Ultimate Football Challenge • New Balance Furon vs Tekela – freekickerz

Ultimate Football Challenge • New Balance Furon vs Tekela – freekickerz

Yo Lukas! Yo Felix – how you doin? Listen – I have got these awesome boots on me and I believe we should be ripping them apart. You wanna battle? You wanna lose? On my way, mate. Hey Folks, we are the freekickerz and today we will go through three challenges with the brand new New Balance shoes. I will be wearing the Furon – the perfect boot for quick strikers like me. How about you? I have the Tekela. Perfect for me as a central midfielder. First challenge – designed for my boot we get the cross, then it’s three touches and we have to score volley. Let’s go! Tekela delivering right there. Did you score? Do dropkicks count? Dropkick is good! Nooo! Argh ok. Next one, please. What is he doing? Lukas is not worth it. Argh, that one was sexy. Nooooo! Lukas predicted it, he won this challenge with the Tekela But I am stoked to display the beauty of the Furon in the next challenge, which is a typical speed challenge. Oh yes – we have a speed challenge in which you have to go through the cones, then hit the small goal… …play a one-two with your opponent, first finish on the goal… …then the second dribbling and a second finish on goal. Every goal counts for two seconds. You hit them all you get 6 seconds bonus. That’s my plan because you are playing with the Furon, which should be an advantage in this challenge. Good luck, mate. Ready, set, go. Looking good, boy! Very fast, Felix. So Felix, we have… …21,72 seconds on the clock – great lap. And also you scored twice so you get -4 seconds That’s 17 seconds! My turn I guess. Going for 3 goals. Looking good, boy. Strong execution. I believe that wasn’t as fast. You wanna know? …23,67 seconds. You also scored 2 goals. So you are at 19 seconds. But i scored the better goals I messed up in the last section. 2 seconds slower. But we have a third challenge for you guys. So it is on 1 all now. So Felix did better with the Furon, but like I said we have a decisive third challenge for you: Freekicks: Cuves, Knuckleballs, Powershots! We know our boots now so this should be fun. Only rule: you can tip the ball before finishing, so let’s g-g-g-go! Ah boy, I can’t believe it. Nooo!11!! YEAAAH!! 2-1 for me, finally I get to win a challenge again. Your streak is over. That’s true. I am not happy with my performance, but happy with the Tekela. Great boot. Perfect boot for a creative playmaker. How did you like the Furon? I like it a lot. Kept up the reputation as a light boot and a very nice touch. Liverpool dress – of course – on point. If you want a pair of these boots, check the description. Thanks to New Balance. Leave a like below if you enjoyed watching and see you next time. Bye! Now you can win an awesome football package of New Balance! How to enter? 1. Rate this video 2. Comment which boot you prefer – the Tekela or the Furon? 3. Double the chances of winning by checking out the post on @teamfk on Instagram Thanks for watching, stay sporty & see you next time!

100 thoughts on “Ultimate Football Challenge • New Balance Furon vs Tekela – freekickerz

  1. @Freekickerz würde mich brutal über die Schuhe freuen haben nämlich vor wieder in einen Fußballverein zu gehen aber hab noch keine Schuhe. Wäre also perfekt 😱😱😱

  2. Really, really awesome video. The quality of this video was next level! I rate this 9.5/10 only because of those Liverpool shirts (😡😡😂😂). Even though I am a hardcore speed boot guy, I am going #tekela.

  3. Bitte ein Tekela auf ehren basis🔥🔥🤙🔥👌🔥👌🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥👌🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🔥🤙👌🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🤙🔥🔥😁⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🔥⚡🔥⚡🔥⚡⚡🔥😁🔥⚡⚡🔥⚡🔥⚡⚡🔥🈵️🔥🈵️🔥🈵️⚡🔥⚡🔥🈵️⚡⚡⚡⚡⚡🔥

  4. Alter wenn man Mal so die alten Videos vor mehreren Jahren sieht da wart ihr ja nicht so gut aber jetzt seit ihr mega krasse fußballer

  5. Shoes doesn't make you stronger good gave to you gays a gift that is your hobby (football) don't forget this you should be always thankful

  6. New Balance hat sich über die Jahre so stark verbessert, was Fussballschuhe angeht… würde so gerne ein Paket davon gewinnen! 😍⚽️❤ ps: furon is on fire 🔥

  7. Scheiße wie ihr eure Community mit euren geskrypteten "Challenges" verarscht und dann gewinnt zufällig der Schuh der angeblich besser für die Challenge oder die Position gemacht ist. Schuhe nach seiner Position auszusuchen ist sowieso Schwachsinn. Produktplazierung ist ja Ok aber macht dann nicht so ne Scheiße

  8. Wie immer erst lieben dann schauen.
    Karol hat mit gefehlt aber der andere wahr auch gut.
    Ich weiß grade nicht wie der Schuh heißt,aber der von Felix währe schon geil.

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