The WORST Seats in the NBA!!

The WORST Seats in the NBA!!

♫ Well ou can do anything but stay home ♫ For my blue suede shoes – Well hi!
– This is the beginning of a fun day! So we are heading to Memphis, Tennessee for a super fun day, I need to fill you in
about what this whole thing is that we are doing because we do it every year
and this is the first time we’re ever gonna film it. (upbeat music) – [Announcer] Not so fast! (upbeat music) – We made it!
– Yep. – Lots of bricks. One place I’ve never been: Tennessee. So we came to Memphis, we’re
gonna stay the night here and then tomorrow morning
we have a bus that’s going to take us to Starkvlle, Mississippi. So we’re trying to think of
what you do in Memphis when you only have seven hours? You go to the bathroom apparently. So Memphis is also known for barebecue. Do you like barebecue? – Yeah! – Elvis was from Graceland
which is just six minutes away from the airport so
we’re not even gonna go to the hotel, we’re just
gonna get an Uber and go find Elvis’s house. Yeah he was a singer. And he danced and wore funny clothes. Hear that music? – Yeah.
– That’s Elvis. – Oh! – Alright here’s the deal,
they’re not even gonna let me film in here so I
can only take pictures. I’ll do what I can. Some of it, so, maybe prepare
for video montage to music. So if I’m talking to you
guys they may kick me out of Elvis’s house. But look. (rock music) Alright that was great, we
just took an Uber ride to here in downtown Memphis. And it was great, she
asked where we were from. Half of us are from New Mexico. And she goes, “What!?” (laughs) “Are you okay from the earthquake?” (laughs) – What’s this earthquake? – What’s this earthquake?
– Yeah – Mexico City, in Mexico. – Oh my gosh was she serious?
– Yeah. She didn’t, some people don’t realize that New Mexico–
– I know! – Whoa, whoa, tonight,
Space Jesus is here! Old theaters, old restaurants. (upbeat music) – This is most of our group ahead of us. Look at how many people
are wearing BYU shirts. (upbeat music) I just learned this today. Memphis is the birthplace
of Soul music, Rock N’ Roll, and one other, I’m blowing it. There’s three different types. Three genres are all them. So makes sense that you’ve got live bands. So I don’t know. They’ve got some good music during this, I’ll play it for you. What is this room? What the hell is this room? They have catfish, I’m definitely getting the fried pickles, I’m
definitely getting fresh baked peach cobbler, ’cause
I think that’s a thing in the South. (jazz music) – Okay we just ate, this
place is ridiculous. That was so good. Holy smokes. This street is becoming
a bit more popular now. (jazz music) We’re out here on this street, it’s called I don’t even know what it’s called. I don’t know what it’s called,
but this place this street is shut down. It’s a Friday night in
Memphis, really cool place. It reminds me a lot of Austin, Texas. Maybe with a bit more tradition
and history than Austin. Austin feels newer. But the boys are having a blast. This is what the boy trips are all about. We go to one of these BYU
football games every year and every year it seems
like BYU loses the game, but every year we have a great time. The boys are gonna remember
just hanging out together and having fun. (upbeat music) Alright buddy, what is
happening, what is FedEX Forum? – Right now we’re at the
Grizzlie’s and Pelican’s game. So, well not in it yet. Passing out
– What are they a soccer team? Yeah.
– Soccer game? – No it’s basketball. – So NBA game pre-season or
regular season, what is it? – I think it’s regular season. – Pre, pre-season. It’s fun. It’s beautiful weather. FexEx Forum and then Gibsons over here the place that we just ate the street is just right over there. I like this city. Check this out we’re in
the stadium and they have a practice facility inside of here. What is that thing?
– I don’t know. It’s so weird! – There’s check-in over
there, here’s the entrance, this is the actual arena right here. That’s pretty cool. (upbeat music) Got some friends right here! (cheers) You guys watch our videos?
– Yeah we watch everyday! – No way! Alright let’s check these seats out. Here we go! Come check this out Lincoln! Look at that. We sit right there. – Best seats in the house!
– I’m touching the roof. This is the roof. How’s the view guys? – There’s another banner.
– Another banner in your way? It’s the only banner they’ve
ever earned in their stadium. (calming music) – Game over, how’d it go? – The games not over.
– It’s over for us. – It’s the start of the second half. – So it is half time right
now, we’re super tired. It has been a really long day. Really fun, hopefully
there was enough to make a vlog out of this that was interesting. Stadium was fun, the trip
was fun, tomorrow’s going to be awesome at the game,
so, time to get some sleep. (upbeat music)

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  1. There is a really cool story about Elvis attending a seminary class in Pasadena CA. If you find the right person they can give you the scoop.

  2. Where do you live I live in Albuquerque Nm and I love your vids I hope I win that iphone giveaway and hopefully a get to meet you guys one day

  3. Can you guys go to the BYU vs UMass football game so I can meet you guys if you guys go just comment to my comment I'll give you my email so we can figure out we're we are going to meet

  4. Welcome to my state, I live in east Tennessee, don't come here, when your at severeval you are going to see a lot of moon shine sighns.

  5. He's form Tupelo, Mississippi not from graceland. Graceland is the name of his estate (witch is in memphis tennessee) Love the video's!

  6. Dan you can’t talk trash about the grizzlies having one banner because you and your son have no reason you like the warriors you BANDWAGONS

  7. I live in Memphis and I’ve stood about everywhere y’all stood in this video! Plz love this comment! Also the Memphis Tigers have always been good at college basketball so I don’t know why y’all said it’s the only banner they’ve earned in the arena which makes no sense but good video! Hope y’all visit Memphis again!

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