Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

100 thoughts on “Trampoline Dodgeball with Anna Kendrick and Kevin Hart

  1. Мне кажется, или я уже где-то видел порно фильм с таким же названием..?

  2. "You can walk all you want to, but eventually somebody got to cook the hot dog, meaning it's your job to cut the grass" Kevin Hart 2019 ladies and gentlemen

  3. If you are going to pretend to have a conversation with someone you want the audience to believe is your friend then I'm gonna base my engagement with your content on your rapport; thus, at two minutes and 1 second, I've tuned out.

  4. The editor should get a raise after putting in so many rubber dodgeball sound effects for what are clearly soft foam balls. Kudos to them.

  5. I played dodgeball in middle school too. It was the worst. Not really I stayed in the back with my friends.

    Edit : Kevin at 8:09 is regretting bringing Anna 😂😂😂😂

    Edit 2 : Anna being alone in dodgeball, literally my nightmare every game. Ngl am I the only one who has pretended that they got an out 😬

  6. You can walk as long as you want but eventually a bus might pass by so you need to pick the bus or walk depending on your strength , this is what you trying to convey, heart!

  7. Que divertido 🙂 Ojala existieran gimnasios como ese aqui en mi ciudad pero aqui en mi pais los gobernantes les interesa mas llenarse los bol$illo$ en ves de mejorar la nacion. 🙁

  8. I really hope people read this I would like to warn anyone be careful who does this activity I have shoulder that’s partially dislocate the rest of my life now because of this activity.

  9. I watched it now stop recommending it for me to watch..ok..
    I watched it ok…
    Now stop putting it on my request channel or whatever

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