This Is Your Interactive Football Adventure | Your Call

This Is Your Interactive Football Adventure | Your Call

Are you ready to step up? What a signing, the buzz around this kid is unbelievable, and I understand it. I saw that goal you scored, that was awesome! What does he do to make that step into the first team? Can he even do it? He’s got to get every decision spot on.

38 thoughts on “This Is Your Interactive Football Adventure | Your Call

  1. Just finished the whole thingy. Twas a short but fun little game to play and I totes recommend y'all to try it. Would like to see more shizz like this!

  2. Ridiculously intuitive. I'd say you have thoroughly deserved the 1M subscribers. Thanks for making such awesome content. Between this and The Champions, there isn't much better football content available on YouTube. Kudos to the whole team!

  3. Your interactive football adventure starts here. To enjoy #YourCall, make sure you are playing within the YouTube mobile app or playing on desktop so you see your options at the end of each screen.

  4. i try to dig every possible option, but still cant get the part where jadon sancho call you and congratulate you for your scoring form

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