The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains, the worst sports team names in history. It’s commonplace for teams to have names these days. Chicago Bulls, Philadelphia Flyers, Oakland
Raiders etc. A name to strike fear into the heart of your
enemy, or to make you sound tough or aggressive. But no-one obviously told these guys, who
have the most nonsensical and non-threatening names in all of sports. The worst name in basketball is:
The New Orleans Pelicans Previously the New Orleans Hornets, they changed
their name to create a new identity after they inherited the Hornets name.
Okay, so it’s the state bird of Louisiana, I get that.
But why does it sound so horrible? Is it because it doesn’t go with ‘New
Orleans’, or is it just because a Pelican is a very wimpy bird.
You have to admit though, their logo is pretty awesome. The worst name in Baseball is:
The Cleveland Indians Calling a native American an ‘Indian’
is like calling an Italian-American ‘Frenchie’. It’s not even close. So to name a whole
baseball team after an antiquated racial slur is a pretty poor choice.
And whilst we’re being racist, we could have also had the New York Jews or the San
Francisco Chinamen. The worst name in hockey is:
The Iowa Chops They actually had a cool name to begin with,
the Iowa Stars, but for some reason – they renamed the team after something you put on
a barbeque. I’m guessing Iowa Steaks, Iowa Burgers and
Iowa Chicken Wings was already taken. Fortunately, they saw sense and moved to Texas
to become the Texas Stars. Thank God. Honorable mention goes to the Minnesota Wild
… I mean … whaa whaa whhhyyy? The worst name in pro football is:
The Cleveland Browns They’re not named after the colour Brown
(which would probably make sense), but after their coach at the time Paul Brown.
Funny thing is, Paul Brown then moved to the Cincinnati Bengals and they named their stadium
after him. Awkward! Honourable mention goes to the Washington
Redskins – for the same racial slur reasons as the Cleveland Indians, and the Houston
Texans – just in case you didn’t know which state Houston is in. The worst name in pro soccer is:
Deportivo Wanka If you’re not from England or Australia,
you don’t know what a wanker is, it’s an insult where you imply a person likes to
masturbate. But nobody told this football team from Peru
that, and when they came on a tour of England, they were instantly popular just because of
their name. They sold more replica shirts in England in
two months than they ever did back home in Peru, and they really didn’t understand
why their name was so funny? Honourable mention goes to the King Faisal
Babies, a Ghanaian football team who probably isn’t totally adverse child slave labour. The worst name in college sports is:
Well, there’s actually several. UC Santa Cruz are called ‘The Banana Slugs’,
possibly the most non-threatening animal of all time, Rhode Island School of Design Nads
where their mascot is an actual penis and everyone shouts GO NADS!
The worst one of them all, the Scottsdale Community College Fighting Artichokes.
Fighting … Artichokes. I have never seen an Artichoke attack anyone, let alone fight.
And I’m pretty sure that all artichokes grow to be slaughtered and eaten. Just saying is all’ Did I miss any out? Or have you got one that
you think is worse? LIKE the video, subscribe and comment below! Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

100 thoughts on “The Worst Sports Teams Names in History – EXPLAINED!

  1. A town in Alberta Canada called Castor, had a hockey team named Raiders.
    Not if team name is bad or amazing.

  2. Once, a soccer team inside a school in England even use a name "Wankers United", and they get banned for "obscene names"

  3. Houston Texans' name goes back to the World Football League ca. 1974 (name wise). Plus Houston is the only city in Texas that matters. 3rd Coast baby!!

  4. The Artichokes was a protest. I went to Scottsdale community. A few years back. K…Back in the 70’s the school was predominantly an arts school. A new director came aboard and wanted to cut the art programs to build a football team. Naturally, students were pissed their arts classes were gonna get cut for a sports team. There were a bunch of protests, but the director went with it anyways. They held votes to pick the team mascot, things like the bears, the sharks, etc., and left a few spaces to write in your own mascots. Kids just wrote down the dumbest thing they could think of and thus Artie the Artichoke was born. I love our mascot.

  5. "Indian" is not a racial slur by any means, and every American Indian I've ever known used it. "Native American" is an obnoxious and meaningless politically correct term – I don't have a drop of Indian blood, but I was born in America, and apart from military service have never spent a significant time outside of America. I'm as native as any American regardless of my distant ancestry coming from Europe.

  6. Most Racist would be the team from the University of Mississippi. The "Ole Miss" Rebels, named after the Confederate States of America and their team mascot is a Plantation owner, AKA: The guys that owned all the slaves.

  7. Harlequins. Yes, you're about to get beaten into the dirt by a team of…clown like jester figures!

  8. High schools in Indiana:
    Vincennes Lincoln Alices
    Logansport Berries (mascot is Felix the Cat)
    Jimtown Jimmies
    Martinsville Artesians (named after spring water?)
    Frankfort Hot Dogs
    Oldenburg Academy Twisters (Chubby Checker?)
    Indianapolis Northwest Space Pioneers

  9. Exhibit A

    A Filipino top division basketball team that have been called:

    Pepsi Hotshots (1990–1992)
    7–Up Uncolas (1992–1993)
    Pepsi Mega Bottlers (1993–1996)
    Mobiline Cellulars (1996–1997)
    Mobiline Phone Pals (1997–2001)
    Talk 'N Text Phone Pals (2001–2008)
    Talk 'N Text Tropang Texters (2008–2015)
    TNT Tropang Texters (2015–2016)
    Tropang TNT (2016)
    TNT KaTropa (2016–present)

  10. I have one for college. A division 3 school in Western Ohio…. Heidelberg University Student Princes.

  11. Again I will state that naming a sports team the Braves, Indians or Redskins is a compliment to Native Americans. It pays tribute to their warrior heritage and projects the tough image they want their players to display while competing. No one would name a team after a racial slur because that would suggest the team is inferior to the competition and doesn't suggest confidence. If you think that "Redskins" (as a team name) is a shot against Native Americans then you must conclude that the Montreal "Canadiens" are mocking Canadians.

  12. Even tiny local teams have better names like I play for the cobras and some of my netball friends play for the devils

  13. One I think is dumb is the Indy eleven just in case you forgot how many men from one team are on the pitch in soccer.

    Also any team called the Red Bulls because the product placement isn’t even remotely hidden

  14. The worst names in hockey in my opinion are the 2 echl teams called the thunder, god help them if they ever face off against each other.

    The Orlando solar bears.

    Also the Jacksonville ice men because where the he🏒🏒 is their any ice in Jacksonville.

  15. The worst names in baseball in my opinion are the New Orleans Baby cakes

    The Las Vegas Aviators because for some reason they made the name worse and should have just stayed the 51s

    the Akron Rubber ducks

    And The Montgomery biscuits

  16. A new one from Alabama: the Mobile BayBears are moving to Madison (a suburb of Huntsville) and will become the North Alabama Trash Pandas.

  17. Got a few high schools Ozark Hillbillies, Bryn Mawr Mawrtians, Garrison Forest Grizzlies (an all girls school) and all the Gophers in the world!

  18. Oh thank goodness I thought my Seahawks has the worst name I'm so lucky what a relief, but there is a bird Seahawks but it's called osprey that can catch its prey while they are swimming underwater like the fish but they did not took that name osprey doesn't sound right, St. Louis Blues I would not call it the worst name because the popular songs if you look up the history, also did you check there was another football league that started a month ago after the super bowl it is called alliance american football (AAF) before they shutdown do to the bankruptcy? AAF Arizona hotshots IDK if that sounds good I saw their logo looks like and I they represent the firefighters who tried to take down the massive fire on the Arizona mountain, Atlanta Legends their logo is the crown it has the football symbol same as the hotshots IDK if that is a good name, NFL Miami Dolphins? it's a friendly animal there's not much to explain, NHL NY Islanders IDK what's their background calling themselves Islanders? sounds like a Hawaii name, and yeah that's all I can think of.

  19. In the ipl (Indian premier league) there is a team called the Mumbai Indians.
    There is another team which used to be called the delhi daredevils (very intimidating) but then changed their name in December 2018 to Delhi Capitals.

  20. This is gonna sound really stupid since I live in the city this school is in, but I think the stupidest high school mascot belongs to the Austin High School Maroons. I mean… They named their team after a color. Plus the actual mascot is a little maroon puff ball. Seriously, Austin?

  21. In Cricket there was a team called Rising Pune Super Giants. 😄
    (Pune is a place of India but rest of those words are cringy)

  22. since i am australian i am doing worst name in australian sports teams
    afl's worst name is the fremantle dockers
    nrl's worst name is the rabbitohs since rabbits do not strike fear into me
    the A-leagues worst name is the central coast mariners
    the field hockey's worst name is the waratahs
    the australian baseball leagues name is the adelaide bites
    the t20 big bash's worst name is the heat since their already is a team called the scorchers which is the same thing

    suncorp super netball's worst name is the swifts
    national basketball leagues worst name is the break
    Australian Ice hockey leagues worst name is the northstars
    and that is it

  23. The runner up in the 2018 Argentine Polo Open was Las Monjitas (translated is The Little Nuns). If you find something less agressive and scary than a nun, let me know it.
    Also in Argentina, there is a football team named Agropecuario (that means Agricultural), and one of my favorites (just for its name), Chaco For Ever.
    In Uruguay there's a football team named Boston River. I think that in the world doesn't exist any river with that name.

  24. In Germany we have a Hockey Team named "Fischtown Pinguns"

    They write Fisch with SCH like in german but Town in englisch.
    They write Pinguins with an i instead of e (what would be correct in german) but use the english plural form instead of the german "Pinguine",
    It should be englisch 'Fishtown Penguins' or german 'Fischstadt Pinguine'
    so the whole name is an english/german mixture that doesn't make any sense at all.

  25. The saints are a popular one in many sports
    NFL: New Orleans (again) saints
    AFL: St Kilda saints
    Other shitty names
    AFL: Carlton Blues, Fremantle Dockers, Gold Coast Suns, North Melbourne Kangaroos, Sydney Swans (intimidating as fuck)
    NRL: Sydney Roosters, Manly sea eagles, south Sydney Rabbitohs
    NFL: Miami Dolphins, Green Bay Packers

  26. Look up the Windsor Swastikas and the Fernie Swastikas hockey teams, if you want an unfortunate team name. That should get the SJW's frothing at the mouth.

  27. Redskins is definitely offensive, but Indians? I wouldn't go so far as to call it a slur, it can be offensive in certain contexts but the team isn't one of those contexts, especially since they got rid of Chief Wahoo

  28. i hate sporting team names… why have the extra "name" bit on the end… why does it have to be the chicago bulls, wny not just chicago ?

  29. I'm late to the party, but Burlington High School has a bad team name: The Seahorses. I cant tell which one is worse though, the Seahorses or the Montpelier HS Solons.

  30. Number 1 soccer isn't a real sport it's a social experiment to tell how easily someone gets board while watching. and number 2 if people aren't upset by a penis as a mascot then let them have their "indian" mascots.

  31. I always thought that the Dallas Stars NHL team should have been called the Dallas Snipers because when you're a great goal scorer in hockey they call you a sniper – and you know, the other thing that happened in Dallas.

  32. Real Salt Lake City is kinda strange, how can a sports team in a republic become an organisation endorsed by the king of spain

  33. While I would question the entire idea of naming your sports team after an ethnic group, the Cleveland Indian's name isn't nearly as bad as the Washington football team's name. Some native Americans do call themselves Indians (or at least they used to) but no one uses the Washington name. The story goes that back in the day they actually did have a native American player. Other teams weren't happy by that but the entire team took the name Indians as a sign of support. The old logo however was suitably offensive which is why Cleveland changed their logo to just a C and are pretending like the old logo never happened. Along the same lines, you could also be critical of the KC Chiefs and the Atlanta Braves although KC claims the name was based on someone's nickname.

  34. The Houston Texans are the third NFL team to call themselves the Texans. There was the Dallas Texans from the early 1950s (one of the worst teams ever assembled, and who trace their way back to the original Baltimore Colts, through the AAFC that gave us said Colts, San Francisco 49ers, and the Cleveland Browns and then further back to the Dayton Triangles of the NFL in the 1920s) and the Kansas City Chiefs started out in the AFL in 1960-1962 as the Dallas Texans.

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