100 thoughts on “Tucker: “Woke” NBA gives in to China’s oppressive gov’t

  1. American sports Teams disrespect POTUS and the Country in a daily basis then they apologize to China? Let them go over there and play then, The U.S will not suffer without professional sports.

  2. So it's good to have collusion with China, but it's bad with Russia. NBA is colluding with China, while there's practically no case of such between Trump and Russia. Another classic case of Double Standard.

  3. Many of us in NC do not care if the NBA holds any events in our state. We love and respect our women and girls and believe they should be safe from people who just "call" themselves women but in actuality are not.

  4. The problem is that America has sold its values for money a long time ago. Including US governments. I remember not long time ago, Trump sold Saudi Arabia billion of dollars worth of weapons and that was after the Killing of Jamal Khashogi. So I don’t wanna hear Tucker attacking NBA for doing the same exact thing Trump and Obama did.

  5. Democrats support China because they actually believe in and support communist policies. Democrats don’t actually care about climate change, or race relations, or LGBT concerns, or elevating the poor, or anything else they claim to care about. They only care about promoting communism. They want total power, just like communists have total power. They want your mind, your money, your property, your children, your everything. You have no choice, no value, no religion, no speech, no life, in their world.

  6. No they do not get their citizens to hate their country……Americans ARE STUPID…but many Chinese HATE their government..ex. Hong Kongers taking to the streets risking their lives to stand up for freedom by WAVING AMERICAN FLAGS

  7. China is an ethnostate of one and a half billion people, 18.5% the world's population. The African population is expected to be 2.5 billion by 2050. We constantly support and defend the ethnostate of Israel. The Middle East and connecting area is never-ending War Yet who is everybody focused on crushing? The people who created the places you most want to live in, but I guess it's just magic soil that created the West. Who would like to live in Africa or China or the Middle East? I'm afraid I've been blackpilled because not enough of you are red pilled.

  8. Tucker and Vance hit the nail on its head and hammered it home. Their words and views are every bit truthful, sobering and thought-provoking. I only hope I could articulate like they do, so eloquent, lucid and compelling. Wake up, Americans! The fire-spitting red dragon is no longer your cuddlesome panda of yesterday! Know your biggest, most vicious and ruthless enemy and act now to defend your country and safeguard your children's future from the looming red menace!

  9. I was deeply appalled when I watch James Harden apologizing to China and expressing his admiration for the Chinese government in running their totalitarian regime. The reason for this is very obvious; money. NBA gave me a good reason not to watch them anymore.

  10. Sports always beats politicians. The NBA won big time. They sent a message and still have their popularity and get to be on TV in China. Look how well the NFL is doing this year! And how is Trump doing after taking on the NFL? On the edge of Impeachment. Republicans need to wake up and quit following right wing conservatives. These guys were all over the map in their conversation, clueless.

  11. Tucker is on thin logical ice here. He wants to disengage from the Middle East (bring the boys home), but he apparently wants to re-engage by placing the US squarely on the side of the Hong Kong protesters and also seems to want the US to insert itself into the issue of the relationship between China and Taiwan. It seems that Tucker wants rhetorical support for the protesters and Taiwan, but would not want to send US troops to back that up — he would probably agree with that assessment. In other words, he has no problem with talk; he just does not want to back it up with anything substantial. By that logic, we should support the Kurds by saying, "Good luck, guys, we're on your side. You're the best." But that's about the extent of our support. He needs to be consistent. If we are going to disengage, then disengage. Don't bring the troops home and shout slogans from the sidelines.

    My position is the relationship between China and Hong Kong was decided long ago when the British turned the area over to the Beijing. America had no problem with that at the time. Indeed, it was inevitable (the British lease had expired and Britain was NOT going to fight for it). Let's not be wishy-washy about this. We're either engaged globally or we're not. Realistically, China OWNS Hong Kong and also has a strong claim to Taiwan. That's just the political reality. Think not? Ask yourself, are you willing to go to war with China over Taiwan? Is it THAT important to you?

  12. Don’t offend China but it’s still fine to kneel during America’s National Anthem. No wonder why I stopped watching sports.

  13. The Hong kong people are more communist than the Chinese govt. Have you seen the video of the Hong kong protesters harassing an elderly lady trying to clean the streets?

  14. I'm not a Lib, but doesn't Trump act more like a communist dictator than he does a President? He breaks laws like a Saudi Prince and then says he's innocent when you know he's guilty! Come on man!

  15. The Sport Rapists Domestic Violence Thugs Druggies And Murders can fit right in with Thuggish China.

  16. At one point, we should be taking back the government and impose sanctions on these treasonous corporations

  17. wish I could boycott the product but I find and have found basketball to be humdrum. Big league politics just add to my dislike of the product.

  18. NBA: We support LBQT and women rights and human rights aslong its not in Hong Kong or any other part of the world China dont like.

  19. NBA: We support LBQT and women rights and human rights aslong its not in Hong Kong or any other part of the world China dont like.

  20. When Colon Crapernick took his Knee and the rest of the Spider Headed Predator looking players in the NFL Supported him, I washed my Hands of all sports. If I can't watch a sport without Politics or Racist Mlionaires whining about WHITE PEEPO then I'm out! We got no Business in China Anyways

  21. The middle class is getting stomped on by our government and corporations and we just eat it all up. Boycott corporate America. Hold on to your money and spend it on necessities, not on these unappreciative organizations that openly disrespect you and thinks of you as a mouth breathing wallet for them to milk anytime they please.

  22. the left in america, are completely without moral compass or principles.
    that is why, they blow in whichever direction that adversity pushes them. that is why, they never struggled to overcome adversities in life, but remain lazy, irresponsible, immoral.

  23. Oppressive? It's probably true. But the problem is to whom. I can sense China is more oppressive an entity to the Americans than to the Chinese. Btw, if you watch Tucker regularly, you can feel he doesn't appear as a happy man. He's quarreling with almost everyone he encounters. Poor Americans in ENDLESS political animals fights, no way to escape. I feel for you!

  24. Yet the NBA players are deep into social justice in the states. Just ask them and they are more than happy to express the "oppressive" state of the U.S.. Hipocryts it's all about money they really don't care.

  25. South Park proved their point in last week's episode "band in China " which effectively got them banned in China. Their apology was legendary. American media has always been known for being amazing and corporations like the NBA and Disney bend over backwards for their censors. That's why Dave chappelles sticks and stone, Todd Phillips Joker, and south park exist and have a strong following . They aren't playing ball with China.

  26. Most Chinese do not like Hong Kong's freedom fighters. When the NBA supports them, Chinese Netizens feel offended and attack by public opinion.

  27. Its crazy that we have this moral compass now. China didn't just start being a communist country they been one the whole time we've been borrowing money from them.

  28. NIKE is a BULLY. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ throws money around TRACK and FELD with POWER. Alberto Salazar throws that money aroung with POWER. it is UNFAIR and WE ALL KNOW IT. USATF has been caught with this CORRUPTION. so SAD.

  29. Chinese representatives said that speech that challenges the nations sovereignty and promote discourse between China and Hong Kong isn’t free speech funny how a country without free speech is lecturing us what constitutes as free speech and what isn’t lol.

  30. Hey you guys worship capitalism and corporatism so why are acting so surprised that nba bent over for their business interest and then blame the left? lol pathetic gaslighting

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