The Super Bowl Isn’t About Football

The Super Bowl Isn’t About Football

(rock music) (cheering) – You guys as hyped as I am, huh? We got beer, we got wings,
we got dips of plenty, let’s Super Bowl! (cheering) – Grant, why aren’t you juiced? It’s the Super Bowl. – Oh, I only watch the
Super Bowl for the football. (groaning) – You’re one of those? – I’m sorry, just the
rest of this is so boring! – Grant, the Super Bowl is the biggest day of the year, for commercialism. Get excited! – Do you not understand that
the most powerful brands, in America, are locked in an
all-out brawl, for your money? (sighing) – Grant, please don’t be a
spoiled sport and sit there, moping around, during the best part, the corporate pander. – Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! It’s starting! ♪ We are knights and
we drink light beer. ♪ ♪ Light beer is our favorite beer. ♪ (cheering) – Holy shit! – Oh my God, did you see that?
– That was incredible. – They didn’t even have
light beer, back then! – That came outta nowhere! (cheering) – [Narrator] Experience
the new standard in luxury. Almond Butter Reese’s are
creamy, nutty and delicious. – Hey, hey, where are you going? – I’m just going to hit the restroom. – During the commercials, who does that? – Guys, I’m sorry. I just, I didn’t watch commercials much, when I was a kid, so I don’t
really know what’s going on. – Alright, I got you, I will explain. So, these are brands and
they’re trying to get here, which is your bank account. – What’s that?
– Oh, that’s the defense. This is your sense of
financial responsibility, and this is your general lack
of interest in the products. – Right, and in the back, is the safety, which is your innate knowledge, that no matter what products you buy, you will remain fundamentally unhappy and one day, die alone. – Right, and now the brands have to get around all of that to score. – Moves and reactions
and tactics, you know? – It’s interesting, but does capitalism have to be so violent? – Oh, that’s way overblown,
just a bad reputation. – Seems like every year,
I hear about more and more people that have depression
and emotional problems, because of credit card injuries. – If capitalism were dangerous, would they let high school kids do it? – That’s probably ’cause it’s
how it’s always been done, tradition getting in the
way of the change, you know? – Oh, wow, Graham, we missed the ads. – [Narrator] Here comes the kick. It’s high, quick stop at
the 22, now back to the ads. (cheering) – Alright, there we go!
(clapping) – [Woman] This is the one day a year, you hear about, (cheering) – That’s what it’s about,
man, ads with friends. – I like commercials that give me a boner. – [Announcer] Papa John’s blew it, so, here comes, Little Caesar’s. – Piece-a-pizza, am I right? That’s the hall of fame, right there. – [Announcer] Everyone’s a pussy, but you. Buy a Ford! (cheering) – That’s what I’m talking about! – [Announcer] (singing) (groaning) – Get to the game! – What? Grant, come on! They’re about to announce the winner of the Doritos “Do Our Work For Us” contest. – Grant, you’re gonna love it. Doritos makes its fans
make their own commercials, and they play the best
one, during the game. – Well, that sounds
like it takes advantage of people’s skills and undervalues labor. (sighing) And as a football fan, I love that. (cheering) – We found some common ground, here! I knew we’d get you, alright! (sighing) Hey, what do you guys think will happen, when a player, inevitably,
dies on the field?

41 thoughts on “The Super Bowl Isn’t About Football

  1. Imagine there's like, a cute kid in this pinned comment hugging a car or something. A talking pig. Something fun like that. Anyways, sign up for a free trial of DROPOUT here today!

  2. I never understood why people liked the commercials during the superbowl. Like, all commercials are terrible. I purposely mute them and don't watch them when they are on.

  3. Ironically, the most boring part of a football game is the game itself. Especially with all the timeouts which are always far longer than players actually doing any running.
    Of course, I will still take being forced to watch the game over any Allstate commercials.

  4. Commersialism causes the bank account to atrophy and can lead to early onset sheep-mentality. Get yourself checked.

  5. Idk what to call this… Reverse meta-commentary? Whatever it was I enjoyed it and thought it was pretty smart at the same time…

  6. As an European I would like too say i hate the super-bawls since it's just an American thing that thinks it's world wide,But to be honest it's just a less ''manly'' sport than rugby and many other fake sport like WWE that you think the world cares about.

  7. Turns out this super bowl actually ended up being REALLY FUCKING BORING.

    Pats won though, so it’s all good.

  8. Didn’t Raph say that he didn’t like cypher Monday because of the consumerism but now he’s all for it

  9. I love how this premise is just a way to slide in a bunch of comments on how awful and damaging football can be (especially high school football)

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