100 thoughts on “Top 10 Crazy Moments in Sports

  1. or maybe it was when lightning hit a conerflag in football nocking out and injuring evry one on the field in a blink of an eye

  2. People accept the #1 is the biggest sport moment, football is the best and most popular sport americans admit it

  3. "And the BAND IS ON THE FIELD!" I lost it at that moment when I first saw that haha.

    For Nascar, in recent memory, Montoya hitting the jet dryer and setting turn 3 at Daytona on fire was pretty damn bizarre.

  4. I was doing my homework watching the World Series Oakland A's versus my San Francisco Giants and the world started to shake super scary I ran into the street it was the craziest thing I've seen

  5. Pacers and Pistons Brawl, mike Tyson bites Holyfields Ear off, the bird gets explodes by baseball pitcher, Shaq breaks the entire goal,

  6. I play lacrosse and always thought hockey was cool (theyre v similar in many aspects) but what stopped me from ever playing it was the skates. It always amazed me that people played a game where you are encouraged to collide with other players on metal blades. My friend one time invited me to a friendly minimal contact game cause he loves hockey and wanted us to play with him but I declined because of the fear I would be cut or someone else would be (that and I had a knee injury from winter lacrosse and could have torn my ligaments if I lost control and slipped).

    Hockey man, I imagine that hockey player's insurance must be crazy expensive

  7. Did the Stanford band mean to mess up the game or did they think the game was over and went on to play a victory what ever?

  8. Heysel disaster is not in the list? A massive fight between English and Italian fans before the start of 1985 Europe Cup final game set panic between spectators and 39 people died in a human avalanche trying to escape from the place of the fight. English teams were banned from competitions for five years after that.

  9. mavs fan can u please tell who is the other mavs on the thumbnail..he looks familiar but i just cant recall his name..tnx in adv.

  10. Tyson biting Holyfield’s fucking ear off, the bruins fighting in the stands, and malice at the palace are all way crazier sports moments than some fairy scoring a goal with is hand.

  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo9hIRTxCTY This guy stole a bit of your content, just want you to know.

  12. soccer is so gay. Maybe that should be on the list, but number 1. really? Whoa he went coast to coast. no way! Remove the band coming on the field, and a walk-off kick return off a prayer lateral is more impressive than that. And beating out the "craziness" of 70 spectators dying? enough with the soccer propaganda.

  13. Joe Theissman's leg snapping ending his american football career, Steve Yeager having a sharp end of a broken back impale him in the neck. George Brett's freak-out pine tar incident, the Israeli wrestling team murdered at the 1972 Olympics. The 1994 baseball strike, or the stupid hocky brawl(that's a normal hockey game) shouldn't even get an honorable mention.

  14. How is the football game between barbados and grenada from the carribean cup in 1994 not in this thats the craziest weirdest game of football ever footbal wich is the biggest sport in the world by far

  15. I have this wonderful memory of being at a restaurant called Mi Tierra and I was with my Mother, Grandfather, and Aunt and the Spurs were playing. I was little so don’t know who they playing against or if it was a playoff or if it was the final game, but my grandfather had a little radio and was listening to the game at our table. There was no tv in the back room. After a while everyone in the room was listening and some were going to see what the score was. Servers were coming in to find out for others who couldn’t see the tv or just wanted to know. It is one of my best and favorite memories of my time with my grandfather.

  16. That poor San Fran reporter getting sent out to do a story on the edge of a collapsed bridge minutes after a massive earthquake.

  17. Suggestion: this one's gotta be on here somewhere already, but the "Heidi" bowl game, not merely for the fact that the network decided to go to the tv show with 2 minutes left in the game, but the way it ended was uniquely thrilling.

  18. Can i suggest to add video on Top Watershed Moments in Sports/League, Top Rules Changes in Sports/League and Top Rule Changes named after a player. Thanks

  19. Nobody is talking about the aguero goal that won Manchester city their first premier league title at the last minute of the game 🤦🏾‍♂️

  20. A lot of idiots in sports… it seems to attract the worst, and in some cases the best characters out there.
    One tragedy that should be in this list is the fotball-game in 1989 at Hillsborough, when 96 people lost their lifes and 766 was injured.

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