The Day LeBron James Became The King of The NBA

The Day LeBron James Became The King of The NBA

LeBron James is no doubt the greatest player
currently playing and has dominated the league for years as the King, but before that he
was just a really good player. There was one game that defined LeBron as
the King. What is up dudes, dudettes, ballers, players,
it’s ya boi MJ. Today I wanted to talk about the day LeBron
James became the King of the NBA. This was a young LeBron James in the 2007
postseason in Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals against the Pistons on May 31. Rewind 1 year back and the Cavs had pushed
the Pistons to 7 games, eventually losing. This series was a chance for redemption for
the Cavs and LeBron, but LeBron had been criticized for his performance in game 1 where he scored
only 10 points and passed to the open man for the game tying shot instead of taking
it himself. LeBron had come back strong in games 3 and
4 and series was tied 2-2 heading back to the Piston’s Palace. Game 5 was again a back and forth affair and
with 6 minutes left, the Cavs lead by 1 points. LeBron had 19 points until that point with
7 assists doing LeBron like things. But then, LeBron James TOOK OVER and I mean
went god mode. These cases are also god mode like this LeBron
James phone case so check out Athletic Cases in the description below for awesome sports
phone cases! The game went into double overtime and LeBron
just kept scoring and scoring and scoring. He scored 25 STRAIGHT POINTS for the Cavs! 25! The game went into overtime and LeBron still
kept scoring every way possible, jumper here, layup there. He tied the game in double overtime with a
3 point shot. No one could stop him. Just look at these highlights. The Pistons threw every single defender on
to LeBron. Chauncey Billups would say that they gave
everything they had and threw the kitchen sink at him, but nothing stopped him. While this was happening, LeBron told his
teammate, “If you guys get me stops on defense, I will take everything else on offense.” People thought it was 1 versus 5 and in reality
it was. The Cavs ended up winning the game on LeBron
James hitting a game winning layup. The final score was 109 to 107 and LeBron
ended up with 48 points, 7 assists, and 9 rebounds. He scored 29 of the Cav’s last 30 points. Just think about that, he legit just carried
the team on his back in a playoffs game in the Eastern Conference finals against the
tough Pistons. He scored every way possible over anyone,
made the game tying 3 and the game winning shot as a 22 year old. Chauncey Billups would say that he had never
experienced anything like that, especially from a phenom and then he said, it was that
game that turned LeBron James into a grown man and the King. The crowd was absolutely stunned and no one
knew exactly what they had experienced. The Cavs won game 6 and went on to the NBA
Finals, the first of many for LeBron’s career. This might be the best performance of LeBron’s
career but that’s also tough to choose because he has so many great performances. His domination in that game was amazing and
rare. This was the day May 31, 2007 when LeBron
James became the King of the NBA. Let me know if this was the best LeBron performance
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100 thoughts on “The Day LeBron James Became The King of The NBA

  1. The nickname "the King" which is refered to Lebron is easily the most untrue and fake one a superstar player ever got.Who the fuck gave Lebron this nickname and why actually?What kind of a king Lebron actually is tell me guys.The king of the most lost Nba Finals? Alright maybe he is not yet but he will become soon trust me.Ooh yeah i forgot he has the best stats though excuse me for that Lebron fans …He is not the king of anything exept from those .This nickname would have been given easily to Mj (king of winning) to Bill Russel (king of the rings) but not to Lebron its a shame really.

  2. To call a person who participates in professional sports is so disgusting! That is why ego maniac James believes he is a king! Shame on you people who started this ridiculous situation!

  3. I think I heard correctly…was it really Chauncey Billups (sp) who called James the king?! That is probably a big reason James acts like he does. He is obnoxious, boorish, ignorant fool, ego maniac, crybaby and I could go on and on. Oh, I forgot whiner, that too. That fool actually walks around like he believes he is king! This is the most disgusting situation! People call this basketball player a king. That is sick!!

  4. Anyone got the link or know the name of the mask off remix at the end? (Jazzy version) been trying to find it for ages but still no luck :/

  5. Kobe was still king of the NBA after this game. Tim Duncan was still better at this point. Get off lebrons dick. How can you be king without rings? At this point he was a top 5 player who hadn't proven himself as a winner. And he stayed that way until 2012. He didn't become king until 2012/2013

  6. I def respect LeBron beating Detroit. To me that was the most respectable thing he ever did. But he never been the King. They just call him that because his name is James. He only won because he joined allstars and y'all gave him a pass.

  7. and 15years in, he's still the best. Scary part is, he's been doing this without a decent perimeter shooting prowess. I can totally see LeBron dominating several more years with his improving perimeter shots recently. His defense during the season has notably diminished but I don't think reb, ast, and points will ever go away from him even in his last game before he retires. But I would also take a totally different beast in Lebron who's transformed himself into pure offensive madman in the future – if he ever will be… this video is just one proof that he can totally be a pure scoring machine if he wants to… but chose not to.

  8. If you watch the whole series the pistons was getting every little touch foul called on them and Cleveland was hugging the pistons and wasn't getting not one call on them.

  9. You lost all credibility once you tried to promote your phone cases halfway thru the video.. can’t knock your hustle though😂

  10. Wow! goosebumps! LBJ is really a special player, lucky to be watching him play greatness and show greatness 💕

  11. no better feeling then when you just absolutely in the zone and literally nothing can stop you. coming from a professional fortnite player here.

  12. I remember watching this game and being in awe. Commentators were going insane. It was such a powerful and dominant performance.

  13. I agree, Lebron was great coming into the league, but you really don't hear too much about his career before this point. This was when he really took off.

  14. LeBron is not the goat or the king, u all are forgetting the GOD of the NBA MYCHAEL JORDAN HE IS THE KING HE IS THE GOAT HE IS BASKETBALL! !!!!!

  15. @1:20 you got me watching deep into the vid and forcefully insert your ad LOl i feeel violated yo. good video other wise

  16. if lebron has great team since day 1 he would probably have more than 3 rings right now…… clear evidence how cavs was trash.

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