Top 10 NHL Players of All Time [LIST]

Top 10 NHL Players of All Time [LIST]

hello and welcome to the Y D sports
today we are talking about the best NHL players on all time now this was
incredibly incredibly hard for me to put together
just a top ten list I’m leaving out goalies cuz I’m going to
do a separate clip on them so let’s get started I gotta admit I’m
sure I’m going to get a ton of shit from you guys at number
ten Steve geyser min how could he not be in your top 10 list
drafted by Detroit curtly the Tampa Bay lightning GM is Stevie y now here’s what you need to
know from eighty-three to 2006 he played for Detroit 155 points in one season he lifted the
Cup four times has a Conn Smythe Trophy and its six
all-time in points what are the best two-way players you
will ever see in the game hockey and number nine the highest-scoring
defenseman ever is or a mork of course they played for
the Boston Bruins along with the Colorado Avalanche 21 by
the way with the bees 410 goals 1,579 points 20 straight
all-star games 5 Norris trophies and one Stanley Cup at number eight gotta represent the
Montreal Canadiens it is guy live from there who of course Dave
Koehler loves to say when he’s making fun hockey though guy lapore should certainly be in
this list I put him at number eight where do you put him is the in your top
10 comments below go here’s what you need to know about Kyle
a flurry play the right wing for 17 years in the NHL from 7185 to be exact want the best
nicknames by the way the flower Canadians leader in points an assist 3r
Ross trophies too hard roll please one const might 5
cups Maurice the Rocket rush chard man with a
helluva player. now Maurice Rocket Richard R the
Montreal Canadiens gold leader he played from 1942 to 1960
the most talented player and is there a the first ever players or 50 goals in
one season 50 goals in 50 games to be exact the first kiss or 500 gold his career
six-overtime winners 8 Stanley Cups one Hart Trophy any as a
statue outside Arcadia Park Maurice Rashard certainly deserving in this list at
number six arguably the greatest left-winger ever in the National Hockey League in
just hockey in general it is a course Chicago Blackhawks and
Winnipeg Jets man bobby hall he lifted a cup with the
black ops any lifted 3 elko cops with the Jets but
this time with the NHL the World Hockey Association in which he was a star 4mbps to any NHL to Anna W H A three art
rostropovich he played for 23 years and I W H A 638 points 411 games in the NHL 1,063 point 610 goals amazing stuff from bobby hall and
number 5 Pittsburgh Penguins man Mario Lemieux not only was he a great
player but he also is a solid solid GM involved in the
front office and lifted the cup with both very interesting stuff there
ma really have to no surprise here’s what you need to know by Mariella
moon Olympic gold medalist top 10 goals top 10 assists top 10 points 6 Art Ross
trophies three heart robberies took on slides and
two Stanley Cups he came back three years later every at
health problems including tendinitis and Hodgkin’s lymphoma any play to 2005
to no surprise a Mario Lemieux on this list at number
four 8 huge huge fan %uh now a Michael Schur Michael sir the huge fan of him mark the
Moose messing a look dude you can have a better leader
and you’re not gonna have one in history the NHL other than Mark
Messier Mark Messier messier number one leader in hockey amazing stuff from our Cressi a
throughout his entire career he played from 79 to 2004 lifted six Stanley Cups second in points behind ready number
seven overall in goals number three in a system for two in
games played 15-time all-star to Hart trophies to Lester B Pearson
trophies won Conn Smythe and Justina again you can’t speak enough about the
leader that he was at number three be most iconic photo in
hockey history who did have fill the blank by your of course not
bought a picture right now great speed a defenseman who not only
was good at D but contributed greatly on the of
intervention three straight our trophies the only
demand by the way to win our trophy eight straight north drop is to conserve
mites 2 cups one Canada Cup unfortunately injury cut his career
short six straight years have over 100 points 953 points in six hundred 50 7 games the ice was simply his
playground at number two how can you not be on this
list when your nickname is mister hockey it is of course Gordon how many view of course like to calm gordy
the number nine 4 the Detroit Red Wings let’s pull up to
Gordie Howe right now if we can all in all he played from 46 1946 to 19 ninety 7 whole Lee shit he played for the Omaha nights %uh the
United States Hockey League the only player to play in five different decades
most NHL games did he accumulates the oldest hockey player ever 52 years
old 6 Art Ross trophies 6 Hart trophies four cups and I W H A he
entered a 46 hurdle in 12 ethical cups you the MBP
the WH a number 12 games played number two in
goals number three endpoints and number 8 in assist Gordon
how one of the best ever can certainly make
a case for number one however it seems like a long shot but
anyone could catch this man it is a course the great one Wayne
Gretzky now here’s the interesting thing about
Gretzky a lot of Canadians were past that he decided to I simile the soccer hand in a transfer
request he demanded a trade and yet rated to the LA Kings he played
for the Blues for one year as well and of course had a long stint
with the Oilers 13 straight year the over 100 points he played from 78 to 2009 games played
1000 400 87 interesting so interestingly so not even in the top 15 any sort 894
goals that’s number one 1963. assist that that’s number one 2000 800 37-point that’s number one near more than 100 more then mark
messier the only player to put up to 100 plus point in one year he achieved it four times four Stanley
Cups 3 Canada Cup +91 game-winners 18 all-star games 9
heart robberies more assists than anyone has points a
course he also played for two clubs in the whan finished his NHL career with
the Rangers yet the statue deservingly so outside at Rexall Place
who are the only about you guys think should be in the top 10 best NHL sledge hockey players of
all-time leave it on the comment section below give this video a thumbs up share for
the brand do me a favor subscribe to do it. sports and I will
see you guys soon I was creepy sorry by up ok

84 thoughts on “Top 10 NHL Players of All Time [LIST]

  1. hold on hold on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOBBY ORR NUMBER ONE NUMBER 1 OK!!!!!!!!

  2. Gretzky had it easy .. None hit him what so ever ,kinda easy to do goals and assists when ya got yards with open ice 24/7

  3. Lemieux couldve beaten Gretzkys record easily tbh. If he wouldnt of got injured he wouldve played another 6-7 and would have alot more goals and points

  4. The Top 10 can always be disputed but the Top 4 of all time are really Gretzky, Howe, Orr, and Maurice Richard.

  5. All you need to know is that 10/10 are Canadian. Canada has the next 20-25 spots locked up too. The first player from a country other than Canada shows up around 38th.

  6. Imagine how many goals Bobby Orr would have got if were never checked or had to fight… Messier, Lemieux, shit Crosby, OV, Thor list goes on…. no one was aloud to touch Gretzky, thus Marty McSorley and Dave's and Semenko. ……you want to call me names, Orr played both ends of the ice and was a defence man and tough as nails…..Gretzky cried if he broke a nail…..I think Gretzky is a great player, but not no.1
    Hockey is an all around game Gretzky is the only player ever to. R protected like that, your egos are bruised because you are living vicariously through someone else…. 5 Gretzky's against 5 Orr's, poor Gretzky would be sucking his thumb like a little baby, just like the negative people that commented to me. You people are obviously just fans and never played the game, you certainly can't be Canadian and if you are shouldn't admit it.
    This goes out to hockey girl and the other ding-o-ling that want to call names.

  7. Top 5 should always be :
    1. Wayne Gretzky
    2. Maurice Richard
    3. Mario Lemieux
    4. Bobby Orr
    5. Gordie Howe
    Then :
    6. Jean Belliveau
    7. Steve Yzerman
    8. Mark Messier
    9. Guy Lafleur
    10. Nicklas Lidstrom
    And btw, the best left winger of all time is Luc Robitaille.

  8. My top 10: Based on pure raw skill and hockey genius. 1. Wayne Gretzky2. Bobby Orr3. Mario Lemiuex4. Gordie Howe5. Sidney Crosby6. Jaromir Jagr7. Mike Bossy8. Peter Forsberg9. Mark Messier10. Guy Lafleur
    And yes, I did include Crosby as he has the 5th highest ppg in NHL history, despite playing in the most defensive era of hockey. And he has 3 cups among many other awards. Deciding between Gretzky or Orr for #1 is extremely difficult, they're both so amazing in very different ways. If Orr stayed healthy, can almost guarentee he'd be #1. Lemiuex is easily #3 and can make a case for an even higher rating. Rest of the list is just fact.

  9. 10: Guy Lafleur 9: Bobby Hull 8: Ray Bourque 7: Gordie Howe 6: Bobby Orr 5: Jamomir Jagr 4: Mark Messier 3: Mike Bossy 2: Mario Lemeuix 1: The Great One

  10. Bobby Orr # 1 hands down. The man did it all!! I'm not taking anything from the others. If he didn't blow out his knees, who knows what a career this man could have had.

  11. 1. Gretzky
    2. Orr
    3. Lemieux
    4. Howe
    5. Crosby
    6. Rocket Richard
    7. Yzerman
    8. Lafleur
    9. Lidstrom
    10. Bourque

  12. Messier… greatest leader, eh?? Hmmm…
    Vancouver GM: Hey! Mess, you wanna come play for the 'nucks?
    Messier: ugh, I dunno man. I guess so. But I want to be captain
    GM: but, we already have a captain
    Mess: don't give a shit. I want the C!
    GM: ugh… alright, fine, you can be captain.
    Mess: cool. Send me my jersey, size XL, with the C on the chest and #11 on the back
    GM: ooh, yea.. about that. See, we had this kid back in the 70's. He tragically died, he wore #11. We haven't officially retired it, but we honor it for him. No one has worn that number since
    Mess: oh fer fuck sakes… you want ME, Mark fuckin Messier to play for you but don't automatically make me captain AND you want me to change my number??!? Look, give me what I want or I'll sign somewhere else!!
    GM: Fuck, whatever, fine… don't know why they call you moose when you're clearly a donkey

    Yea…. greatest leader my ass. That title belongs to Yzerman. Always will.

  13. The real top 10 should be
    1. Bobby Orr
    2. Mario Lemieux
    3. Wayne Gretzky
    4. Gordie Howe
    5. Steve Yzerman
    6. Jean Beliveau
    7. Nicklas Lidstrom
    8. Jaromir Jagr
    9. Mike Bossy
    10. Phil Esposito

  14. Gretzky

    Gretzky and Orr Top 2 the other 5 sorta inter changeable. But No Doubt they would be my Top 7.

  15. 1. Gretzky
    2. Lemieux
    3. Jagr
    4. Forsberg
    5. Orr
    6. Fedorov
    7. Messier
    8. Lindström
    9. Kurri
    10. Selänne

  16. You're never gonna win this battle, but this list had 10 of the greatest for sure. Personally, I'd put Bobby Orr #1. Other than Rocket Richard, I've seen every guy on this list play live! I saw Gordie when he was with the Hartford Whalers.

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