that’s you talking about that was Matt Espinosa on
Twitter right yeah let’s bring him up again what’s his Twitter page
Matt it’s Matt Espinosa so it’s at Espinosa three five underscore
underscore yeah and what else is happening we spoke yesterday about the
white guy who got his shit rocked he was he was like pump faking like he was
gonna do something to somebody and then when he got outside twelve or fifteen
seconds later he got pummeled we spoke about that what else is going anything
new that we haven’t mentioned by with the Popeyes drama
yeah I said there was a couple down in Florida actually two guys that were
fighting and the guy’s wife you know basically got out of the car like what
is wrong with you and these were older men looked to be like in their you know
50 60 s fighting literally on the ground and the drive through you know we saw
the one girl that was intentionally ramming her car in the drive through
things are just things are out of control you also had a man killed at a
Waffle House in Georgia last week hang on was that involving a chicken meal and
sandwich or just you know some of those nasty fucking grits that they had I need
to know what is going on now Popeyes you know as a business they
don’t have any they don’t have a moral obligation as far as how they choose to
handle their product rollout but I have to say that it’s obvious what’s going on
here because like we’re not witnessing a genuine shortage of the product this is
an artificial scarcity they have the means to you know produce an unlimited
amount of sandwiches so you know they sold out before then it took them a
while to come back out and now you see different stores are selling out and
fights are breaking out so that’s artificial scarcity plain as day okay
okay folks if you have any bad loving it okay yeah any updates on chicken brawls
or chicken sandwich brawls please call in I want to be fully fully tuned and
running Mimi you and I spoke earlier I said this is more exciting to me than
any show that’s you know on you know television right now just he’s fuckin
brawls hold on a second Gorillaz oh good evening sir he sends in a super chat he
said mo you’re not realizing that the crack baby Eric heads would have jumped
the teachers if they hit us we a different breed nigga okay Thank You guerrilla zone golde conditioning says in the fourth
grade my mom’s came to my class and beat me in front of everyone the kids sang
Michael Jackson’s beat it behind my back I learned nothing kids can be vicious huh
hold on Ronny let me go to cash at good evening – uh taupe a 1600 Ronnie you’re
full of it tonight respectfully okay coming at you Ronny be self on the check
in 35 really question mark Ronnie looks 44 on IG lay off the ports connection
that morning okay kid danger’s can you slow down on sending me all this Google
stuff please come on man then you’re just one or two was up you know cool but
now you just you’re loading up my email I don’t want to send you to the spam
folder man just come on I got you are you calling in where’s kik dangerous do
you want to talk about what happened the bat I did not see the battle man but
please slow down with the emails all right toe page 1600 also says via cash
yep spare the rod spoil the child fax okay
let’s go back to the phone lines here area code 609 good evening 609 is
spanking an effective way to discipline 609 609 are you there greening testing
testing 1 2 3 gotta get you out of there area code 9 1
7 good evening nine one seven is spanking an effective way to discipline
nine one seven I’m doing sir how are you we related this very important no one
your phone sounds a little muffled sir can you make some adjustments please
muffled I mean the bathtub what’s going on you know now what I was saying is
that thinking is not a one size fits all type of thing you know relationships oh
hi Ronnie how you doing man yeah yes I think you
know one size fits all type of thing you know relationships very important with
my father he did spend me alone with my mother and I had resentment towards that
because those times where he was wrong for doing that I mean I can throughout a
child I saw that he was wrong but but I respect him because of the minute he was
now you have people who think they’re children they’re not you know built like
the arm you know magnetized with you had a man that worked and took his family if
they’re not working things and you’re not expecting so I kind of learned how
to respect him but when I was shot see him but when I got older I learned how
to respect because he even know there was times where I think he was wrong I
respected that day he forgive me for my sister my mother so it you know it all
depends on the relationship of the mother and father in the child I think I
would have to agree with you because I was I was just spoiled kid man I mean
you know just it didn’t even dawn on me to try and clown or play play my father
I mean I genuinely liked him sometimes you can love a person but not like them
I liked him you know I mean just want me all so much shit to me anything I ever
wanted man just always bought me shitting woman brought me she brought me
shit to school sometimes he would bring me fucking Burger King he rose and
soared and shit like that on his lunch break to the goddamn school you know I
felt special you know my mother to me up again yeah I think my father was soon as
your father you know I was burned for in the Vietnam War anything like that
for a number of years so we had some like that’s what’s up Bob but as for me
I should I have a six-year-old daughter and after your son now it’s what my
daughter is concerned I could count how many times I think they’re in one hand
and I can you know what works for me is my Stern voice and I said that I mean
she she just like clampers down like this that’s what my son was three years
old it’s kind of definitely he’s very rambunctious you know he’s very
adventurous whatever so my my wife she spanks him way more than I do
like he I just get like a pull out I got to his hand okay eat those toys on the
house or if he you know those food I give like a wet one and two in the hand
and that’s it but but they there was one time we went to the zoo about a month
ago and losing a car and my son you know my son of my thought is a spike so my
son hit my daughter and I thought I hit him back time and I told and I and I
told my said listen he to stop injure your sister and you’re gonna spin and he
didn’t say anything he just looked at me and I just
I said listen we can stop doing this something young and and and and and he
looked at me and I’m and after you know it let me see Michael one
two I give a one true and when you say one – what do you mean you gave him a
two-piece what do you mean a one-two would you give them punch no I his hand
with my hand and I thought you know he was just there okay but he didn’t he
same thing so I think you know what it’s not gonna work so let me pick him up and
let me talk to him Jackson listen can you stop hidden yeah
yes daddy yesterday so so you know III think there’s a certain
commonplace was thinking but you know it’s not a one-size-fits-all you can you
know you have to change it up sometimes as far as not being too harsh because it
can backfire okay sorry I thank you for your insight I wish you the best with
your family thank you so much for calling in I don’t think I can be a much
help with this particular topic I’m trying to be objective and you know give
some insight the youngest of two so you know just every time one of my parents
came in the house I always thought you know they’re bringing something for me
you know if I heard if I heard baggers hey what do you got for me I always
assumed you know some type of fucking present or gift was for me and a lot of
times it was sometimes it wasn’t but you know I just I said ah nothing today
alright tomorrow so so it really it kind of kept me just and um in a certain
frame of mind you know if that makes any sense go to area code homeless second
guys four three four good evening four three for you there you know yep yep
yeah I’m here hold on star yes sir how are you good good good Ronnie good
evening good evening get this schoolboy man you’ve got my direct number you text
me about a week or two ago and I looked at that fucking number I said who is
this and you didn’t say this is school boy and what did I say I said wrong
number right people text me and they don’t say hey star this is so-and-so I
just say wrong number because listen if we’re not making money together I don’t
save your number how are you man you were in town
recently for something with more how are you man good to hear your voice
yeah man the the good in your voice to our deep the homecoming so I was there
for homecoming and had a great time man I haven’t been in Atlanta in about six
months so I was really enjoying myself out there man big time okay but I want
to call in man because I heard are you talking about spanking and you know I my
two daughters here and you know I don’t get my kids I don’t get my kids the most
time I get them is like like like the other callers said I’m a smack on the
hand a couple times and that’s it and I and I host I’ll refer to that because
I’m gonna talk to my kids like look you know you’re doing something you’re
messing up you need to get right now like you said you know if they’re about
to hurt themselves I’m gonna go ahead and slap their hand and I and I slapped
fire off their hands some time okay so that they know that that’s not what they
want you know what I mean yeah only if I can jump in and if I don’t know if this
makes any sense you know what I had five teacup chihuahua for 15 years and they
all you know just died of old age some of them had to be euthanized but um I
never broke up the fight so let them work it out you know they had to
establish the pecking order so I just you know I would just watch them get
busy you know sometimes two we gang up doing two we gang up on one so I mean
truthfully if I have a bunch of kids I can’t see myself you know stop stopping
them from working this shit out that sound crazy crazy because see what my –
I get where you’re coming from juvie okay sound away so you my brother
brother used to give me that work I see them going at it and I’m like look don’t
get your sister to come back your ass off and little
the little boy gets about one day he fucked up my arm and I told my father
and my father did smack him in the mouth Wow
don’t hit him again boy I love that no but so you will stop the chicken wars
write BNE about the chicken wings yo you see that white man you got tuned up in
that Popeyes I love you yo I was having a long day
today and I watched that video multiple times just to get my mind right upstair
salute to black mob violence salute but I think I figured out what I’m gonna do
for my podcast man I think I figured it out so I love to watch this thing remote
I think I’m gonna do I’m gonna do translations for c-span on YouTube okay
okay yeah yeah I mean if that sounds a little boring and shit a lot of people
are not going to get it but if you when you watch c-span you’re watching like
the high the high English language that’s but the highest point of the
English language is being used on c-span and you really have to translate it and
people don’t know what the hell’s going on because they don’t understand I’ve
been watching c-span for years now are you going to break it down in layman’s
terms or are you just going to give it your own spin what are we talking about
because when you’re watching it you know this when you’re watching c-span you
have to understand the nuances of the language you have to look at the people
behind the people who are talking so really understand what’s going on a
lot of times and that’s part of the thing that’s like there’s a whole
environment there that you have that the rules of the Congress the Robert’s Rules
of Order and all those different things but you have to really understand those
things not to really get what’s going on so a lot of times they ask if Congress
equalized these people yes-or-no questions and they go on and on and on
and on there’s a reason for that reason why they don’t give you straight answers
you know now hang on a second schoolboy for those who don’t know you are you are
a Morehouse graduate yes yes sir okay and how’s business you no
longer living in land and you don’t say where are you living now but you moved
out of Atlanta yes that’s correct yeah yeah I’m in the building piece
right now but yeah but yeah business is good this is good I’m actually moving my
license to the state that I’m in now my insurance license over here I’ve done
some working insurance out here I’m actually moving into e-commerce so I got
together with a really good group of folks who are there what some really
amazing things that ecommerce I’m mostly young folks who are literally retiring
off the workforce and they’re just want to see Commerce thing so I’m moving into
that space with a bit more Matt man listen man
I appreciate you I respect you and just know that I never posted that video with
me you and choke no joke having dinner and your pad and your credit card got
denied I never posted that video what well I do appreciate their you know if
you want to post a video I’m on better financial footing hey good to talk to
you schoolboy salute man yeah man that’s some fucking some some crab place by
spawn divots you go upstairs it’s credit card anybody remember that and live chat
hold on a second mone listen it happens to all of us man
I was down to fuckin lows a couple of months ago trying to charge a whole
bunch of shit had to go call Oh call up the fucking Bank here anyway hey drew
you’re on the line area code nine one four hold a second hey draw your there
good evening nine one four big drew big drew good evening we’re talking about
the popeyes chicken horse what do you want jump in sir I feel like they put in
shit in there oh no don’t call me whatever waiting
some type of crack I don’t know everybody’s going something gotta be
something getting online for chicken all of a sudden like chicken sandwiches no
what the fuck is in this chicken sandwich that motherfuckers is acting
like this come on this Psalm in there stop it I’m
not eating I haven’t touched that shit since it came off I just been seen the
madness next thing you know everybody got some new shit some new cancer that
done came out y’all know y’all know what’s gonna be that’s gonna take about
a decade if they’re using certain antibiotics however you say that and
it’s gonna take a while to see if they’re you know they were putting
something in the chicken there’s something that’s making people crave it
you know it’s not just eating a regular fucking chicken sandwich you pump it you
eat one of those things and then like you know three hours later you or
another one all these niggas busting that shit down by the time this shit do
come to a head the class-action payout probably gonna be like twenty dollars I
said there’s Latinas white people going for these chicken sandwiches ulcers not
just blacks but anyway do you want to join the conversation matt is spanking
an effective way to discipline that’s what we’re talking about tonight um I
don’t think so I think um if you a little more mindful as a parent and you
know you can have like mindful conversations with your child from early
I don’t think you need to spank I think like you know you got to know you got
those like you know you got a lot of single mothers my community and you know
what they usually you know with a lot of like aggression and upset about whatever
this situation is usually everything you get your ass worked for everything I
think you just promote more violence from the child like you know when they
get in their relationship if somebody doesn’t do what they want or what they
want them to do the first thing is to get physical are you a parent yourself
sir I know though yeah I’m a parent I never lived with my parents I grew up
with like family members don’t around I used to get my toe up okay personally
but oh do you say I’m gonna beat your children you know no no no no I just got
custody of my son he’s 14 Oh from New York from Flatbush Brooklyn and
I live out in that Lane now and I just got custody him out here so you know but
I have a two-year-old daughter and that’s what really got me on the okay
spanking might not be the right decision because I don’t really want to spank her
yeah you know so it’s like more talking to hey don’t do that she’s like – so the
certain things I feel she doesn’t understand but like I feel like me
setting the tone with explaining things to her and that tone of voice when I get
you know real you know aggressive she understands and he’s got to set the
foundation I feel I don’t think I’ll think spankings you know what you’re
saying sounds great but in reality you know kids today are quick to videotape
you and and it’s you know and expose you if you do something they don’t like you
know that’s true remember back in the day I think your neighbor your neighbor
was cool with your parents or your grandma somebody you get a spanking
outside if they’ve seen you do some nowadays they’ll call the car my father
wouldn’t let white people touch me on my block he didn’t play that shit no oh
well I understand that but you know a lot of people got granted grandma and
grandmas friend or the next-door neighbor or somebody you catch them
out-of-pocket they’ll be able to catch them upside the head and go tell them
they don’t get more when they get in the house my father used to say if you got a
problem – cracker boy come get me don’t all you would you gonna take care of it
he’s gonna show you how are you supposed to pay Creek he did he did hey man thank
you for your call salut I haven’t you guys have a go yes sir
okay all right bullshit we’re done here tonight with this particular topic thank
you so much anything else you want to mention um I got some notes I didn’t
even put on the table here honey I think we I think we pretty much covered
everything I’ll be watching this story to see what
happened because between the police department the school and Child
Protective Services this is not going to be the end of it just with you know just
that video and that’s it I think there’s going to be a fallout so
okay thank you for your assistance have a great evening and we’ll talk tomorrow
Ronnie okay you keep my boss your money holding me down uh-oh
hallo hallo sent in a cash at give me a second guys let me close down here walls
I’m thinking about it right now give me a second okay okay good evening hallo
sends a donation spankings only made me aggressive and angry at my parents them
telling me I’m disappointed them hurt me more than a spankin ever did stop
abusing your kids okay gem star good evening Jim storisende
super jet star those twig sneakers look like they are Stacey Glory’s shoe size
now there are ten and a half throw my sponsors I do wear these on the
treadmill here in the mornings very comfortable Wow
twig okay thank you Jim star all right guys uh dope man did not call in tonight
he sent me some emails the last one says star I cannot call in until I get back
to hotel that is the only way for me to make international calls my bad but I
waited until after 8:00 all right all right let me just say solute again to M
wreck from M wreck TV on YouTube Forbes DVD I gave him a call first because I
don’t like to talk about other people’s channels and stuff like that you know
things can be misconstrued but M wreck is a fucking pioneer Brooklyn boss and M
wreck has had some great content with regards to uh
Alpo Martinez for some reason I was watching a couple of videos earlier
about Alpo rich porter AZ and somebody tried to contact me on instagram
claiming to be ALP I don’t know who that was and then the account got shut down
was that Alpo a real official official outpost
something like that I I’m not looking for exclusive interviews you know but I
am looking to connect with Troy Reed if anybody has information contact
information on Troy Reed please shoot me an email a lot of respect for that man
if he needs me by way of some business I’m here for him
oh you know that also I did what I also didn’t mention hang on a second while we
Leonard is it Howie they say his name how we how we Leonard ruled not sufficiently healthy for
yesterday’s game a mid load management fall out so he set out yesterday’s game
from the LA Clippers I’m talking basketball here guys I don’t know load management what is
that about a knee injury I was gonna mention that in them and we got this
yeah there’s never got to it it’s he okay how we Leonard they’re saying how we
okay that’s yeah I mean I’ve heard his name I just can’t really say it’s a
priority for me oh you know what I didn’t mention tonight
Chicago’s police superintendent Eddie Johnson announced his retirement this
morning Thursday morning he had a press conference yeah he was found sleeping at
the wheel he owned that powder he had a couple of drinks sometimes I don’t even
read these shit okay there it is fuck about it he did a horrible job he
couldn’t control the goddamn City yeah he resigned you know I finally got him
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100 thoughts on “Viral Parenting Video Causes Investigation

  1. Depends on the child. Different methods for different children. I was spanked growing up and I did what I wanted to knowing that my punishment was a spanking. Spankings didnt work for me but talking to find out the underlying issue did.

  2. Just cause you have children doesnt mean you know how to be a parent lol.If you teach kids morals and respect for their elders from day one, you shouldnt have to beat your kids. Im sure in some cases a paddle on the ass is called for but usually the kids are making bad choices cause their parents arent guiding them correctly.

  3. Watched this video and thought it was an older child. I just watched the video and seen it was a 1st grader. She definitely took it to far. I'm for whipping a kids ass but how she verbally spoke 2 this 6 yr old was horrible.

  4. Its Abuse because she was way too aggressive in the way how she discipline her child. (2) She PUBLICLY Embarrassed that child at his school and that's fucked up. If his mother could deal with him like in public, what is she leaving for a stranger to do?

  5. Moe went straight bish mode. He soft hes a beta male. That boy got what he deserved. I guarantee his 🐒🐃 wont do it again to tough. Humans are animals and must be tamed. The measures needed vary from individual to individual. Soft clinical wanna talk it out mf like Moe is whats wrong with our community

  6. What happen on saying that a mother can't raise a boy because she's too soft? 🤔 🤔 🤔 🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️🤷🏿‍♀️

  7. I don't beat my kids..but I can't take advice from someone who has never been up at 3am with a crying baby..salute boss chick ronnie. Educated studies never raised a child.

  8. Kids should be disciplined sometimes in the form of a whippin on the side of their legs. The thigh is the strongest bone in the body and has no vital organs therefore the child will not be injured when being disciplined.

  9. 09:00
    She raised that boy that way! She wanted….slanted eyes woman??? To sho w off!.she was hitting the teacher, she wore make up, hair done! She wanted to not have the teacher call her ever again, not realizing, the wrong teacher will agree, file charges and still send home reports!
    We had a substitute, that had a mom come in and embarrass her son, she got "Blendered" and the Teacher lost her car, same day, and that Brick was used like 8xs, so they knew not to ask another substitute back who didn't care!
    That kid has on a Dress, he has issues, it was traumatic! He was abused at home for his Father not choosing his mother! I am grateful for mine making me know how much she really wanted !e! But that was abuse….

  10. Ronnie didn’t get spanked so she has no clue how well a spanking can motivate a child. This is only my 2nd time disagreeing with her

  11. Dont spare the rod and spoil the child it is written, enabling a child is a disservice to the existence of the child .

  12. 01:15:30 ummm! It's a matter of Shame, in Japan! They don't beat kids as much as shame them! The kids in Japan, clean THEIR school, no custodians! They are responsible, at an early age! also, Japan has required no daycare, the child is home with the nother until 5years old! They have a less than 2% single mother rate, the State will not help the single mother in any way! At all! ShE is shunned

  13. This lady was wrong for embarrassing her son like that. Then had the nerve to film and post it. Someone found her on Facebook. She was on fb live talking about it. She is so ghetto smh She apologized then went on to curse and scream in the camera making everything worst. Then had the nerve to complain that her video went viral 🤦🏾‍♀️

  14. My uncle came to school and "beat the lining" out of my cousin! They were "moving furniture " literally!!! When he finished,he looked at me and said "if you messing up imma get you too."

  15. There's METAL In The Chicken! That's probably why everybody is bugging. They've found METAL in all kinds of chicken that's being distributed around the country. Salmonella is hitting the chicken too. Ya'll better pump your brakes eating chicken. Metal will cut your entire digestional track. You'll be bleeding internally & they'll be blood in your stool.

  16. Ronnie I hate to break it to you but you don't have kids. Studies don't raise your kids. And I got my butt whooped and guess what? I turned out just fine. My life is not in shambles and I got a nice career. So I feel like some of those studies you referred to are hog wash 🤷🏻‍♂️

  17. Star you cannot have a white woman as a co-host for subject matter related to US! What are you doing she could never relate!

  18. Should she bust her kid ass for acting up…. Yes. But not put it on social media. That's what will get you locked up. I got my ass whipped for messing up and I turned out fine. It works!!

  19. If your own mother refers to you as nigga then how can he ever respect more from the world. She was out of hand and some people clearly beat their kids bc of their own short comings.

  20. "popping", "spanking", "whopping" out of love and respect for the relationship and child in my view is acceptable "Beating" out of anger, frustration or personal issues, is a problem.

  21. I think it’s usually ppl who are scared to carry out violence on adults do it to kids! I ain’t never hit any of mine! Now they in university n working!

  22. I watched that video… WOW. I don't give a shit if you whip your kid for being bad. But that shit was ridiculous. And she played it up on the camera for some likes??? Fuck that bitch!

  23. An ass whipping hurt feelings, this women wasn’t wrong on the whipping ,the live was wrong, single parent homes are way different then 2 family homes.


  25. Finally found the video
    IF you were like me and couldnt find it

  26. How u gonna fight over a simple ass chicken sandwich that u can make at home lol stupid shit! Like y’all treating the sandwich like Jordan’s lol 😂


  28. 50/50 with verbal and 50/50 with physical discipline. End of the day you have to know your child and which to apply and when.

  29. If this was 1969 that black mother wud be normal…niggaz always joking about their mama beating they ass but now everybody gotta mafuken opinion on this woman….meanwhile black men always get accused of TOXIC MASCULINITY but isn't this an example of TOXIC FEMININITY

  30. Regarding this mother …I think she may be this way on a regular basis which is the reason the child acting out in the first place …
    If this what she doing in public and proud …god knows what s going on behind close doors you know what I mean …
    Poor kid …

  31. Every spanking I got helped in my decision to sit my ass down >>> needless to say I sat down with the quickness!!! >>> I was spoiled but at the same time they wasn't with the stupid shyt >.> there's nothing wrong with a healthy fear of your parents >.> thanks Mom and Dad! >>> and I sincerely mean that.

  32. 1:22 Ronnie I believe Moe was speaking from people he worked with & what they’ve told him & he said he doesn’t know about school but he was speaking of the parents.Thats like if someone says something about guns in America, of course they try & put laws on the table to ban them or certain types but for the most part the US has a lot of guns

  33. in Africa that is light work..a mean if u acting up and a teacher calls ur mother..u if ands or buts..


  35. i got whooping up to 3rd grade, and thats bout age 10 or 11, maybe slightly younger, and i turned out very well, no jail record, no trouble brought to my parents home, but sometimes i guess it depends on the child and upbringing, and its individual thing.

  36. So let me get this straight the first job of a single black mother is to find the father to her children after she has had them & NOT BEFORE!

    it is thinking like this that keeps us blacks down as a race




  40. Who knows what shes been going thru or what her son been taking her thru..thats whats wrong now with sum of these kids they need their ass whooped….The jails and cemetary is also filled with kids who didnt get their ass beat…

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