Texans First Win in Franchise History (Week 1 vs. Cowboys, 2002) | NFL Full Game

Texans First Win in Franchise History (Week 1 vs. Cowboys, 2002) | NFL Full Game

100 thoughts on “Texans First Win in Franchise History (Week 1 vs. Cowboys, 2002) | NFL Full Game

  1. 0:57 – First offensive play in Texans franchise history

    3:28 – The first touchdown in Texans history is a 19-yard TD pass from David Carr to Billy Miller

    35:39 – Cowboys’ Quincy Carter is intercepted by Aaron Glenn

    38:36 – Texan’s Kris Brown hits 42-yard FG to give Houston 10-0 lead

    1:02:44 – Cowboys’ Billy Cundiff makes 33-yard FG

    1:15:26 – Billy Cundiff misses 42-yard FG

    1:20:34 – Cowboys’ Michael Wiley breaks through for 46-yard TD

    1:36:55 – David Carr launches 65-yard bomb to Corey Bradford for TD

    1:38:18 – Cowboys’ Ken-Yon Rambo fumbles on kickoff return, recovered by Houston

    1:46:02 – Cowboys intercept David Carr after series of bobbles on Texans screen pass

    1:59:43 – Houston Sacks Quincy Carter in the end zone to force the safety

  2. David Carr had talent, just got unlucky by being drafted to a poorly run Expansion team with no o line and no running game

  3. Do not buy into the assumption that David Carr was a bust #1 pick. He wasn't. Tom Brady surrounded by that Texans team early in his career would have had trouble! The Texans were that poorly run

  4. just look at that first throw by Carr. When given time to throw, he showed glimses of his talent. but for his whole career he was like Archie Manning, constanly running for his life, except carr was not as mobile

  5. David Carr gets a lifetime pass from me just for this game. I really thought he was going to be one of the elite QBs in the NFL, awesome to see his little brother living up to all that potential now all these years later.

  6. david carr had so much talent, i strongly believe he could have been way better than derek, but the texans gave him a terrible o-line and got sacked like 100 times in 2 seasons….. it really sucks how his career got wasted, even the commentators in the beginning of the game called out the patch work o-line

  7. Can someone give me the time stamp in this vid when you can spot someone in the Batman Forever Riddler outfit?

  8. The way this game started, you'd think that the Texans were going to be alright. Who would have thought it'd take ten years for them to do something productive.

  9. 1st play for Texans. "Look at that blocking on the line!" …David Carr finishes season with 76 sacks. -.- this is a book called "How to ruin a QB"

  10. Madden has nothing on ESPN 2K 5 you can compare the new Madden game 2K 5 and I take 2K 5 over at any day of the week twice on Sunday you could say The rosters dated but to be honest with you I hate today's rosters

  11. David Carr played very well in this game. Shows that he really could have been a great QB, if the Texans could have actually protected him.

  12. I actually like this commentary, they talk about the damn game, and the fact that they care comes across for once…. WHAT HAPPENED SINCE THEN!!!

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  14. Too bad it won’t even be this loud in a Texans game. Carr wasn’t a bust. Surrounded by a shitty team and he got sacked into oblivion

  15. I remember living in Houston at the time and going to college, University of Houston. I was from Dallas (you can figure out what team I was going for) and living a few blocks away from the then Reliant Stadium and watching this game. Ah, those three 5-11 years under Dave Campo and then Emmitt Smith leaving to go to the Cardinals and saying he was a diamond in the rough in the finals couple of years in Dallas when he was the last of the triplets.

    Felt bad for David Carr throughout his football years in Houston. He got sacked and thrown to the ground so many times. And it just seemed like Dom Campers wasn't willing to draft a good offensive line for Carr and kept on going after defensive guys. By the time Capers left and Kubiak came in, Carr was broken and was a shell of his former self.

  16. David Carr would of been good with oline ehhh Deshaun is Really good without oline. Carrs are just weak plain n simple

  17. 1:46:05
    "3rd and goal, you would expect if they throw, it would be a very careful throw here."
    Batted, hits helmet of runningback, bounces back and is intercepted
    "…and it's intercepted!"

  18. 1:39
    "I mean look at the blocking from this offensive line, he's got all day"

    That would be the last time those words would ever be spoken.

  19. I used to have this game recorded on VHS. Still a fun game to watch despite me being able to quote the commentators and know what's coming.

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