The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Teaser Trailer | PS4

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Teaser Trailer | PS4

From Mirkwood, Rohan, Moria’s caves, Lothlórien… It’s been a long journey from home to join you. Through Middle-Earth to the cradle of Sauron’s minions where danger and death prevail. But we won’t fall because only you know how to use power wisely. They might hunt us… …but they fear you. That is why the fellowship follows you. Against the dark forces we will raise our swords. Humans, Dwarves, Elves, Hobbits… …we all pledge allegiance to you. Whoever the Dark Lord will send on your path… …no matter what creatures will lurk
around every corner of our journey… …we will stand beside you… …together.

87 thoughts on “The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Teaser Trailer | PS4

  1. Card games are on the decline. What should we do? Yeah, let's oversaturate the market even more because we're too unoriginal to come up with our own idea.

  2. What we REALLY need is a new Battle for Middle-Earth game or a remake at least! I’d play and pre-order that game faster than you can say one ring to rule them all…

  3. wow that part when gameplay appears is totally insane, ty a lot for not doing another unless trailer with nothing

  4. All these people asking for open world middle earth games… is like Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War are painted in a wall.

  5. The actual board game is amazing. These people don't know anything about the actual game. But why does the date keep changing?!

  6. Saw lord of the rings and got excited. Than saw card game and lost excitement. A massive rpg game is what i want and it seems what nearly everyone wants

  7. Everyone wants an open world lord of the rings game with the graphics of RDR2 but sadly greed controls the industry rn.

  8. "Lord of the rings: announcement trailer", What!? Interesting!

    "Adventure Card Game", oooh. No thanks.

    Seriously, who still believes we need MORE card games than the hundreds already out there?

  9. People on the comment section wanting a new open world middle earth and I'm here getting excited about a new card game, Ps4 needs more card games imo

  10. as much as i´d like to recommend this game, just don´t buy it please! you get way, WAY more content in other games!

  11. What happend? Release date should have been yesterday, actually the game was on sale for awhile and then disappeared. O_o and no info why just this trailer and "autumn 2019", lol

  12. They really made a stupid boring card game from this??? They could have done something so perfect like an rpg open world game and stuffs…

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