– A living legend.
An entrepreneurial hero. A motivational speaker.
Inspirational man that just oozes from
every part of his body. Four-time, four-time,
four-time, four-time New York Times
best-selling author. You look on the internet,
you will see his face you will hear his words
no matter where you’re at. He’s taken over
everything. He’s on Facebook. Every single scroll you take,
you hear motivational words coming from this man’s mouth. It’s just awesome,
it’s incredible to have him. Ladies and gentlemen, put your
hands together for GaryVee. (group applause) – [Pat] Gary! – I appreciate
that, that’s very nice. – [Pat] Gary, I hope so.
Have you gotten a better
intro before? Probably. – You know it’s a
top seven, for sure. – [Digs]Nice!
– [Pat] That’s not bad. – No. – [Pat] Top sevens,
top eight, top ten, I’m- – Hey, can I ask you a
question, right off the bat? – [Pat] Yeah – This has all happened
because, the voice right? Like, people have been
telling you that you’re like, a radio voice your whole life? – [Pat] No. – Yeah. Like as soon as I… The first time I ever heard it,
I’m like that’s why the- – [Digs]He does
definitely have one. – He has it. Nobody’s… You’ve not been
hanging out with smart people. – [Pat] I agree.
– Yeah. (group laughter) – [Digs]Look around the room. You’re a 100 percent right. – I like how I set the tone and lose the
entire crowd immediately. – [Pat] No. You got me, though. – It’s just me, you and
now the audience listening. – Our fans are well aware
we’re not the smartest posse. – [Man 2]
We’re not gonna argue that. – [Pat] Yeah, but much like you, I think we got great
street smarts, though. – Yes. – [Pat] I think
that’s kind of our big thing. Let’s get right into it.
– Sure. – [Pat] You
flipped your family… First of all, you came
over from the Soviet Union, you lived in an apartment with
eight other people in Queens. – I did. – [Pat] Your family
started a wine business, a corner store business. After college you took over
the day-to-day operations. – Yes – [Pat] It went from
3 million to 60 million a year in six years.
– That’s right. – [Pat] Because you
went to the internet. – That’s right.
– [Pat] Okay… Asking for a friend– – Yes
(Gary laughs) – [Pat] For the followers. You are an
incredible businessman. If you were
somebody, for a friend- – Yeah. – [Digs]This is
an important question, Gary. – [Pat] To turn down a job in which you were
making immense amount of cash– – Yes. – [Pat] but
you’re entering a field where the cash and success is at a much higher ceiling. – Yes – [Pat] Like social media–
– Right. – [Pat] digital content–
– Yep. – [Pat] things like that.
For a friend. – this is a random person. – [Pat] Yeah. This
is just somebody random. – Yeah. Understood. – [Pat] Let’s
say they turned down a professional
athletic contract. – Right. In the prime of
their career you would say. – [Pat] Yeah.
Probably the best ability (group laughter) – Yeah. Yeah. – [Pat] Some random guy.
– Right. Random dude. – [Pat] What would be
your first little quip of information or advice? – To sign with
the New York Jets. (group laughter) So, you know, listen
when I heard this from afar, what you were up to.
Without knowing much, literally, the first thing
that ran through my head is somebody who
loves business, and loves media, and podcasting, and
all the stuff that’s going on and loves and wants
to buy the New York Jets. – [Pat] Yeah, that’s what I
want. I wanna be an owner too. – And, that makes
sense to me. What you did… And what’s interesting
about what you did, is it’s a high-risk move,
except you executed fast. So, that’s the
most intriguing… I can’t wait to really
look at your case study because I think it’s a
preview, not an anomaly. I genuinely believe that over
the next decade, two decades, multiple athletes or
other individuals in big fields, like, you know
comedy or entertainment, will come and reach out to you, the same way that family
businesses and entrepreneurs hit me up ten
thousand times a day- your is a bigger field with
smaller amounts of people in it but I see, once a
month, you getting… By the way, it’s happening now. I’m sure people are
randomly reaching out to you. I think it means that
you believe in yourself. Listen, by the way,
this happened to me. When I switched
to the internet world from talking about just wine, first six years of my content,
was me sitting at a table drinking wine. – [Pat] That was
Wine Library TV. – That’s right. So,
when I made a video that Facebook should be
worried about Twitter, the majority of the comments, and comments used
to happen on blogs, there was no social media,
you know the comments– – [Pat] Age, sex, location?
– That’s right – [Pat] That’s what you get–
– ASL, baby. – [Pat] Yeah, you old
dudes, that’s what you get (group laughter) – Yes. And by the
way, spent most of our time making pretend we
were a girl. Where I’m like Yeah, I’m a 24-year-old
female from Florida. (group laughter) You know, roping our friends in. – [Pat] Chris Hansen – Loved it.
– Chris Hansen – So- – [Pat] The video– – Yeah. What was interesting
was the feedback was stay in your lane, wine guy. What do you think you’re doing? And for me, I’m
like, I’m a businessman. You guys only know me as
the guy who reviews wine, but I built the wine business
before I did the wine videos. And that’s what you
think of yourself, right? Yes. You’re this all-American… Why didn’t you say junior high? I noticed in the
intro, high school- – [Pat] Junior high I was
very average. I had bad acne- – Really? – Yeah. I was really good at
soccer, but not really good I didn’t watch any–
(Gary grunts) – [Pat] It was really
high school I took a turn. – I think you
should add that part. – [Pat] Junior high? – Yeah, it would just
add adversity to your career and it would get more people
to listen to the podcast. – [Pat] I think you would
respect this as a businessman. In elementary school, I had a full cigarette operation
happening in fifth grade. I was supplying…
(man chuckles) basically my high school,
my entire school district, with cigarettes, until I got
caught. My first client… Flipped it in front
of a teacher’s face. She ratted me out
within less than a minute. So,–
– Where is she now? – [Pat] Probably
dead or in jail. – We should find her. [Pat] I don’t think we should.
(group laughter) – No, I think
we should find her. (group laughter) What’s her name? Mrs. What? – [Pat] I don’t, I can’t. – (laughs) You
don’t want to go there. – [Pat] No way. I’m
saying that name. No way. Stephanie is the first name. (group laughter) – Last name starts
with a C. No, listen. So here’s the punchline. Listen, I think
you gotta go all-in. What got you the
hightest level of what you did, is gonna get you to
the hightest level here. Clearly you’ve got
that energy. Yeah man, I think it’s fucking great.
I think I’m excited, and I… One of the things that’s been
interesting to me is that, you know, athletes
used to want to be rappers, and rappers
wanted to be athletes, and now everybody
wants to be an entrepreneur. And so it’s crazy for me,
on Instagram, to see these 12 and 13 year, 14-year-old kids look up to me ’cause
that’s the new thing. And I am excited
because I am going to teach them practically, and hard work, and not bullshit them. And I
literally sit around and talk with my friends, family, wife,
you know, I’m like, “Geez, we’re gonna impact
people. This is really neat.” And so, I think that you just
need to go all in blindly, and I think that’s
what you are good at. – [Pat] Well,
you are 100% right. (group laughter) I’m really good at going all in. – And, already
another thing I’ve noticed in the limited seconds
of auditing your world, you’re also a
good counter puncher. I think you’re pretty intuitive. What I like about you is the
reason you go in blindly, is that when you taste
something, you react to it. And I think that
is a big time skill. It’s an intuitive thing,
I’m sure it’s served you super well.
Of like, “Oh shit, there’s some “big guy, I’ll kick to the
right instead of the left.” And now in
business it’s unlimited. So I think going in
blindly with your crew, all positive vibes,
full steam ahead, and when you’re like, “Oh shit,
that doesn’t work. Cool. “Let’s do this.” And then, “Oh that’s working,
let’s do triple that.” – [Pat] Well it’s
funny you say that ’cause we are literally
rebranding our company. So, we’re rebranding
Barstool into Barstool America, because not only are we a voice
for a city and for a state, we realize that we are
becoming a voice for a lot more people in the Midwest,
the heartland of the country, not this terrorist
New York City you guys live in that isn’t even America. I don’t know how the
fuck you live here, Gary. I have no idea. Got zero hours
of sleep last night. Zero. I have no idea. – That means you know
exactly how I live here. (group laughter) If you got zero hours of sleep, you’re only 24 months away by
being seduced by this city. You know that, right? – [Pat] That’s a
long time. 2 years? – Yeah, in 2 years – [Digs]You’re saying
we sleep too much? – No, yes, but I think
that about everybody. And by the way, I don’t
mean sleep too much, I think sleep is
healthy. I think people aren’t doing enough shit
while they’re awake. You can do plenty of stuff
17 hours a day. No, I mean, you’re getting seduced.
It means you had too much fun or it’s too interesting,
or you’re working too hard and it’s going to
start switching your psyche, and you’re gonna get seduced, you’re going to come
to New York once a month, then twice a month, and then all of a
sudden you’re going to wake up and you’re going to be
living in fucking Bushwick. – [Pat] I’ve been here
two times in two weeks. – Yep. – [Pat] First time,
I puked on a street. (group laughter)
– Yep. The second? – [Pat] This time,
we’re going. We’re cooking. – Mhmmm. – [Pat] And, your big thing
is hustle. Hustlers hustle. You are the hustlers
hustle. Hustler, you are. – Listen, I think, I look
around this room I think about all the
people listening right now, and I think we are
born with certain skills. Listen, you want to
complain, like I’m sorry, some people are born
extremely attractive. Right? Like, you
know? You’re welcome. – [Pat] What the
fuck just happened? (group laughter) – I’m trying to build
back up from the razz earlier. So I am going to go one
by one and try to build… (group laughter) – [Pat] Anyways, Gary,
back to what you were saying. – You know, I just
don’t understand people dwelling and complaining. Like listen, I really,
really would have enjoyed being the quarterback
of the New York Jets, but by fourth grade
I looked around and I’m like, “Fuck, I am not going to be
the quarterback of the Jets.” (group laughter) And so I said, “You know what? “Instead of being the
quarterback of the Jets, “I am going to
buy the Jets.” Right. And so, I just
think self-awareness and not
dwelling and complaining, and figuring out
what your advantage is is a good strategy. And then, once you figure
out what you’re decent at, if you’re funny,
go fucking all in. Like, if you’re
good at video games… I’m old, right?
So when I grew up video games Nintendo, Sega. – [Pat] You’re
not old, by the way? – I’m 41. – [Pat] Yeah,
and everybody thinks you’re an overnight success because you’ve just
taken over the world now, but you’ve been grinding.
But back in the day, whenever you and
Todd were young– – Yep.
– [Pat] black and white TVs. – Right. Wasn’t TV yet.
Todd and I were using cups, you know, talking to
each other with a string. The punchline is, video games were huge
with us, but it was new. And parents were
freaking out, like, “Don’t play
fucking Super Mario.” Like, “Why are you
playing Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out?” And on and on, and
on. The reality is, all those kids that
were forced to become lawyers and doctors that
are listening right now, literally there are tons
of dudes listening right now that hate their fucking
job, that if their parents allowed them to play video
games, they might be making $1,700,000 a year
being an e-sports star. They could be the Tony Hawk
of e-sports given their age, yet they’re miserable,
by the way, making $213,000, making $48,000 a year.
This is not about money. The amount of people I
know making $400,000 a year, $3,000,000 a year
and are miserable. – [Pat] That was me. – Yeah. Were you
really miserable? – [Pat] Yeah, I hated it.
– Straight up? – [Pat] Hated it.
– Really? – [Pat] There was
nothing I could do. – Wow. – [Pat] ‘Cause no
matter how good I did– – Yeah. – [Pat] Like, let’s say I did
my job as well as I could. – Yeah. – [Digs]NFL is a, no matter
what your position is, the NFL is an all year focus. – Yes, yes. – [Pat] You can’t like,
I used to get drunk when I was young cause
my body would bounce back, but once I got older
and I wanted to be great, I decided I wanted to be
great after I got arrested. Bill Polian told me,
“You’ll used this arrest “and you’ll flip it
into something special.” And he was 100% right. It
was at that moment I flipped, and I wanted to be great. It’s a full time focus. And whenever you play
a position that you can’t control the
outcome of the game, right, your happiness depends on
wins and losses in the NFL. And when you
play a position that you can’t control your
happiness, it gets to the point where you’re like,
“Fuck, I hate this.” – [Gary] Yeah I would,
that makes sense to me. – [Pat] In the NFL you
can’t be happy if you lose. – It’s why I could
never work for anybody. In my life, I never did. Even when I started my
dad’s business I kind of, you know my dad’s not listening, I took over fast. – [Pat] Yeah, you took
over day-to-day right away. – And by the way
only way you take over day-to-day in a family business, I know a lot of
people have family businesses that are listening, is I put in work at 14, 15, 16, and like kind of
established my role, right? So I get it, man. Like think. By the way, that’s
why I’m never upset. I don’t blame anybody for shit. I expect nothing from nobody. – [Pat] It all falls on your
shoulders, you’re the boss. – 100%. And in life I don’t
expect anything from people. I’m empathetic,
they have their own shit. If I do somebody a favor I
never expect anything in return. The market is the
market is the market. It’s a solo thing and that
makes a lot of sense to me. Team sports,
I’ve always struggled. I love them but
being a part of them, I always struggled
with because not in control. – [Pat] You knew you
had zero control. Especially a punter. I mean if I go out there
it means something bad happened. – I don’t, go ahead. – [Pat] I’m trying to set
up the defensive in a way. But I can’t score
if we’re down 10. I can’t do it, it’s
just an interesting thing. – Could make a
game saving tackle. You ever make a
game saving tackle? – [Pat] Gary go
ahead and google me. (group laughter) – You know? You could do that. – [Pat] Yeah
that happened a lot. Especially in the
year we were two and 14. I lead our
special teams in tackles. I made like 15 of them, which is astronomical. – Yeah but 15, you might
have had 15 random tackles. I know enough about football
where a game saving tackle is very different. – [Pat] Well Gary, any time a punter or a kicker makes a
tackle, it’s a touchdown. – Yeah but you seem
like a crazy fucker. You might have gone
too far out of position. – [Pat] I set a perimeter. – Okay got it, got it, got it. Respect, respect. – [Pat] So we live
in a society,– – Yes. We do.
– [Pat] where we all,– – We live in a society, – [Pat] Always have,
even when you guys were young. But we live in a society
that’s considered soft. Right? The younger
generation is considered soft. But society is a
hustler’s paradise right now. There’s so many
ways to make money. With social media.
– The internet. By the way, it’s the internet. All these things
are built on top of it. But the big brain fuck
was the internet itself. That changed everything. – [Digs]A lot of young people
look to be an entrepreneur, where it used to
be in our generation, most kids wanted to follow
in their father’s footsteps. I want that job
at Ford Motor plant. ‘Cause it pays
well and it’s solid. – Stability. – [Digs]But now
because of the internet, they’re seeing all
these different avenues. – [Pat] It’s a
hustler’s paradise. It’s a complete
hustler’s paradise and I even got tempted into it. You got these
internet models on Instagram, which they’re
modern day porn stars. Do your thing,
whatever you gotta do, but you’re getting
naked on the internet. – But they’re not, its
soft porn, it’s modeling. Let’s be fair. – [Pat] They’re
modern day porn stars. – If you go on
SnapChat but on Instagram, (group laughter) Instagmam they’re just models,
let’s be fair. – [Pat] Great living.
– Hell yeah. Much better
making fucking $10,000 to take a picture
with a coconut water than making $500 an
hour at an auto show. Or worse, just living life and being the pretty
person in the office. – [Pat] So let’s say
somebody is sitting on the edge of wanting to
become their own boss. So for three years
I wanted to retire. Every single off-season I
talked about it with my friends. I was done. I’m over this.
I’m sick of this. And then finally whenever
I did stand-up, I fell in love. I rented out the theater,
sold the tickets myself, promoted it myself,
was just excited. – That was the poop moment? – [Todd]Lady who shit herself.
– [Pat] Yeah that was awesome. – Like for real? – [Pat] Yeah she got kicked
out ’cause she smelled so bad. – So good. – [Pat] And my friends
didn’t tell me during the show that it happened. – Well it happened
while you were on stage. – [Gary] No he needs that ammo, he could have crushed it. – [Pat] Are you kidding? – He needed the context. You guys did a bad job. – [Pat] Thank you. Bad friends. – Bad friends. – [Digs]Trying to corral
you in while you’re on stage is impossible.
– Fair, fair. – [Pat] I was
hot that night too. – Tasmanian devil on stage. – Once you’re rolling, you’re
putting your life on the line. That was your moment.
– [Pat] That was it. My moment was
the press conference that we had the Super Bowl.
But that stage is my stage. – No, no that was your moment. – [Pat] Yeah so I
actually called the shot too. I felt good
going into that night. It was my third
time doing that set, I knew it like
the back of my hand. I was like here we go. – [Gary] And you told the crew
like, tonight’s the night? – I said it on video.
I said, “Tonight’s the night “I’ll make
somebody shit their pants.” And it happened.
It actually happened. I called my shit. – It’s like you and Babe Ruth. – [Pat] Yeah, and I think
Babe Ruth by the way, – Didn’t do it.
You know that right? He didn’t call that shot. – [Digs]No but he
had shit his pants. (group laughter) – [Pat] He didn’t call his shot? – No. History
changed that story. Go look at the video. – [Pat] What did he do? – He like fucking
wiggled his bat a little bit. – [Pat] I always
thought it was an ex-wife, and he was like, “Hey bitch.”
– Yeah. – [Pat] Like this
is where this one is going. – If it was the Babe,
it was definitely possible. I mean that guy killed it. Imagine being the only
famous person on Earth. Think about famous people
and how much they dominate. Now, think about being
the only famous person. That’s what the Babe– – [Pat] With no
cameras everywhere, no keeping up
with everything you do. – He won. He won it.
– [Digs]He’s my guy. – He’s underrated.
– [Digs]Yeah. – [Pat] As
a legend or as what? – A human.
– [Pat] I agree. I think we should move
Babe Ruth up with John Daley. John Daley and Babe Ruth
are both climbing the scales of life every single day. You know
John Daley told us that, I asked him what
his drink of choice is. What’s your
drink of choice? Wine? – Yeah, absolutely.
Right now Barolo from Italy. – [Pat] I don’t know
what that means. – Well I’ll teach you. – [Pat] I have a
very unsophisticated palette. – Dude in three years
with what’s going on with you, you’re going to live
full time in New York, you’re going to drink wine, and your friends
are going to hate you. – [Digs]If he lives
in New York yes. That means we have
to live in New York too. – That last part’s already true. – [Pat] Yeah absolutely, I mean it’s a factual statement. – Can I come here
every day? This is great. I love your crew. This is good stuff,
this now makes so much sense. People grossly
underestimate the impact of the three to four
people around them. The amount of,
again, I love talking to the listeners
when I do podcasts. You’re sitting there,
if you want shit to change one of the
quickest ways to do it is to change the people
you’re hanging out with. Now this is a rogue statement. These are boys
from around the way. These are people
you grew up with. I’m not talking about if
you’re good, if you’re content. I’m talking about
if you’re miserable. If you’re super upset,
I think it’s a really smart, practical strategy
to take a good audit of your five or six
people that are around you. Because my big
thing is complaining. I just believe in this shit. I think there’s
only two groups of people that listen to people complain. One, the people that have to. Your mother.
– [Todd]Psychiatrist. – Well yes, that as well,
but like your mom, right? Your dad. Your brother. And then group number two,
your other loser friends. Like when you’re like,
“Oh the system’s fucked”. They’re like, “Yeah,
the system’s fucked”. And it’s over. – [Pat] In the NFL
they talk about guys getting small groups, that they’re
getting fucked by coaches and front office and stuff.
– And that’s it. – [Pat] And it’s a
cancer in your locker room. – A hundred percent. – [Pat] It can be
a cancer in people’s life, is what you’re saying as well. – A hundred percent. – [Pat] That’s incredible. – What were you saying, you
were saying something good. – [Pat] John Daley– – John Daley,
drink of choice, Barolo. What was his? Jack Daniels? – [Pat] No, so me and
John are very similar– – Close?
– [Pat] We are best friends. I paid for it. But we’re–
(group laughter) I donated fifty grand
to his Boys and Girls Club so we could become best friends. – That’s, by the way, great
if you’re, back to listeners, if you have money buy friends. – [Pat] All in on that. Me and John Daley are besties. The guy texted me the other day. – [Digs]It was cheap. – I mean if Randy “The Macho
Man” Savage was still alive, I would spend ungodly amounts
of money for that friendship. – [Todd]Is that your guy? – That is my all time guy. Not even close by the way. – [Digs]What was it about him? – Well first Elizabeth
probably made me a man. You know there is
a little bit of that. – [Pat] So you were a
big wrestling fan growing up? – Yes, Huge.
– [Pat] Still am? – Less but I’m
historically hardcore. – [Pat] See, that’s number one on my bucket list,
for future reference. – To wrestle. – [Pat] To be a WWE wrestler. – By the way,
that’s the quickest I think that will
happen with 24 to 36 months. You’re just going
to be famous enough and they’re gonna
leverage your fame in Wrestlemania. So you’re going to like
jump, you’re going to like, ooh you’re going to
have a good finishing move. You’re going to kick
the fuck out of people. – [Pat] Imma punt
somebody in the face. – Yeah, so you know what it was, I’m anti-establishment so
I’ll never go for the guy. So Hogan was eliminated. I went on the
Nikolai Volkoff thing because I was
Russian for a few minutes, but then I was like,
I don’t like Nikolai Volkoff. And when Macho Man
came in, it was game over. He was a bad guy. He took a screwdriver
out in Madison Square Garden and nailed
Tito Santana in the face and pinned him to win the
inter-continental championship. He had Elizabeth. I was just around the age
where that was interesting. Like he was the fucking guy. And when I found out, I apologize, and when I found
out that he was “Leaping”
Lanny Poffo’s brother, I was disappointed. – [Pat] That
almost brought it down. – Almost brought it down.
Go ahead. – [Digs]Did you do
research on Pat, cause you’re– – No. – [Digs]Because you’re
scratching everywhere he is. – You’ll find this interesting and I kind of gave
you guys this compliment. I have a similar gear,
it’s why I think I sense it. Now you, people may
have to when they host and things of that nature
but DRock will tell you and I’ll have you on #AskGaryVee so you gotta come and do that,
in the next couple months. – [Pat] I’d like that because we’re trying
to build this segment. – Yeah, and we’ll
get huge exposure. – [Pat] Greatness.
– Amazing. – [Pat] Jesus Christ,
that’s the business part. – I like coming in blind. – I don’t– – [Pat] Because you
learn because you ask questions that are inquisitive. – First of all
I’m intuitive, right. Second of all, I suck
at school and reading. You know what I
realized yesterday? That my daughter
who’s in second grade is probably already a
better reader than I am. – [Pat] Oh really?
– Yeah. – [Pat] How do you tweet then? ‘Cause like I never
read a book in my life. – That’s called writing.
(group laughter) – [Pat] You have to read other tweeters’ responses,
you have to– – I can read. I’m not
necessarily good at it. And I’m busy as shit, so I don’t need to do work. For example, stand-up. When I do keynotes,
business keynotes, I have that style.
I’m more improv. I did this new show, it’s coming out
this summer, for Apple. Where–
– [Pat] You got signed by Apple? – No. Apple’s got
original shows coming out. In the summer they’ve got a
show called Planet of the Apps, where, Jessica Alba,
Gwyneth Paltrow and I are the four mentors,
and apps pitch us, and it’s like The Voice
and we help them, right. And then we help them
raise capital from the VC. – [Pat] Holy fuck. – Yeah in two years, you’ll
probably take my seat– – [Pat] So you’re
like Shark Tank for an app? – Yeah, it’s exactly,
it meshes a lot of formats. Pitch, get a mentor, make
the app better, pitch a VC, and VC– – [Pat] Like gaming apps?
Or like– – All. All apps. – [Todd]Can we get on there? – [Pat] Yeah we’re
cooking a gaming app right now. – You may be
able to get on there, but I think it’s
gonna be like one of those, if it’s a hit, instead of
tens of thousands of people entering next year,
there’ll be millions, – [Digs]Right. – and my
intuition early on here, is that you won’t
make an app good enough. – [Pat] Oh, good.
– [Digs]Wow. – Yeah.
– That’s greatness. – [Todd]I would
believe that. (group laughter) – Thanks.
– Early intuition! – Here’s why, though, because
you’ve got the art part, but you need the science part. I need to see the developer,
like please be smart. These is where the
Pat MacAfees of the world, hire an outside
agency to build the app instead of giving
up 50% of the equity to a technical co-founder. – [Pat] Yeah,
I would never give up equity. – Right, and that’s why, you know, 100% of zero. – [Pat] Do the math quick, zero.
– Yeah. – [Pat] Yeah,
that’s really good. – Biggest mistake everybody
who’s listening right now gets into the app world, they
hire somebody to build it, to keep the equity, yet
they’re in the “tech” business and they have no
technical co-founder. – [Pat] We’re
getting ours wire-framed. – Sounds right. – [Pat] We learned
that word yesterday. We’re real excited about it. – Well on your way
to loosing $100,000. (group laughter) – [Pat] I started
a t-shirt company, I don’t know
anything about t-shirts, I started a
t-shirt company last year. – That’s different. – [Pat] Just to
sponsor my friend’s– – By the way, t-shirts are easy. – [Pat] That’s what
you would think. (Gary laughs)
– Let me rephrase. You’re about to lose a
million dollars in apps. – [Pat] Can’t wait to do it. – [Digs]It’s a t-shirt app. It’s an app for t-shirts. Worst business
model of all time! – [Gary] $1.1 million lost. – [Pat] Your big
thing is execution, right? So back in the day,
when I was younger, I always thought,
like I feel like I have a bazillion good ideas. Right?
– Which is probably true. – [Pat] And I’m always like,
I don’t want to tell anybody, ’cause I don’t want
anybody to steal my idea. – Stupid. – [Pat] And what
I’ve learned is growing up, is execution is
the hardest part. – Smart, that’s it. – [Pat] Execution’s everything. And in your business,
that’s really the whole art of everything, right, execution? – I think the reason
I’ve popped is because I’m giving away all
my best info for free. I think the reason people
are watching is they’re like, “Shit, this guy’s giving this
away for free, and it works.” So I do that
because 99% of people don’t do anything about it. Like the punchline is,
I’ll tell you what to do. I’ll tell you how to
make content on Facebook and Instagram and Snapchat
and YouTube that can lead to good things. Selling more homes,
right, getting a promotion, getting a boyfriend, a girl, like, I can tell you what to do. The reality is somewhere
in my late 20s, early 30s, I’m like, wait a minute. People don’t do it. And you’re right, execution. Back to wrestling. Bret Hart, the excellent.
– [Pat] Best there is. – Best there was.
– [Pat] Best that ever did it. – The excellence
of execution, right? Like you think back, Macho Man. Why is WrestlemMania
Three Macho Man versus Ricky Steamboat, one of the
top five matches of all time? The execution in that ring. Like, these are
real practitioners. Not like fucking
Ultimate Warrior, who just looked the part and
couldn’t wrestle for dick. (group laughter) You know, so I think that, that’s exactly right man. And in your craft, you know it. It’s funny, football’s
the one sport I really know. – [Pat] Die hard Jets fan.
– Die hard Jets fan. – Have watched every
snap since 1982. – [Todd]Sorry.
– Yep. – [Pat] Were you at the games? – I’m at every home game. I went to all
sixteen games two years ago. – [Pat] We played Monday night
in New York last year. – You did, you won.
It was bad for us. – [Pat] I did
a Scott Hall celebration. – I didn’t see it. – [Pat] Well, so I pinned you
at the three yard line after a– – You know, this blows. Can you actually
go back into football? I’d like to, now I would actually,
now it would be fun to watch. I mean you know, it’s fun. – [Pat] Yeah. A lot of
people that I partied with, like around the globe
that didn’t know anything about punting, A, they
enjoyed watching me punt, but they’re gonna
enjoy me talking a lot more. – I agree.
I already enjoy you a lot more. – [Pat] Oh good.
– Yeah. – [Pat] Well,
you’re a Jets fan. – It’s true.
– [Pat] So that happens. – Now, how long did
you play for the Colts? – Eight years. – Great, so you were
there when we beat you in the playoffs in
the first round, right? – [Pat] Yeah, that
was because we called a fucking terrible timeout and you guys hit a game
winning field goal in overtime. Vinatieri hit a game
winner, it was a 52-yarder. – I remember. Now you only punted, you
didn’t do kickoffs, right? – [Pat] No, I kicked off too. – To Cromartie, you
kicked of to Cromartie, oh Cromartie on the
sideline right in front of me. You made the tackle. So it was your kick
that set up Cromartie’s long kickoff return that
really won the game for us. – [Pat] Well it was
our number two going out of his lane if I
remember correctly. It was to the right sider. – Back, yeah. – [Pat] Which goes back to
everything I talked about. – But it is fair to say
that it was your foot that was the last
human to touch the ball before Cromartie
caught it and went 50 yards to set up the game
winner, that is fair. – [Pat] Yeah.
(group laughter) But that isn’t what
set up the game winner. – I totally understand. – [Pat] We called a timeout.
– That was a great night. – [Pat] Nick Folk had
a 48-yarder to win it. We call a time out
with eight seconds left, because we’re like, “Oh
yeah, we’ll get the ball back.” It wasn’t fucking fourth down. So they took a shot
down the right sideline, picked up 30 yards, it
was now like a 25 yarder or something like
that, knocks it through. One of the worst
timeouts I’ve ever seen in my entire life that lost
us the game and the playoffs. – I mean I danced, danced all
over Indianapolis that night. When I say “danced” I didn’t
actually physically dance, I went to that
place that has the – [Pat] Do you dance? – No. I went to that
place that has, Killroy’s? Love that fucking place. – [Pat] Yeah,
that’s like our place. – Dude, you know how
many times I’ve been to Indy? I’ve been to three
Jet-Indy games in Indy. The fucking bullshit
AFC championship game. – [Pat] How about the one
where we purposely lost to you? Do you remember that one? – No I didn’t go to that
one, but that was the best. That got us into the playoffs.
(group laughter) Yes, then you knocked us out.
You were on that team? – [Pat] Yeah.
– Fuck. You won a Super Bowl
your rookie year? – [Pat] No, we
lost the Super Bowl. – Oh yeah right. – [Pat] But we were
undefeated, we didn’t lose until we did it on
purpose to you guys. – Oh I remember, to us. Yeah, that was awesome. You literally let us in
and then we had a miracle run and then we were like seriously
in danger of beating you. Then 17 to 6 and
then you guys exploded. – [Pat] I don’t remember that. – Yeah, you were
losing at halftime, just so you know, of that game. You were just a rookie and didn’t know what
the fuck was going on. – [Pat] I didn’t even know
how to punt at that point. That’s a true story, I did not. – Wait, if that’s true then the special teams
coach was phenomenal? – [Pat] No. – So you randomly Googled it?
– [Pat] Yeah. I googled Shane Lechler’s,
this is a true story. I watched Shane Lechler,
who doesn’t know this. – A beast, Raiders? – He was with the Raiders
and then he went to the Texans, I got to play with him twice. But my entire rookie
year and second year, I just watched
film of him literally every single
day trying to learn. Shane Lechler and
I punt the exact same because I tried to
mimic everything he did. – You need him on this
podcast, that’s very important, could be a huge
theme of what you can learn from people’s actions. You could change lives by
having Shane on this show. – [Pat] Other people’s lives? – Yes.
(group laughter) All humans lives, based on the
way you mapped against Shane, that’s what people,
this is a good segue. The reason I do a
daily vlog on YouTube is don’t listen to what I’m
saying, watch what I’m doing. Like if I’m going all in on
Instagram stories right now, and putting out 20
pieces of content a day, that means
I think it’s smart. Right? If I’m going on the
best podcasts in the world, not this one, but other ones.
(group laughter) Yeah, others. That means
that I think it’s smart. You knew that he
was a big time player and had a huge
success and you watched it. I’m stunned by how many people
would rather read a book than watch the behavior of
the people that are winning. – [Todd]We are not
book readers here. – [Pat] Yeah I’ve
never read a book in my life. Like when Shane Lechler
told me three years ago, I was the guy, it was
like the biggest moment in punting in my life, right?
– That’s really cool. – Because he had no idea
that I watched his film and then he was
like, you’re the guy. It was a gigantic moment. Hopefully that happens with
me and you in like 10 years. – I hope so.
– [Pat] I hope so too. Here’s a good
story, my junior year I was on mushrooms in the off season. – Shrooms?
– [Pat] Yeah. Me and my roommates in
college were on mushrooms. – Okay. – [Pat] It was, I missed two
kicks against Pitt that I thought my whole
football career was over. I got death threats,
I had 27 death threats, I had bottles thrown at my car
in Morgantown, West Virginia. I was gonna transfer, I was
gonna be done with football. I just didn’t have it. I had a strong leg,
I just didn’t have it. My roommates and I
took some mushrooms and I literally had an epiphany. It was like a moment
where my roommates were like, why don’t you just
try to make it man? Then it spiraled
into if you make the NFL, all your other
dreams can come true because you hold
such a gigantic platform. It was on that moment that
everything kind of changed. I was gonna use the NFL as
kind of a platform to take off. That was kind of
the plan the whole time. That’s why whenever
this all started cooking it was all worked out. – VaynerMedia’s that
for me to buy the Jets. I realized in my
late 20’s, early 30’s that I was only
good at one thing. I always compare myself to
Mariano Rivera of the Yankees. You know you
have this insane career and he had other pitches and he was a very
but he had one pitch. He had that one cut.
He had that one pitch. – Right?
– [Pat] Slider? – Cutter.
– [Todd]Cutter. – For fucking 20 years,
nobody could hit it. Like literally nobody. Edgar Martinez, actually, weirdly enough
could hit it a little bit. Nonetheless,
I decided that’s me. I’m good at other things. I’m terrible at most things but I’m insane about
understanding people’s behavior about why they buy stuff and
where they put their attention. It’s always come
intuitively to me. I just always know
what people are gonna do before they do it. That’s why I invested
in Facebook, in Twitter in Uber and Snapchat,
years before they became big. – [Pat] Jesus Christ.
– Yeah I’ve made a lot of money in
that part of my life. But at the height of that. – [Digs]And you
figured all this out without taking shrooms. – Correct.
– [Todd]Crazy. – [Digs]That’s amazing. – [Pat] That’s insane
that you didn’t have to dig deep in your,
(group laughter) ’cause boy mine was locked back then.
– That is amazing. – I feel like my brain
is on shrooms permanently. Like it’s defaulting. You know what I mean?
– [Pat] I’m so jealous. – It’s defaulted in that. By the way, I
actually think that. I actually think,
you know that picture where it looks like
two people are kissing or it’s a glass of wine? – [Digs]Yeah.
– You know those things? I feel like the whole
world looks at it one way and I just look
at it the other way. – [Pat] Yeah.
– [Digs]Yeah. – [Pat] That’s
stand up comedians. -That’s
like stand up comedians. – Is that right?
– [Digs]Mushrooms, by the way are also a very
important fresh ingredient for cooking. – [Pat] That’s
what it’s talking about. – Yeah.
– [Digs]Yeah, I was on.. – [Todd]Blue apron is the
number one fresh ingredient. And it has a good
delivery service in the country. Blue Apron’s mission is to make incredible home
cooking accessible to everyone. They achieve this by supporting a more
sustainable food system. Setting the highest
standards for ingredients and building a
community for home chefs. – [Pat] This one’s
a three pager. – This is a long one
– [Pat] Jesus. – They’re a long one.
– [Pat] Christ. – Let’s talk about
impact on the community. – [Pat] This is in
their ad read. – Blue Apron has established. – [Pat] No this
is still happening? – Partnerships– – [Pat] This is
happening for the – next three fucking pages.
– [Gary] Okay, good. – 150 local farms–
– [Gary] I passed on Blue Apron when I was investing.
Passed. – Well, we’re thirsty.
– [Gary] I was wrong. No, no I was wrong.
Keep going. I’m just gonna
drink this coffee. – [Pat] What’s the best? – The greatest
miss of my career. – [Todd]Yeah.
– [Pat] Well, I respect that. No, no, no, I passed on Uber
twice in the Angel round. I invested slightly after. I passed on Airbnb when
it was Air Bed and Breakfast. I still look at that email. GaryVee, we’re huge fans. We’d love for you to
invest in Air Bed and Breakfast. – [Pat] How bout this,
the next time you get one of those emails,
just let me know. – I will. – [Pat] I love
throwing away shit. – No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I’m acting cool right now. What I don’t talk about
is the $100,000 check I invested into Yobongo. – [Pat] What is that? – I thought it was
going to be Tinder. Before Tinder. I was right about the concept. I saw.
– [Pat] But not the company. – I saw Grindr, right? And I was like okay, that’s
going to happen boys and girls. That’s 100% gonna happen. – [Pat] Grindr came
before Tinder, I didn’t know – Way before.
– Like six years before. – And I’m like that’s–
– [Pat] Homosexuals are so on to things, at all times. – By the way, subgroups,
always, always, right, hip hop, like
subcultures always win. Everything comes
from a subculture. So you have to watch subcultures and then decide
that’s gonna go mainstream. – [Pat] So hipsters
lead the way, you’re saying. – Could. Do you think that
everybody’s gonna play vinyl? We’ll see. – [Todd]Grindr went mainstream and so did Blue Apron. That business really took off. Blue Apron’s established–
– He’s got a real skill. – Partnerships with over 150 local farms.
– [Gary] He’s really good. – [Pat] Best in the game. – I was wondering–
– And raised across– – why he was here.
– the United States. (group laughter) – The beef,
chicken and pork come from responsibly raised animals. Those are
responsibly raised animals. They have both parents. Their produce is
sourced from farms that practice regenerative
farming, that’s important and Blue Apron
ships the exact amount of each ingredient
required for recipe. They’re reducing food waste. Also key, impact on
households cooking together, build strong families. – Yes.
– [Todd]Right. – We love families. – No more (inaudible).
– [Pat] No Maury Povich. – [Todd]Right, research shows
that Blue Apron families cook nearly
three times more often and are 80% less
likely to produce children that grow up to
be serial killers. – Household–
– [Digs]Is that an actual stat? – [Todd]Let’s call it that. – [Nick]Digs and I
cook together all the time and we are not
producing any children or serial killers. – [Pat] I think you should
think about it by the way. – Do you guys cook together? – [Digs]Yep. – [Nick]You guys
should adopt a kid. – You guys should
start your own vlog about you guys cooking – [Digs]Oh that’s great. – and take over Pat.
– [Todd]That’s one way – Take over Pat.
– [Todd]to be less sincere but – [Digs]You should.
– [Todd]I like that. – I’m about to
encourage these guys. Coup d’etat, guys, coup d’etat. – [Pat] Hold on,
I did a whole speech at a company last week and I didn’t know if I
was supposed to motivate them to take the person in
front of them’s job or not, who’s in the room. – Yeah.
– [Pat] And that’s basically what I did.
– I do that all the time. I basically try to
get everybody to quit. I get paid hundreds
of thousands of dollars to speak at a corporate retreat and then I’m
like, “Get outta here.” and then the bosses
are like why did we? Sorry, I gotta a talk about.
– Don’t quit, Todd. – [Pat] Don’t quit
on these ad reads guys. – Go ahead.
– [Todd]My favorite is the spice hot tacos.
– So smart, by the way. – It comes with 12 tortillas,
almost a pound and a half of cod, Greek yogurt,
lime, avocado, cucumber, lettuce, peanuts,
cabbage and cotija cheese. – [Pat] That’s my favorite. – [Todd]Am I
pronouncing that correctly? – I have no idea what
the hell you just said. – [Pat] That’s you’re a
sophisticated fucking palate. – No, no, no, no. – I just don’t know it.
– Can you spell it for me? – [Todd]C-O-T-I-J-A. – [Digs]Oh that’s cotiya. – [Gary] Is that true?
– No. – [Todd]It’s Russian, we
think you should know that. – That’s Russian for penis. (group laughter) – [Digs]Cheese.
– [Pat] Penis cheese. – When some people
hear, they think it’s gonna be
a company that sells aprons that are blue, which is stupid because you can’t
just sell blue aprons, that business would fail. You have to sell all the colors. – Niches win. – [Todd]So when you
think, I want you to think of a company that sell delicious healthy, environmentally
responsible meal kits. They’re affordable
and easy to make because that’s what they are. They’re affordable for the less
than $10 per person per meal Blue Apron
delivers seasonal recipes along with
pre-portioned ingredients to make
delicious home-cooked meals and they’re easy. Each meal comes
with a step by step, easy to follow recipe card. Call to action, guys. Let’s really around this.
– [Pat] This is what we need. – [Todd]This
is what it’s about. This is what the whole
– [Pat] We need another. – [Todd]read is about. – [Pat] We need another page. – [Todd]We need a
whole ‘nother page. This is what’s
important for our listeners. Everything else
we said is important. This is the most important. Check out this week’s menu and get your
first three meals free with free shipping.
– How much for them after that? – [Todd]Your first three meals
free with free shipping by going to That’s P-A-T. You’ll love how
good it feels and tastes with great incredible
home-cooked meals with Blue Apron so don’t wait.
That’s – P-A-T because I thought
it was p silent z, a-y-t. – [Man]
Spell it for him. – [Pat] It’s P as
in pterodactyl, a as in apple, t as in tsunami. Next question Gary. – I wanna talk to the
audience, real quick audience, let’s start a campaign
right now for Blue Apron. I’m gonna do it right now. Go to Twitter and
let’s start #onepagepat. (group laughter) Let’s prove to Blue Apron
that first of all, I love how you’re
natively integrating the ad. – [Todd]Thank you. – But that ad is way
too long, way too long. No I got it, and
Blue Apron’s very smart or their ad company’s very
smart to be sponsoring this. Very smart, it’s a deal. Whatever you’re charging,
not enough. I’m being dead serious.
– [Pat] I agree. I found out what the
numbers are yesterday. – But here’s
what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna help everybody. We’re gonna help you,
we’re gonna help you and we’re gonna
really help Blue Apron. #onepagepat, if you
want it to go to one page and you’re committed
to supporting Blue Apron, because you don’t want to listen
to that horse shit anymore and you’d rather get two
more minutes of the podcast so you’ll just do
what Blue Apron wants which is do this thing, but it has to
now go to one page. I hope that Blue Apron’s
CEO and all their executives are listening and their VCs. That is way too
long and so I’m convinced that thousands of
people here will actually do the Blue Apron thing to
make it one page, #onepagepat. – [Todd]We love you,
Blue Apron, but it doesn’t
need to be three pages. Don’t send us three pages. – [Pat] That was unbelievable. – I’ve lost all my
energy, I’m finished. Watch this,
go ahead, next question. – [Pat] So what I was thinking
was, I’m in a
relationship with a lady. – I don’t know. – [Pat] Is it
possible to build an empire and be in a relationship? – No, you should break up. – [Pat] Seems like
Blue Apron’s really killed you. – Are you in a relationship?
– [Pat] I am yeah. – It’s super hard.
– [Pat] It is very hard. – How old are you again?
– [Pat] 29. – Listen, do you love her? – [Pat] Yeah
I’m a big fan of her. – And how long
have you been together? – [Pat] Like a
year, we’ve known each other for a long time though. – Oh you’re gonna marry her. – [Pat] Probably.
– Okay, well, that’s cool. – [Pat] Is
it possible though? We’ve been through some battles
here the last couple months. – Easy, it’s very easy. But what you just
said makes it scary, which is you
need a fullback bro. You need somebody
to clear the path. – [Pat] Yeah, take care of the home front
right, let me work. – You need old school. When you’re hungry,
when you’re hungry, you need old school fullback. You need a fullback
or a cheerleader. You definitely don’t
need a wide receiver. When you’re hungry,
when you’re hungry. – [Pat] Wow, yeah. – And that’s self-awareness. You need to find
a partner in life, this is not, I’m not
trying to be cool or anything. By the way, this is
the advice I give most of my female
entrepreneurs that I invest in. This is not boy advice,
this is human advice. You have to know who you are. – [Digs]Do they get
all the football references? – Sure, sure. I only invest in
female entrepreneurs that know
everything about football. I’m like what’s a gunner? They’re like uhh.
(group laughter) By the way, 98%
of dudes don’t know what a fucking gunner is. – [Pat] Yeah,
you’re obviously right. – I’m so pissed. Anyway, you know what my
favorite football move is? I’ll go back to your answer, when the Jets
establish their roster, I buy the jerseys of
the 45th to 53rd player, all of them custom.
– [Pat] Respect that. – Like Tanner Purdum,
like long snapper, all of them. And then I wear them. Then at the stadium people
come up to me like hey bro, cool nice jersey,
that’s your last name? I’m like no, dick. That’s your long snapper.
(group laughter) That’s basically how
I establish my fandom. Anyway, if you’re a hard
core fan, that’s the move. Anyway, you need a
fullback or a cheerleader because the problem is,
when you’re hungry, you only have one gear. If you don’t have
somebody supporting that by clearing the
way or cheering for it, it’s gonna create friction.
– [Pat] Yeah. – The end. – [Pat] And you have a
lady you’ve been with for a long time. – 13 years and Lizzie’s like the only reason I’m
pulling off this shit. – [Pat] I think that’s
what Sam’s becoming though. Her and I, the
transition into this, the whole barstool sports
busy all the fucking time. We are busy all the time, more busy than I
ever was in the NFL. – Right it was so much cooler to be like my husband’s a
NFL football player, right? Or my boyfriend’s
an NFL football player, instead of like my
boyfriend’s a podcaster. – [Pat] Well, I don’t
know if she says that or not. I have no idea, if she’s– – She says it.
– [Pat] You think so? – Yeah. – [Pat] I don’t think
she’s said her boyfriend’s a– – What’s up with your boyfriend? Oh he’s a former NFL player. – [Todd]Yeah, that’s
guaranteed what happens. – That’s money in the bank.
– [Pat] I don’t think so, I think Sam’s a– – Wait hold on,
this is your homie crew. We’re doing an official vote.
We’re doing an official vote. You go, Digs. – [Digs]I think she
says former NFL player. – Good next? – [Nick]Yeah, absolutely.
– Yep, next. – [Todd]I say she says
comedian. – Next?
– [Man 4] Yeah, no NFL. – Comedian, two for two. – [Pat] She’s a
pretty big fan of the comedy. – Here’s the punchline,
two really good friends. – Two people you gotta
keep your eye on. (laughs) – [Digs]Two guys that
wanna be single. (laughs) – Two guys that are about to
start their– – [Digs]No no, they don’t like– – Hey I’m very thankful for Sam, because I make
this joke all the time, – We don’t want
him to be single. we could not handle
your undivided attention. – [Digs]Single Pat
is a nightmare for us. ‘Cause his brain
does not fucking stop. – [Pat] Late night
texts late night calls, hey that’s what I am thinking. – You can’t out
intensify me bro, let’s just be friends.
– [Digs]I believe that, – Like, we’ll try. – [Pat] You’re drinking coffee, I drank total war this morning. – I’m gonna drink four
sips it’s comfort food, wait until you see how
full it is when I leave. I don’t need fucking coffee.
I don’t need anything. (laughs) – [Pat] No I look up to you, so I’m really
happy you came in here. When you reached
out to be on my show, I’ve never been more excited. – [Digs]I’m pretty
fascinated let me tell ya, sitting in this chair and I’m also going to work on my
impression of you. (Gary laughs) Cool persona that
matches your voice, of ever. – Thank you very much.
Thank you, number two, you are really doing it man, like listen I watch everything, I spent my life
looking at culture, and whether it’s hip hop, and spending time
with Kyle or Russ or Logic, or I’m looking at comedians, spending a lot of
time looking at that space. I look at
everything that’s happening in podcasting, vlogging,
personal brands on Instagram, you are really doing this. And my one massive
piece of advice would be step on the throat
of this opportunity. Go harder, this
is a moment in time. Like, listen. It ebbs and flows.
I’m always going to be a winner
and I’ve always won, but I’ve been
through three cycles, when it was better, right? Like I should have
collected more emails, and did more Google AdWords,
that’s how it got that’s how it
got from three to 60, I was right, I should
have went harder, right. YouTube, I was one of
the first people on it, four months into YouTube,
I should have went harder. Twitter I went
hard I got my value. Like when you have your moment, I have my moment right now, I am going hard. Like I have never worked harder, like 6 A.M. to
one in the morning. This is your moment. And somebody’s
going to watch this, and I mean this whole
thing that you’re doing, and they’re going
to do the same move. And they’re going to
be cooler than a punter. I mean it, I mean it, Now
my intuition that might not be more talented than you. Right, like at this, But this is a
moment bro you’re winning, you’ve got the hearts and minds of a lot of people. You’ve got real
fucking magic inside of you, you should be a
guest on every single top 100 podcast
over the next 120 days. – [Pat] I’m ready to run
through a fucking wall right now (gropu laughter) – [Digs]I’m glad
you had that idea, because we had that same idea. – [Todd]Just gotta
go on a pod run right? – [Pat] No one
knows who the fuck I am. – Listen a lot do, but you
need to go cross pollinate, you resonate with everybody. This isn’t, listen this
is one man’s point of view. This isn’t the cliche
thing that I think that a lot of people are thinking which is like, oh
good, he’s hit the hole, middle America,
Arkansas Rick demo, dude you are an
authentic human being, you’ll win with
41-year-old females, you’ll win with
22-year-old Latinos, in San Antonio.
(Pat speaks Spanish) You’ll just win. You need to go hack culture. What that means is
you need more awareness, and exposure and
not just the niche, that comes to you which
means you gotta go work. You gotta go show up on shit. You gotta go reach out to vlogs. – [Pat] How the
fuck do we get there? Like we have no idea how to– – I’ll tell you! – [Pat] Awesome. – Not only will I tell you, I’ll let you take
an employee or two, from VaynerMedia,
to work for you, I’m being dead
serious in what I’m saying, and by the way this is
not me being Mother Theresa. I’ve got a problem, I’m creating so much
talent at VaynerMedia, that I can’t
feed them all, like, the companies just not
going to be big enough, and a lot of them are winners, like this is
Barstool the company, and you specifically, you know, we mainly hire people
who are into football. So I’ve got unlimited,
I’ve got kids that can absolutely
bring you huge value, or you could
figure it out yourself, you got a whole crew here, I don’t care just do it. – [Digs]We’ll take a
couple guys. (laughs) – [Pat] We have a
couple guys that we signed. That we’ve had
to fire immediately. We had a guy
named Cervix Killer, that was his nickname, I don’t know if that’s
a good thing or bad thing, immediately off the jump, but he starts sexually
harassing one of other. – [Digs]He tried to
kill the wrong cervix. Which you
know is out of character, for a guy that
shows up in the interview wearing a cervix
killer T shirt. (group laughter) – [Pat] We expect, but
that would be incredible, for future reference. – You need to hack, you need to show up
on vlogs, right like, do you know
what’s going on YouTube with all these families that
are vlogging their lives, right? So basically like
a reality TV show, just like a whole
couple with two kids and like, millions of views. You need to just show up, to their house in Ohio, and teach the kids
how to play soccer. Boom, 30,000 more people, listening to your podcast. You need to show
up on Rogan’s podcast, right, boom explosion. You need to show up on you know, you need to go
and become friendly, with some hip hop artists. Rich the Kid, like
1,000,000 followers on Instagram like you’ve got it. Now, you’re
either gonna run hard or you’re gonna run super hard or you’re gonna run,
you’re running hard. Like that’s just you.
– [Pat] Yeah. You want me to go super hard. – I do, only ’cause you
have a moment right now. Like you can
literally, like you can be the, I mean I genuinely
think you’re gonna host the ESPYs in three years. – [Pat] Fuck ESPN. – Okay. (group laughter) – [Digs]How about we
have our own version of ESPN? – Yeah. – [Male] We create
our own award show? – [Pat] No, you’re right, I
understand what you’re saying. – By the way,
everybody says, “Fuck Facebook, “it’s fucking me.” I’m like, “No, no, no,
you need to fuck it back.” Take people out of it. You can say, “Fuck ESPN”
until you go on the ESPYs and you siphon all those fans. It’s the best to go
into enemy territory. I go do interviews with certain
people that I don’t love, to siphon people out of it. – [Pat] Ugh.
– [Todd]Yeah. – [Pat] Jesus Christ Gary.
– Yep. – [Pat] Who do I hate, ESPN? I gotta go to ESPN. – [Digs]You
hate a lot of people. – [Pat] I hate a lot of people. – [Digs]Well, we have this
fight with you all the time. – Andrew Luck. I know
you hate Andrew Luck. – [Digs]And you have
no trouble running hard. – I’m just making up shit. – [Digs]You just don’t want
to use the right path to run. – I’m just trying to get
headlines. McAfee hates Luck. – [Pat] That’s
what ESPN will run. – By the way he is an
awesome kid, isn’t he? – [Pat] Incredible.
– He’s hungry as fuck. – [Pat] Unless he
was born an asshole. – He better win a Super Bowl. That’s like
running through my head. I’m like that’s gonna
be fun to watch from afar ’cause I’m a huge
Patrick Ewing fan and that means
misery loves company and I want other
all-time greats to not win championships. – [Pat] Dan Marino. – I hate that fucker. – [Pat] How come?
– ‘Cause I’m a diehard Jets fan. Do you understand? – [Pat] You’re right. Bro, do you know
how lucky I am that the NFL had realignment? The NFL realigned
Peyton’s rookie year. The Colts were in
the Jets’ division. It would have been both of them. That would have been
four automatic losses a year. (group laughter)
– [Pat] Unbelievable. – Yeah, little fun
fact for the kids at home. – [Pat] So you legit are a
diehard, do the Jets know
you are a diehard fan? That you plan on buying them?
– Yep. – [Pat] What’s the owner name?
– Woody Johnson. – [Pat] Woody Johnson?
– Yep. – [Pat] Does he know that
you plan on buying from him? – I’m not sure. I don’t care. Because he’s not selling. And I hope he
has a nice long life. And I’m 30 years younger, and it’s the natural progression
of human beings, right? – [Pat] I talked to
Jim Irsay in my retirement, which was an hour
and a half conversation. – Interesting. – [Pat] It was
an incredible convo. I told him I never
wanted to be a player, never want to be a coach, don’t wanna be a scout,
don’t wanna be a GM I wanna own the Colts one day. And he was like
so taken back by it, but then he gave me
like a real conversation. – I love it. – [Pat] I think the NFL owners
are getting comfortable. They’re just
getting comfortable. – Anybody gets comfortable
when you’re a billionaire. – [Pat] Making billions.
What is the end game for you? – Seven Super Bowls. – [Pat] So owning the Jets
and winning seven Super Bowls is the end game for GaryVee. – 100%. And then there
will be a movie, right? ‘Cause it was a kid
from Russia who always said he was gonna
own the Jets and he did and I’m gonna
inspire some 13-year-old girl in Chattanooga, Tennessee
to do something similar. – [Pat] Do you
think about your story with every decision you make? – Yes.
– [Pat] Me too. – 100%. – [Digs]Who plays
you in the movie? – Somebody ridiculously
fucking handsome. (group laughter) I don’t know if you know this, my brother AJ, he
started VaynerMedia with me. He left a year and a
half, about a year ago. He has Crohn’s disease. We went from 30 to 800 people. And you’re managing people. And that shit sucks,
you guys know. – [Pat] Puttin out fires. – I’m a firefighter.
I say it all the time. That’s what I do for a living. I’m gonna leave this booth, we’re gonna
high-five, new friends, we’re pumped, we like each other And literally I’m
gonna open my phone, there’s gonna be
four texts and 137 emails and it’s all gonna
be shit. That’s my life. But that’s what you do
when you’re number one, right? Anyway, my brother leaves, he doesn’t know
what he wants to do, we decide a
couple months earlier, I bought a small
sports agency out of Boston and New York
called Symmetry Sports. They only had four guys. Matt Paradis was their big hit. Sixth round center from Boise. All-pro now for
the Broncos. Great kid. Small guys. Couldn’t
really ever play at the biggest leagues of agency world. But I wanted to
learn it, so I bought it. Passive, just to watch it. AJ decides to
jump in and run it. We rebrand it to VaynerSports, and I’m about to dominate
over the next five years the sports agency world. – [Pat] Do you know
how many agents I’ve fired? – How many?
– [Pat] Five. – True?
– [Pat] Yep. – Good. I wanna be
able to close every single punter prospect for the rest
of my life because of you. – [Pat] That’ll be no problem.
– Great. – [Pat] I don’t wanna say
I’m the leader of the punters but every high school kid– – You’re the
Lord of the Punters. – [Digs]I like that. – You’re the
Lord of the Punters. DRock, new custom t-shirt,
we’re doing this. Lord of the Punters. – Find it at (group laughter) – [Gary] Extra large?
Extra large. – [Pat] Yeah.
– Lord of the Punters. – [Pat] I think that’s a goal. – If there’s a single punter in, not this draft coming up,
next year’s draft, that gets drafted, that doesn’t
sign with VaynerSports– – [Pat] My fault.
– we’re losers. No, you know what,
you’re right, your fault. – [Pat] Yeah,
it’s 100% my fault. But it’s very easy to tell which punter’s gonna make it and which
kicker’s gonna make it. – Great. – [Pat] In the
college, very easy. Got a gigantic leg? Gonna make it. Baby leg? Not gonna make it. Easy as that. I happen to have
the biggest of them all. (group laughter) – That just gave us a design
idea for Lord of the Punters. – [Pat] Gigantic fucking leg.
– Gigantic leg. I love it. – [Pat] Do you
follow other sports? NHL?
– NBA. I was a big hockey fan, but once my teams win
a championship, I’m out. So the ’94 Rangers win the cup? – [Pat] Climb that, out.
– That’s it. I’m all about the climb. Once I win, I’m out. – [Pat] But you want seven
championships with the Jets. Don’t you think
that the history of you, is gonna make you drop out, after you won a
Super Bowl as an owner? – Maybe. That’s a very good observation. You know what
I’m more scared of? Actually winning
one before I buy them. I don’t know
what’s gonna happen. It could get fucked up. – [Digs]It makes
for a better movie if you just
leave after that one, ’cause it would
get kinda redundant. (Pat laughs) You’re going seven wins. – [Todd]I don’t
think you have to worry about them winning one. – Yeah, that’s
what everybody says until they go 2-14 this year, take Darnold,
right, from USC next year, and go and actually win. Listen, I love losing. – [Pat] You learn. – I love losing. All these people, I
love all these Patriot fans, friends I have, right? Who live in other parts,
listen, you live in Boston? Mazel Tov. New Hampshire, Vermont? Mazel Tov. You live in fucking Detroit,
and you’re a Patriots fan? It’s the quickest
tell that you’re a loser. You’re using.
(group laughter) You are using, it is! And by the way, I’m not joking. If you are a fan of a
great sports franchise and you do not
live in that market, let me tell you who you are. You’re a fucking loser. Let me explain. It’s because you
need an outside thing to give you self-esteem. You want other people to deploy
self-esteem into your body, you don’t have it yourself. Period. – [Pat] Do you read
tweets that are compliments? – Of course! – [Pat] You love ’em. – I need compliments 24/7/365. – [Pat] Me too,
I fucking love ’em. – They’re my oxygen. – [Pat] I would take a
compliment from anybody. – And I also love fucking, “GaryVee, you’re
a bullshit artist, “I don’t believe
anything you say.” I love that too. Chips on shoulder. You don’t understand,
I’m unbeatable. You give me compliments? I grow, I fucking love it. You fucking diss my shit? I fucking grow, ’cause I
want to slice your throat. – [Pat] I feel like I’m
looking in a mirror right now. (group laughter) But, right?
It’s a win-win. When you’re in a good place,
when you know your intent, when you’ve figured
yourself out, it’s game over. – [Pat] How many years
is it gonna take for you to buy the Jets you think? Have you mapped it out yet? – 20. – [Pat] 20 more
years of darkness? – Yeah, because
I don’t do things that create the
kind of wealth overnight. I’m not inventing Uber. – [Pat] You’re chess,
not checkers. – 100% – [Pat] I learned that
in bool, the other day. – It’s true. I use that analogy all the
time, that’s exactly what I am. I’m patient as fuck,
I like the narrative, I enjoy the climb. It’s great. – [Pat] Just a hustler. – Just a grinder,
just willing to, I think I can
outwill everybody. – [Pat] Jesus Christ. – [Digs] You said that, you
willed Xavier into winning the– – [Pat] I did. Did you hear about
the Bud Light Busters? – Nope. – [Pat] So Bud Light
Busters was something that Barstool Sports together, they got paid by
Bud Light, I did not. But everybody, every personality
in the Barstool Sports, drafted one team that
was seeded nine or lower, and you had to pick a
team that made it to Sweet 16. – And you took… – [Pat] And I took Xavier. – [Todd] Only team to do it. – [Pat] Only team to
make it in the whole company. – Do you know what I call this? – [Pat] I willed the fuck, I motivated the
shit out of those kids. – Do you know what I call this? – [Pat] What’s that? – The Jorge Cantu rule. – [Pat] Okay, don’t know who
he is, sounds like a Mexican, let’s do it. – Jorge Cantu is
a baseball player, who was a non-prospect. I picked him up on waivers, in Fantasy Baseball,
a decade or two ago. He lost his mind. The guy batted like
.290 with 30 homers. He lost his shit. Had 100 plus RBIs, came out of left
field, right, literally. Cool. I then trade ’em, because his max value,
he’s out of his mind. Shits the bed. Can’t play baseball anymore. I pick him back
up, dominates Earth. (group laughter) – [Todd] Back in the game! – Back in the game! If Brandon Warnecke is
listening to this right now. It happened yesterday. I pick up Benoit,
the fucking closer, the set-up man for the Phillies? An hour later, new closer, it’s supposed to be the
set-up guy, nope, Benoit. I willed it. – [Pat] How good do
you feel about that? – The best. – [Pat] ‘Cause I felt
real good about Xavier. – The best! – [Pat] I celebrated
hard in Vegas. – Bro, I honestly believe it. I know it makes
no logical sense. I know 10,000 people
just said, “This fucking guy.” I’m sorry, I believe it. – [Pat] Do you speak
things into existence? – Listen, I think
the answer is yes because then I go
do something about it. – [Digs]It puts
pressure on you. – You know what I mean?
Like, I don’t sit on my couch and say, “I’m going
to be a millionaire!” and then jerk-off while
I’m playing Madden all day. Like, I say, “I’m going
to be a millionaire,” And then I got work 20… – [Digs]That’s a good time too.
– No, that’s super fun! – [Digs]It does put
pressure on yourself ’cause if you run
your mouth about it… – [Pat] You gotta do it. – [Todd]Then you
gotta back it up with your… – Listen, this has been funny
theme the past couple of days, I keep pointing to
DRock ’cause he follows me, he knows everything
that’s been going on. We, we… Well, his name’s David Rock.
I mean, did he win, or what? (group laughter) If my name were… – I would want, like, The Rock – If my name was David Rock,
I’d be seven times bigger. (group laughter) It’s true. Anyway. You know, like, look. Muhammad Ali runs
his fucking mouth, he executes, and
he’s the greatest. – [Digs]Right. You know, all the people that
I can’t mention right now that ran their mouth, people in the
neighborhood make fun of them. I mean, it’s very basic. I’m
not scared to run my mouth, and I do. I’m running my
mouth that I’m going to buy a $4 billion thing. – [Pat] Yeah, but
it puts pressure on you to fucking do it. – I laugh with my inner
circle, I say shit like, “Man, I could literally end
up becoming a billionaire, “and get shit on because
I didn’t accomplish it.” (group laughter) Like, first dude ever
that like’s the worst… I’m like the
Worst Billionaire Ever. (group laughter) – [Pat] You remember Gary saying he was gonna
buy the fucking Jets. – What a loser! (group laughter) – [Pat] All he got
was a billion dollars before you fuckin’… – He just owns the
Bangals, that loser. (group laughter) – [Digs]He owns an
Arena Leauge team. – [Pat] What’s the
next sport to be big, lacrosse? – E-sports.
E-sports is going to be the biggest sport in
America besides the NFL and NBA. – [Pat] Well, why don’t
you put together this league, because this is an idea. – Go ahead. – [Digs]So, in England,
whenever we played over there, don’t know why, but the NFL… pigs get fed,
hogs get slaughtered, you’re trying to
spread to Europe, whatever. Don’t know how
it’s going to work if they put a team over
there. Won’t work, whatever. But they have,
for the UEFA League… – Yep. – [Pat] They have an E
game team that represents each one of ’em, and the
night before they play… – FIFA. – [Pat] They play
FIFA against each other. Why doesn’t the NFL have
Madden teams that do that? Why don’t you put that together? – I don’t want to do
anything that’s at the mercy of the IP of somebody else. It’s the macro-version
of what you didn’t like. I will never do that because I don’t need
to fuck with the shield. – [Gary] Gotcha.
– Got it? I’d rather create
the hacky sack league, or the thumb wrestling league, or the pencil fighting league. Something that’s agnostic
that I can completely own. That’s why.
– [Pat] Gotcha. – It’s literally the macro
of what you said earlier. – [Pat] And the NFL will
probably end up doing this at some point, but
they’ll be 10 years behind. – Yeah, the thing that
people make a mistake on with social media is
they do things, shady stuff, but Facebook… and
they think they’re tricking Facebook and Instagram.
They know what’s going on. – [Pat] How do we
get better at Facebook? – You actually know the
art and the science behind how to get better at it. Like, first of all, you should never do a podcast
again without it being filmed. Ever. – [Group] We film it, yeah. – Great. Then, you
should cut at least 13 to 20 different moments
into 40, 50, 60 second videos, and then you
should amplify them. You should run $100 to
$500 worth of ads on every single post on
Facebook against Colt fans. You should compound it. It’s the actual
hashtags you use. It’s the actual filter you use. It’s the time that you post it. – [Pat] Man,
what times are best? You don’t have to tell
us, don’t tell us that. – No, no. I’ll tell you ’cause I want
everybody at home to win. I don’t know. But you’ve gotta do… – [Pat] What the
fuck just happened? – Well, I’ll
tell you what happens. All of them could work,
it’s different shit. Your demo, I think
late nights are interesting, I think Instagram’s interesting, I think you have to have
a real Snapchat campaign, you should never do an
event ever again without buying a custom filter
that’s funny with a drawing of your face on it. There’s a lot of
strategies here, man. – [Digs]God. Jesus. – This is not by
accident. This is… You’re relying
right now on your talent. You need to deploy real
strategy to compound it. – [Pat] Well,
with that being said… – Let’s go fucking do something. – [Pat] Let’s
go take over the world! Let’s go take
over the world, Gary. – And speaking of taking over
the world, Blue Apron, no… (group laughter) – [Pat] Do you
have any more? – [Todd]I do not. – [Pat] Perfect.
The NHL playoffs start tonight. Who plays, Nick? – [Nick] We got the
Pens playing Columbus. – [Pat] Pens win. – [Nick] You think?
– [Pat] Yeah. – [Nick] Let’s hope so. – [Pat] Pens are gonna win
it, only because I’m from
Pittsburgh, and I’m a very… – I gotta go. – [Pat] Yeah, so…
– I have a meeting. – [Pat] Go ahead, man.
– Gary V-E-E. On everything else. I’ll answer any
fucking question, just put #PatandGary. All of them. I’m gonna
answer every fucking question. – [Pat] I can’t wait to
just ask you a hundred… (group laughter) – I love you guys.
Thanks everyone. Take care. (group applause) Real pleasure. – [Pat] You’re the fucking man.
– [Gary] That was fun.


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