Tennis Tips – Ways to Improve Your Backhand Volley

Tennis Tips – Ways to Improve Your Backhand Volley

Okay so when practising my first volley
there is three positions that I can do it from, each setup requires a different
amount of athleticism so I can obviously practise my first volley just from regular, if we are doing a regular formation where I’m just serving and coming in and playing
the volley like this. I can do the backhand volley starting from i-formation as if I’ve served from i-formation, so I’m starting from here. Then finally I can practice my first volley
from a planned poach play, so in this instance I’m serving on the ad court my
partner’s gonna return down the line and I’m gonna come across and play my first
volley down the line. Okay so depending on the formation that
you’ve decided, the tactic that you’re trying to implement on that point will
influence a lot where you’re going to target your first volley. If you tend to play regular formations most of your volleys will probably be getting
aimed cross-court, whereas if you’re starting to use i-formations and looking
to poach on your serve, often the volley that you will be playing for your first
volley will be down in line, so it’s important that I practice the three
different types of movement for those volleys and obviously if I’m playing my
first volley crosscourt my movement after I’m going to move
to the middle line but if I’m volleying down the line then I’m probably just
going to move straight forward to get into the optimal position for the rest
of the point. When I’m practising my backhand volley as a first volley it’s important that I practice it from the three different positions that I do it
from. When I’m playing a regular formation more often than not I’m going
to be volleying cross-court as a first volley so I’m gonna come in here keeping
my right hand in front, down low, playing the volley and I’m gonna cut to position
here. If I’m simulating i-formation or a planned poach and I’m going to come in and I’m going to play my volley down the line so again I’m going to come here
play down the line and then we’re gonna get to this position and that’s the
ideal position for me, my partner will be in the middle for us to continue
on in the point. What am I focusing on when I’m playing my backhand volley? I am trying to have a good trajectory on the ball and trying to volley into the correct part of the court. So in order to keep my
trajectory consistent I need a good stable racket head, so in
order to do that I want to be leading with my right hand in front, I want to be
getting low with my outside foot and then I want to be volleying with my legs,
very important that I use this leg to keep the racket head stable, I don’t
want to be using my arm around because that’s going to lead to an inconsistent
contact, in consistent trajectory, so it’s important that I get down here my arms
barely moving.

7 thoughts on “Tennis Tips – Ways to Improve Your Backhand Volley

  1. Hi Jamie it's a great idea to spread your knowledge among recreational players. A question. It's a continental grip for both volleys? do you think all PRO use continental or someone uses a different one. Thanks if you'll respond.

  2. I always teach ' a good volleyer never takes the racket past thier ears..but a great volleyer never takes the racket past thier eyes'….i go back to this often my self when things get a bit swingy!…jamie demonstrates this so well !….its funny as probably 90% of socials around the world at clubs is all dubs yet people have little idea about volleying!..a lovely channel.!

  3. Hi Jamie. Love your videos! Could you possibly do one on handling high volleys – especially the backhand? This can be an especially tricky shot for us. Thanks!

  4. Jamie I love your volley style I try to practice like you and my tennis double will be improve soon

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