Taxes Fund $444 Million NHL Arena In Bankrupt Detroit

as we all know by now Detroit is an
absolute financial straits they tried to file for bankruptcy and it
was halted by a court because the city just appointed a manager to
handle the bankruptcy which is essentially like declaring
Martial Law overnight which is a legal you can just do that in
this city is supposed to be democratic so the city is kind of in limbo but clearly their choices are limited in any
future doesn’t look right to say the least well that hasn’t stopped get this a plan to spend $444 million taxpayer
dollars to build a new NHL arena in Detroit you couldn’t make this stuff up if you
tried their argument is not all its cool you
just don’t get it we’re doing this to attract investment
into Detroit and to help the problem that so that’s really interesting so here’s an idea why not take that $444
million and directly invested instead of doing a
roundabout will do well give it you up you know a private
business for a private endeavor that has to do with sports by the way evolving and maybe hopefully we’ll cross our
fingers and hope that brings in more business that’s how we’ll do it know
what you actually take that money and put it towards things that need the
direct help immediately but so let me give you more specifics on
that in Detroit on average police take about
an our to respond to calls for help stay classy
but not all fun the police department funded a new NHL arena but 40 percent off street lights are
shut off to save money because you have to nickel and dime of
the regular people who need the street lights but when it comes to the NHL well they
actually up payers money they pay the federal a
government money right and I’m sure they pay the state as well
because why else would they get his favorite as a right so what are you what happened as a
result while we will fund the arena and disregard the street
lights and the police now keep in mind they
have also proposed deep cuts to both engines and health care coverage promised to city
employees and retirees via contract notice something whenever
it’s a contract with Wall Street what are the republicans and conservatives
train you okay nobody got a contract you can
do it remember when there was a reason outcry with the it after that the Great
Recession how we bailed out Wall Street they paid
out in bonuses to the idiots who ran their companies into the ground what was there a counter-argument that’s
all we want to do is only about a contractor the contracts we have to wait
a contract well first of all but no you don’t
because we are now paying for where the taxpayers that’s not for the original
contract you respond to pay for yourself as a private business right but jackie Moore why are
you holding up these contracts is you know
so immaculate under no circumstances we can change it these are extraordinary
circumstances well that’s interesting because now all
the sudden when it’s a contract for regular people middle-class people poor
people you older people read their pension and health care coverage now
also not forget argument that you can change contracts all other conservatives
I know you can change the contacted necessity of hypocrisy joined you clearly know
they care about its only the wealthy don’t care about anybody else of there’s a great quote from the
article: years well quote most of the tax money going into the project what otherwise be going to Detroit
schools so we made a conscious decision should
be fun the schools are harmed NHL a Reno yet tough decision there I
must say I mean how unbelievable these people and you know this really makes my blood boil
because we covered a story the other day were George Will you know conservative commentator is
always on the sunday shows ridiculous you in being idiot right he argued the problem with
Detroit is obviously the culture because the
people urging bad human beings they’re lazy and their moochers and
their day and pop out babies nonstop I want to join what anything to say
about the fact that $444 million dollars are being wasted on it desperately not
needed NHL arena while the game ended up fuckin street
lights on the yeah anything to say about that video
anything to say about the fact that GM just up and left one day and left all the citizens the Detroit
who depend on GM for their livelihood and to live a
middle-class lifestyle the other anything to say about the corporate
boards that made the decision to ship da job overseas so it is a
veteran diamond know we’ve got nothing to say about
anyway whose ranch on corporate boards who might be ridiculous decisions really
got nothing to say about anybody in government who makes the decision Devan NHL arena
over health care for people but when it comes
to judging people on an individual basis as long as they’re poor you are getting a bad people bad people
here inherently bad your mosier all you do is pop out babies the only bad people here or people like
George Will and people like the Michigan government which made this decision to find an NHL
arena instead of dire necessities for people who need it

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