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  1. I think we hated Phil way too much .
    If you dominate for that long people will start looking for new underdogs to root for .

  2. Respect…A child and his dream, a man and his redemption, a soul that caught fire, and a spirit that will forever be Mr. Olympia. Well done!

  3. Am i the only one thinking this? But having no feeling in the right hand sounds really nice for masturbating

  4. I'm that someone who went through hell too and can't say how much this story help motivate me. He said if just one person, you did it I'm that person. Thank you Sean, thank you.

  5. Truly a great personality….the down to 🌎 nature and humility he exhibited even after his name for MR Olympia was announced…is truly commendable…a real motivation and inspiration…Keep going flex…

  6. I like this guy. Needs to go on tour talking to our youth. They are lazy, accept mediocrity, expect thing to be easy or given to them. Quitting is what they do most.

  7. a very moving motivational movie, plus that there are not only anyone who can speak English. Thank you from that I could think through this movie a lot of things 🙂 Regards from Poland

  8. I still remember he said at pre talk Mr. Olympia that if u train for 2nd position then u are not to be deserve here.such motivational words.

  9. Hes definitely right bout the passion part! I recently injured my leg and fell into deep depression afterwards went from 270lbs to 210lbs and probably would of only dropped down to bout 240lbs and kept some of my strength, but that depression was what done it for me! I tried avoiding mirrors because I didnt wanna see the man I was becoming, I was ashamed of myself! But I finally face my depression and unfreeze my account to see if the passion was there! Not just for being a bodybuilder but in general…working out! And it's still there! See I knew in the back of my head I didnt wanna give up, but depression…maaannn that's some serious shit! Depression is like a cancer! But, I fought that shit and been back in the gym for 2 months now! Its definitely not like learning how to ride a bicycle! Im starting from somewhat scratch again! So hes right about being passionate about it! Because if it was for me being passionate about bodybuilding I'm not sure if I would of bounced out of it or if I did…my depression would of been longer than it was!

  10. With this one video he's done more for the sport of bodybuilding than Phil Heath in 7 Olympia's.

  11. I'm say it again I hope n pray it's not true concerning rape charges it's not good for the him or the the sports …praying for you Mr.Olympia Shawn Rhoden….

  12. I just cant believe that such a genuine and nice person like Shawn could rape a woman. Mind blowing if that's true. His personality and the way he is just completely not going together with that type of actions.

  13. This is bullshit , he did not rape anybody.. this is not his nature at all.. fucking bitch trying to get money from him. Shawn is a good guy

  14. Huge fan of Shawn and really funny that the interview was recorded at Cologne main station my everyday commute. Must be because of the Fibo 2019 in Germany.

  15. I'm here because of the recent allegations…
    But smells like one big conspiracy to me! 🤔
    Wow, I can't believe the IFBB, American Media, Muscle & Fitness, FLEX etc have thrown him under the bus…
    WTF! 😱🥵🤬
    This one has eerie shades of Craig Titus & Bertil Fox! 🤯😨❗
    Basically he's fucked, someone has made sure of that.

  16. Whatever it is in reality Shawn, I want you to know that I am praying. So that in this whole circumstance, you would have a malleable heart on what God is trying to teach you here, on how to act, how to respond, and on what to do next. Love you very much Shawn.

  17. I'm backing Shawn Rhoden on this 100%, and I don't care what the facts are, because she went to his hotel room. and clearly she had plan to fuck up Shawn's life. I train around this bitches at the gym, and I know what thy are capable of, you cant trust them because they are full of shit.

  18. You are not guilty,you are my everyday motivation and in my opinion you are and will be my hero and best Mr Olympia ever <3 Never give up champ

  19. Where was this? EU or USA? Never seen this dope-looking place with a nice train station or the cathedral or church by it

  20. I believe his innocent. The man is too high quality to commit such a crime. I hope to God he is cleared completely!!

  21. Please, I believe you didn't do what most of the people are saying y did, I don't know you personally but I can't feel that you're this type of person who do it. You'll come back stronger and better towards the mr oly. Back to back

  22. It's really a shame about what happened with Shawn, because he really does have a great message to share about understanding yourself and finding your motivation to achieve.. :/

  23. Statement on Shawn Rhoden Allegetions at link below:

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