The Season: Ole Miss Football – Cal (2017)

The Season: Ole Miss Football – Cal (2017)

[MUSIC] Last week on The Season. Coop have a good day bud. See you tonight bud, love you. Hey how are you? Congratulations. Thank you. Everybody give it up for wide receiver AJ Brown. Start feeling Mississippi, right here in Oxford, playing some football for the Rebels. Like, I’m getting the praise of breaking the record, but it was more than me out there. So, I mean we do it every day in practice. We call it the NWO for a reason. The two weapons that we have in the secondary, that we don’t use enough are our hands and our eyes. I am very excited about the young guys because they are all coming back and they have a chance to really, really show what they’ve learned. Fakes the handoff to Wilkins, looks to throw deep down the far side, got a man caught at the 20, that would be Mr. AJ Brown, he takes it to the house. That’s it, that’s it! That’s a bad man! We’ve got a lot of getting better to do. Alright? We’ve got to clean the little things up. We’re going to go on the road with a mindset. [MUSIC]. [Whistle blowing]. [Hitting sound effects]. [MUSIC]. Today we’re loading up the trunk for Cal. I think Ken said it’s like 4800 miles round trip. Got skinny bands in here. Got arm bands. Sleeves. Shea Patterson’s padded elbow sleeve. Pretty much anything they ever need for game day apparel, right in here. [MUSIC]. Man what’s happening to our load? Heavy roller. 16 managers. 16 managers are going. And then how many trainers? How many trainers is it? What is it like ten? I think it’s like ten trainers. A season special game plan. [Laughter]. [MUSIC]. Sweet lime, we in Cali. I don’t even know what we’re doing. Blue, tell them what we doing. Hey Moss, tell them what we doing. That’s Miles. I know we’re about to have a team meeting. And then we’ve got …. Tell them what we doing. Tell them what we doing. Tell them what we doing. Tell them what we doing. Tell them what we doing. You know what. Tell them what we doing. What are we doing? What are we doing? What are we about to do? We’re going to Pier 39? Pier 39. Pier 39. What are we doing today? We’re going to Pier 39. We’re going to Pier 39. Maybe see the Golden Gate Bridge. The Golden Gate Bridge. Alcatraz. All the good stuff. I know you see that KD, Okay. I promise you if I see him, I’m showing up for my Man west meeting. He did my Man Westfield wrong. You need to come see me play though. That way. Hey Miles. Hey Miles. Him and Currey versus Me and Shea, that way. I bet you we win. I got ref. I’m a referee. I got 500 on it. I’m O’ Shea. I’m into crime. Alright guys head that way. We’re going to the Pier. We’re in Berkley. We ain’t in Oakland no more, we in Berkley. We got help. What are you looking forward to seeing? The magic shop, man. I’ve been talking about the magic shop since I found out we was going to the Pier. I like magic. I mean, first of all on his birth certificate, are his initials D.K.? Is that what it says? D.K. isn’t my first name. Oh it’s like a part of your name, but it’s not actually your name? Bro, I’m not about to have that. Hey how did you become irrelevant back there? Bro, you was never – you were never even a part of this bro. This is D.K. That don’t matter. What’s up? What up? What up? See what I mean? Will the real D.K. please stand up? Hey. Stand up. I’m about to make a PSA. PSA. Why didn’t you stand up? Public service announcement. So your initials are D.K.? What? You don’t even count. You just turn back around. You don’t even count. Them are mountains out there. Them mountains. Them not hills right there, just show the people what that is right there. Is that a mountain or a hill? I just don’t know. You know in Mississippi, we ain’t got no hills that high. That’s a mountain where I’m from. Look at the street. Look at the street. [MUSIC]. We’re in Cali, we’re loving life. He’s been here before, I haven’t. Any time they can get out see some of the stuff, they’ve all heard of Alcatraz, they’ve all heard of San Francisco Bay. It’s awesome, these guys get out here and they have an opportunity to do this. Shout out, it feels good out here, the Cali weather. Cali living. We are going to Houdini’s magic shop. We here. Okay watch. One, one in this hand, one in this hand if I just wiggle my thumbs they switch places. Watch, one in this hand; one in this hand just wiggle my thumbs they jumped one to the other. Watch this spot, watch this spot. I will place it in there. How many does that leave you with? One. Thank you very much. [Laughter]. Thank you. Thank you. There you have it, it’s the magic. It’s the magic. [MUSIC]. Hey we need this in our training room, that’s all I know. Makes the body feel right. I don’t know what I’m in right now, but it feels good. Leave our man behind? Oh yeah he’ll be alright. See ya. See you tomorrow. There are supposed to be sea lions around here but we don’t see any. [Sea lions barking] They strange. Yeah. They chillin, you know. They got their own little vibe going on you know. You can’t beat that vibe. They got a nice little swag by it. First question. Why he so big and why he so small? That’s my big, why he so big and why he so small? I mean we heading back from the pier we had a really good time now it’s time to get focused on our football. Offense and defense, two thirds of the game and though they both pull for each other on game day, their style away from the field is sometimes contrasting. You have everyone? Alright let’s go. What is all that noise? I want nobody in the back, everybody is going to be in the chairs. I want everybody in the chairs. If you ain’t in a chair, get out. Who is that next door, defense? You know they got their music going for them. What’s up men? What up? That way. Hey I couldn’t barely understand what he was saying but I heard one word, they said one word I am very familiar with, baby girl. You all don’t know nothing about that, keep growing. You all need a couple more pick hand seasons, and then you all will understand that part. Alright. Everybody alright? Alright, come on let’s go. Pay attention. Our schedule right now, we’re going to meet for about ten minutes and then we’re going through a walk-through it will be skills here in this room, big men are going up to the third floor. After that you’ll meet positionally. Shifting the football, hey walk through man, you all guys looked like pros today. You all were like pros today. I mean we stood on the sideline, we hear the communication, alright we getting set, did we make some mistakes? We probably did, right? But we communicate so well, that one guy is going to make up for the mistake the one guy made. Alright? Listen, we growing, we are getting better as a defense. Alright? I see some of the best trying to take over. But tomorrow night, got to be our coronation. Tomorrow night has got to be our coronation; you got me? I’m just going to tell you something. Pain in your life goes away. Pain goes away. Missed opportunities, they go away. There are all kinds of things that you are going to experience in life that you’ll be able to move on from. But I’m going to tell you from personal experience, and this is just my own and you may or may not agree. But regret doesn’t go away. The regrets I had 20 years ago, I still have. And the reason I’m bringing that up, is I don’t want you to not prepare properly between now and game time and regret going into this game not 100% mentally and physically focused to play this ball game. You are getting an opportunity to play on national tv, no coach is going to be on the field, that’s going to be your ball game. You got me five? That’s going to be your ball game. They are going to come out hard and show you something different. You communicate just like you did today. The calmness you had today 43, you keep that calmness and you communicate. You all have been on a national stage before, that’s probably not a big deal to you. But this is the first time that this team. It’s the first time that this family has been on the national stage. And that’s what Coach Luke is talking about. Don’t regret after this game, leaving anything on the field. At the end of the game, you should be physically and mentally fricking drained. 100% physically and emotionally drained. If you’re not drained after the game, then you didn’t leave everything on the field. You should be tired. You should sleep on the plane. You should just be completely spent mentally and physically. And if you didn’t feel that way after the last two games, then you had a little bit more to give. You should have nothing left in your body, emotionally and physically after the football game. That’s all I’m asking of you, is to leave everything on the field and play this thing the way that I know that you can. All eyes up. We are getting closer to that point now; you got me? It’s been a long day. Alright, get your snack, hydrate, let’s get some rest and tomorrow; all day tomorrow man let’s be on point. Everybody with me? Yes, sir. Let’s be on point. Alright? Let’s go out and let’s do it man. I can’t wait man. I can’t wait. But we got to do it as one. We got to do it as one, no individuals. Everybody with me on that? No individuals, alright. Alright, let’s leave this coach. Land shark on three. One, two three. Land shark. [MUSIC]. For snack we’ve got these nachos. Let’s show them what we got. You got nachos, chili and cheese. Chili down there. We got cheese right here. You want some tacos. See what people do, they put the cheese on first, that’s where they mess up. You got to come down here to the beef, you get your beef on; you know what I’m talking about? You just sprinkle a little bit like that. Get a whole lot of cheese on top of these nachos, because that’s the best ingredient. I’m not used to this; I could never live in California. They ain’t got my coon dogs, my cow, they ain’t got Ole Sam and Ole Bella. It helps your mustache grow too. I’m going on a hunger strike after this. That’s a nacho right there. I’m just snacking on. You got to get them peppers now, you got to. You got to, the peppers got to get you a little heat. And that’s some Cali nachos right there for them golden berries. Hey Coach Luke. Hey Coach Luke. What’s my coondog’s name? The best of the best hunting coondog’s name is Sam. You see that? He can’t be in California. Blue in the kitchen I need to go watch that. Got to get you a little tomatoes. Got to come through get you some jalapenos, need the heat. The heat. The peppers, can’t go wrong with a little heat. Get your lettuce, cheese, sour cream, you can’t forget the sour cream. And your taco sauce. You got to go night-night. [Multiple speakers]. Hotty toddy comes to the bay. The Ole’ Miss Rebels for only the second time in program history make a trip out west to California to take on the Bears of Cal here in Berkley. All day! Bring it up, bring it up! Listen, alright look, no words need to be said, ready take it off, let’s go dominate from the first play, get us going wides. Who’s got my back? I got your back. Who’s got my back? I got your back. Who’s got my back? I got your back. Go to work. R-E-B-E-L-S Ah! Perform your best regardless of circumstance. Win at home. Good. Hey we’re on the road. Hey, hey Perform your best regardless of the circumstance. Let’s go get this done. [MUSIC]. They start two by two and they start with Patterson on a straight drop back. A gain of nine and a half, first play of the game to DeMarkus Lodge. Pass, caught at the 50-yard line, Trey Nixon goes high in the air snags it. Patterson, all play action he launched a deep ball again. Drops it into Metcalf inside the five. I need him, where we at? Where we at? Let’s go! Boy he dropped it right in the bucket, what a pass by the Rebel quarterback Shea Patterson. The Rebel offense would use and eight play 71-yard drive to put the first points of the night on the board. For their next two scores they would use much less. Play action, from a clean pocket he delivers a strike, in stride breaking free DeMarkus Lodge to the house, that’s an Ole’ Miss touchdown. Play action for Patterson, steps up from the pocket, long throw up the seam on a dime. D.K. Metcalf, touchdown. [cheering] Hey play fast and have a hell of a time. It’s time dog, it’s your time. On the other side of the ball, the Rebel defense lined up on a mission to bottle up the explosive California offense. Only a four-man rush on third and 12, Bowers gets out of the pocket, being chased and there’s the guy Brock, that you were waiting to see show up. Marcus Haynes was able to track down Ross Bowers. Bowers stands in, short of the first down, and an incompletion. Play action for Bowers and a rollout. Fires one to the goal line and it’s intercepted C.J. Moore runs it back out. Woo! [team chatter]. The Rebel defense had a dominate half. Forcing four punts and intercepting the Bears twice. The lone Cal score would come on a turnover short in field, leaving the red and blue with a nine-point advantage at the break. Just about set for the start of the third quarter here by the bay. Ole’ Miss on the road. First time they played a PAC-12 team and they’re handling the road trip quite well. The Rebels have a 16-7 led over Cal. Cal though set to start the quarter with the football looking for some answers. Will Baldwin the Offensive coordinator not with the quarterbacks, he was with his running backs and a pretty constant message of stick to it, we’re going to wear these guys down, going to force them into more mistakes, they already got two picks and they have been there before. The second half would prove to be frustrating for the high octane Rebel offense. After the timeout, third down and seven and a two-point game. Patterson lobs it down the sideline, man for man coverage. D.K. Metcalf couldn’t haul it in. Four-man rush for Cal, check that three-man rush, they drop a man off the line. Tipped ball, dangerous. Van Jefferson had it go through his hands. So once again it will be Will Gleason to punt. Quarterback draw. Patterson with a punt fake, cut down. Five punts for an Ole’ Miss team that had two punts in the first two games. Deontay settle them down baby, let’s go. Settle them down, let’s go. Hey you do it baby, let’s go. [team chatter]. The California defense had stiffened at just the right time. Complimenting a strong start for their offense in the third quarter. Ole’ Miss 16, Cal 7 with eleven and a half minutes to go in the third quarter. Opening drive of the second half. Back to throw, lobs it towards the endzone, got Warten wide open, touchdown. And an easy score for Cal from 19 yards out. He blocked this one with your eyes and after you receive it take it to the top of ride. Hey, you’re on the road. What did we talk about, control your emotions? You can’t let our emotions get the best of us right? And we’re putting ourselves in a hole. The bears would claw their way back on top, scoring 13 unanswered points to take a 20-16 lead into the fourth. And putting the Rebels backs against the wall. Now the one thing that this does do, is it makes the situation for Ole’ Miss cut and dry. They know they have to score a touchdown. Intercepted. He threw it right to Cameron Good. Touchdown. An 11-point lead for Cal with three minutes to go. There will not be another snap. Two teams will shake hands and Ole’ Miss will fall to 2-1 on the year. We’ll have an open date to be playing in a couple of weeks in Alabama. [MUSIC]. You’re never, ever, ever by yourself. We’re in this thing together no matter what. Hey, we’ve been through a lot together and we’ll get through this. Okay. We didn’t play good enough to win, bottom line. Too many mistakes. Too many penalties. Too many turnovers. We didn’t get it done tonight. Coaching or playing we didn’t get it done. There’s no excuses, there’s no blame. We own up to it and we move forward. Hey you’re in this thing together. It’s us together. Family no matter what. No matter what. No finger pointing. No he said, she said. No offense, defense, special teams. One team together. No matter what we’re in this thing together. We’ve come too far and done too much together not to do it that way. A tough loss. I thought we really struggled offensively, especially in the second half. Turnovers, penalties, you know, overall just disappointed. I thought our defense was better, especially in the first half stopping the run. They kept us in it. Had a big turnover in the red zone, gave us a chance to win the football game, but in the end it was just execution. We can’t have penalties and be behind the chains the way we were. And you can’t turn the football over, especially on the road against a really good PAC-12 Football team. So, just from an execution standpoint we’ve got a lot to get cleaned up. We have high expectations and I think the offense as a whole, we expect to perform better. I think the important part is when this team faces adversity to see what happens and we’re not going to do it alone, we’re going to do it together. The only way that you can get a bad taste out of your mouth is to go back on the practice field and go back to work and that’s what we’re going to do. We have two weeks to prepare for the best team in the country. And we play Auburn right after that, so we just got to really take this in and get the feelings out of this one, because this one kind of stings a little bit because we know that we are a better football team than what we showed offensively tonight. You come up short in the ball game, I mean in a lot of categories, you just didn’t play good enough to win. But just calling the game, looking at the game, we played with pretty good effort. I thought the most critical drive was the drive coming out after halftime, and you can’t come out after halftime and give up a score. Because that right there is probably going be biggest momentum in the second half. Yeah they play a little bit of different coverages in the second half. They dropped a lot of backers, had a lot of guys sitting underneath our routes. But that’s on me and I just got to go, we’ve got to as an offense collectively we have to go and get better tomorrow.

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  1. Really wish they would show an in depth look at how they illegally recruited guys and still managed to suck ass. That would be really interesting. Go dawgs

  2. The old ole miss is gone our traditions have been labeled as a racist and now our own chancellor calls colonel reb the state flag and dixie racist. Ole Miss 1848-2003

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