TOP 10 Best Shared / Split Screen Couch Co-Op games for XBox One [2018]

TOP 10 Best Shared / Split Screen Couch Co-Op games for XBox One [2018]

Wondering what game you should play with your
player two on your Xbox? Wonder no more! With the Microsoft console owners in mind,
we have prepared a non-exhaustive list of great titles that can be played together in
local co-op, or against each other in local competitive multiplayer mode! As a sidenote, if you would like to see the
list of games we have prepared for gamers using other platforms, the links to the PS4
and PC-oriented videos are in the description! Without further ado, let’s dive in! Number 10 – Gears of War 4 The Gears of War series has long been one
of the main selling points of the Xbox consoles, what with it being an exclusive title and
an amazing TPS with one of the best local co-op modes. The fourth installment is no longer exclusive
to Xbox One, having been released on PC as well, and it offers cross-platform online
multiplayer in addition to the local co-op. While the combat system is quite similar to
the ones known from the previous installments, the developers have added many improvements
and polished some of the more rusty mechanics, creating an thoroughly enjoyable experience
for all shooter fans. Number 9 – Minecraft This game probably doesn’t need introduction
– but if you’ve never heard about Minecraft, it’s basically a virtual version of Legos,
focusing mostly on crafting, building and making the open, sandboxy world of the game
your own. With occasional enemies exploding and destroying
the fruit of your hard work on some of the difficulty levels. While online multiplayer has introduced crossplay
between Xbox and PC in 2017, local co-op with split-screen functionality is still a feature
exclusive to Xbox, and it allows up to 4 players to play on one machine. Number 8 – Fifa While Fifa 19 is not yet released as of writing
of this text, it is set to come out in September 2018, and as usually will feature a ton of
gameplay improvements, as well as new leagues to choose from, when compared with the previous
installment. As of now, the freshest version of the football
(or soccer, if you’re American) franchise is Fifa 18, but whether you choose 19, 18,
or even an older edition you choose, you’re in for a co-operative ball kicking fun at
its best. Number 7 – Octodad Octodad is the story of a loving father and
husband, who is secretly an octopus. To keep up the appearances, you will have
to help him overcome seemingly mundane tasks, which are much less simple when your hands
and legs are in fact boneless tentacles. Where’s the place for co-op in that? Well, there’s two hands and two legs, which
means up to four players can share the limbs between themselves – making every task even
more complicated, and definitely hilarious. Number 6 – Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare
2 Unlike the first Plants vs Zombies, which
was a tower defense game, this one is a third person shooter, allowing up to four players
share the screen and fight the zombie menace together. The genre change might be a little surprising,
but it works – also surprisingly – quite well. The cute aesthetics are a nice deviation from
the usual gritty-slash-realistic visual style of shooter games, and the cartoonish take
on violence means that even younger players can enjoy this game. This makes Garden Warfare 2 the perfect choice
for parents who would like to introduce their kids to co-op gaming. Number 5 – Enter the Gungeon The Gungeon, as the name suggests, is a dungeon
full of guns. Some of those guns are anthropomorphized,
and wield their own guns which they will use to try and shoot you, resulting in a bullet-hell
type of gameplay on top of the classic dungeon crawl. You can team up with a friend in the co-op
mode, trying to avoid all the bullets – but no worries, you get to wield a gun yourself
as well, and can shoot back at your opponents. And the ultimate reward waiting for you in
the depths of the Gungeon? A gun which can kill the past itself. Number 4 – Overcooked No game since Worms has made us want to strangle
our player two (or three, or four) as much as Overcooked – and this one is supposed
to be cooperative! Before you assemble your team, make sure that
your relationship with your co-op partners is strong enough to survive the inevitable
stream of abuse you will hurl at each other as you play. As a team of bumbling cooks, you will have
to prepare a meal according to the recipe. Sounds easy? In theory, yes. In reality, the kitchen you work in gets progressively
more chaotic, and it gets harder and harder to follow the necessary steps in the correct
order. The first game has great replay value, but
if you’re looking for new experiences, the sequel came out in 2018, allowing you to save
the world by chopping onions all over again. Number 3 – Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Binding of Isaac is a cult classic and a must-play
for every roguelike lover. Well, maybe not every – you have to be okay
with really dark humour, grim aesthetic, and more than occasional blasphemy to be able
to truly enjoy it. Things to be expected from a game about a
child fleeing into a demon-crawling basement from his ultra-religious mother trying to
sacrifice him to God. Rebirth allows two players to play in co-op
mode, with one of them controlling Isaac, and the other a random baby floating around
the main character. The baby deals half the damage that Isaac
does, and has only one heart container – it’s closer to a powerup than to a fully-fledged
player character, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of fun to be had while
playing together. With the Afterbirth expansion, the amount
of players that can play together grew to four, meaning even more floating babies to
help Isaac kill demons! Number 2 – Cuphead What do you get when you mix Dark Souls, animation
from 1930s and run-and-gun platformers? You get the most frustratingly difficult and
absurdly adorable indie game of 2017 which totally smashed the popularity and sales charts
on release. Cuphead is hard whether you play alone or
together – but they say that shared sorrow is half sorrow, so finding a friend to share
the experience of dying 50 times before you finally beat a level is definitely a good
idea. Number 1 – Divinity the Original Sin and
Divinity the Original Sin 2 No list about couch co-op games could be complete
without the Original Sin and its sequel. While the original Original Sin allowed co-op
between two players, the sequel can host up to four players – though you will need at
least two PCs, as only two people can play on the same one, with the other two connected
online. The most notable thing about The Original
Sin one and two is that these games are as close as a video game has ever gotten to the
experience of an actual tabletop RPG, down to the inter-party dynamics and possible conflict
– your characters can disagree, and the disagreements have to be solved within the
game. While both of the games feature a great story
to play, the storytellers in the audience will surely be happy to discover, that the
second game also includes a Game Master mode, where you can craft your own custom-made campaign
for your players. So that’s it for our list. Are you going to choose one of the titles
proposed by us for the next couch co-op session with your player two? Or are we missing your favourite local multiplayer
game? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget
to like and subscribe for a regular dose of gaming inspiration!

35 thoughts on “TOP 10 Best Shared / Split Screen Couch Co-Op games for XBox One [2018]

  1. I randomly picked up 7 Days to Die and all I can say is that the controls are terrible, tons of glitches and bugs and the graphics are launch N64 quality. However…the game is super fun trying to survive against zombies with a buddy online or offline.

  2. Well I came here to you say that games aren't split screen anymore so soon I will broke my Xbox one console and then buy a pc how is that? Make the consoles split available or you gonna lost all the gamers! Cause anyway pc is better in the end.
    Love consoles more but the limit is here with split problem.

  3. my top local coop games:

    Resident Evil 5,6 &Revelations 2
    Gears of War 1,2,3,4
    Disneyland & Disney Rush
    Bomberman R
    Joy ride Turbo
    Lego Games
    Kane & Lynch 2

  4. Thanks for spoiling some stuff about these games, I don't need to know the ending of a game to play it, that's actually the point of playing it if you didn't know, to…get to the end…

  5. What about "a way out"? This list is a joke. Gears of war 4? Looool. Gears 2 was much better and is backwards compatible. Resident evil revelations 2 is missing too. What are you guys smoking?

  6. Man i miss couch multiplayer back on orginal xbox and GameCube… So many great times yelling and shit talking/laughing with friends and family. Just doesnt feel the same online now through a headset

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