47 thoughts on “The Guy Who Fixes Tablets for NFL Coaches | Hardest Jobs in Sports

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  2. I like this video, but screw the iPad comment at the end. Overpriced and overrated. I don't own a Surface Pro, but that tablet is easily the most appealing I've ever seen.

  3. OK maybe I shouldn't complain too much about my IT jobs. I imagine this guy spends most of his weekday time restoring software images to new tablets. I hope he's using System Center to deploy that software. If these were iPads he'd just be spending twice as much money ordering more expensive kit.

    And foot porn? Seriously? Jonathan: Do you want to learn about SRP to stop your coaches from wrecking the software, at least?

    You know what? I'll take your job! At least NFL coaches don't page their IT support at 3:30 AM.

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