The Easiest Way to Make Money Sports Betting in 2020 (betting tips & sports picks)

The Easiest Way to Make Money Sports Betting in 2020 (betting tips & sports picks)

what’s up everyone Kellen from Action
Backers here today in this short video I want to show you an easy way that you
can consistently profit so if you see on the screen here this is actually one of
my profit graphs using this strategy profited over forty three units you’ll
see this is just a shade over two-and-a-half months from basically end
of November until mid-february I bet predominantly hockey which is why
that’s the timeframe that’s like sort of the sweet spot for hockey but this works
for any sport so without further ado let’s get to it and I’ll show you how to
do it so all you’re gonna need to do is come to a site like odd shark
I prefer odd shark I’m in Canada but I know how shark works in the States and
then you’re just gonna pick a sport so it’s the NBA Finals right now go Raptors
so we can look at a game there’s actually game tonight so all you would
want to do is choose NBA and then click odds and then scroll down and from here
you can set up your odds settings so typically what I like to do is just make
sure that I have full game on and then for filter we only want online sports
books and then it’s up to you if you want American and decimal or fractional
odds I’m just gonna use American odds because it’s easier to do at a glance so
we’ll do that and this is a free site check it out so all you want to do is
simply look at the odds that we’re getting on the game okay and first we’re
gonna start with pinnacle so pinnacle is a sports book it’s called a sharp sports
book they they have some of the the the best lines in the industry the people
who set the lines really know what they’re doing so they’re like the true
odds we’ll call them okay so what we’re gonna do the strategy revolves around
just simply comparing against pinnacle okay so for instance Golden State in
Toronto first of all Golden State’s an underdog which never happens on the
money line that’s crazy we’re just gonna look and we see that pinnacle is getting
giving +1 21 for Golden State and minus 1:33 for the Raptors so all we want to
do is just compare across some different books if we’re looking at the – or at
the favorites we want a number closer to zero or closer to minus a hundred so for
instance like – 115 if we’re looking at the underdog with the plus we want
something higher maybe like plus 130 and that’s how we’re gonna make our money
and that’s where we find value so right away you can see that pinnacle at plus
121 for the money line for Golden State that’s the best that’s the best number
there is no one else is offering a better price so there’s probably no
value in Golden State however they have the Raptors at 133 and
you can see here five dimes Azamat – 125 and if we look all the way over here bo
dog which is also the same as Bovada so if you’re in the states it will redirect
you to Bovada but it’s the same sports book same lines you can get them for –
115 so that’s a lot of value here right so a pinnacle if we wanted to bet the
Raptors we’d have to spend a hundred and thirty three dollars to win a hundred
whereas with Bo dog Bovada we would only have to spend a hundred and fifteen
dollars to win a hundred so right off the bat we’re saving ourselves eighteen
dollars which is huge okay and the key here is that pinnacle are the closest to
the true odds like we said so this means that the implied probabilities based on
the odds and that’s what they are implied probabilities is is saying that
the Raptors actually have a better chance of potentially winning the game
than what Bo dog thinks they do so there’s a ton of value here so if you in
the long run and again we we don’t do things based on one individual bet this
is all the long-run but if you consistently find value like this you’re
gonna profit in the long run okay so that’s just one example so all you would
do then is log into bo dog or Bovada and you would place your bet and then
hopefully you win your bet but again this works for any any sport any game
any any odds so if we look at it’s baseball season right now
so if we just go to MLB and click on odds and see here we’ll just filter again and
we want only online sports books now if you’re in Vegas and you have access to
two brick-and-mortar sports books then then definitely Phil leave it leave it
all because you might actually find a better price I like the win or the
Westgate or something like that but if you’re only doing this online then just
use online okay and then it’s the same thing so we always start with the
pinnacle line and then we’re just gonna go through and start looking for some
games something that catches our eye you can spend a lot of times doing this you
can spend not a lot of time doing it it’s up to you but the obviously the
more games you identify and the more value you find then the the more you’re
gonna profit in the long run so let’s see do we see anything in these first
couple games not really and also you want to ignore the opening line because
that’s not something you can bet on that’s just where the line started so it
is helpful to see like if there’s been a lot of line movement from when it opened
up there there might be something there that you can you can look into but for
this the sake of this strategy we just want to look at at what the line is
currently so we might not find anything either we already found the good
basketball one but we might find something so here’s here’s one Detroit
Atlanta so you can see pinnacle has Detroit at plus 154 but across the board
you can get them at inter tops at 157 you can get them at 155 at bet on line
so there’s a little bit of value there but you can get them all the way at 160
at five dimes right so that’s that’s some good value there these are heavy
underdogs so you’ll just want to be careful in like you probably wouldn’t
want to you know if pinnacle has a plus 154 and you can get it at 155 or 157 I
would say like 157 three points that’s probably the the lowest I would go I
wouldn’t bet it out 55 but 160 I would definitely probably
make a move on it there and you can see this works for both favorites and
underdogs right typically you’re gonna find more value in an underdog but again
like the Raptors we found a lot of value at bo dog or Bovada with the Raptors and then yeah you just want to keep going
through so here’s another one where Cleveland and the White Sox you can get
their – 100 at Pinnacle but you can actually get them four plus money I bet
online so that might be one we choose and again you just want to keep going
through you some days you’ll find lots and some days you won’t find find much
usually because of baseball and with pitching matchups and everything like
that there are some discrepancies so you you typically during baseball season can
find a lot but it can just take some time but again this is like this is
fundamentals and it’s based on on math and strategy I actually have a full
course on how this works and the the math behind it but you can check that
out or I have other youtube videos actually where I go into calculating
like all the mathematical calculations behind this these strategy so if you
want to check that out just click click down in the channel subscribe to the
channel and and definitely check it out okay
so we’re not finding too much here so I’m just gonna move on but okay here’s
here’s one so Oakland pinnacle has them at plus 118 but we can get them at inner
tops or actually I have five dimes we can get them at plus 128 so that’s like
10 points that’s huge so I would probably place a bet on
Oakland at 5 dimes right so that’s that’s the strategy in a nutshell you
don’t want to do this forever game you sort of want to compile a list and you
want to sort of pick and choose your your top your top plays that that you
think makes no sense where you find the most value
so I recommend doing this and and to do this really effectively
you’re gonna need sports book accounts with money in them at a few separate
sports books just because lines change really quickly so you always want to
make sure you have money available I’m gonna leave a link down below to a
couple sports books so I really recommend bet online for sure Bodog for
sure or Bovada whichever one if you’re in the States and then five dimes is
another one and then if you’re in Canada Sports interaction is good one but
that’s for Canada only and then also if you’re in Canada if you want a pentacle
account or in Europe just not in the USA for pinnacle but again you don’t need a
pinnacle account to make this strategy work but I highly recommend you open up
an account at five dimes bet online and and boudic slash pavada if you haven’t
already if you use my link below I really appreciate it that’s a way to
show me some support I don’t it doesn’t cost you anything but the sports books
like when I refer players to them and I can win some cool prizes and things like
that it also means that I can help you out if you have issues I can go and talk
to the sports books on your behalf so sign up for an account if you haven’t
already also please like and subscribe if you found this helpful
check out more videos I do different reviews on other sports books as well
I’ll see you in the next video

45 thoughts on “The Easiest Way to Make Money Sports Betting in 2020 (betting tips & sports picks)

  1. hey man, I'm in the suburbs of Toronto, how can I connect with you? The best way to bet is to bet with bitcoin, not bodog using bitcoin, I mean a bitcoin specific sports book, they all give better odds than Pinnacle and traditional books. Not trying to sell you anything but I think we can both make money together. Get in touch.

  2. Way of making this work better.
    1. Let's say Pinnacle odds for over/under are 1.95/1.95.
    2. Convert those odds into probability, in this case 51.28%
    3. Adding those two together gives us 102.56, so Pinnacle margin is 2.56.
    4. 2.56:2 = 1.28
    5. 51.28 – 1.28, you get fair odds of 2.00(50%)
    6. So if any bookie is offering more than 2.00 on over/under you have advantage.

  3. Another tip would be aim to beat the Betfair 100% book odds. I also agree Pinnacle are sharp, but i would recommend converting back to 100% (no juice) – EG, 1.96 1.96 both would convert to 2.00 2.00 – these are the odds you should aim to trump!

  4. So you usually get on the +‘s when it’s safe. But do you usually do the -‘s when it’s easy wins let’s say for example Golden State Vs Lakers and it has Lakers at -400 and GS at +400. Do you usually avoid those bets or do you go for the Lakers?

  5. I bet 30-40 times a year. Mostly football. I take heavy money line favorites and sometimes parlay them depending how heavy the favorite. I win thousands every year. Not getting rich, but being entertained and winning is not a bad deal for me. 💯

  6. Two team parlays. The 2 teams equal -400 or less. Like, -210 plus a – 190 pays around +1.25 or so. Both are favored and pays plus money if you hit. This has worked for me often.

  7. So do you have accounts with all of those betting sites? Is that the only way this works? I am currently only using one online sports book but I guess it would make sense to get a few more accounts and shop value

  8. When I’m on, I don’t see Pinnacle. Like it won’t let me choose “online sportsbook only” and it forces me to do “all” resulting in me not being able to see pinnacle. Do you have any fix for this?

  9. Very informative video, thank you! Quick question, how many sportsbooks accounts should you create before it is too much? Also, what do you think about DraftKings and FanDuel?

  10. I like this strategy. But just for clarification should we be getting games that have value even if we don’t think that team will actually win?

  11. Would you recommend betting heavy underdogs with this strategy? For example, I've found 5 dimes offers much higher payouts to heavy underdogs than Pinnacle in English Championship soccer. Pinnacle: +448 Home +283 Draw -144 Away. 5 Dimes: +464 Home +284 Draw -147 Away. Are the 16 points of added value worth it? Or does your strategy mainly work for closer projected matchups?

  12. This makes total sense to me from a statistics point of view. Just to make sure I've got this right, you are basically saying that Pinnicale's model is better calibrated(closer to true odds) than other books and that we want to bet when some other book is offering a lower implied probability than Pinnicale is offering. In the first example you mention Pinnicale was giving -133 or 57.1% implied probability and bodog/bovada had -115 or 53.5%. In that example we would have a 57.1-53.5=3.6% edge over bodog/bovada. I imagine this would do even better at smaller live sportsbooks than online since their models are likely to be further from true odds than most online books.

  13. When he says hopefully u win your bet… that sentence tells me to stay away…. its basically short odds betting iv done this 100 of times it's how the bookies catch you out

  14. How are you determining "the value" on those games?
    I don't see what your strategy is from watching this… I mean, using an Oddschecker across brokers for the Best Available odds, is fair and all.. But how do you determine if the bet is "good value"?

  15. I used to live 3 miles west of Mandalay Bay. I did really well with College Football until a few "point shaving" incidents that were pretty obvious. I'm guessing you don't have to deal with that much in Hockey.

  16. Its 100% proven that beating the pinnacle closing line leads to profit, however you need a huge turnover and big amount of bets to reduce variance. This combined with proper bankroll management will lead to profit.

  17. lastima que yo desde Colombia no pueda apostar se tiene buenas cotas no se si estas casas de oddsshark limitan.

  18. I found a way to make this actually work long term. The trick is to compare the fair implied probabilties and only make a bet when the other book is offering an implied probability that is lower than Pinnicale's fair implied probability. To get the fair implied probability you normalize all the possible outcome implied probabilities. For example: Say pinnicale has the following moneyline +109(47.8%) and -120(54.5%) the fair implied probabilites are 47.8/(47.8+54.5)=46.7% and 54.5/(47.8+54.5)=53.27%. In that case a long term profitable bet would be one where a bookie's implied probability is lower than 46.7 or 53.27.

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