The Top 10 Reasons People Hate Professional Football Players – EXPLAINED!

Ninh explains the Top 10 Reasons why people
hate Football Players 1) Money.
It’s no secret that these guys earn way too much money.
Being paid millions per season to kick around a plastic ball seems like complete madness.
And don’t even get me started on the lucrative sponsorship deals that these guys sign to
pedal their cars, their condoms and their … chickens? 2) Wanting even more money.
These guys earn so much that they could wipe their arses with banknotes everyday.
That doesn’t stop these prima-donna football players holding their teams to ransom, and
threatening to go elsewhere unless they’re given more money.
When a football team is smart enough not to give in to these crazy demands, here comes 3) Disloyalty.
Doesn’t matter that the team and their fans idolise you.
You go and sign for their arch rivals for more money.
Yeah, real classy move. Nobody likes ungrateful, disloyal football
players. And congratulations, you’ve just made yourself
a whole new army of enemies … and these ones probably know where you live. 4) Diving
In the world of professional sports, footballers are probably the softest athletes in the world.
Don’t touch his hair now, because he’ll probably clutch his face and act as if he’s
just been shot. Running alongside a footballer will probably
make him fall over in theatrical fashion, as any near-contact impairs their sense of
balance. 5) Cheating
Sportsmanship doesn’t apply here. Footballers have the most creative way to
con the referee. From phantom fouls to getting opposing players
sent off, there’s no limits to what these guys can pull.
Too bad there’s no instant replay like in other civilised sports. 6) Abusing the Referee
It takes a brave man to want to go to work every day to be treated like crap, verbally
assaulted and physically manhandled. And the thing is – it’s perfectly legal!
A football referee can’t do anything about it because there’s no rules against it.
Watch any American sport to see how referee’s should react to abuse from players. 7) Arrogance
Most pro football players think that because they’re rich and famous, they think they’re
above the Law. From parking their supercars anywhere they
please, to flaunting their cash everywhere, these footballers really take the piss. 8) Biting.
Okay, this really only applies to one player in particular.
But when they’re not biting someone and protesting innocence, some players are intentionally
trying to break someone else’s leg. Some players throw darts at their own teammates,
and some practice their kung-fu skills on random spectators. 9) Womanising
At some point, a professional footballer has probably slept with … a prostitute, a granny,
a teammates girlfriend, a family members wife … and pretty much everyone every female
that isn’t their own wife or girlfriend. 10) Jealousy
Is it the money, is it the fame, their athletic bodies or good looks?
Whatever it is, people are jealous … and that’s another fairly solid reason to hate
professional footballers. Ninh Ly,, @NinhLyUK

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