(swishing) – I’m next to you, what
are you talking about? – Look I invited you, now I
invited you to a squad again– – I’m already in your squad!
– Look I got – No you’re not, look at me. – You kicked me out? – I left. (amused chuckling) – Why would you kick me out? – Chased that over a year (chuckles) – Yo, that’s tough. (amused laughter) Yeah, that’s tough man. – I’m right here, I’m right here. – Now, no, no, no, no look
before the score ends, press X again and so I
can hit circle to get out. There we go. Wait, wait, don’t … Why don’t, I can’t get out! (playful music) (men laughing) – Why do you want me like that? (men hysterically laughing) – Alright see, you’re still,
you’re stuck on a spot. – Yes man, I been asking for help! (basketball faintly dribbling) – Don’t go there! (slapping) – Yo, monster. – Look at that dunk
animation they gave me. (coughing) Watch the sharp shooter. – Chase on park! (groaning) – Pick comin’! (“What You Won’t Do For
Love” by Bobby Caldwell) – Hey Chad
– Let it go let it go ♪ I bet you wonder where I’ve been ♪ (men laughing) I’m bored, come on man. (faint jazz music) – Pull it. – Shoot it. – You know I didn’t wanna,
– I like that. I didn’t want to shoot a fade though. Like I don’t know why he did that shit. (man laughing) – Oh, then he spun on,
ooh, okay wait a minute. – Alright man, alright alright. – Okay wait a minute, here man, here. – Oh my bad. – Alright now.
– Oh my … (jazz music) (bell dinging) – Oh my God, oh my God!
– Woo, beat that ass, yo. That was good. (men crosstalking and laughing) (men yelling) – Oh my … – Alright, good boy.
– Especially when you get to a place where they keep giving you full bar whites
and you don’t even wanna shoot no more. – Yo, chief, why you suck?
Yo what the? You, what the f-? – No honestly, I didn’t know it was you – Dog seriously.
– Jobu did what? – In living color, color.
– I didn’t even realize I forgot that you had the brown shirt on. (jazz piano music) (swishing) – Yeah. – Hmm. (jazz piano music) – Trent,
– Hmm? – You just catch everybody
with that, yo that’s crazy. Why do I still have … Oh defense Tyler. – Yo put it up, I’m holding square! – Yo, yo, yo don’t do that Tyler, man. Yo, yo, yo, that just messed me up, bro. – Feels weird as hell. (men shouting) I like the confidence.
– That was a three! (men shouting) – Good, good defense, go all the way? – Nah man, he’s gonna block
it, go take that shot. – Green. – That’s all good! – It passed. (muffled speaking) – Yeah before he, before he steals it. (jazz music) – Nice goal tip. – Ooh. – This (screams) – Nah, he aint got that he ain’t
got that he ain’t got that. – Damn, I can’t get mad
at Chase, he’s too short. (threatening music) – Marcel! – 19 up, we need to get a two
– Alright it’s not game, – Let’s fucking win, let’s fucking win. (threatening music) (climactic music) (faint speaking) – You’ve got a whole area. (banging) – Let’s go! (clapping) – Yo Chase, you been closing out games the last, what, couple games now. (laughing) – Yo, why you scream like that? – Got the tattoos on the neck, alright. – Yo, this is 60 frames? – Big bank!
– Yes, it is. – The oh you mean? (wailing) – Why me?
– 94 oh God. – Oh I got an 88. – Let’s get it. – Oh you trash
– Don’t worry, Chase. (laughing) – Help me, defense please. – You alright man, no rebound. – I don’t know why y’all
played with Run Team when you play 2k with Run Team – Yo, why am I missing layups? – Yeah, you a slasher. (jeering) – And can’t hit a layup
to save my life wide open. (cheering) – 2k every kiss begins with – Set corner. – Yo, get out of the disco now. (group laughing) (crosstalking) – Switch switch switch switch switch. Switch switch jump jump, somebody help … (crosstalking) – What? – They said defensive breakdown on B. (solemn music) (crosstalking) – I got somebody going. – Jump, he gonna miss. – He missed, he missed. (solemn music) – Yo, yo, don’t do …
– Come on. – Are you serious?!
That’s crazy. – I was staying in time out, bro. – Watch that, quadruple three. – That’s three points.
– Yo. – That’s all. (faint speaking) (solemn music) (buzzer buzzes) (excited screaming) (excited screaming) – Nah come on. – Dude. Watch the screen. Yeah,
help him on that screen, yo. Good way to play side, way to play side. – That’s gone.
– Good shit, good shit. (clapping) (crosstalk) – I made X. (whistle blowing) – No. – Who pressed X? Who said that? – Oh my God. – Chase was that you?
– Yo that was you? – No, no, I didn’t inbound it – That wasn’t me, why would I do that? – Yo, that paint open. (inspirational music) Get that baby, you got that. (smacking) – I believe in Chase. – I said good.
– Switch back, switch back. (faint screeching) Come on, he setting a screen on me. – He gon put that back up. – That’s cool. – Mmm, what? – Yo, I can’t believe you niggas do that. – Who open, who do this
reaching like that? – How ’bout Rick, how ’bout, man. – No, no, no, no, no! – You know, you know I didn’t
mean to take that shot, right? I swear to God. I swear to God I didn’t
even mean to do that. – But Ricky, but why you
even do that, though? – BOOM. (playful Hawaiian music) – I can’t take this shot. (playful Hawaiian music) – Good shot. (whooshing) – Got y’all.
– Ooh! – Yo, cousin.
– Yes! – Alright y’all wanna
go for the win or … (dramatic music) – You gotta get Philly Bay open, dog. – Come on. (SpongeBob chuckling) – What?! – Yo, who tapped X? Who blacked X? – What, yo? – Yo.
– Who tapped X? I set a screen. – I just want to know. I just wanna …
– Who tapped X? – To the left corner.
– Who Who in-bounded it? – Raunchy’s computer. – Aye ah, aye ah. (laughing) – We got sold! – Nothin’, that’s why. – I’m sick.
– It’s four inches too! (singing) – This part is so cold! (singing) – Yo, Chase (laughs) (men laughing) (swishing) – Oh shit, he hasn’t played it yet? (calm music) – Why Chase wouldn’t play. – Okay, Chase. (dinging) – Ooh!
– Ahhh! (blubbering) – That would’ve been nice though. That would’ve been nice. – Those are dead noise.
– Why is it always full bar? Nah, I’m not gonna let
you get skip pass stay. You alright, what was that? – Miss your joint?
– Gimme that. It was about time, man. Got my faith. – Okay! (calm music) (men faintly shouting) – I need Dimer. (curious music) – I finally got one! (playful accordion music) – Come on, AJ.
– Cook him. – Ooh, ooh, I’m linking red. Ooh, I’m linking red. (men crosstalking) Ooh, I’m linking red. – Dang it.
– Raunchy. Ooh, what y’all say about Bunk Stills? – Raunchy. (playful accordion music) – Yo, I’ll take that. – Raunchy. – Wow. (giggling) – I mean, that’s raunchy, bro.
– Raunchy. – Man, the game over, bro. Y’all see … (man grunting) – He … – He ain’t get that, he ain’t get that. (emotional music) – Aw!
– He … – Alright, aright, aye, aye. – Yo, can you do me a favor? Can we just get a regular tube? Let’s take our time please. – Aye.
– I ain’t the reason. (dramatic music) – Everybody still on my
dick dunkin’ and stuff. Can you help me if I hype ’em up dawg. – Easy. – Come on, I got Dimer. – Dang! – Come on, man!
– That’s not! – Earth loser. – Imagine that. – Come on now. – Hey, Raunchy, Raunchy,
don’t, don’t do that – I’m purging. – That’s Cash.
– Cash. – Nah nah nah. – My bad, my bad. – Don’t give it to me.
– Come on. – 21 21 21! – Let it go. – Me turning 21 to get you. (men screaming over one another) – Oh my goodness!
– Why you complainin’? (men screaming over one another) – You can’t be doin’ that Chase, screaming and running and all that. Yo, watch that, watch that stretch. – Whachu talkin’ bout? Ricky had a wide open dog. – Bro, no no no no, Chase dude. (men screaming over each other) – That’s my die, bruh. (calm music) (screeching) (men shouting) – I can’t believe you did that, bro. – What do you mean?!
– I can’t believe you did that. (men yelling loudly) – Fuckin’ make up your mind! (men screaming over each other) – Stop screaming! (men screaming over each other) – I didn’t get touched! – You weren’t even guarding
the one of ’em niggas. – Yes, I was. – You was between both them niggas. – I’m supposed to be
in-between both of ’em. – Yo Chase! (screeching) – Alright, come this side! – Yo yo yo.
– Ricky’s not open. – Come this side, yay! (calm music) – Oh Chase, oh! – Now it’s too late! (men loudly screaming) – It didn’t count! (clapping) – Oh my … – Oh my god!
– Oh my god. (drumming) – And my foot was on line anyway. – Oh my god. This is both, this is
worth playing with … – It was contested, and he already made it! – It was contested,
– Oh my Lord. – contested, contested.
– Oh my Lord. – I ain’t gonna, I’m not gonna lie to you. – Now, what do I have, two people? Kill me. – Nah, on the first one that you’ll pass, the CPU twerk on it.
– No no no, Carter, Cater. – I don’t know about that.
– This sellout goes to you, bruh. You shot that three, (yelping) but you take leaver. – (chuckles) Sellout,
– You was feeling ass neckly in here.
– sellout of the game. – You was feeling super tight
– Oh man. – till you shot that three. I just wanna know, like take us back to where you were when you shot that three, please. (chuckling) – Uh, first and foremost,
I would like to say, I had my takeover, I just
didn’t get an animation I liked on that shot, but this sellout has to go to Raunchy. – He never …
– No, it doesn’t! (men laughing) – He never wanted to smoke. – That is crazy. – No, no, no. – Let’s talk about it. – Hold on, I gotta say
I’m very disappointed. – What?
– Yo Carter. – Do you know how he
punched your man’s ass? – He definitely stepped y’all’s twos, – He had 30!
– and he (mumbles) now. – He got 30 on your B! – I don’t give a fuck about that! He’s a slashin’ power forward. I’m not supposed to give him the whole M! – Raunchy, – Aye yo, Raunchy, uh, the Chad said tell Hidden
Valley Ranch to change his build or be disciplined the power way. (calm music) (men laughing) – Yo, Hidden Valley Ranch, yo? (laughing) – Let me see moose tracks. Let’s see it. – Keep pushing. – No no no!
– I got fold. – How’s that contested?! – Damn, he so far back. – Yo, if that your chick,
then why is she texting me? (booming) (men faintly shouting) (calm music) – You got, if you … (man shouts) You get asked that question a lot, yellow. (blasting) – Wow, yo, we need a, we need … – Busted. – Actually, I wanna do a Lena Three, bro. – Wait, whoa. – I’ll let you, but that means if you miss,
– Go get it, go get it!
– you the reason. – I know.
– Right, Chase? Oh, this shit, Chase. – Bang! – This shit, Chase.
– Just go! (upbeat happy music) (swishing) – I’ll beat her like ah. (upbeat happy music) – It’s an odd ball, though.
– Yo, Chase is in the game. – Whoa, what do you mean? – Ha, he was still on the spot! – ‘Cause I came to make fun of (mumbles). Fun, yes. Just to make fun of you. You have to pass the boxes. Don’t pass the box to this nigga. – And, I’m not in my discord.
– Oh! I mean (giggles)
– Oh, oh! (men giggling) – Ow, aye! – (giggles) Yo, did you press
X, Chase, before you left? – Oh! (tapping) – Oh my … (men quietly chattering) – They got three blocks on. (upbeat music) – They got two …
– They got three law! (people cheering) – Damn. (people cheering) – Oh my glay. – Hey Chad, which one of
y’all is over here dancin’ Bobby bro. – Hey, yo …
– Whoa whoa, what?! – Forget that?
– Azu. – I said, ah, good work. – How is that contested?! – Right there! – Incoming! (man shouting) – Nice shot. (sipping) – Just go Ricky! – He just got his shots. Yo, where’s Tyler? No wonder. (sucking air) – This is lost. Hey, lose ’em. But nigga stay Southern, bruh. (basketball bouncing) – Ivon.
– Mhm. I sent, I sent the squiggy stuff to Wisa. (piano music) (laughing) – It got fi-.. Yeah, it got fixed if I send it. – Every time you push On. (coughing) (man faintly talking) Mhm.
– Ah man (chuckles). Ah, ah man. (splashing) (laughing) – Ah, ah man.
– Oh. – Ah (chuckles) man. – Oh, we gonna film. – Hey (chuckling), hey quarter. – Yo, flip, flip my screw … – Hey yo! The PS Four is too high! It just turned off! – Dude man, there’s
this one dude gonna come and try to grab it on the back. That’s how they come. That’s how they brought me here. – Through the back? What’d they do, how’d they do that? – They try to grab like this. Jack me up, man.
– What. (clapping) Like that? – Nah, they was like grabbin’. Man, they was trippin’. They was tryna, they was swingin’ like … Yeah, like that. They, they grabbed.
– Like this? – Yeah, yeah. – Major Fee, I love you, man! Aye, or yesterday!

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