Top 5 PGA DFS STRATEGY Tips for BEGINNERS ⛳️ Daily Fantasy GOLF Help [2019 Daily Fantasy Sports]

Top 5 PGA DFS STRATEGY Tips for BEGINNERS ⛳️ Daily Fantasy GOLF Help [2019 Daily Fantasy Sports]

– I’m gonna give you my top five PGA DFS strategy tips for beginners,
and we’re starting right now. (lightning cracking) What’s up guys, Joe Holka here. Welcome to another Daily Fantasy
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and we’ll get started. (thunder crackling) The first strategy tip for beginners is getting six of six
golfers through the cut. (lightning cracking) – Generally in a winning GPP lineup, is gonna require like six
players to make the cut. Not a big shocker for there. I did a lot of research
before I joined up with Labs on whether or not making the cut is a distinct skill in itself, as opposed to just playing
good golf in general. You can ask the same question
of Birdie makers right? Are there high variance players that may go birdie, bogey,
more often par for par, and how easy is it to separate that out for people who just score generally well. I think cut makers are a
particular skill in itself. You can isolate players like Matt Kuchar, who are known for consistent cut makers but a lot of times may trade
off a little bit of upside to earn their ability
to finish in the top 25, as opposed to making cuts. Obviously you want a little bit of both but I do think cut making is
a distinct skill on its own. – I’m sure there’s tons of
golfers that are very consistent, or at least somewhat
consistent at making the cut, but there are also guys
that don’t really have much of a shot to win, so
how do you balance that? – Yeah, there’s definitely
some guys like that or some guys where at
least has the perception. I think, you do need,
especially in tournaments, you have to get all six golfers
through the cut if you want a chance at a legitimate sweat. So, that’s one of the
best things about PGA DFS, and the worst, the cut
sweat on Friday is amazing. – It’s the best. It is the best on best. – Yeah, like your guys
a stroke away from the cut line and he’s coming
down the back nine and it’s all you need for
a six for six and you know, your life is seriously
funny if he makes it and you’re dead if he doesn’t. It’s like the best sweat in
DFS but most weeks the best line-up you can make is
20% to get six for six guys through the cut even if you’re
building perfect line-ups. I definitely think golf,
more so than other sports, is a sport where I like
to play multiple entries. You don’t have to go full
150 max but it’s tough to be all in on a line-up and
know that you’re 80%, to be dead on the weekend anyways. – That double sweat, the thing that’s so fun about PGA DFS is, you get that Friday sweat. I think that’s probably one
of the best parts because you wanna get as many six and six through as you possibly can. (thunder clapping) – By the way guys, If you ever found value in any of my videos or live streams, one of the best ways you
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you take a few seconds and make sure you’re following
me over there as well, I’d really appreciate it. The second DFS strategy tip for beginners, is you have to know your
scoring, so let’s figure out how we actually score points in DFS Golf. (thunder clapping) – Yeah, so the first way
is just via the score you make on a hole so
you can get Double Eagle, Eagle, Birdie, Par, Bogey,
Double Bogey or worse. So all of those generate fantasy points, either in the positive or minus direction, but the Birdie and the Eagle
points are out weighed, compared to the Bogey points. You get three points for
a Birdie and you only lose half a point for a Bogey. At face value, you just know immediately, that if two guys are going to shoot 72, you’d rather have the guy
who’s making six birdies and six Bogeys than the guy
who’s just making 18 Pars. So, that’s definitely the
first thing that you’re trying to understand with
the scoring elements, is the relationship
between the variance of the birdies and bogeys and the
guys also get points for their placement, where they
finish and the position. That’s another thing that
we can touch on in a lot of detail but at some
events it matters a lot. The place points matter a lot
more than the scoring events if there’s not that many
birdies to be made where as the other events and easier courses, they might not make quite as much. (thunder clapping) – Before we get back at it,
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shout out on the next video. The third DFS strategy tip
for beginners is that we have to target scorers. What exactly does that mean? (thunder clapping) – What’s the first thing
that you think of , when someones jumping into
golf for the first time that they should know? – I think you’re ultimate goal is to get six and six golfers through the cut, then after that, you’re
trying to look for scorers. It’s incredibly tough
to do, get six and six through the cut each and
every week but when you do, you wanna make sure to capitalize on it. Starting with the basics,
you just wanna target those guys you think can make
it to the weekend and from there you hope for the best. – Justin, Derek was
mentioning he’s trying to target scorers, the one
thing that stood out to me right away when I started
to dive in to this a little bit is that, on Draft Kings,
plus three for birdies, Plus .5 for Pars, only
minus .5 for Bogeys. Would you say that trying
to find guys that can score is probably one of the top
priorities on most slates? – Yeah, it’s more important now, you see golf courses are
playing a little bit easier with all the technology
these golfers have, the golf balls. Everything is bigger and
better now, and these guys, it’s remarkable how close
they can hit the ball to where they want to on a lot of holes. We’re seeing a lot of courses
that play easier than they did three, four, five, six years ago because guys are hitting the ball farther off the tee and
they’ve got shorter clubs in their hands for their second shots. It’s more important to target
scorers because of the way the fantasy point systems are set up, they are going to reward
Birdies and lot of times you’ll see a guy, Tony
Finau is a prime example, kind of a golfer that most
people, even casual people, know who Tony Finau is at this point, he made the Ryder Cup
team for the US last year. He’s a guy that a lot of
tournaments he will come in 30th or 35th place but he
will finish 8th or 10th or 12th in fantasy point
scoring because he takes a lot of chances and he makes a lot of birdies so targeting those scorers and he’s always the first example that comes to my mind, is definitely
something your gonna wanna look at on courses where
there are birdies to be had. – Finding Birdie makers and guys who build birdie bogeys as opposed to par par, sure that is also important
but I didn’t actually think that’s a tougher concept
to separate out than people who are generally good. If you’re finding people
who are racking up stuff on strokes gained and
tee-to-green or for any of your metrics that you look
at, they’re generally also going to be making good at birdies. It’s really tough on a week
to week basis to figure who’s good at making birdies,
because say they’re harder to hock or maybe they’re
birdies due to unsustainable good putting or lucky performances, as opposed to generally
being good at golf. There are some metrics that
are more stable than others, as far as making week to week predictions forecasting performance. – Yeah, that’s kind of an
interesting perspective, no ones mentioned that yet. Obviously, it’s easier to say
that we need to be targeting these guys that can score,
guys that can score birdies but maybe that’s a little
bit more difficult and then just trying to find guys that are stronger golfers in general is the way to go. (thunder clapping) Just a reminder guys, if you’re looking to invest in yourself and take
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you don’t miss anything. The fourth DFS strategy
tip for beginners is ignore these bonuses that we get from
the scoring on Draft Kings. (thunder clapping) – As far as bonuses go, the best, I think, you
can really hope for is, if you can predict someones
birdies in general, that’s the best chance you have at predicting a birdie streak. If we all know who’s going
to make birdies every week, then this game would be
easy, you’d just pick those. I look at bonuses especially
when you have a super random ones like holes in one or
even bogey free rounds. You can parent some stats to
figure if you have more high variance players, who swing
for the fences but they run a risk of making bogey,
you can try to predict on average how many bogey free
rounds you’re gonna get, but their contribution to
the overall expected points for those bonuses is going
to be so low compared to your bread and butter
stuff, like birdies, that I don’t even think it’s
worth chasing those stats opposed to what makes or
breaks most of your scores. – Are these somewhat random,
do you see more long drivers or excellent wedge players? – No, they’re completely random. Drewby might disagree with
me but I don’t think there’s really anything that you
could project out and be like oh yeah, no, I think that Keagan
has better odds of a three birdie streak than Joel Damond does. I think that the sequential
order of birdies probably is going to end up being
more random than anything but obviously guys who score
better have a higher chance of getting more birdies in a row. – So, for main slate, that’s mostly true for main slate, I would say showdown is a
little bit different and it would also depend on the course itself. There are some courses where
you’ll get two par fives in a stretch of three holes
and on a show down slate, you can definitely think about
how par five scoring might be more impactful as far as
generating birdie streaks there, and then the other thing our
projections take into account for showdown is what holes
the guys are starting on and sometimes there are certain
golfers who will get to play a stretch of three
holes with two par fives another guy is starting
on the back nine instead, and he is not going to
get that opportunity. There’s some nuance there for
showdown but it’s definitely a little bit random as far
as the main slate stuff. The one thing I would say
about the consistent players, in addition to making the cut, there is a bogey free round bonus as well, if you get somebody who goes
three under with bogey free, that can sometimes offset it. (thunder clapping) – The fifth DFS strategy tip
for beginners is that not all great golfers make
great Draft Kings golfers. There’s a distinct difference
between the two and let’s jump into exactly
what I’m talking about. (thunder clapping) – The DK scoring is not
always talked about in great detail but it matters a lot
and there are guys who might only finish in the top 20 in
20% of their events in the year but as far as Draft King scoring, they’re actually in the
top 20 and like 40%. Especially, like Davis
mentioned, at the top end, you’re gonna need those
guys to win the event, to be competing in tournaments,
but at the lower value end threshold, where all the
guys are making the cut, the DK scoring really is
what separates the players. (thunder clapping) – If you wanna learn more
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you don’t miss anything. Thank you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time.

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