15 thoughts on “table tennis coaching | tutor EmRatThich

  1. thank you coach.. I m developing more and more after watching, and trying them on the table.. Optimizing my technique and hitting.

  2. hello there emratthich, I need some advice about blade options I currently have a andro treiber k blade with tenergy 5 on fh and andro hexer duro on BH , the bat is fast and Spinny, but I want more feeling that's what this bat lacks I play mid distance close to the table and favor forehand and backhand loops I want to be a more aggressive player , what blade do you recommend?, thanks

  3. 0:56 Lmao that's a filmed version PingPongTheAnimation. Really great anime, you should see it
    No super-power bullshit, real TT situations and amazing character development

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