The Weirdest NBA Player Facts You Probably Didn’t Know Exist!

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viscom design your own custom snap backs and hats the NBA is a unique league that
attracts both players and fans from all around the world and although the league
has been around for a little over seventy years many people still don’t
know their favourite players as well as they think they do
the majority of NBA players are extremely creative even the most
ordinary of players have some interesting unique and unusual facts
about them today we take a look at the weirdest NBA player facts you probably
didn’t notice welcome to NBA insider Cleveland
Cavaliers captain and NBA superstar LeBron James is an ambidextrous while
you’re probably wondering what this means ambidexterity is the ability to
use both the left and the right hand equally it is also a condition that
sometimes allows you to use both of them at the same time only about 1% of people
are naturally ambidextrous which makes LeBron a one-of-a-kind player although
LeBron is mostly a dominant player with his right hand he still eat right and
signs autographs with in left hand LeBron James obviously shoots with his
right hand which is a good thing for his defenders but his condition makes me
wonder if he could be much more dominant if he was able to stay with both because
if he actually started playing basketball with his left hand it’s
possible that he would be an even more deadly player than he is today
I mean left-handed players are pretty rare so we have a pretty good advantage
against defenders who are used to guarding right-handed players for a
player like LeBron this could be a pretty ridiculous advantage Detroit
Pistons superstar Richard Hamilton has not been called by an eagle first name
since the mid 90s many NBA fans actually believe that nickname rift is his real
name as a matter of fact a majority of people thought he was given the name
because he would risk his opponents to shreds on the basketball court however
many fans don’t even know how he got the name to begin with Richard Hamilton
actually got his nickname from his dad who was also named Richard Richard’s
father first had the nickname as a baby because he would often rip his diapers
so when he had his first son not only did he give him the same name but he
also passed down the legendary nickname back when Metta World Peace was still
known as Ron Artest and was drafted by the Chicago Bulls in the 1999 NBA Draft
he decided to apply for a part-time job at an electronics company called Circuit
City the job was located in the suburbs of Chicago which Artest figured would be
a great place to make a little for cash while still pursuing his dreams
as a professional basketball player although circuitcity isn’t even in
business anymore it’s still kind of surprising that he applied for a
minimum-wage job when he could have been spending that extra time working on his
game it’s also pretty crazy considering how much NBA players were making in
dysesthesia ng’s worth of playing but then again we’re talking about Ron
Artest the same guy who legally had his name changed to Metta World Peace
so I guess anything’s possible during the 1987 1988 NBA season the Washington
Bullets had both the tallest and shortest players in NBA history on the
same roster these players were seven seven Manu ball and five three Mugsy
bolt although Manu was extremely tall he was actually an underrated three-point
shooter Mugsy on the other hand was an underrated shot blocker especially
considering his size and position as a matter of fact she blocked 39 shots for
his entire career on players much taller than him it’s hard to believe that
someone with a height of 5-3 even made it to the NBA after 19 years of playing
in the NBA Shaquille O’Neal scored 28 thousand five hundred and ninety-six
point as an NBA fan it’s fun to imagine how many three-pointers she has made was
in all of these points especially considering how the big man position has
evolved since his retirement the answer is simple only one he’s broken more
backwards from three-pointers made his one made three-pointer was in a
regular-season game during the 1995 1996 NBA season On February 16 to 1996 the
Orlando Magic were playing against the Milwaukee Bucks and the Magic inbounded
the ball was only 2 seconds left Shaq’s got the ball from the three-point line
and passed it in for a bank shot throughout his entire career Shaquille
O’Neal has attempted 22 three-pointers with this being the only one he has ever
made luckily for him that shot gave him a three-point shooting percentage of
point 0 for 5 that’s better than nothing in my opinion especially considering he
was a center plus it’s not like he was bad in every other aspect
he obviously retired as one of the creative centers to ever play the game
so yeah as arguably one of the greatest players of his generation Kobe Bryant
has played a leading role in helping the Los Angeles Lakers win time and time
again as a teenager brian excelled at the sport of basketball and therefore
decided to skip college and enter the NBA Draft straight from high school he
was selected 13th overall by Charlotte in 1996 but the Lakers had already
worked out a deal with the Hornet to acquire Bryan
prior to his selection so on July 1st 1996 Kobe was
picked up by the Lakers at the time he was just 17 years old since Kobe Bryant
was still not considered a legal adult by the time he was drafted by the
Charlotte Hornets and traded to the Los Angeles Lakers his parents had to
co-sign his contract on his behalf until he turned 18 later that year this won’t
be a problem for rookies anymore think you have to be at least a year removed
from high school to be eligible for the dress it’s so cool to know that the
Mambo’s rookie contract was treated as if it was a field trip for him
back in the 1995 NBA Finals Shaquille O’Neal and Orlando Magic were swept four
games to zero by Hakeem Olajuwon and the Houston Rockets in a battle that would
have been a seven-game series Hakeem scored more than 30 points in
each game of the sweep to extract to school with his iconic dream shake and
even held Shaq below his regular-season average regardless of this Shaquille
O’Neal still felt like he was a better individual player and that it was just
his team that was bad since Shaq believes that he was a superior fare he
decided to challenge Hakeem to a one-on-one battle he sent Hakeem a
letter so that they could play to determine who was a better player the
game was supposed to happen on September 30th 1995 and was even going to be
sponsored by Taco Bell unfortunately Hakeem back out of the
events a day before it was supposed to happen and therefore it was canceled if
Michael Jordan is not the only star that was cut from his high school basketball
team as a matter of fact former NBA all-star and MVP Charles Barkley was
caught not once but twice from his high school basketball team in Alabama as a
freshman and sophomore he did not have the skills or slides to play high school
basketball eventually though he did make the team and he ended up having an
excellent high school career by the time he graduated he had a scholarship offer
with Auburn University in Alabama and finally excelled as a great NBA player
many people might not recall this incident but back in 2003 NBA player Kim
Sol woods tries to use his basketball card as ID after being pulled over by
police Kinsel Woods was pulled over by the police on March 2003 for speeding
and marijuana possession / former Portland Trail Blazer however had no
form of ID so he offered in basketball cart and two credit cards instead of
course that did not go well with the police Woods was fined a little over
$1,000 for driving without a license and speeding but you have to give him credit
for trying at 22 years old Carl Lewis was a four-time long-jump Olympian
nine time gold medalist and get this he was a Chicago Bulls draft pick
although Carl Lewis never played college or even high school basketball the
Chicago Bulls drafted him in the 1984 NBA Draft as a 208 overall pick in the
10th round ten rounds after picking NBA legend Michael Jordan years ago the NBA
didn’t only have two rounds in the dress as a matter of fact they had as many as
10 rounds since there weren’t really that many players around that could even
be drafted teams just selected random people even if they didn’t play in the
NBA Ron waste a scout for the Bulls at the
time recommended Louis because he was the best athlete available and he might
have been onto something considering just two months earlier Lewis was
drafted as a wide receiver in the 12th round of the 1984 NFL Draft by the
Dallas Cowboys in the end Carl Lewis never played a professional game for
either sport but it’s still pretty interesting to know if you ask me back
in 1965 NBA legend will Chamberlain became the highest-paid player in the
league receiving $100,000 for season after agreeing to a three-year contract
with the Philadelphia 76ers meanwhile the Boston Celtics were offering Wilkes
basketball rival Bill Russell just 75,000 Aziz’s upon hearing how much
world chamberlain was receiving Bill Russell requested the Celtics to
increase his salary higher than his he told the Celtics he was considering
retirement unless he earned more than Chamberlain the weird part about this
was that he specifically requested that his salary be $1 more than that of will
just so that he could literally be one step ahead of him and so the Boston
Celtics agreed and eventually ruffled by his contract which paid him 101 thousand
dollars a majority of NBA fans don’t know that over 60% of NBA players lose
all their money in just five years of retirement it seems a bit ironic that
millionaires can become broke so quickly but it happens more often than you would
think when you think about the big houses nice cars and lavish lifestyle
surrounding these players it is easy to understand how the money can disappear
so quickly no wonder the trust rule was worried about feeding his family the
former all-star who helped the Minnesota Timberwolves reach the Western
Conference Finals in 2004 rejected a three-year 21 million dollar contract
offer because he said that he needed a raise in order to feed his family by
2005 Latrell had overestimated his value in the league and never
selected another cheque from the NBA the sad part about all of this was not the
fact that he declined the offer but that he never played for the NBA again and
went bankrupt shortly after now that five-time champion and two-time
MVP Tim Duncan is retired he might be able to go back to his second favor I’ll
be swimming before becoming a professional basketball player Tim
Duncan was a swimmer his sister Trisha was an Olympic swimmer and Duncan wanted
to follow in her footsteps he was actually training to make the u.s. men’s
national team for the 1992 Olympics but a hurricane ruined his hands as it
wrecked the only pool he could use and so he decided to change hobbies and
began playing basketball in the Virgin Islands in 9th grade
of course basketball was sort of a natural fit for Duncan since she was
already close to being seven feet tall the hurricane might have been a blessing
in disguise because he would go on to become one of the greatest players to
ever put on a uniform for the San Antonio Spurs and even has five
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