Veronika Heilbrunner’s morning routine: family breakfast, skincare, sport | Vogue Paris

Veronika Heilbrunner’s morning routine: family breakfast, skincare, sport | Vogue Paris

Good morning, good morning. Walter is our alarm clock. He dictates when we wake up,
which is always around 7 and now we’re going to have breakfast.  Is daddy going to make us breakfast, Walter? And mummy gets a lot of coffee.  Come Walter. So let’s go downstairs
and I’ll show you my morning routine. But first, subscribe. I’m having hot water and lemon
in the morning and then my coffee and then later I’ll have something
to eat. Ready? I do everything. I clean, I cook, 
but I’m fine with it. Well, somebody has to work. Yeah. This is Walter’s smoothie with vitamins
and seeds and gluten-free. Breakfast is served. Oh. Walty, pancakes. Look at that! Cheers. Cheers. So after breakfast, I got roughly
40 minutes I use for speed work,  opening posts, my emails, my to-do list,  get an English phone is on my to-do list, 
also prepare for the upcoming fashion weeks. Most of my time
on my phone I use on Instagram and I like the health app to see
how many steps I walked. When we lived in London, I walked everywhere
and I had like every day like 10,000 steps and now, yesterday, I did 1842 steps,
 which is a terrible disappointment. Be quiet. Don’t wriggle, stay still, stay put. But the tiny sea snail slide
and sniffed and cried, “I’ve got it”. Obviously, I didn’t just fall into that job.  I started 17 years ago as an intern, became an assistant, an editor. It’s a long way to go
and now I’m very happy to be where I am and working with all these brands
I admired all the way. Oh, that’s my dream dress. That’s actually the dress I want
to get married in. Now I know it was spring summer 2005. How do I get that?  I’m getting ready for my sport. I do that every day. Brushing my teeth,
 but I also do that every day. I mean, I do everyday sport. And now I have like five minutes
to get ready, so come in.  I just cleaned my face with this toning water,
Biologique Recherche. I literally use it since three years
and it’s amazing. Colostrum looks ugly and smells ugly. It’s the best hydrating ever
and Collagène Natif, then the finishing touch, Fluide VIP O2, also Biologique Recherche,
like two sprays and that is like a layer on top of everything
that seals it and will protect my skin from anything that can
happen to it outside in the wild. And while I brush my teeth, 
I stretch my hamstrings.  Ready to go. Drive safe, okay?  Now let’s get the workout started. Please meet Derry. Derry is going to take us out today. Very good boy. I was riding as a child and I always
wanted to compete in the Olympic Games, you know… You can always have some goals. It’s a sport that doesn’t feel like a sport
because it’s really fun. You forget that you’re actually
doing a workout. Oh my God! The weather, I mean,
 are you kidding me? Are you okay Derry?  Bye Derry, see you next time. Oh. Now he is posing. We chose to live in the countryside
because of our little boy Walter mainly. And so, he has nature. I also grew up in the countryside
and Justin literally grew up in the jungle. So we felt it’s much more nice
and wholesome and safe and beautiful to experience your childhood
in the green rather than in the city. I miss Berlin a lot. Couldn’t be more opposite here
to city life in Berlin obviously,  but it’s good to have contraries
every once in a while. Is it teatime yet?  I’m real busy right now. This would be my favorite actually,
might be a bit too casual. This was my second option.  I love the suit
 and I would break it with a Laker’s shirt. One of the reasons why
I got into fashion in the first place is you can so easily express yourself
with clothing,  with getting dressed with your outfit. It’s much more direct than explaining yourself. I mean, this says it all no?  I’m from Bavaria. I love velvet, I love turquoise, pastel, 
Chanel and it goes with my bathrobe too so. Okay, believe it or not,
but I cannot find an outfit in here. Should we go in my other wardrobe?  I also had something prepared in here. That rocks with a big jacket, shirt
from Justin’s SSS collection. It’s a man’s shirt from his AC/DC collaboration and a cute, conservative Miu Miu skirt
that’s not so conservative because very short. Never can have enough pearls. It’s been great having you following
my morning routine. I hope you enjoyed it. But guys, I really have to go right now,
so if you don’t mind… Bye-bye.  And don’t forget to subscribe, I will do. Bye.

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  1. almost died of boredom. really, more of the same routines from a Westerner who lives in Wales (right, wales by the edge of the water)

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