100 thoughts on “TOP 5 Essential Street Football Skills

  1. i learned the last one a long time ago, and it works every fukin time….. but it doesn't work if i use it too many times in a match… hence im developing a left right combo so that i can use it multiple times in a single match.

  2. i am a indian so we play in aggressive mode with very fast speed so it is tough for me to beat defenders and i am only 13 so for that case can you help me

  3. You should teach Ronaldo skills pt.3And Messi skills pt.2 and pt.3And I'm an Indian I watch your all skills love you all team of unisport specially Jay mike And NateNateYou should open your shop in India States name Bihar Mumbai and Kolkata

  4. I like your videos so much i have start playing football about 3 months and I am 14 years old and I practice so hard for juggling but don't get it please make a video of juggling
    Sorry my English is bad

  5. I want to learn how to dribble pass a defender when he/she runs very fast towards the ball, like a V when we converged. Usually I would change direction where he/she started their direction, but I hesitated and stopped the ball and tried to shield the ball and failed controlling the ball and rolled out of my feet.

  6. Can u teach us how to be mentally good when playing football.Because sometimes people will be nervous when in real match.

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