The Truth About Video Games

The Truth About Video Games

Improvement Pill here you know I’ve
talked about playing video games a couple of times on the channel before
and I usually frame it as a sort of bad thing something that you should try to
do less of but to be honest I actually still spend a fair chunk of my time
playing games and today I’m gonna share with you exactly why I still do this so
the thing is when I was growing up I loved gaming I remember when I got my
first handheld device the black-and-white Gameboy when I was like
eight or nine years old and I would spend hours and hours every single day
playing my mom would tell me to go to sleep at night and I would secretly turn
off the lights hide under the covers but continued to play late into the night
with a flashlight in my mouth I would stay up way past my bedtime till like
2:00 or 3:00 a.m. barely get any sleep and wake up feeling like a zombie
because I still had to go to school the next day when I got to high school I
became even more obsessed I got a laptop and I was introduced to the world of
mmo’s massive multiplayer online games where I would spend hours every single
day after school just grinding and doing quests leveling up my character in game
but never working on myself in real life later in high school I got into a game
called League of Legends I would rush home the
moment class was over and play for hours and hours until it was bedtime I
wouldn’t start doing homework until it was already like 11:00 p.m. and in the
span of just two years I managed to play over 2,000 games of League which
accounts to about 2000 hours that’s equivalent to 80 days of non-stop plain
the thing about gaming is that unlike spending your time on social media or
using alcohol and drugs Gaming is not inherently unhealthy playing games
doesn’t make you feel worse about yourself like social media does and it
doesn’t physically take a toll on your body like drugs and alcohol do the main
problem of gaming is that it can easily take up a lot of your time that’s about
it health-wise in my opinion it’s harmless
and that’s a good thing when you have something that you enjoy doing that is
relatively harmless it can be used as an extremely good reward
and this is a very important thing that you have to keep in mind because if you
want to transform your life if you want to accomplish many things and reach your
goals it all really boils down to building habits Avenue catchphrase that
I’ve been saying to a lot of my students in the habit builder challenge which by
the way has been extremely effective in getting people to build new habits and
overcome their bad ones and is going to happen again
next month so make sure you sign up for my mailing list using the link down
below if you want to receive news and updates about the challenge anyways the
catchphrase that I’ve been using is that the life you want is only a couple of
habits away right the ideal life that you want can be achieved if you build
the right habits for example if your main concern recently has been to adjust
your weight and look good you only really have to build a sort of fitness
and diet habit and you’re good to go the reason I still game is because having a
good reward is extremely important when it comes to building and sticking to
these life changing habits it’s actually impossible to build a habit without a
decent reward because the reward plays a crucial role it’s what tells your brain
hey this action is worth remembering if we do a B and C we get this great reward
in return so we should remember doing it if you don’t have a good reward your
brain will not strengthen the wiring for the habit and sticking to the habit will
never become easier so when I started my self-improvement journey and I started
building a bunch of habits I actually did not quit gaming I still played video
games but I did so more strategically for example after drafting the script
for this video that you are currently listening to I will get to play an hour
of the game that I’m currently obsessing over I’ve been thinking about it all day
it’s a really good game but I’ve been able to train myself to play the game
only after I finish a big task such as drafting an entire script and this
actually makes me want to get my work done even more the better the reward the
easier it is for you to stick to your habit people are often surprised when
they find out how much time I spend on gaming or watching Netflix and anime or
even going out to party because those things are often associated with people
who sort of just bum out and get nothing done but what they don’t realize is that
the reason I’m able to work on so many and the reason why I see success in
business is because I have good rewards if you follow the conventional
self-improvement feel-good advice where they teach you to just grind and grind
and grind you will most likely get burnt out if there aren’t enough rewards in
your life things that you allow yourself to enjoy doing your mind will eventually
reach a point where it says May and why in the world are we even working so hard
what’s the point when we get nothing in return
and the moment you start thinking like that you will start to burn out and lose
your motivation if you love gaming you don’t have to give it up to improve your
life you can still play but train yourself to play after you get your next
big task done train yourself to work hard and play hard your life will be
much more enjoyable and you actually get a lot more done this episode was brought
to you with the help the guys at audible one of the most important things you
should be focusing on doing this new year is to build good habits and get
them to stick and audible is perfect for this I use audible all of the time
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new year audible is issuing a special challenge if you can finish three
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that and besides that guys stay tuned

48 thoughts on “The Truth About Video Games

  1. The Habit Builder Challenge is back! Check out what others have to say:

  2. I´d argue that videogames are not as harmless as you say. They provide lots of immediate gratification and overstimulate your neurochemistry. I´m saying this as a moderate gamer, by the way.

  3. Excuse me, I know that setting games as a reward is very important. However, it’s truly hard to train myself to focus on my work when I always think about my reward after wrapping up tasks. Could you give me some advices, thanks in advance

  4. I graduated in July in marketing and today I still haven't got a job, get ripped or a new girlfriend . All I've been doing is playing in my laptop games like WT or WoWs, an eternal grind, I don't even enjoy it but every day I play and play, I had nights in which the sun rises and I'm still playing. It sounds simple to quit or just play less but I honestly can't control it, in my case it's an addiction just like alcohol. I've known people inside the game with 10 times the amount of time that I've spent and I personally hate the person that I have become, it has the potential of ending my future if I don't do something

  5. Partially correct. To me, only games except the cRPG genre can be treated as relaxing. I buy or play those games not considering them as a simple self-reward.

  6. I play mostly offline and I feel wasting my time or worse addicted only when I play online, coop or competitive.

    I love playing but I can see the problem as soon as you are connected, like a social medium but in a more insidious way.

  7. I needed this video soo much as an Anime/Manga lover and casual gamer that's finishing up my schooling program. Thank you for making this video fam.

  8. Let's just say that NOBODY is Perfect. You are in denial. Quit gaming and spend more time interacting with friends and family. On your deathbed many years from now, you will probably regret all the wasted time.

  9. I'M SO HAPPY TO KNOW THAT I DON'T HAVE TO GIVE UP GAMING!!! YAYYY Btw I'm trying to build meditation habit I'm already on a two weeks streak but I use anime as the reward but I wanted to make gaming as the reward : D btw does it affect your progress if you change your reward?

  10. Mira @improvment pill, no se cómo haces pero siempre tienes el video perfecto para mi estado de ánimo, estoy bien sincronizado con este canal y voy a ser una persona exitosa Gracias a ti. Hace unos días (~20 de enero) me di cuenta de que había creado buenos hábitos pero no había ganancia sobre eso y , cómo tú dijiste, yo estaba perdiendo la motivación. Ahora gracias a este canal se lo que me sucedió y cómo hacer 💪🏽🔥

  11. I play video games because real life is boring. Work work work everyday. Video games give me so many fun things to do. And in video games i can be whoever i imagined, a warrior, a soldier, anything

  12. Spaced repetition of gaming sessions will develop greater skill than nonstop grinding. Far less likely to develop bad habits in the game that way.

  13. Hey, my favorite and most addictive game is clash of clans. But, every time I end up playing it for hours and not using it as a reward.
    Can you please explain how you went through the process in deep?

  14. I don't even have decent games to play. I just occasionally play Pokemon Revolution Online ( a fan game) and check my productions on Forge Of Empires. Yes, I'm that boring.

  15. I like your channel and most of your videos. Very useful stuff. I completely disagree with this one. Games play with your dopamine in order to make you like them, that's not harmless. They make you only enjoy gaming and make you feel everything else is boring. Also your idea about using rewards when building habits never really worked for me. I have built a few habits and I never used rewards in any of them (so it is possible). Every time I tried using gaming as a reward it always ended up in a spiral into addiction.

  16. If you play a lot. U can easily fu** up your Cirkadiann rhythm. Blue light = Lower melatonin and that means worst sleep and body recovery. That means, gaming can be bad like taking drugs. I was big time gamer when i was younger. And i know lot about how body works. Gaming before you go sleep is bad for you

  17. Well if you want to play game just play story based games like witcher 3 for 30-40 mins a day for refreshment because these online games just keep you indulged.

  18. You said releasing dopamine without any work is bad in masturbation video …video game can destroy your mind I have read this in a research paper …..I am unsubscribing you man ..

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