Table Tennis: Amazing 10 years old kid in China

Table Tennis: Amazing 10 years old kid in China

Welcome back to my channel. Today I want to show you an amazing 10 years-old
table tennis players. And how to play against kids in table tennis? Look at the score. The big guy is leading 10-7, so he has a huge
advantage to win the set. The young kid played a very good tactics: One
long ball to the wide backhand, and two consecutive long ball to the wide forehand
side. May be, this is the advice from his father. This is a deadly tactics to play against the
traditional penholder. Traditional
penholder can only block the long ball with his backhand. And if you keep attacking
the long ball to his wide forehand, it will take away his favorite position (pivot). The penholder is becoming more passive on
both sides, and let the kid play his game (quick counter attack style). If the big guy has a good coach: a simple
time-out can help him win the set. You can meet a lot of opponents in table tennis:
Old gentlement, ladies, kids or Paralympics players. Everyone competes. If you are not ready to win, you will give
up the wins. Please remember: “In table tennis, No Mercy,
No Hesitation”. Do not look at your
opponent as anything other than an opponent. Age, style, height, strength, none
of these elements are important in this game. Understand the playing style, advantages,
and how to counter each playing style! Kids, ladies love “counter attack and drive”
playing style. That means they let you
attack first, and “counter attack” or “drive” your ball. They don’t generate much
power, and their tactics is “borrowing your own energy to counter you”. That’s why kids use speed and consistency
to win the game. They love to serve long with topspin, often
to your weak side. And then attack/ counter attack at wide corner. So you need to move, and make unforced-error
while moving. Advantages of this playing style: – Kid is very fast. They stay close to the table, and normally
attack the ball on the table. – Kid has a quick footwork. They are trained to drive the ball at the
wide corner all day. – They attack to the wide angle, or direct
to your body. – If you let them play his game, you are dead. Because you will run around your table. – Kid and lady are so consistent. They tend to make less unforced-error. – They drive more than loop. Disadvantage of this playing style: – Their shots variations are very weak. Kids love playing at the same pace. Their shots usually have medium topspin (but
not heavy spin). – Kid lacks experiences. They do need a coach to guide the game. – Kid quickly jumps into his “playing zone”. Very motivated and can win several
points in a row. But on the other hand, kid is easily disrupted. They fall easily. – Kid’s mental is very weak. Once you find your own way to play your playing
style, kid will quickly give up. My tips for you to play against kids: – Variation is the key. Don’t let kids play his game (quick driving
with medium force all of the table). – To answer the long ball: Don’t simple drive
the ball, kids love it. If you can attack it
hard, do it. If you can’t, return the ball short, or return
the ball to the wide corner, make the kid move first, and you attack hard the
next ball. – Kids love attacking to your wide corner,
and now you need to move and hit the ball weak. Kids repeat this step, until you loose the
point. To answer this tactics
“wide corner”. You attack the ball in parallel, but not cross-court. That means,
if kids attack to your forehand, you return the ball to kid’s backhand, and vice-versa,
if kids send the ball to your backhand, you return it to his forehand. – Kids love medium spin, and love borrowing
your force. You should mix-up
“heavy spin” and “no-spin”. You serve heavy backspin, and then attack
the next ball with heavy topspin. You will see, it works very well because now,
kids can’t drive the ball easily. This way, you can break his playing style. – Kids love “fast pace” rallies. You need to break it. One slow ball, or short ball,
and another ball, fast and heavy spin ball. One ball short with heavy spin, and
another ball fast with less spin. You will see, they will struggle to deal with
it. – Kids lack of experience, and mental weakness. Once you show
“no mercy, no hesitation”, kids can give up quickly. But don’t do the bad-manner acts
(like shout to the kids face, use bad words, etc),
a good coach can complain your acts to the umpire. Of course, a good coach has many tools to
protect the kids. And also he can
make a good training kid become a fierce opponent to any player in table tennis. That’s the case of Harimoto Tomokazu, with
the help of his coach (his father), he is now ranked top 20 at only 14 years-old. See you, EmRatThich.

28 thoughts on “Table Tennis: Amazing 10 years old kid in China

  1. Hi coach,

    Yet another fantastic video. I'll learn to play kids this way 🙂

    As said before, your English has improved a lot and fast. This is why I'm so free to point out just a few more flaws in terms that you use a lot.

    – when you say "force" you do so in the French way. The English pronunciation is more like "fo-o-(a)s". Listen here:
    – "loose" with double o is an adjective meaning "the opposite of tight"; the word you commonly need is "lose" with one o, which is "the opposite of win". It is a common mistake, even among native speakers.
    – your pronunciation of "spin" is long, as if you'd say "speen". It should be short, like pin, win, sing, ding ning, ma lin, … so, "backspin" is not "backspeen" and "topspin" is not "topspeen". It is probably also caused by living in France, where the "i" tends to be more sharply pronounced. Listen here:

    It's not like you have to be perfect, I guess, but these three terms occur often in your videos and can improve.
    I hope this helps.


  2. emratthich at my table tennis place we make a game call team battle,the class spit into 2 team,when i battle this kid,when kid serve i smash it and all his team member say "you have no mercy"

  3. the penholder was just blocking, with no footwork, staying in one place the whole entire time. It isn't to effective to do that when you are a penholder.

  4. hey em rat thich ❤
    i have one question from very long when you made your equipment video and stuff, what blade and rubbers do you use? you mentioned hard rubbers and I'm looking for a hard rubber on my very slow blade I'm using h3 neo but I'm looking for more power with lower throw angel .

  5. well, really nice video , master

    i think i learn something form your videos here 😀 , thanks anyway , keep it up more , please

    i will buy a table of table tennis soon at my home, and one auto machine to practise fundamantal of table tennis, and of course yuor videos is my guideline

    so if you are generous, please give me some hints and tips about practise by myself at home like loop , backhand , and tacstic on match

  6. Hello, Sir!
    Yet another fine video!
    What I find useful is you have taught something about tactics. i request you to make more and more videos that we can learn about this crucial and after a certain stage, the most important part. i am sure that, many better stroke players lose against lower level players, only because thay don't have the basic undressing about tactics. i wish to learn it, for me and for my players…

  7. I'm really surprised these vocal outbreaks are allowed, personally and professionally…I think it's unsportsman-like conduct, and to have these young kids speaking this way teaches them bad manners, and is disrespectful to your oppenent and the sport. I don't hear this from Ma Long…and he's the best player in the world.

  8. hei ! imho-the kid won the match just because the big guy gave him to do it, using almost only blocks(not agressive ones) to give chances for the easy atacks !
    No short recieve , no topspin atacks on the kids serves ! The big guy is just too passive !
    That is all !

  9. I am the number 4 in England at table tennis this kid is good but he has a few weeknes he lifts his foot on his forehand so the pen hold player should play back to his forehand and he takes the ball very late so you can take the ball of the bounce and hit it past him on the other side . And he doesn't open up.

  10. Lol don’t tell me that was Harimoto when he was 10 years old. 😂😂 he definitely has the same vocal.

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