Top 10 PS4 Games for Kids | ESRB Everyone

Top 10 PS4 Games for Kids | ESRB Everyone

Number 10 in our list is Overcooked Take on a culinary quest with you or with
your friends in this fun couch-party game that sizzles with tasty orders and a magical
world to explore. Travel kitchen to kitchen with up to four
of your friends in a chaotic adventure for that perfect recipe. The game takes place in Onion Kingdom! A land filled with all things edible and cookable. Find out the meaning of Fast-food and eliminate
an evil culinary threat that plagues the land. It’s an adorable first entry on our list. Controls are pretty easy to learn and use;
the characters are friendly. This is an ideal select for your kid who loves
cooking! So sharpen your knives, prepare your dishes
and make sure the food isn’t overcooked! It has a PlayScore of 8.64 In the ninth place is ABZU For ocean lovers, Abzu is the perfect game
for you. It’s an exploration-driven adventure down
into the lush oceanic depths of a gorgeous world. Take control of a wanderer diving into ancient
ruins and meeting aquatic friends along the way. The name is a combination of two words from
classic myth, AB for ocean, and ZU meaning to know. Developed by Giant Squid games, they created
a game that will make you fall in love with the ocean. Why else would you buy this game if you don’t
love the deep and sea creatures? Its seamless swimming controls coupled with
beautiful visuals are the game’s primary features. If a game about pure exploration excites you,
then of course, you might want to pick this up. ABZU receives a PlayScore of 8.64 Ranked number 8 is Tearaway Unfolded If the ocean isn’t for you, then how about
you take a page-turning adventure inside Sony’s cute platforming game? From the creators of LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway
Unfolded is a paper-filled world with clever level designs, amazing visuals and a heartfelt
story. It’s major success lies on the PS4’s DualShock
4 capabilities. Make full use of the controller… the touchpad
and gyro to navigate your character across the Tearaway’s magical paper world. Fulfill his quest as a messenger and unfold
mysteries along the path by jumping across pages, defeating monsters and saving your
friends along the way. It’s one of PS4’s prized possessions with
a PlayScore of 8.68 In the 7th place is FIFA 17 For sports, power up your kid’s love for
the field and introduce him to EA’s most ambitious FIFA game to date. Powered by the Frostbite Engine, witness one
of the most popular sports game ever. It’s also the first game of the series to
include a story mode. Take the role of Alex Hunter and experience
his journey to become the best Football Player in the world. Choices will be similar to Mass Effect’s
dialogue wheel and will determine your career progression along the way. If not for choices, then the skills you develop
will change the course of his path. On top of that, EA’s efforts in the game’s
visual design, realistic graphics and fluid physics movements make the game sooo fun to
play. It has a PlayScore of 8.68 Number 6 is Flower Ahhh, this is the kind of game you’d like
to experience on a regular Sunday with a hot cup of milk in hand. Known to be the spiritual successor of Flow,
Flower is a good stress reliever from all the violent and hair-tearing games that flood
the gaming world. The goal of the game is simple. Control the wind and collect floating petals
in the air. Note that the game has no narrative nor does
it have texts; it’s simply powered by visual cues and movements. Even with that kind of premise, the game was
a huge success. It offers a ‘relaxing’ experience to gamers
while stimulating a positive feeling whenever they play the game. It won many awards during its year including
Best Indie Game and Casual Game of the Year. It has a PlayScore of 8.69 Fifth in the ranking is Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
Evolved This multi-directional shooter proves that
videogames can still work with classic shooting elements alone. Without a story or a narrative…and without
big budgets. Dimensions Evolved is a free-update to the
original game that features 40 new levels, boss battles and gameplay types. Just like any other Geometry Wars game, all
you got to is blast off incoming polygonal objects and dominate the leaderboards with
your score. So, rev up those multipliers! For a game that stayed true to its predecessors,
Geometry Wars 3 received positive acclaim. The fluid controls and simple gameplay makes
it accessible to almost everyone. It gets a PlayScore of 8.69 Fourth in the ranking is The Witness Puzzle lovers will be delighted to know that
a game like this exists. The game was created by Jonathan Blow, the
man responsible for the indie hit Braid. The Witness comes up with a simple goal, you
are in an island filled with natural and man-made objects. Your quest is to explore its labyrinthine
world, find clues and solve the game’s absurd number of puzzles, around 400 of them to find
and decipher. Aside from its puzzles, the game is dripping
with atmosphere. It received widespread acclaim due to game’s
sound design, arts and visuals. Players feel like they’re in a whole new
world to venture uncover deeper mysteries. The game has been nominated for multiple awards
including Game Of The Year. The Witness has a PlayScore of 8.71 Ranked number 3 is NBA 2K17 Of course, when ball is life, 2K’s basketball
game is an obvious choice for kids. This not only features a wide roster of iconic
NBA players, it also comes with the most modern basketball simulation in the world of videogames. What’s amazing in every 2K NBA game is it’s
career mode. Create your own customizable character and
help him become the best player of all time. Simulate events, create your own team, or
just enjoy the life of an actual NBA player. 2K doesn’t stop there, the game releases
annually and it promises to get better with every game. Hopefully, that proves true once 2K18 arrives. It receives a PlayScore of 8.78 Second in the ranking is Shovel Knight Rekindle your love for 8-bit retro style platformers,
share it with your kids and let them enjoy the simplistic, sometime frustrating, of it. Yacht Club Games made us very happy when they
created a game so charming, and at the same time nostalgic. Shovel Knight is a side-scrolling platformer
that lets you control a Knight with… you guessed it… a shovel. Save your beloved from an evil enchantress
that lives in a towering castle filled with monsters and mayhem. Dig your way through various levels, and don’t
just use your shovel for plowing! The game received critical acclaim for its
8-bit visuals, soundtrack and a gameplay so retro that it brings back players to the days
of Nintendo’s classic systems. Itlso has two additional DLC’s: Plague of
Shadows and Specter of Torment. It gets a PlayScore of 8.95 Here are the runners-up before we reveal the
number one: 11. N++. This platformer from Metanet Software continues
to create a playground for parkour in its most minimalist way. With over a hundred stages and upbeat funky
music, this game deserves a PlayScore of 8.63 DiRT Rally. Codemasters entry to its racing franchise
puts the dirt on the high road with high stakes and solid visual presentation. Test your driving skills with over multiple
racetracks and feel the thrill of high-reward gameplay. It receives a PlayScore of 8.58 Sound Shapes. An adorable rhythm-platformer that takes inspiration
from games like Patapon and LocoRoco. Take control of a blob that runs, slides,
and jumps to the beat of the music. Listen, enjoy or even create your own musical
experience. A PlayScore of 8.52 MLB The Show ‘16. Enjoy America’s favorite pastime in videogame
form. Enjoy its all new franchise modes, and other
new modes such as Conquest and Battle Mode. So batter up with a PlayScore of 8.50. F1 2016. After years of disappointing releases, the
series is finally back! This is probably the finest and coolest racing
game released in 2016. And with this as the foundation, it’s now
safer to hope for better F1 titles in the future. It has a PlayScore of 8.40. Madden NFL 16. EA Sports continues to improve on their Madden
franchise. 16 comes with the new mode Draft Champions;
along with tons of changes and improvements on both offensive and defensive plays. It receives a PlayScore of 8.38 Pac-Man Championship Edition 2. Nope. Pac-Man is alive and well. This is a re-writing of the arcade classic. Gameplay is so much fun, with good music and
visuals. It has a PlayScore of 8.37 Super Stardust Ultra. A definitive edition of a twin-stick shooter
released years ago on the PS3. You are humanity’s last hope. Fight and blast alien attackers before they
destroy your world. It has a PlayScore of 8.37 And the best family-friendly game on the PS4
is Journey You know what they say, the journey of a thousand
miles begin with a single step. Thatgamecompany’s award winning title makes
a pioneering leap towards the future of Indie Game Development. Take control of a silent protagonist exploring
a world filled with sand, ancient ruins and magical carpets. You’re not alone, this silent pilgrimage
allows you to team up with a partner online. However, you can’t talk. The only way to communicate is by using the
musical chimes provided by the game. It’s a fun puzzle experience between both
players, and highly rewarding if done right. It has won numerous awards including Best
Game Design, Visual Arts, Music, etc. It also became the fastest selling game during
its time. This makes it the best Kid-friendly game on
the PS4 with a PlayScore of 9.29

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  1. no body ever gives the vita any recognition ,teraway came out on the ps vita first. Also flower is on the vita. shovel knight is basically on every platform

  2. 10.fifa 15
    9.COD ghosts
    8. Fifa 14
    7. Cod advanced warfare
    6. Cod black ops 3
    5.fifa 16
    4. Cod infinity warfare
    3. Battlefield
    2. FIFA 17
    1. Gta v

  3. l expected GTA on this list.
    I mean, that's all kids play nowadays, right?
    It's a bit sad, actually…

  4. The new Generation (PS4/XBONE) is a really kid unfriendly console. If you compare it to the last generation or even the Ps2 generation then you can see that the new consoles suck in terms of Kid friendly games

  5. I'm thinking about getting a ps4 and I wanted to know if little big planet 3 is worth it ( I rely like the two games on ps3 when I had it ) .

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  7. Games
    10. Overcooked
    9. Abzu
    8. Tearaway Unfolded
    7. FIFA 17
    6. Flower
    5. Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Evolved
    4. The Witness
    3. NBA 2K17
    2. Shovel Knight
    1. Journey

    DiRT Rally
    Sound Shapes
    MLB The Show 16
    F1 2016
    Madden NFL 16
    Pac-Man Championship Edition 2
    Super Stardust Ultra

    You’re Welcome

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  9. All of these are exclusives right if not then that is bad because if I get a console I only play exclusive games for that console other wise I could just get it on pc witch is better in so many ways especially if it’s multiplayer online cuz no dumb psn is required. Unless my pc does not have the power to run it.

  10. we gonna sit here and act like Little Big Planet doesn't exist? what better game for kids & parents alike then LBP? are we talking about the PS4? games for kids? oh ok…..where is LBP?

  11. I think people need to understand that the games on this list are E rated games (according to the ESRB) on the Playstation 4

  12. Abzu is not the awsome game then littlebigplanet 3 or rayman legends or ratchet clank or minecraft or gang beast or the last thing they forgot overcooked2

  13. Abzu is not the awsome game then littlebigplanet 3 or rayman legends or ratchet clank or minecraft or gang beast or the last thing they forgot overcooked2

  14. Good choice, but why didn’t you put Ratchet and Clank. I’ve played almost all of the series and it was never boring. Its my favorite game that I’ve ever played!

  15. Umm…even many adults can't play witness since some puzzles are so difficult, wish you guys had done a better job 🙁

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