THE TRUTH: Is Lebron James Jr REALLY a Future NBA Star

we all know the ultimate goal that
basically every NBA fan wants we all know what the media wants we all know
what the players want we all know what LeBron wants we want somehow for LeBron
James senior and LeBron James jr. to step foot on an NBA court together as
teammates and from there I mean the sky would be the limit seriously how cool
would it be if we actually watched an almost 40 year old LeBron throw an
alley-oop to his 19 year old son that might break the internet if the internet
is still around however before any of that can happen LeBron James jr. aka
brawny of course needs to reach the level of a top NBA prospect and that
guy’s of course is the topic of today’s video so what’s up guys Mike here and
yes we are going to take a deep dive into the question is LeBron James jr.
just a social media star whose highlights get tons of views because his
dad is an NBA legend or is this kid really a future special basketball
player well it has always been a very clear that LeBron James jr. has a town
by the age of 10 Ronny was already an internet sensation
as his highlight videos on YouTube easily racked up millions of views soon
after college scouts would begin to offer him scholarships there is even a
rumor that he received a scholarship offer at the age of two and now that
LeBron James jr. has finished middle school and is going to be playing high
school basketball things have only gotten crazy lately it seems like we’ve
all watched brawny win championship after championship become the focus of
countless news headlines continue to consistently dominate
basketball games I mean the first time LeBron James jr. dunked became a
trending topic in mere seconds that is how famous this kid is and really this
level of Fame is no surprise at all the reason I say this is that this is
LeBrons son the greatest player of our
generation actually has a son that looks like he’s talented enough to not only
become an NBA player but go further and become an NBA star yes it is possible
LeBron James jr. could become a star but of course with that statement we have to
ask the question now is all of this hype of dessert before we break down LeBron
James juniors game though I do want to put into perspective just how large this
hype as grow as of right now brawny currently has scholarship offers from a
Duke and Kentucky he has an Instagram account that gained a 1.5 million
followers in a single day and most importantly is currently ranked as the
number 2 recruit on several scouting websites such as the Naismith National
Youth all-american report and middle school elite comm it is this current
national ranking that I think is the perfect transition to bring us to the
discussion of LeBron James juniors game because this number 2 ranking shows us
just how much brawny has grown in the last year alone because headed into this
season a lot of sites had brogni ranked in the 20s or lower and there were quite
a few people who believed that even those rankings were too high but as
LeBron jr. has continued to work a non-stop at his game it has become
obvious to everyone watching him that the kid has reached a new level a level
that he has climbed to on the basis of both natural talent but more importantly
absolutely beat basketball skills for his age that
came from hard work each and every day it seems like brownie is getting better
and the world has taken notice in fact high school basketball scouts
and one former NBA all-star you know guys who are around basketball for a
living have said some very promising things about LeBron James jr. and guys
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now let’s take a look at those statements first off we have Evan Meyers
a scout from 24/7 sports calm Meyers recently wrote James showed impressive
feel for the game and incredible voice for his age he was unfazed by the
circus-like environment around James has a smooth shooting stroke from three
competed on both ends and played with energy the idea of projecting a rising
freshman is difficult but at this stage the 2,023 guard is tracking as a future
high major prospect moving on to
Erik Bosse observed I first saw him last summer and was struck by his poise and
ability to navigate all the craziness around considering he won’t play varsity
basketball until next winter at Santa Monica crossroads
James skill level is impressive and he’s a dangerous jump shooter and alert
passer and going even further perhaps the most impressive thing that Bosse
wrote were the words of Imani Bates the number one overall recruit in the class
of 2020 – because after Bates himself dropped over 40 points he went out of
his way to say this whoa Ronnie is going to be a real
special he plays hard and he plays smart and he finds people real well he’s going
to be really good and finally we have Gilbert Arenas who recently trained
brawny and said me training him I can never take any credit for what he does
because his son is going to be a freak of nature the same jeans running through
LeBron are running through brawny juniors so no matter where you think he
is right now is not where he’s gonna end up the kid is very special at some point
he’s gonna be a six foot eight or six foot nine point guard that in itself is
dangerous in my opinion these three scouting reports really sum up brownies
game right now very well while he is not the once-in-a-generation type athlete
that his dad is jr. has more than proven himself on the court with his overall
skill he is a great play maker with a feel for the gaming
he’s someone who always is playing with as much energy as possible and as many
people who have noticed he has a much better jump shot at this age than his
dad much better however just like LeBron James senior LeBron James jr. has also
proven to countless people that he is unafraid of the moment at all it is not
normal for a 14 year old to pack gyms and be a nationally known name but while
others might crumble under the pressure that being LeBron James son brings Ronny
has largely proven that he can ignore the buzz around him and is able to just
play basket in my opinion that is very impressive and is going to be a big time
trait going forward being one of the best basketball players to ever lives
son cannot be easy and being named directly after LeBron must be very tough
for brawny LeBron himself s even said that he regrets naming his own son after
him because of the pressure its put on him however at the end of the day the
NBA is one of the largest professional sports leagues in the world and that
means night in and night out there is going to be pressure the fact that
LeBron James jr. is able to deal with this pressure as a teenager is just
again incredib with all of this said however at this point we do need to
address fronnies height now at the age of 11 LeBron senior stood at just 5 foot
7 and was actually told by his doctor that he would only grow up to be 6 foot
3 of course this was laughably wrong as by the end of middle school LeBron was
listed at around 6 feet tall and then by the end of his freshman season he would
finish the year listed at 6 foot 3 this is a very good news for brawny as I have
to admit that personally I was a little afraid that he was not going to grow
tall last year we saw jr. play at a listed playing height of just 5 foot 10
now though it appears that his growth spurt is in full effect and a brawny
is going to be entering high school at a listed playing height of six foot to a
height that of course makes him tall for a freshman a height that is going to
allow him to compete at the highest level of varsity basketball and a height
that gives us all hope that maybe I just maybe this kid will actually grow to be
at least a six foot eight and if that happens I’ll just say it right now
brawny is going to be a problem in the NBA with all of this said however again
I just want to make it clear that it is very tough to predict just how good an
eighth grade basketball player will become I mean we’ve seen top high school
seniors such as Simard o Samuels and Byron Mullens failed miserably in the
NBA despite the fact that they were ranked by ESPN as top five recruits in
the class of 2008 meanwhile future NBA all-stars Paul George and Gordon Hayward
were in that same class of 2008 and weren’t even ranked and nationally at
all but just two seasons later as sophomores they would leave college and
would become NBA lottery picks it’s stuff like this that just goes to show
you that in reality a lot of basketball scouting can sort of be a guessing there
are tons and tons of things that can and will change between the time a
basketball recruit is in middle school compared to what he graduates high
school and from there whenever he decides to leave college these factors
of course include things such as how tall that player will grow and how much
work he’s willing to put in luckily from what we’ve seen it does appear that
Ronnie will be an NBA sized human being and if his incredible support system
from his family continues I do believe that he should continue to work hard and
hopefully he does grow to be a high level NBA player and does get the chance
to play with his dad because I think we can all admit again that that would just
be awesome that would be incredible but of course there is still a ton of
basketball left to play before any of that happen so the only thing we can do
now guys is sit back and watch and that means there you have it guys thank you
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