Tennis Technique Myth Busters #1 “Get Your Racquet Back”

Tennis Technique Myth Busters #1 “Get Your Racquet Back”

5 thoughts on “Tennis Technique Myth Busters #1 “Get Your Racquet Back”

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  2. I love you guys. But “get your racket back” is not a myth. It’s a fact. You need some adjectives or adverbs. Or it’s just contextual.

    Every tennis player takes their racket back at some point. A myth is a widely held false belief. Your video is just contextualizing the aspects of the take back. “Prepare early” “take the racket back” “turn your shoulders more then your hips”. These are not myth busts:) It’s just contextualization.

    Myth – “you should always take your racket back as fast as possible”.

    You are dispelling the adjective (or adverb) fast or adverb – always.

    I’m hoping the next 5 are better than the first one 🎾

  3. Great tip can't wait to put it into practice. It was helpful to have the video of Rafa, especially as a left handed player myself, I could see what you were talking about which is sometimes difficult watching a right handed player.

  4. Maybe in your country it’s a myth or your teacher wasn’t that great. Track it with the racket until it hurts , waiting for the bounce !! These are 2 things the teacher was asking before starting your backswing. Even our federation is asking body turn since the 80s in their courses for teachers.

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