The Origin of Lonzo Ball And The UGLIEST Shot In The NBA

The Origin of Lonzo Ball And The UGLIEST Shot In The NBA

Lonzo Ball has the most talked about shot
in the NBA today for the wrong reasons. There was a time where Lonzo’s shot was
actually normal, but how and why did Lonzo come up with this weird shot? It’s more complicated than you think. What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players. It’s ya boi MJ. We all know Lonzo Ball and his unique shot. The crazy thing is that he was an elite shooter
in college and he was drafted number 2 with that shot. This weird shot goes back to high school,
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let’s get into this. Believe it or not, there was a time where
Lonzo didn’t shoot from the side of his head and actually released it from in front
of his head. It was in his freshmen and sophomore year. Back then, Lonzo seemed like a talented player
with good playmaking and a consistent shot. His shot actually looked good. It was in his junior year that it all changed. His high school coach, Steve Baik, stated
that Lonzo began to change his shot in his junior year. Even though Lonzo was already 6’ 5”, Lonzo
started releasing the ball to the left of his head because he wanted to have more momentum
into his shot and pushed the ball further out to make it more of a singular motion. Any coach would stop a player from developing
that form and so Steve told Lonzo to be more efficient and bring the ball back to how he
was shooting it before. But no matter what they would tweak, Lonzo
felt more comfortable shooting the ball from his left side. So they decided to do a drill for pull up
3s. What happened next got the coach quiet. Lonzo made 23 straight pull up 3s with his
unorthodox form. Over the remainder of the season, Lonzo would
continue to hit 3s and the coach began to believe in his shot. LaVar Ball had absolutely nothing to with
Lonzo changing his shot, or so Lonzo says, but we all know LaVar couldn’t make a jumpshot
so this doesn’t surprise. For Lonzo, this shot form came more naturally
to him because he is left eye dominant meaning he uses his left eye to aim more than his
right. Usually, right handed shooters are right eye
dominant, but Lonzo is the opposite. Most opposite dominant shooters shoot the
ball right in front of their head. Look at Kevin Durant for example and you can
see he brings the ball slightly to the left of his head. Lonzo had this type of shot in his freshmen
year, but as time progressed, he kept bringing the ball further and further left until it
was extreme. Now the whole basketball is to the left of
Lonzo’s head. Lonzo never needed momentum for his shot. At the height of 6’ 6”, Lonzo is no small
player. If he really needed momentum, he could have
solved that issue by leaning in more. Lonzo himself could probably not understand
why he preferred shooting that way. Because Lonzo kept making his shots, no one
really thought to change it. In college, Lonzo shot over 40% from 3 and
while everyone thought the shot was weird, people worried that he wouldn’t be able
to shoot over NBA defenses. Since he’s been in the NBA, Lonzo can easily
get off his shot, but he has been anything but consistent. Now almost everyone is saying to change his
shot. I’m not sure how much he can change since
he has developed that form since his junior year and because he is left eye dominant. Lonzo himself has show faith in his own shot
although his confidence has wavered. But what do you think? Will Lonzo shoot better this season? Does he need to change his shot? Let me know in the comments down below. Drop a like if you liked this video and if
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