TYT Fantasy Football League: PLAYOFFS!

TYT Fantasy Football League: PLAYOFFS!

alright uh… well we’ve got a very
exciting match-up entity whitey deficit football player was starts this week looks like you had of the conversation verses firecracker sa status is actually the finals last
year about the playoffs again uh… but this time to put it they still
in the first week uh… routed through three seats and ice for the most part
was leaking guided this year i had to be the lowest seed but that’s
just about last year identity the most invisible team all time antennae useful some nonsense maneuvered
accidentally uh… but this year we had that make up for the personal wishes
really great this vaccine status as a profit as it is that a separate word
back he’s been regarded didn’t like the two most popular missouri just pick up
uh… to must operate receivers in the family
forty thousand acres just silently slightly walk around every week on the
other side of the delivery doesn’t figure whose image instead every that might have had rebels i guess the best fantasy player family
de beers uh… corporate actually had his report
reports assistants with this resource team hopes
date expanded the spice range last season wes welker usually great maybe it wasn’t
involved reruns thrifty reentry pollutes the spots and said these couples usually first court hot this insists all i think that we assisi’s he says the playoffs are easy to use the
meant that uses animals center masa every visit a
mystery witness yet so it’ll be if he wins alone police found him on streets houston texas conservatives unseen of the fight for it but it all things being even actually
watch and release it so fine that products his people was solid taught me about uh… nancy
before you get the one st yahoo the president of the are for forty one points on the coast of
florida so against blacks political politically that but you did was on your trip promoter anyway uh… back to me so might seem to be for some adolescent number once before unholy anyway running
backs which amoco right and environment workout lost tomorrow
burnt high losses anacortes doesn’t matter and my receipt was a fantastic i got uh… miles off the laurent robinson and brendan marshall terrific crossed
four but transparent uh… observables once
anyway was great last week will see how does this but most importantly as my quarterback got a phrase that the story that since a lot of this error that the
celebrity scandals that voted for members of the product and are anywhere
i’ve here i would really expensive dot not too far away and i think by adults is where i my waistline front offices
one and well thought of over the years yet whether i’m can look at this point
co point who cares i do that we have an issue but doesn’t
recent and uh… macomb dige redeployed coming for you there was a soderberg properly but there’s a problem at we’re going to have a rematch
distributed last attracted versus the conversation that’s
my team the track converses sixteen the
conversation last year it was taking first place the
night barely in second place all season he destroyed advances must amenity
netbsd predicts that i would lessen the first round of layoffs and it’s a
championship they force particularly has changed i think tank now in the first round of this year’s
devaluing guys he’s got a last month to finished in second place tied with the
same record delaware point total but he wasn’t coming on strong pitfalls
decimated by the increase of protection and i think that’s lessons that i have to face jenkins
first-round sleepless ricardo south america’s mission lessons and soared on
the fourteenth your first week in the playoffs is this weekend jay shree krishna this year i’m not
gonna lie uh… injuries might even i could not have decide between kevin
smith of the lions tonight so i missed my flight five ten ten a m of risky tourists of forever it seems so
spectacle of another of services foresee below the dragon defeated conversations
find out the after monday night

29 thoughts on “TYT Fantasy Football League: PLAYOFFS!

  1. @AEgamesFtw it's a competition to see who can shove the most miniature footballs up their ass. the man who shoves the most mini footballs up his ass wins.

  2. The point of fantasy football is making a playoff team not getting first place in the regular season. This is why it is always better to take a skill position player on a non-guaranteed playoff football team over a guarantee year in and year out 1 or 2 seed playoff football team (Patriots and New Orleans). Also take proven players (Turner, Jones-Drew, Calvin Johnson, Jennings) over newly great fantasy football players (Nelson, Foster, Cruz, Wallace) who will play hard at the end of the season.

  3. Somebody gots to take out Cenk, the smugness will be too much for people to stomach but like any rematch, Cenk coming hard for vegeance.

  4. cenks team isnt even realy realy great … he has gronkowski thats bout it, as for saying moss is terrible he is a great pick up… i would school cenk at fantasy

  5. I was like Steve Oh. I had drafted Aaron Rodgers. But unlike Steve I was smart & traded Rodgers away cause he'd be a worthless playoff QB with everything basically wrapped up for the Packers already. Traded for Tony Romo & Ben Tate since my boy DeMarco Murray was injured. I wanted Romo because he's been hot lately & the Cowboys have everything to play for.

  6. stafford has been pretty great all year, 23 years old passing for 4000 yards? only Dan Marino was younger to get 4000 in a year

  7. @metsrdabest Calvin Johnson is quite a beast but, Staffords stats if you subtracted CJ's numbers would still be – 2810 19 TDs, which would give him more TD's than: Cam Newton, Joe Flacco, Andy Dalton, Matt Hasselbeck, Michael Vick, Jay Cutler, Matt Schaub, Alex Smith, Josh Freeman, Tim Tebow etc. etc.

  8. @rsty614 ya hes still having quite a good year, but i think that almost all of those quarterbacks you listed has been hurt, or just hasnt played the whole year. you also cant forget the effect that johnson has on the defense. he gets doubled, which leaves someone else open for stafford to find. regardless, yes, hes having a good year.

  9. @metsrdabest only 3 have been hurt, and if that is the case then you have to discount what brady has done with Welker, who has had over 100 receptions and 1000 yards for 4 years with him, and you've got to discount peyton manning because of his great receivers

  10. schaub, vick, cutler, and freeman have been hurt. hasselbeck, and tebow both havent played the whole year. im not saying to take away what he has done, but just keep in mind how much help they have around them when all you talk about is stats.

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