Super Bowl XI | Raiders vs. Vikings | NFL Full Game

Super Bowl XI | Raiders vs. Vikings | NFL Full Game

[ Crowd cheers ]>>This is it, Curtis!>>Here we go. The eleventh Super Bowl is under way. Garrett on the 11. Up to the 20, 25, 30. And is suddenly down at his 33-yard line. And he’s hit there by Steve Craig, number 84, the second-string tight end. Carl Garrett runs it from the 11 to the 33. Oakland ball, first down. And let’s check their offensive lineup now. You all know it. You know Stabler’s the quarterback. He’s number 12. His two running backs set beside him will be Clarence Davis, 28, on your right, and Mark van Eeghen, the 1,000-yard runner at fullback, number 30. There are the receivers. Tremendous trio — Branch, 21, Biletnikoff, 25, Casper, the tight end, 87. First down. Davis to the 35, and that’s all. Clarence Davis is hit there by the veteran Wally Hilgenberg, with the aid of Alan Page, the right tackle. Here’s the offensive line. Vella is the right tackle, 75. Buehler the right guard, 64. Dalby the center, number 50. Upshaw, 63, an All-Pro, the left guard. Shell, an All-Pro, 78, the left tackle. Oakland likes to run behind Shell and Upshaw. They like to go weak side, or to their left. Second down, 8. Biletnikoff flanked to the right. Van Eeghen fights his way out to the 38-yard line. He’s downed by Jeff Siemon, number 50, the outstanding middle linebacker of the Minnesota Vikings. And now we’re presented with a third down and 5 for the Raiders. Up front, a lot of years in that front line. Marshall, 70, the right end. Page the right tackle. Sutherland, 69, the left tackle. Eller the left end. 47 years’ experience in the front four of the Vikings. Well, everybody will be looking for the pass now on third and 5. And Stabler’s going to oblige. Lots of time. He shoots it out. There’s Casper, the tight end. Dave Casper — first down. If you give number 12 the time, he’ll nail you. He spreads them all over the field. You can’t give him that much time.>>I think the thing you mentioned earlier, Curt, was how much time does he have. Let’s watch Casper from the very beginning. He’s working to get loose from Matt Blair, number 59. Not anything really fancy. Siemon, number 50, the middle linebacker, is trying to keep up with him. The real key that time — he had plenty of time to throw. You saw Stabler move a little bit to his right. All right, look at this line, now. These guys are good. They did a trick in there. You see they didn’t quite hold them out. He had time to hit Casper. Casper’s been a real big plus for them this year.>>25-yard play.>>No way.>>Davis out of bounds. Trying to get outside. Minnesota’s hard to run outside on. Carl Eller took him out of bounds, the defensive left end. There are the linebackers. A veteran, Hilgenberg, is at the right, 58. Siemon in the middle, 50. Blair, a youngster, 59, on the left. And the secondary, a group of opportunists. Wright, 43, the left corner. Bryant, 20, the right corner. Jeff Wright, 23, the strong safety. Veteran Paul Krause, 22, the free safety. 33-yard line of Minnesota. Second and 7 for Oakland. No score. Early in the first period. Oakland ball.>>Good hole, good hole. Big hole. Look out, look out, look out.>>20. Davis — the first down. And rolled out of bounds inside the Minnesota 15. Paul Krause took him out.>>All right, Curt, a good example of how they’re looking with this pass. You see they were an odd-man line. They had Sutherland over the center. Good blocking that time by Buehler, 54, to just hold him up. Krause came over from the free safety. You don’t want those safeties making too many tackles. Clarence Davis right there.>>He’s played in the Rose Bowl before with USC. Madden has been watching his club operate beautifully here from the opening kickoff. First down at the Minnesota 12 for the Oakland Raiders. Stabler sets them down. Now Carl Garrett’s in the lineup. Nothing. He is stopped cold as he tried to cut back against the grain. Jeff Siemon nailed him, the middle linebacker. Garrett is used in spot play. This telecast presented by the authority of the National Football League, intended for the private use of our audience. Any rebroadcast or other use of this telecast without the express written consent of the National Football League’s prohibited. Second down, 10. Oakland’s ball on the Minnesota 12-yard line. Davis has come back in, replacing Carl Garrett. Now they go for the first time to a slot left. Branch in the slot, Biletnikoff outside of him. And Stabler will throw. His pass…>>Threw it away.>>That time he had some pressure.>>Yes, he did.>>Had a double-team on Casper, and Stabler threw it out of bounds purposely.>>They kind of like to come back to that side where Casper is. When they go to the slot, Oftentimes they’ll double Branch over there with two men, which should leave Casper man-to-man or some sort of man coverage over here on the weak side. And Stabler likes to come that direction. That time they had him pretty well covered with a linebacker. And also Bobby Bryant was in that area.>>When they get down around the goal line, they like to put the veteran Pete Banaszak in, number 40. He can score touchdowns. Stabler’s 27 touchdown passes the most since 1969 in the National Football League. There it is to Banaszak. Banaszak stopped at the 11-yard line by Wally Hilgenberg, the 13-year veteran from Iowa, who pinned him in. And the field-goal team is coming on for the Oakland Raiders, as the Vikings stiffen, gave them only a yard in three cracks.>>Unusual call, Curt. Third down, long way to go. Banaszak off left tackle. They had another slot formation. No place to go.>>Errol Mann has hit only 4 of 11 field goals. Started the season with the Lions. The Vikings know him. Vikings have a penchant for blocking kicks, as you know. 15 this year they blocked. Holding is David Humm. 29-yard attempt. Slight wind against him. The kick is up. And the kick is righting. No good. It hit the left upright.>>Oh, boy.>>They miss the 29-yard field goal, and the Vikings hold. Missed by inches.>>Curt, I think the fact that they’ve had to go to Errol Mann — really no intent to make Errol Mann look worse. It’s just the fact that he was not their kicker coming in. We know they replaced George Blanda this year, had an injury. Let’s take another look at it. I think he just hooked it. You see that ball. No pressure. He hooked it. Hit the goalpost and bounced wide. No score.>>We’ll watch the Vikings go to work for the first time from scrimmage. Tarkenton, number 10, the quarterback. McClanahan, 33, and Chuck Foreman, 44, the running backs. Right now they’re in a wing formation. Tarkenton on first down lobs it out to Foreman. He’s belted out of bounds on the 25-yard line. They’ll try and do everything to get the ball to Chuck Foreman today — unusual formations. They throw to him a lot. He is the most dangerous back on this field. There are the running backs, and we gave them to you, and the quarterback. Here are the receivers — rookie Sammy White, 85. Voigt, the tight end, 83. Rashad, 28, the other wide receiver. And they’ve had a tremendous year. Second down, 5. Vikes’ ball on their 25. No score. 11:53 to play in the first period. Ooh, jammed up. Chuck Foreman trying to crack the middle. And that’s Monte Johnson, the inside linebacker, who was a second-string tackle at Nebraska, then was drafted shrewdly number two by the Raiders, who foresaw him as a linebacker. They were right. That’s the offensive line. Yary, an All-Pro, at right tackle. Ed White will be in the Pro Bowl, 62, the right guard. Tingelhoff the center, 53. Goodrum the left guard, 68. Riley, the left tackle, 78. Third down and 4. There’s a man that has thrown for more touchdowns, more yards any quarterback in the history of the NFL. And Tarkenton, a straight dropback. Out he goes with it. Incomplete.>>Bad pass.>>He led Chuck Foreman a little too much that time. George Atkinson was covering him. And the Vikings send the punting team on the field with a fourth and 4. So, Oakland took the ball on their 33, marched it to the 11, tried a field goal. It failed. Neil Clabo, who averaged 39 yards a kick. 55 was his longest. And is going against a good punt-return man in Neal Colzie, who has averaged 11 yards a return this year.>>Doesn’t like to fair-catch. He wants to take it and run.>>He’s a daring. Slight breeze at Clabo’s back. Gets it away. Colzie up in the sun. Takes it on his 29, to the 30, 35, 40. Flag is down. 45, 50. And we may have a clipping call here.>>Yep.>>A 45-yard punt and a 24-yard return by Neal Colzie. They’re talking to Upshaw. There’s Colzie down.>>Could have been Rodrigo Barnes was the guilty party on that clip. I saw number 51 down there in a hurry. He was really hustling. He does that a lot. He’s a real top special teams’ man, but I think that time he maybe got there a little bit too late.>>They have already signaled the clipping call. Jim Tunney, the referee, marked it off and sets the Vikings back — or the Raiders back on their 19-yard line.>>I believe he said number 51, if I’m reading lips right.>>Time-out here in Super Bowl XI. Here’s that clip. Rodrigo Barnes, 51, is coming in on the back of Doug Dumler.>>Right there, 57.>>The reserve center, number 57, and clipped him, and that dearly cost the Raiders. Without that clip, they would have had the ball on the Viking 48, and now they’re set back to their own 19. That made a difference of 33 yards. We’ll check on Colzie as soon as we can. Oakland ball, 19-yard line. First down. 11:08 to go. No score in the first period. Davis cutting back. Plows his way out to his 23, where he’s stopped. And it was Bobby Bryant, the right cornerback, who took him there. Second down, 6. The Vikings are wondering how they’re going to do against a left-handed passer. They’ve not played against a left-handed passer this year. There’s Colzie, shaken up on the punt return. Dr. Rosenfeld there. Neil Clabo the man who punted the ball. Out of a single set back. Straight ahead drives Mark van Eeghen. And Siemon –>>You know, the thing that’s kind of interesting, Curt, is that when we saw the Oakland/Pittsburgh game, Steel Curtain, Oakland came out, they ran right at them and actually had a good day. Let’s look what they’re doing to Page, number 88. They’re trying to get doubles on him whenever they can. That’s Gene Upshaw. It’s no secret, as Curt mentioned earlier, they like to run left. That’s Upshaw and Shell they like to go — go behind. But they get a lot of help from all that front four in there. These guys are great straight-ahead blockers, not too fancy. They just go out there and hit you.>>Double-tight end offense. Bankston in. Banaszak is in. Third and 1. And he has the first down. Pete Banaszak, University of Miami of Florida, who played in Super Bowl II. So this is his second one. The Raiders have moved the ball. Number of plays — you see Oakland’s had it 11 times, Minnesota 3. Davis and van Eeghen the running backs. Raiders missed a 29-yard field goal. Play-action pass. The pass is… Is it complete?>>I think so. What a move, and Biletnikoff came back, Curt. That ball was thrown behind him, really the only place it could have been. He was really well-covered by Nate Wright, number 43, the cornerback. He had Biletnikoff out there. Biletnikoff and Stabler, I’m told, spend literally hours working on different kinds of patterns, improvising. Watch him when he comes back. He plants, looks, sees the ball is a little bit back. And here he makes his move. Comes down. Keep your eye on the ball. How many times have you heard that? Keep your eye on the ball, and Biletnikoff does it. There you go.>>That’s Banaszak. He’s hit for a loss.>>Siemon.>>Jeff Siemon charged through from his middle linebacker position, dropped him for a yard loss. Third down and 2.>>I think Siemon’s the key to that defense, Curt. He’s the guy — the middle linebacker — kind of holds it together. I don’t really think it’s necessary to talk about the age of these guys. But you mentioned, you know, they really are — Eller’s been there. I played against Eller and Marshall and some of these guys, even played against Siemon for a while. But these guys come in there. He’s the guy that holds it together.>>All right, Warren Bankston is in, replacing Branch. Bankston and Casper, the tight ends. Third down, 2 yards to go. Davis.>>No.>>He’s hit.>>Siemon again.>>Flag is down. Flag is dropped after the ball was handed off and the man was hit.>>Tremendous flow that time by the defense in the direction in which the — oh, it’s against Oakland, so they won’t take it. Here comes the defense off. You saw Minnesota react very quickly to the flow of that play. I would imagine the coaches up here in the press box also see that. Look for a bootleg. Look for Stabler to keep that ball, play-action pass, and throw back to the weak side.>>All right, Leonard Willis will go back. Of course, there’s been a lot of talk — that penalty is declined — about the way the Vikings block punts. Ray Guy has never had a kick blocked in his four years in the National Football League. Many call him the greatest punter in the history of the NFL, although he’s still young. Watch him. If he kicks the ball well, his right knee will almost hit his face. A tremendous lift off the ground. And he gets the ball away quickly and kicks them high and deep. 50-yarders are average for him. Beautiful kick. A boomer. Downfield it comes. Lenny Willis takes it on his 10. Up to the 15. And down he goes.>>Good punt coverage.>>Rodrigo Barnes makes up for that clipping by covering the punt of Ray Guy. A 51-yard kick, very little return.>>Floyd Rice was also down there.>>Before the Vikings move to the attack… Vikings’ ball. They’ve had the best record in pro football in the 1970s, winning 75, losing 22, tied 1, a winning percent of 77%. Oakland’s won 76% of its games to rank second. First down, Vikings on their 15-yard line. Tarkenton bootlegging. Comes back to this side. Hits Chuck Foreman. Foreman dancing away. He has a first down. 32-yard line — Chuck Foreman. He’s the most dangerous man on this field today, probably he and Cliff Branch.>>I know it’s probably not that way, but this reminds me of a play you’d make up back in the street game somewhere. Fake to Foreman first. You see him, a slight delay. Tarkenton rolls to his right, comes back to Foreman, who delays in the middle, cuts back. This is a move. Curt, when you look at the really top running backs today, Foreman, of course, is one of them, Simpson, Payton maybe in Chicago. This is, I think, of all of them — we got a first down — I think he could also play wide receiver and be All-Pro.>>No doubt about it. McClanahan. Brent McClanahan pounds his way up to his 35-yard line. Gain of 3. It’s second down, 7. Phil Villapiano sliced over. No team has ever come to the Super Bowl with only three men up at front. The Raiders have done it. Matuszak the left end. Rowe the middle guard. Sistrunk the right end. They have four linebackers — Hendricks, 83, Willie Hall, 39, Johnson, 58, Villapiano, 41. And, of course, the normal four-deep secondary. Second down, 7. Vikings’ ball at their own 35. No score. 6:55 to go in the first period. Foreman. Is hit and stopped. No gain on the 35-yard line. That’s Villapiano, 41, who turned the play in. Phil Villapiano, the left linebacker.>>Played it very well, Curt, and because they do have the four linebackers, that’s an added responsibility to these linebackers. There you take a look at that secondary. You got Skip Thomas on one side, Willie Brown over on the other. Atkinson and Tatum are in the safeties. And they’re all really good, tough. They let you know they’re in the area.>>Third and 7 for the Vikings. Let’s see what Tarkenton does. We already have seen his strategy — get the ball to Foreman, one way or the other.>>It’s no secret. We expected it.>>Straight dropback. Deep, deep for Sammy White. No good. Should have been intercepted by Willie Brown, who stepped in front of him. Went through Willie Brown’s hands.>>If the sun is a factor, and right now it’s in that area. They’re looking straight into it. But I really do think he would have intercepted it, Curt. He looked like he had it and just misjudged it, and I’d say the sun might have something to do with it.>>That’s a great human-interest story — Willie Brown and Sammy White. We’ll tell you about it. 20, Neal Colzie’s back. There’s Don Rickles. His new show on NBC, “C.P.O. Sharkey.” Colzie’s all right. He’s ready to receive this punt. He ran one back 24 the first time. It was wiped out with a penalty. This is a lower kick. Colzie takes it on his 25. Trying to — he’s running right into the Vikings, and he’s taken down. No chance.>>Yep.>>They had Autry Beamon, number 27, with brilliant downfield coverage on the punt. Time-out here in the first period. The score — the Raiders 0, the Vikings 0. He is a receiving machine, Biletnikoff. He has slices in his knee pants to open his knees up, Stickum all over his hands and arms. He wears very, very light hip pads and no shoulder pads. All he wants to do is get out there and catch the ball, and he’s equipped to do it. First down, Oakland, on their 26. They’re running right ahead with van Eeghen again. Alan Page, number 88, on the stop. And the ball is placed down on the Oakland 29, where it’s second down, 7. Stabler — number-one-ranked passer in pro football this year. 103 ranking. Jones went over 100. They do it by a complicated weighting system. The only two to ever go over 100. And Stabler had the best efficiency since Sammy Baugh during a war year, completing 67% of his passes. Remarkable. Dropping back. Fires to the sideline. Nearly intercepted. They nearly had it picked off by number 23, Jeff Wright, as they double-teamed. He and Nate Wright both were on Fred Biletnikoff. Covering that sideline pass very well, Don.>>I think they’re disguising it well, too, Curt. They’re trying — they’re showing him a man-to-man coverage, and yet they keep a safety in that middle zone, and he reacts to where Stabler goes. It would — you would think that the middle would be open. I didn’t see Casper wide open down the middle that time, but ordinarily that’s where the quarterback will go. If he sees both outside guys covered, particularly in double coverage, watch out down the middle or a back coming out of the backfield.>>Nate Allen’s in the game, a fifth back. Third and 7. They’re going to run it. Davis outside.>>Got some room.>>Davis moving, but he’s stopped short of a first down. And again Oakland has to punt. What was supposed to be, Don, a high-scoring game has turned into a punting duel right now in the first period.>>Again, though, it’s strategy. He’s run twice on third and long. Look at this block by Casper on Marshall, 87 on number 70. That’s a good one. That’s about as good as you can ask. But Page, 88, makes a lot of moves coming over there. He had some running room. Jeff Wright, really, was the guy who was there first. Fourth down and about 2.>>Ray Guy will punt. Lenny Willis of Ohio State is deep. He played here in the Rose Bowl with Ohio State. Many of these people out there on the field have been to the Rose Bowl. They know it. Here’s Guy with a low snap. It’s blocked! First punt he’s ever had blocked. And the Vikings have the ball. On the Oakland 3-yard line. He never had a punt blocked.>>He has now.>>Fred McNeill, it looked like to me, got in there. And that’s the big play the Vikings are famous for. Their 16th blocked kick of the season. They said nobody could block Ray Guy’s punts, and the Vikings have just done it.>>Well, it, to me, wasn’t even really a rush. They were trying to set up. Look at this. There’s a missed block right there in the middle. They had a missed block. He came through.>>It was McNeill, Don.>>Yes, sir, McNeill did it. Fred McNeill, a linebacker, got good speed. There’s your missed block. Step out a little bit more and hit him. Nobody hit him.>>The Vikings, as most teams, work very hard on these special teams, and it’s really paid off for them this year. First and goal to go for Minnesota on the Raider 3-yard line. Foreman. Stopped at the 2-yard line as he tried to slice over right guard. Charles Philyaw, the massive rookie, the biggest man in pro football — 275, 6’9″ — in there on the goal-line defense. Second down, 2 to go for the Vikings.>>Curt, this is the kind of situation I think Tarkenton can be most effective. He is not unfamiliar at all with the rollout type thing. When you roll out to one side or another, it just puts a little more pressure on those outside linebackers and defensive backs. He could either run or throw. Let’s see what he does.>>You saw Ray Guy. He’s thinking now.>>Back up in the middle.>>McClanahan.>>Fumble.>>Fumble there and a loose ball. Oakland recovered, and the Vikings lost their chance. The Raiders recovered it — Willie Hall. And he’s another opportunist. He’s been intercepting And recovering fumbles all year long.>>What a story on him, Curt. You were talking about it earlier. He was a truck driver before this season started. He was cut by a couple of teams. Let’s see if we can pick it up. McClanahan goes into the middle. Let’s see if he — he did have it. That’s Villapiano that comes in from the outside, hits him right where he’s carrying that ball. Who covered it? Willie Hall. You’re right. There he is. 39 jumps in there, and he says, “It’s my ball.”>>Willie Hall — cut by New Orleans a year ago, cut by the Raiders. Brought him back at midseason. Finally give him one last shot. He’s been their most consistent linebacker this year. Ball on the Raider 2-yard line. First down. No score. 4 1/2 minutes to go. And to the 5-yard line is Pete Banaszak. Paul Krause, the safety man, came up to tackle him. It’s second down, 7. The Oakland Raiders, who pass 40% of the time and run 60% of the time, have thrown only four times in the first period, but they have scored 36 touchdowns passing and 14 running. They look for the big play out of the pass. They have done it for years. Very famous, sophisticated passing team. Banaszak again. And he’s only to the 6-yard line, where Alan Page, who made the most valuable player in the National Football League one year as a defensive player — very rare. Third down, 6. Time-out. Somebody’s down.>>Can’t see.>>That is 46, Warren Bankston, who’s in there now in a double-tight end setup with Dave Casper to give some blocking power. He’s also captain of the special teams. John Madden, Fred Biletnikoff. For later tuners-in, Oakland took the opening kickoff, line of scrimmage their 33. Marched all the way to the Viking 12. They were stopped, tried a 29-yard field goal that hit the left upright — no good. That’s Bankston being helped off the field. The Vikings have not been able to move. And then they came in and blocked a Ray Guy punt — the first one he’s ever had blocked. The big play on the punt-coverage team of the Vikings coming through for them again. And then the Vikings lost their opportunity when they fumbled it away with Willie Hall recovering. Up they come. Dalby over the ball. Banaszak and Davis the running backs. Third down and 6. Davis. Getting outside. First down. 15, 20, 25, 30. Cuts it back. Clarence Davis is stopped on the 40-yard line by Paul Krause. There’s some running room now for him. A 34-yard run by USC’s Clarence Davis.>>Another great block by Dave Casper. They’re going left again. You see him on Marshall, number 70. No move there. Lead block by Buehler, 64, springs him to the outside. Really a good play by Krause here to keep him from going all the way. Paul just said, “Look, I’m gonna have to give you a little bit more ground than I ought to, but you’re not going all the way.” First down on the 40.>>And Clarence Davis has already run for 68 yards in this first period — 67 yards officially. They’re in a slot-right formation. Raiders’ ball. First down. No score late in the first period. Right over the middle he goes to Carl Garrett. Garrett, out of the backfield, crosses the 50 and gets to the 48-yard line. Matt Blair, in Viking territory, brings him down. Matt Blair — a number-two pick out of Iowa State. Junior year, had a terrible knee operation. A lot of pro clubs were leery of him. But he’s recovered completely, and he is the quickest linebacker on the Vikings squad.>>Garrett coming out of the backfield, Curt, I think really does add another dimension. You see the Vikings very concerned with the outside receivers. They’re even trying to double Casper, and that doesn’t leave too many folks to cover those people coming out of the backfield. There’s Bankston on the sideline. Apparently something was wrong — elbow, shoulder. Here we go.>>First down. Stabler going deep, deep, deep.>>Short.>>Biletnikoff can’t get it. He was double-teamed down there along the 10-yard line by Paul Krause and Bobby Bryant. And the Raiders are not able so far to throw deep against the skyline zone, the deep zone of the Minnesota Vikings.>>Underthrown. Very rarely does Stabler underthrow receivers. That time did it by about 6, 7 yards. He had Biletnikoff not necessarily wide open, but in position to catch the ball right against the sideline. Couldn’t get the ball there.>>After that incomplete pass, Stabler’s figures so far. There are 1:55 remaining in the first period of Super Bowl XI. No score. Second and 10. Out of the pocket, there it is.>>Yes, sir.>>At the 40. 35.>>Oh, yeah.>>Look at him work on it. Dave Casper, the tight end out of Notre Dame who led all the tight ends in pro football this year in pass receptions, has a first down. Took two men to bring him down — Krause, Hilgenberg, and Blair.>>Look at number 58, Wally Hilgenberg, trying to stay with him. When Casper catches the ball, he senses Hilgenberg there. Stops, comes back inside. Hilgenberg couldn’t regain. Siemon missed him. Blair really missed him. Krause. Again, those safety guys are making too many tackles. Here’s another look at it.>>Watch him go — a big bull. He weighs 230. All right, on first down, breaking through is van Eeghen. Eeghen crosses the 20-yard line, gets to the Viking 18. Page high, Hilgenberg low on him. A 6-yard gain. Second down, 4. Johnny Bench, most valuable player of the recent World Series, here. He’s a football fan.>>Take two and hit to right. Curt, think about this — these guys started on their own 2-yard line after, really, what could have been a real catastrophe for them having that kick blocked. They’ve moved this thing all the way down to, what, the 18 now.>>They’ve moved it 79 yards, Don.>>Yes, sir. Big drive right there.>>Second down. Davis, trying to find a hole, Is at the 14-yard line of Minnesota, where 13-year veteran Carl Eller nailed him. He’s playing in his fourth Super Bowl game. We’re down to the last 32 seconds right now, and we may have a measurement of the first period.>>Well, why not? Let’s just do that. Super Bowl 1-1, and we are here. Looks to be… a little bit short, but let’s take a look. Why should I say something like that? This is a visual medium. I think the Raiders so far, Curt, appear to be really more on their game. The Vikings are hesitating a little bit. Their offense hasn’t clicked. Didn’t expect… They are a little short. Fran’s had a little trouble. He really hasn’t had the ball that much, number one. They’ve had it three plays, lost it. But these guys on the old Raiders side have been moving around, mixing up their passes and runs very well. Here comes in another offensive alignment for them. They bring in a whole other unit. They’ve got several of these that they use.>>They’ve got three tight ends. Henry Lawrence will be one, Bankston, and Casper. Pete Banaszak is the running back. Bud Grant now wants to see if his club can stop them again deep. They stopped them on the 11-yard line on the Raiders’ deepest penetration earlier in the first period. Banaszak and Davis the running backs.>>I wouldn’t be surprised if he throws. But he didn’t. First down. Whoa. Wow, what a hole.>>First down and goal to go. Banaszak. The veteran ripping through, and Bobby Bryant had to nail him in the secondary.>>I think it was. That was Bobby Bryant coming up from the safety. Let’s look at this. Double-team on Sutherland right in the middle. Big hole. Look at that block by Upshaw. My golly, they’re pushing them around up in there.>>There are the total yards so far. And there’s the gun ending the first period. 106,000 people here. It’s an all-time record crowd for Super Bowl games on a perfect afternoon. Temperature now in the low 60s, very little wind. And the Raiders have driven, as O.J. Simpson and Franco Harris. How’d you like to have them in the same backfield? The Raiders have picked up 172 total yards to 25 for Minnesota. First and goal to go for the Raiders on the Viking 8-yard line. This drive started on the — and coming through with the hit is Hilgenberg.>>Matt Blair was back in there.>>Blair. But Hilgenberg got to Banaszak first.>>You’re right. Siemon came in from the middle-linebacker position, and that’s — this is really where they stalled a little bit earlier, Curt, was down there on this 10- or 11-yard line.>>And they’re doing it with those shooting linebackers stopping the running plays of Oakland when they’ve had to. The Raiders have been running wild around the middle of the field, but down here around the goal line, it’s been a different story. There’s Siemon.>>Play-action pass, play-action pass.>>Second down, 7. Stabler looking back. Throws to Casper. And he’s pushed out of bounds. It’s no good.>>Out of bounds.>>No good, out of bounds. Number 43 was on him. That’s Nate Wright, the cornerback. Little guy against the big man, a mismatch that they like to get in basketball under the basket.>>He was pretty well covered by Wright. There was an example where had it been Tarkenton, I think he would have run. Let’s look at the room Stabler had to move on. He was going to Cliff Branch. He turned quick, saw Casper going to the outside. Great catch by Casper. Good coverage by Bryant. Just a little bit too far.>>Davis is out. Banaszak and Garrett are the backs. You saw Stabler do what he’s best at — looking one way, coming back to the exact opposite side, and throwing. You have to be alert with him. He spreads them out and throws to every side of the field.>>He’s got Branch. Oh, he threw the wrong way.>>Threw over Casper’s head. He was covered by Siemon, the linebacker. And a good rush by Carl Eller on Stabler that time. So again the Vikings have stiffened in the clutch. Let’s watch Stabler.>>He got good pressure from Eller — you’re right. Let’s see if we can see. He’s coming back. Quick throw. Eller’s coming from the outside. He just really — he beat John Vella that time. He had Cliff Branch open, but he was late coming across the middle. He tried to hit Casper — quick out to the outside.>>David Humm will hold for Errol Mann at the 14-yard line. 24-yard attempt. And this one is up. And this one is through. It’s good. And the Raiders have scored first here in Super Bowl XI. With 14:12 to go in the half, it is Oakland 3, Minnesota 0. Kicking off now — Ray Guy. He can kick them high and deep. This one is not too deep, but it’s high. Willis on the 8. Out to the 15, 20. He’s dangerous. And he runs into a man there on the 25-yard line. Floyd Rice, number 52, reserve linebacker, covered the kickoff. Rushing yards — Minnesota just 4 in the game, Oakland 102. 26-yard line. Vikings, first down. The Raiders have had the ball about 80% of the time so far. Second period has been the Vikings’ best quarter all year long. They’ve scored 100-and-some points in the second period. They have never been ahead in a Super Bowl game. Tarkenton with his rollout. He’s flipping it out. And over the head of the rookie Sammy White from Grambling. George Atkinson, the safety man, covered him.>>That’s one of your flip-flops. He had a little pressure from Matuszak, not a great deal. It was a strict sprint-out type pattern. He sent a man in motion to the left. Atkinson — let’s just say he was over there in the area.>>He may not have heard the last of the forearm he gave Lynn Swann in the opening game of the season. Commissioner Rozelle said there may be more disciplinary action against Atkinson. Second down, 10. Vikings on their 26. They’re trailing 3-0. Draw play. Foreman fights his way to the 32-yard line of Minnesota. Otis Sistrunk, number 60, the right end. So, Foreman so far has carried the ball 4 times, 9 yards. Chuck Foreman averaged 14.3 touchdowns a season, which is the best in National Football League history. Jimmy Brown averaged 14 touchdowns a season in 9 years. Foreman’s played only four years. Third down and 5.>>They’re trying to get single coverage here. Here’s a little reverse back to Foreman. Good move on Villapiano.>>And he goes to the 31. It didn’t fool them much. That’s John Matuszak, Villapiano both on it. And also Johnson.>>He turned him back in, Curt, right into Monte Johnson and Matuszak. But watch Villapiano. He said, “Look, you got him out there, man. Now, wait a minute. I see him coming.” He made a quick move. Stu Voigt, in my opinion, should be blocking on Villapiano, but he’s looking back to the inside. Made him cut into the middle. That’s Matuszak, 72, and Monte Johnson, Sistrunk’s in the area watching.>>Ted Hendricks says he’s gonna block a punt today. Let’s see if he does this afternoon. Neil Clabo to punt to Neal Colzie. And the kick is up.>>Not too good.>>Rolling around. And it is dead on the 36-yard line of the Raiders, where Oakland will take over. 12:31 to go in the first half. Our score — Oakland 3, Minnesota 0. Otis Sistrunk, Ted Hendricks talking their defensive procedures over. The Raiders come up on their 36-yard line with a first down ahead 3-0. They have surged up and down this field but have only 3 points. There’s the quick one to Branch. Branch to the 44-yard line, an 8-yard gain. He’s the man that scares you when he leaves the line of scrimmage. He’s averaged 24 yards a catch this season, second only to Carr of Baltimore.>>Love to see this kind of pattern. It’s almost impossible to stop. You’ve got Bobby Bryant out there, and Cliff Branch, of course, is the speedster. Unless they’re in a zone, he’s got to give him some room. Kenny just raised up and — zip — fired it out there as quick as you can. You can’t do anything about that.>>Last time the Raiders had the ball, they moved 90 yards with it, then kicked a field goal. Second down, 2. At the 42-yard line, van Eeghen is tackled by Jeff Siemon, who’s been all over this field so far for the Vikings.>>Van Eeghen is not one of your classic-styled runners. He just picks up yards. 1,000 yards for him this year, didn’t he, Curt?>>He did. He’s the third man in Oakland history to do that. And you’re right — he’s deceiving. He doesn’t look like he’s doing much up there. There’s Ken Norton.>>In case we have any trouble, we’ll call Ken. He’ll settle everything for us. Reverse time.>>Davis.>>Good move, good move.>>Outside. He cuts back at the 50… And is dumped at the 48-yard line.>>That’s Siemon, looks like To me.>>Jeff Siemon again pursuing across the field. Helped by Nate Wright, the left cornerback. The story of this game has been Clarence Davis, who now is close to 75, 77 yards rushing in the first half. Gene Upshaw was pulling out at the left guard, leading the way. Oakland in Viking territory, on the Minnesota 48-yard line. Oakland leading 3-0, but they’ve had the ball about 80%, 85% of the time. They’re in slot left.>>That’s what you want to do — keep that ball. Oh, look out, Cliff.>>Right to Branch.>>Yes, sir.>>Branch at the 45. Just a shorty. Wrapped up immediately by Jeff Siemon.>>Really good move by Branch, though, Curt. He saw Siemon in the middle at that middle linebacker position. That particular pattern is one for him to start to the outside, find a hole, find an opening across the middle. He saw Siemon. He just pulled up short. Kenny saw him, stopped, fired it in there. Looked like a turn-in route. Good move.>>That leaves the Raiders third and 2 from the Viking 45. 10:13 to go in the half. 3-0, Oakland. Garrett, 31, is in the backfield. Bankston, a tight end, comes in. Biletnikoff went out. Third and 2. Now look at the Vikings gang up front.>>Pass time.>>Play-action pass.>>Oh, he’s got another guy wide open.>>Casper — first down. Romping away. Dave Casper goes to the 26-yard line. You could see why he was picked for the Pro Bowl game in the American Conference.>>What a great year he has had. That was also — there was no hesitation. Kenny was looking for one thing. He said, “Look, are you gonna have it?” Good fake into van Eeghen. Sets up, looking to Casper all the way. Nobody’s out there. The guy that was supposed to be in there would be Hilgenberg, but Hilgenberg also is trying to cover these wide receivers. He can’t do it all. Dave Casper right there. Three today for 69. That ain’t bad.>>Stabler’s hit 7 out of 12 for 99 yards. Hilgenberg came out. And Fred McNeill has gone in the game now. They’ve been working on Hilgenberg.>>Look at Kenny. He says, “Wait a minute, guy. What are you doing calling time-outs? This is a football game. What are you trying to tell me?” “Well, we got a time-out.” He says, “Okay.”>>So, he’ll talk it over in that huddle.>>I love it when they get back out of the huddle. This is the time when you say, “Okay, guys, we got a few things going. What are they doing that we didn’t expect?” That’s what the quarterback wants to know — what are they doing that we didn’t expect?>>First down, Oakland, on the Minnesota 26. 3-0, Oakland. They split the backfield. They give it off to Garrett. Garrett — 25. What moves! 20. First down.>>Yes, sir.>>He falls to the 13-yard line. Carl Garrett of New Mexico Highlands. He once said he’d be better than O.J. Simpson when he came into the NFL.>>Well, we don’t have to compare him to anybody, but let’s look at this. You’ll see a false pull by Gene Upshaw. They think he’s going to the outside, that hole. Cut back up in the middle. Here’s the cut right here. Got by Marshall on the inside. Look at this move. Back again. Eller tried to get him from the off side, came through there. Great balance, great anticipation of where he wants to go, and that’s straight ahead.>>He’s been shuttled around. A lot of clubs had trouble with him, but no trouble with the Raiders. First down, Raiders, on the Viking 13. Garrett again. He goes to the 8-yard line, skipping through, the veteran.>>He had Dalby.>>Watch Dalby fire off, Don.>>That was Siemon, actually, and I think Siemon did a good job of playing off that block. But again, watch Garrett. Now, here’s Dalby, 50, right there on 50. Now here comes Siemon. Look at this move. Whoops. First you see me, then you don’t. That’s what you like.>>Second down, 5. Oakland on the Viking 8-yard line. 3-0, Oakland. Just under 8 minutes to play in the first half. Van Eeghen and Garrett. Garrett has the ball. Garrett is taken around the ankles but falls forward to the 6-yard line. Carl Eller, number 81, stopped him. Eller broke his thumb a week before the season opened, got off to a struggling start, then came fast. Clarence Davis returns to the backfield.>>Yeah, Garrett got up a little slow. Send Garrett — send Davis in.>>The Raiders have a third and 3 on the Viking 6-yard line.>>Got him open.>>He’s there. It is good at the 1-yard line. Biletnikoff, with those marvelous hands, held on to the ball as he went out of bounds. He had to come back for it out of the end zone.>>It’s just so pretty, though, Curt. I love to see this. Watch this ball. Nothing fancy again. Biletnikoff, they say it takes him about a week to run 100, but look at that. Concentration. His eyes were on that ball, picked them up a first down. The thing to remember, that they’ve moved the ball up and down the field but up until now have not scored a touchdown. Missed one field goal, made one. 3-0, Oakland. First down on the 1.>>They’ve had nine plays on this drive. They started on their own 36-yard line.>>He’s got him. Wow, look out.>>Casper — touchdown. That’s their favorite play. They’ve called it repeatedly during the year, with the tight end going wide open. And the Raiders march 64 yards for a score with ease.>>Good play-action in the middle, Curt. That ball — it looked like a running play in there. Casper has a delay block at the line of scrimmage, hits his man. Usually a linebacker comes out to the outside. Nobody was there. They held them in the middle with a good play fake.>>Now, Don, let’s watch it here.>>There you go.>>Watch Casper — wide open here. This has worked repeatedly for them — against New England, against the Steelers in the playoffs. Errol Mann. His kick is up. And the kick is good. Let’s take another look at Casper. He slides off. Out he goes. They send everybody the other way and leave him open. Here’s the kick by Ray Guy. It’s coming to Len Willis with a wedge in front of him at the 5. Out to the 10. Gets to the 20. And he’s ganged under at the 25-yard line. First down. Now, the Vikings have gained only 30 yards, Don Meredith, to 233 already for Oakland. What do you think?>>I think that tells some kind of story right there. The coach and the quarterback are saying, “Wait a minute. What’s happening?”>>Robert Miller’s in the backfield. Chuck Foreman has the ball. Foreman brings it out to the 32-yard line. Otis Sistrunk is there, along with George Atkinson. 60 is Sistrunk. 43 is Atkinson.>>Great acceleration by Foreman. He does — he is a gifted athlete, of course. But he does have the ability to take that ball, accelerate speed, change of pace. As we mentioned earlier, he’s an outstanding receiver. I hope Fran, in trying to get his offense together, is not relying too much on Foreman. He’s got to spread it around a little bit.>>Second down, 3. Miller moves up as a wingman. Foreman again. He has a first down. That’s their second first down. We have a fumble. We also have a flag down. And looks like the Raiders recovered. Now let’s check the penalty. That’s holding against Minnesota.>>Well, you know, I didn’t think that Oakland really covered that fumble. I thought it was Minnesota recovering.>>One official signaled Raiders’ ball.>>Lou Palazzi. But I think he may have just been turned around. Let’s see what’s happening. They’re gonna penalize the Vikings, so it’s still their ball.>>Holding, offense, number 73. 10 yards. Second down.>>That’s Ron Yary, who gets called a lot for holding, the All-Pro right tackle. Back to the 22-yard line of the Vikings. They have a second down, 13. The score — 10-0, Raiders leading. 6:20 to go in the first half. Raiders have overwhelmed the Vikings so far up and down the field. Let’s see if Minnesota can get going. Tarkenton. Scrambling away. Now he fires it out. And it’s incomplete at the 25-yard line to the rookie Sammy White of Grambling, who was being covered by Skip Thomas. There’s Carl Eller.>>Nice man. Nice, nice man.>>Till he hits you.>>He’s even nice after he does that. He says, “I’m not trying to hurt you. Just trying to get you down.”>>Second down, 13. Or third and 13. Minnesota’s ball on their 22. Can’t find a combination yet.>>Haven’t heard from Sammy White.>>There he is — Tarkenton. There he is. He’s going deep to Rashad. He’s got him. And he dropped the ball. Ahmad Rashad dropped it out there. He got the lead on Tatum. Jack Tatum was chasing him. Rashad, who this year caught 53 passes.>>Well, he had a good move is really what had opened it up. Let’s see it from the outside. Oh, good shot, guys. Look at him going to the inside — Rashad at the top of your screen — then cutting back to the outside. Bumped off a little bit. Ball was right there. You want to catch those.>>Clabo in punt formation. Neal Colzie at his own 40-yard line. They’re blocking for the return. It’s a good kick.>>Yeah.>>Lazy spiral. Colzie on his 40. He’ll get some yardage. 45, 50, 45, 40. Still going. 35-yard line. Fine return by the second-year player out of Ohio State, Neal Colzie. Autry Beamon had to tackle Him against the far sideline. Van Eeghen and Davis out of the “I” formation.>>Big hole.>>Big hole for Clarence Davis, who charges to the 31 of the Vikings. That line of Oakland, known probably as the best pass-blocking line in football, right now is opening some holes for the running game, Don.>>Well, they’re also very good, Curt, on that straight-ahead zone block. They don’t do anything fancy. It is more or less a policy in Oakland that they try to do two things — pass block and zone block. They don’t do anything fancy. They don’t run very many sweeps.>>Second down, 5. Biletnikoff out in the slot.>>There he goes again.>>That’s van Eeghen to the 27. Just straight-ahead football right now. The Vikings sitting on top — or the Raiders on top of a 10-0 lead. They have a third down and 2. And Siemon, who’s made the most tackles — he’s been on the field the most, made the most tackles for the Vikings — stopped Davis. Get this. Davis — 10 carries, 83 yards. 8.3 average a carry.>>I’ll take it any day. There’s old Foreman on the sideline. He’s saying, “Look, let me have the ball. Let’s get out there, get some action.” They got to have a little bit more offense today. Haven’t had much so far.>>Third and 2.>>Look there.>>Look at that hole open for Mark van Eeghen. He goes to the 18. Matt Blair, outside linebacker left, came over to nail him. A gaping hole opened for van Eeghen.>>You know, that’s one of the things they looked — they told everybody all week, “We’re gonna run left.” There’s Dalby, number 50, who’s blocking two guys. He’s on Sutherland, 69, and Siemon comes up. He says, “I’ll block you a little while, too.” But really, he’s going over Shell, Upshaw, and Dalby’s firing out there, really containing that middle. They’re moving them around, Curt.>>Branch left, Biletnikoff right. First down. The pass — Biletnikoff. Oh, what a grab by Biletnikoff. He got it at the 1-yard line.>>Yes, sir.>>Biletnikoff again. Stabler thought they had the touchdown. Not quite. Or it might be in admiration of Biletnikoff’s catch.>>Well, once again, Curt, that tremendous concentration that he has on the ball. The ball was thrown low. All right, let’s take a look at it. Curt, you take a look. What do you think?>>Let’s watch this. Biletnikoff running a post pattern. Look at the concentration. Looking that ball right in there and going down. We call him a receiving machine. He’s one of the greatest of all time.>>He only got hit by two of their guys. Now, that’s — his feet were in the end zone, but the ball wasn’t, so it’s now first down on about the 1.>>On the 1-foot line.>>There you go.>>Banaszak. Banaszak scores.>>Oh, boy.>>The veteran Banaszak is over. And the Raiders punch it in again.>>This thing could be getting awful close to a runaway. These Vikings have got to come on with something, offense or defense — take your pick. Kenny says, “It’s going okay. It’s all right. Going about right.”>>Watch the veteran Banaszak, Don.>>Well, they’ve just been doing it all year. You know, the thing is, Curt, if you can do it, it ain’t bragging, and they even tell you what they’re gonna do. Here’s a shot of Errol Mann, gonna attempt the 17th point. And he missed it. Holy mackerel.>>One of the few bright notes for the Vikings today — a missed field goal by the Raiders and a missed extra point. So that leaves the score, with 3:33 to play in the first half, the Oakland Raiders 16 and the Minnesota Vikings 0. Here it is again. Let’s see how he missed it. A lot of pressure there.>>He shanked it. He hooked the first one as a field goal and shanked that one.>>Well, when you get behind — and there’s Chevy. Got a crack — yeah, there’s a guy.>>Where were you five years ago, Chevy?>>Hey, he joined you on one of the 10 most watchable men in America.>>He has. I wonder if he’s as cuddly a bear as I am.>>Ray Guy to kick off. And now they’ve changed to Sammy White. The Vikings starting to make some changes to get back in this game. The kick is coming to White, the rookie of Grambling, on the 6. To the 10, 15, 20. And downed on the 25-yard line. And down — Rodrigo Barnes, number 51, covered that one, and number 61, the rookie Herb McMath. Guy goes down — he makes a lot of tackles on kickoffs himself. He was quite a defensive player, Southern Mississippi. And the Raiders claim he’s the second-best passer on the team to Stabler.>>Rodrigo Barnes has really been good on these special teams. He’s a guy that’s a real hustler, gets down there. Got good speed for a big guy.>>All right, Vikings trailing 16 points. They haven’t been in the game. Tarkenton out to the left to Foreman. Foreman stopped at the 40 — 30-yard line. Bumped there by George Atkinson. Atkinson’s been talking it up all during the first half.>>Dave Rowe.>>What a story he’s been.>>Isn’t that something? How many places has he been? He finally found a home right there in the middle. You know, if they hadn’t had so many people hurt this year, Dave Rowe may not have played. They’ve got him in the middle there. He’s doing a good job anchoring that nose-guard position for that Oakland defense.>>Tarkenton’s completed three passes, all to Foreman. And there’s Foreman running with the ball. Hit by Sistrunk. They’ve tried to get the ball to Foreman repeatedly. So far he’s not been able to break one. Here’s what Rowe does best — just hangs around the middle, which can stop draw plays or delays. Watch him now — 74.>>Well, really, Curt, the reason for this — you know, he watches for the draws, as you mentioned. Also, if a quarterback starts to scramble, he’s in that area to move. They really count on their linebackers for the quarterback traps, ’cause they blitz a lot of their linebackers.>>We’re moving down to 2:45 to play in the half. Third down. Foreman cuts it back.>>Good move.>>He has a first down. He’s getting it the hard way, though. He’s to the 41 of Minnesota, where Phil Villapiano made the stop for the Vikings.>>I would think, Curt, that the Vikings desperately need some sort of score before halftime. They got 2:36 to do it. They’ve had very little offense, with the exception of that man right there — number 44, Chuck Foreman.>>They’re in a slot left. Scrambler. Flips it short. Flag is down. Foreman has the ball. The flag was thrown in the area of the pass reception. Villapiano was there with Foreman. And Villapiano took him out of the backfield.>>Probably defensive holding, I would say. Let’s watch Foreman come out of the backfield. Fran goes back, starts to scramble a little bit. Got some pressure from Matuszak. There’s — well, I don’t know what that — he threw a flag, but I didn’t see him grab him. Anyway, he caught the ball. Was it defensive holding? Is that what they’re gonna call, Curt? All right, here’s Fran back in the pocket. There’s Sistrunk that’s coming in there. [ Laughs ] There you go, little fella.>>Sistrunk, yeah. Holding against Oakland gives the Vikings a first down on their 45. A quickie to the sideline. Complete at the 50. Spinning away is Rashad. And Rashad is to the 48 of Oakland. And one of the few times — the second time the Vikings have been in Oakland territory this afternoon.>>Well, you’re kind of in that semi-prevent. You see them line up for a quick call. Let’s see what they’re gonna do here. Whoops.>>Fakes it. He’s going down the middle. An immediate fumble. No fumble. It’s just an incomplete pass. That was Sammy White.>>That was close.>>Jack Tatum came up there to hit him. When he hits you, he could jar the ball loose. That was a clean hit. That was no deliberate dirty play.>>Yeah, well, Madden’s saying, “Hey, he caught it. He caught it. It was a fumble.” I don’t think anybody could ever accuse the Raiders of not hitting, because they really do that. And Madden loves that kind of play. He was trying to go to the outside, it appeared to me, Curt. He came back. He was pretty well covered. There was a good, clean hit. I don’t guess he had it.>>He didn’t have it.>>No, he didn’t have it. Good hit by Tatum, though. And there’s Willie Hall right there on top of him.>>You have to have possession and control before they call it a completed pass. Third down and 4. Deep, deep, deep. And it is…>>Intercepted. Nope.>>Incomplete. Sammy White down that sideline was covered by “Dr. Death,” Skip Thomas.>>Centerfielder or free safety, however. Jack Tatum. Look at that speed. Look at his eye and his concentration. No regard for his body. That’s Skip Thomas that was on Sammy White on the sideline. Good move by Tatum, though. He’s doing his job.>>Wonder if the Vikings will surprise us here on fourth down. Clabo is deep. Colzie’s back at the 10-yard line for Oakland. Gonna kick it.>>I’d let it run.>>And it’s going to be dead on the Raider 6-yard line, where the Raiders will take over in the lead, 16-0. 1:42. They have overwhelming offensive statistics. First down, Oakland, on their 6-yard line. They’ve had a drive of 90 yards, a stop with a field goal, a drive of 64 yards that went for a touchdown. And they have dominated play here in the first half.>>I would see no need, really, to try and do anything any different than they’ve been doing for this first half. They are backed up a little bit, but we saw them take the ball on their own 2 a while ago, I guess it was the first quarter, moved it all the way down the field. So, they’ve really been able to do this. This is a good shot. Quarterback standing around in there. You get to prance a little bit. If you don’t want to prance a little bit right now, with 106,000 people in the stands and umpteen millions watching, you don’t like prancing at all. And quarterbacks love to prance. I know that. He’s sitting back and saying, “Hey, guys. Hey, hey, hey. Come on now. We got some stuff going in here. We got them where we want them. Let’s hold it together, nothing fancy.”>>Number 12 has completed 10 out of 15, 67%. That’s his seasonal average.>>2 out of 3 — ain’t that something? Every 3 balls he puts up, 2 of his guys catch them.>>Only Sammy Baugh, back in 1945, completed more. That’s Jerry Burns, the offensive coach, to the left of Tarkenton. They are trying to figure out how they can open up the Oakland defense. We pause briefly for station identification. This is the NBC television network. Back we come. Running the ball.>>Oh.>>That hole opened again. Paul Krause had to make the tackle on Mark van Eeghen, as the Raiders bring it out with 1:30 to go in the first half. And they pick up a first down. Now it’s 16 first downs for Oakland, just 2 for the Vikings.>>They get another first down quick, I think you’ll see them start using their time-outs to move this ball down at least to get a field-goal shot. They got a little over a minute to do it right now. Let’s see what he does now.>>They’re on their 17. Getting outside and pulled down is van Eeghen. He doesn’t go outside as well. He doesn’t have that great burst outside. And it was turned in there by Nate Allen, number 25.>>[ Laughs ] 158 yards rushing for the passing team from Oakland and 27 yards rushing for the running team from Minnesota.>>Well, you know, this is sort of their pattern the way they ran at Pittsburgh.>>They sure did. They came right at Pittsburgh. That was really a surprise to me because they were very effective, and I think that was one of the things that surprised Pittsburgh, because they ran so well on them.>>Nobody runs well on Pittsburgh, but the Raiders did. 30 seconds to go in the half. This play is stopped cold. Van Eeghen hit by Wally Hilgenberg. Now a time-out being called by the Vikings, and they have one left. I want to correct myself. I said that the Vikings have played against — first time against a left-hander. They played against that rookie Zorn — Jim Zorn up at Seattle earlier. And he came within a yard of beating the Vikings. Seattle had an outstanding game that day. Left-handers — Frankie Albert was the first outstanding left-hander. There really hasn’t been one since then. They used to say, Don, that the left-hander’s ball spiraled with the nose up, hard to catch, or the spin of the ball is away from the receiver. But Stabler said, “What’s the difference? The ball has to spin anyway, and you have to hand off with your right hand or left hand. What’s the difference, right Or left?”>>I figure that most of the folks that were saying that were right-handed, don’t you?>>That’s right.>>Yeah.>>A lot of passers would like to throw the ball as accurately as Stabler.>>Yeah, just get it out there close.>>Be as cool as he is back there. Banaszak’s in the lineup. We have 22 seconds to go in the half. Third down.>>He could — no.>>22-yard line, where Davis is downed by Jeff Siemon.>>He covers that — he covers that middle. You know, it’s awfully hard for an offensive lineman to come off of his position and block a middle linebacker, particularly one that’s got some speed. Here’s from the end zone. You see, again, you know, they’re just trying to run out the time. You got Clarence Davis going to the outside. Buehler was the guy that was trying to cut through the middle to get Siemon. Got there a little bit late. Siemon made a good move down the line of scrimmage.>>Well, we’ve had one upset today. That was a blocked punt on Ray Guy. Nobody thought that it would happen. It’s never happened to him before. He’s 15 yards deep. He gets the ball away quickly. They usually block well for him. But the Vikings showed their special teams’ prowess by storming in and blocking his punt — Fred McNeill. And Guy, by the way, saved a touchdown on that blocked punt by making the tackle.>>He sure did. Bobby Bryant, the guy that picked it up against the Rams, missed it this time against the Raiders.>>He’s punting with 17 seconds remaining in the half.>>Got it out of there that time. Should be a good runback.>>And here is Willis.>>Whoa. There’s a clip.>>Flag is down. There is a glaring clip that time on 27, Autry Beamon. And he really clipped number 81, Morris Bradshaw, who is a shadow going down covering those punts, one of the best in the National Football League. He stopped Rick Upchurch of Denver cold this year. Bradshaw, formerly of Ohio State, hit from behind. He’s hobbling off the field.>>I don’t think he’s hurt quite as much as he’d like for us to think right now, but I’m glad to see that, too. But there’s a little theatrics in all this stuff just to make sure the referee saw that clip. It was pretty obvious, but you never can tell.>>Bradshaw limping to the sideline. He is destined to be a starting receiver pretty soon.>>Clipping. First down.>>They didn’t name it, but it was 27, Autry Beamon. Bradshaw’s third year. They’re grooming him. The Raiders groom players slowly — two, three, four years. Then they stick them in the lineup when they’re ready to go. And he’ll be a starting wide receiver in another year or two. Vikings’ ball on their 21 with a first down, trailing by 16 points. Crossing over is Foreman. Foreman’s out to the 35. Dancing away to the 40. Still going. You can see the moves he had. Made him, in many quarters, the most valuable player in the league. There’s the gun. Sammy White’s at the 1-yard line. Ray Guy will kick off as we open the third period, and we’ll see if Minnesota can get going. The kick by Guy high. White is on the 8. Fumbles it. To the 15. To the 20. And down at the 23-yard line. Covering that punt is Morris Bradshaw. Ray Guy.>>Hubie Ginn was down there and threw a shot at Sammy White as he was trying to decide whether he was gonna pick that ball up or not. He made some good moves. Didn’t make the tackle, but made him change his direction.>>We’ve had only one turnover in the game, and a costly one. The Vikings fumbled the ball away at the Oakland 2-yard line after blocking an Oakland punt. That’s the only turnover. Chuck Foreman. 25-, 26-yard line. Dave Rowe just standing his ground there, 74. Stopped him. Bob Miller’s opening this second half, 35. Foreman’s 44. Tarkenton, number 10, at quarterback. White, 85, Rashad, 28, the wide receivers. Voigt the tight end, 83. Riley and Yary are the tackles. Goodrum and White the guards. Tingelhoff at center. Second down, 7 for Minnesota from their 26. In a slot formation. Going deep to White. And just tipped away by Skip Thomas.>>Did he do it.>>Just tipped it away. Brilliant coverage by Dr. Death, Skip Thomas, out of Southern Cal.>>That was not a bad throw, actually, Curt. That thing was right on the money, and let’s look at it from another angle. Skip Thomas, 26, this side. You’ll see him running straight away. Takes a look back. Sees the ball right at the last minute. Puts that hand up there and just bats it away. Curt, in those halftime statistics that you were reading off, the thing that I think I’m most surprised about so far is the fact that this Oakland defense has allowed no points. I expected a high-scoring contest from both sides. Minnesota’s got an explosive offense, put a lot of points on the board so far this year, but none today.>>Oakland’s been scored on all year and been moved on, but so far, not today. Tarkenton out of the backfield to Miller at the 30. Miller has a first down as he slips away. He’s stopped on the 39-yard line of the Vikings by Monte Johnson. Robert Miller from Kansas, 24 years old today. It’s his birthday.>>Happy birthday, Robert. That’s the thing that Tarkenton does best — throw it just a little ways.>>Tarkenton had one stretch during the regular season, he threw 155 passes in succession without an interception.>>And 12 of them went over 40 yards.>>He brings them up, the leading passer of all time, five departments. Been stymied so far. Here it is off to White on a flanker reverse to the 40. He’s stopped. Hit over there at the 45 and fell forward to the 46 by George Atkinson.>>That was really stopped by Sammy White, the runner. He had two guys blocking on Atkinson. He ran over all three of them.>>Well, the Vikings are moving. They have a second down, 3. We’re early in the third period. The score, 16-0, Oakland.>>I think you’ll see the Vikes run more of that type of offense. Their standard offense has not worked. I would not be surprised to see Tarkenton throw off of that fake reverse.>>They go into a slot left. White is the slot man. That’s Miller. Miller spinning to the 47-yard line of the Vikings. That’s all. Big John Matuszak hanging around. Willie Hall. This front three — they call them the patchwork defense. Matuszak wasn’t with the team at the start of the season. David Rowe didn’t figure. They lost three players — first-line players. Sistrunk was a tackle. They moved him to end. And the patchwork boys are playing a brilliant game.>>Well, Matuszak has played for the Houston Oilers — Houston of the WFL — Kansas City, and Washington. Sistrunk’s played for the Rams, the Norfolk Neptunes in the Continental League, and in the Atlantic Coast League.>>On third and 2, he’ll throw.>>Look out.>>Gets it to Miller. Miller can’t hold on to it at the sideline. Incomplete. Now the Vikings are fourth and 2. George Atkinson was covering Miller as he came over in motion to the near sideline. Neil Clabo, the punter, goes in. That was an important play for the Vikings.>>Yeah, if you get it on the first bounce, it might count.>>They don’t count?>>No, in baseball, horseshoes, and washers when you get close.>>There’s Colzie.>>Clabo in punt formation. Neal Colzie to receive.>>Clabo… Punted five times. 39 1/2. Kick is gonna be a roller, and it’s a good roller for the Vikings. It is dead on the Oakland Raider 16-yard line. And Clabo comes off the field. His second year in the National Football League. The massive back of John Madden. 37-yard punt, no return. Same lineup — Stabler, Davis, van Eeghen in the backfield for the Raiders. Branch and Biletnikoff the wide receivers. Casper at tight end. Raiders’ ball on their 16. They have not made a mistake today except getting a punt blocked. 12 minutes to play in the third period. Stabler, unusual rollout, and he throws the ball away. Out of bounds to Cliff Branch. It’s very unusual to see Stabler roll out. He used to in college at Alabama and in his early pro days, but he has a bad knee, and he usually sits back in that pocket.>>I think that rollout caused the ball to be a little bit wide that time. He was rolling to his left, threw it on the run, and it just took off a little bit more. He had Branch open by about 5 yards for a first down. Threw it a little bit too wide.>>He got that nickname, “Snake,” in junior high school when he snaked a punt back for a touchdown. It’s hung with him ever since.>>Is it true they’re gonna change the name of Foley, Alabama, to Stabler?>>May. May change the whole state. Either that or the “Bear” Bryant state.>>That’s a good move.>>Look at that power by van Eeghen. Alan Page riding him up on the back, and Bobby Bryant came over.>>Again, nothing fancy. These guys haven’t really had any really trick plays. Just look — straight right ahead. Have a cutoff block over on the right side by Vella, but it was really nothing fancy. Page got him high. He kept his balance. Feet moved him right in there.>>Third down and 4 for the Oakland Raiders. They’re out in front in Super Bowl XI, 16-0. Third period.>>Draw play, wide-open. Oh, my gosh.>>Down to the 30 rolling ahead is Clarence Davis, and Davis is the big ground gainer in this game. He weighs 195. He’s not been a 1,000-yard runner, but how effective he’s been this afternoon.>>All right, one of the things that you look for. When they’re coming off there, you saw a wide outside rush by Marshall, number 70. There’s just nobody in there. He’s got some help with van Eeghen coming out in front, but there’s really just nobody there for 10 or 12 yards. There’s another shot of Clarence. He’s one shy of 100.>>We had him at 101 yards officially. Van Eeghen.>>Look at that. Look at that balance.>>And goes through two men. That was outstanding balance. He was a load that time. They just couldn’t get him down.>>Well, we talked about earlier — not classy, just gets the job done. This is Siemon. Siemon has a shot at him. You saw a move inside by Blair, which was not a good move. He took the wrong key.>>That’s arm-tackling.>>He overran the play, had to wait on Jeff Wright, number 23, to come back up, and Nate Wright, number 43, to make the tackle. First — no, second down.>>Second down, 3, Don.>>Right.>>Raiders have moved from their 16 to their 42. Davis trying to cut back. That time, Jeff Siemon pounced on him and stopped him on the 43-yard line of the Raiders. So they’re presented now with a third down and 2. Perfect afternoon. It’s about 65 degrees now. Officially, Davis has 100 yards in the game. 9:50 to play. That’s van Eeghen getting a hand as he goes out. Banaszak’s in. Bankston joins Casper. The double tight end. Third and a long 1. They’re not going to get it. [ Whistle blows ] Banaszak trying to run behind Shell and Upshaw. Siemon and Page. Siemon’s been in on just about every tackle for the Vikings. Just short of a first down. They’ll have to punt, but they used up some time on that short drive coming out from their 16 to their 44.>>Siemon making all these tackles, Curt, I think indicates that that front four — really, they’re being contained very well by the offensive line of Oakland. They’re just not getting in on as many tackles. They’re not getting to Stabler. So that offensive line for Oakland is doing a heck of a job.>>Ray Guy has three punts for only a 31-yard average. One of them blocked.>>Not really one of his better ones.>>Lenny Willis on the 18. To the 20. He goes down on the 25, and right down there with him again is number 61, Herb McMath. There’s the running man today, Super Bowl XI, Clarence Davis, who’s racked up 100 yards so far. Vikings’ ball on their 25 with a first down. Foreman.>>Aha.>>Stopped at the 29-yard line. Trying to make those spinning moves, cuts, somehow to break himself open for a long gainer, but has been contained to the short stuff. Willie Hall and Sistrunk teamed up to stop him. Second down, 6. Minnesota on their 29.>>You talk about Matuszak and Sistrunk have traveled some. Dave Rowe’s been in New Orleans, Houston, New England, and San Diego before he found a home here. These guys have traveled. You’re right.>>That’s hitting the road. Foreman again. Foreman is to the 34-yard line of Minnesota, and Dave Rowe from behind pulled him down. The Vikings staying on the ground their first two plays. It’s third down and a yard To go. The Vikings have had only one scoring threat. That came after a blocked punt when they took over on the 3-yard line of Oakland, and the second play, after a 1-yard gain, fumbled the ball away. Critical play of this game. Third down and a yard.>>No.>>No.>>No.>>Jammed up is Foreman. Matuszak got to him first.>>I had a feeling that time, Curt, when Minnesota got the ball. Look at this entire defensive line. They’re the ones that are making the move. You see that penetration? You see all those purple jerseys come back? There’s no place for him to go. Villapiano comes in from the outside. Maybe he’s the one that really is in there, but number 72 down in the bottom of that pile was Matuszak. Nobody moved Matuszak. He was in there. Fourth down. They now have to change their entire offensive strategy, I think, if they want to get back in this ballgame. 7:45 to go in the third quarter.>>That’s twice in this third period they’ve had third and 1 and failed to make it and have to turn the ball over.>>That tells you something, doesn’t it?>>Clabo’s kick. Riding to Neal Colzie. Runs up on it. Grabs it — a gamble.>>Good catch. Oh, yeah.>>And is over the 40 to the 45, where he’s stopped. Clabo after the kick. Amos Martin, reserve linebacker, went down to cover it. He really came up on that one, Colzie.>>Good hands.>>A 31-yard punt. Bud Grant.>>What is that, with his fist cocked? They may need you out there before it’s over, Bud. Good shot of the kind of hands Neal Colzie has. Great all-around athlete drafted very high by Oakland. Look at this. Strictly hands. Again, that hand-eye concentration and coordination. Picked the ball up. That could have been a fumble very easily, but he had confidence in what he could do. Look at him. He said, “Look at these hands. They’re magic, man. They’re magic — magic fingers.”>>He’s the heir apparent to Willie Brown at cornerback. There’s another hole that time over the right side with van Eeghen charging through. And Doug Sutherland, the left tackle, making the stop on Mark van Eeghen. So van Eeghen is piling up more yardage. Davis has 100 yards, and now van Eeghen has 66. That’s a veteran defense for Minnesota. 5 of the 11 men, 10 or more years of pro ball. But they have been run on today by the Raiders, who are supposed to be a passing team.>>Look at that hole right there.>>There goes Davis. 40, 35. Davis out of bounds. Clarence Davis continues to roll them up.>>Not one of your crushing blocks by Biletnikoff, but at least he was down there in the way. This is just a great, big hole, man. That’s all you can say. He had Art Shell, who pulled to the outside, influenced Marshall outside of him. That’s Matt Blair trying to catch up. Right there you barely could see, but that was Biletnikoff that was at least getting in front of Bobby Bryant, kept him from coming up, making that play. 118 yards. The record’s 158 by Franco Harris.>>Carl Garrett’s in the backfield. And there was Alan Page.>>Alan read that one, didn’t he?>>Came right off the ball that time. Slipped the blocker. Hit van Eeghen.>>It’s that kind of quickness, though — he’s overrun several plays today. That has allowed them to run those little delays, little draws to come inside of him, because he and Marshall both have been charging fast upfield and to the outside.>>Second down, 14. One of the few times the Raiders have been thrown for a loss.>>If I was them, I wouldn’t want to put Stabler in a passing situation. That’s where he really hurts you.>>6:20 to go in the third period. Raiders ahead, 16-0. Completely dominating the 11th Super Bowl game. Now he’s going deep, deep, deep for Biletnikoff. No good, out of bounds. Biletnikoff being covered by number 20, Bobby Bryant.>>Didn’t throw that one well, Curt. That ball floated on him. He knows it, too. He’s upset. Biletnikoff could have run — if it had been about 5, 6 yards further down the field, he would have had a shot at it in the end zone. And if you get Biletnikoff and the ball in the end zone at the same time, pretty good odds you’re gonna come up with some points.>>Stabler now has completed 10 of 16. The Raiders have a third down, 14. Not a happy Minnesota sideline presently.>>Siani comes in. Is he, or is that… He must have brought a little word in from the bench. They’re going to their four receivers.>>Yes, he’s had an overextension in his knee, but he’s recovered in time to play today. Three wide receivers. Third down and 14.>>Oh, look at that time. Look at that time.>>Now he gets away.>>Flipped it out.>>And it’s complete to the 23.>>Short.>>Cliff Branch caught the ball right in front of Bobby Bryant, but they’re short of a first down.>>Excellent defensive coverage in the secondary. Tremendous offensive blocking in that line gave him plenty of time. Flipped it out. Got into a lot better field-goal position. All right, we’ll watch again. Look at the blocking. Sutherland — they’re doing a trick on the other side. Eller and Marshall both try to come to the inside, and, boy, do they get stopped. They didn’t go anywhere. Page misses him. Just a little quick flip out there. Bobby Bryant’s doing a good job over here.>>This’ll be a 40-yard field-goal attempt by Errol Mann. He has not been good at the long ones. From 40 yards out, he’s kicked only 1 out of 7 — 4 out of 11 for the year. He missed one today, 29 yards, when it hit the left upright, and he’s kicked another one. So this one…>>This is another shot of that previous play. But you can see that great blocking inside. That’s Vella, 75, but look at that middle. Those three guys in the middle — Dalby, Upshaw, and Buehler. Boy, they really closed off the middle.>>Dave Humm will spot the ball. Mann’s kick is riding. It is good. Dave Mann boots a 40-yarder, and the Raiders have padded their lead. It is now Oakland 19 and Minnesota 0. Raiders really appear to be mostly fired up. Watch Henry Lawrence, 70, a second-string tackle. He broke his leg before the season started. Got back into action midway. There he is from Florida A&M in his third year. He’s be a starting tackle in another year or two. All right, the kick by Ray Guy. High and tumbling to the 6-yard line. Sammy White out to the 20. White to the 25. Breaks loose and is stopped at the 31-yard line. Again, it’s 31, Carl Garrett, down covering. He plays special teams and a spot job in the offensive backfield. Minnesota’s ball. Blanked today. Smothered so far, 19-0.>>No offense to speak of at all, Curt. You’re absolutely right. Or you could say an awful lot of defense, depending on how you look at it.>>Believe you have to credit the defense.>>I wouldn’t go — I don’t know.>>Rollout. Flag is down. The lob pass out is incomplete to Chuck Foreman. They had that one smelled out all the way. Skip Thomas. They ran White back in motion, swung Foreman out to the sideline. A flag was dropped while the snap was under way, and it is against Minnesota. We’ve had very few penalties in the game. I believe there was motion.>>No, they’re just not running smooth over there at all. Obviously, they know they’re in trouble — 19 down, 5:00 to go in the third quarter — so they’re gonna be playing a little bit more hully-gully kind of football. Probably was a motion penalty. Is that what they said?>>Motion, right.>>Illegal motion, offense, number 35. Declined.>>That’s also an indication, Curt, when you see a lot of motion, people jumping over there, that they’re not sure. They’re not moving with confidence. When you see Oakland line up, man, they’re sharp. They hit that thing quick. Move quick, move quick. The Vikings have been very hesitant. They haven’t really — and I’ve got to say, you got to gear it right back to that quarterback. He’s the guy that makes it go, or it doesn’t go.>>Second down, 10, as the Raiders decline the motion penalty. Tarkenton. Deflected at the line of scrimmage. And it looked like Dave Rowe deflected it. Dave Rowe.>>Yes, sir.>>Just a journeyman, they said. He got a chance to play when they all got hurt this year. And he’s been the most pleasant surprise on the Raiders this season.>>Well, let’s see what happens. Rowe went to the left. They actually had a charge from the inside in there by Hendricks to try to help him, but look — there’s Rowe, 74, big paw up. Francis is stretching it when he says he’s 6 foot. Threw it right into the right palm.>>Third down and 10. Minnesota trailing by 19 points. Just under 5:00 to play in the third period. Working out of a slot left. He’s hit. He fumbles. His arm started forward. It was a pass. His arm started forward. It’s an incomplete pass. That was Sistrunk on him. As long as that hand starts forward, it’s a forward pass and not a fumble.>>Well, I think you’re right. I think the hand did go forward, and I think therefore it would be. Let’s just see what happens. I don’t think he was really trying to throw. Here’s Sistrunk coming in, moving to the outside, moving around Steve Riley pretty easily, coming back in to the inside. Actually, he’s got him blocked. Fran dillydallying around a little bit. Couldn’t find anybody. Sistrunk’s in there. He was trying to throw it.>>And Tark will be over holding his neck on the sideline after that one. Clabo to kick to Colzie. Nearly blocked by Hendricks. A flag is down. I think he ran into the kicker. And it rolls out of bounds. Hendricks said he was gonna block one today. Nearly did, but he ran into the kicker, and it’ll be brought back, and the Vikings will get a new life.>>Well, then he didn’t touch that ball, because if he touched it, you can hit the kicker, can’t you, Curt?>>If the ball hits the ground.>>Let’s see. Here it is, right there. I don’t believe he hit it. Just a bad punt — that’s what it was. And he ran into him. That’s being in the wrong place at the wrong time. First down.>>Personal foul. Running into the kicker, number 83. 5 yards, first down.>>The biggest offense the Vikings have had have been in the punting game when they blocked a punt and had their own guy hit.>>If the ball hits the ground, or if he fumbles it or he starts to run, then everything’s off. He’s on his own. Foreman stopped at the 37-yard line. He was slowed down. He tried to get outside. John Matuszak on him there. Look at them. “Come on, go get him.” Villapiano and Matuszak belting each other after they belt the Vikings.>>As long as you do it in that order, it’s okay.>>Second down, 9.>>It’ll get awful quiet in that huddle in a little while.>>Gonna ask you about that. What do you say?>>You ask for help.>>Second down, 9. Minnesota trailing, 19-0. Tarkenton looking.>>He’s got him open. There he is.>>That’s Stu Voigt, the tight end, the first time they’ve gone to him. And the Vikings have a first down on the Oakland 47-yard line.>>Hallelujah. There’s still spirit out there. That play would never have been completed had there been any pressure on the quarterback. That time, Voigt kept running. You just can’t cover those guys down there for a long time. I would imagine, put a stopwatch on that, he had five, maybe six seconds to throw the ball.>>7 out of 19 for Fran Tarkenton. Vikings’ ball. First down on the Oakland 47. One of the few times the Vikings have been in Oakland territory. Passing all the time now. Gets away. Dropped, and he’s dumped at the 49 by Villapiano, the outside left linebacker who was coming. The Vikings expected that today. Against a three-man line, they thought both outside linebackers would come, and they’re doing it.>>They pull on a quick sprint-out. He had Charles Goodrum come from that left guard, and I think Fran had some words for Goodrum when he got up. He says, “Who in the heck’s gonna block Villapiano? You expect me to pick him up?” That’s sort of — but he missed him. Villapiano came inside, got it.>>Six backs are coming on the field in the secondary for Oakland. Neal Colzie, 20. Phillips comes in. Second down, 14 for the Vikes… Going against a prevent defense. Flag is down.>>Good move. Good move by Colzie. Boy, did Colzie zero in there. That thing could have gone wide open, Curt. Little middle draw. They had five backs in there. Colzie was keying on that back. There is a flag down. Defensive holding, I believe they call it.>>Against Oakland. That’ll give the Vikings an automatic first down. So they got a running-into-the-kicker penalty to retain the ball for the Vikings. Now they get another first down on a penalty.>>And they got another one earlier on a holding penalty, so they made three of their first downs through penalty.>>We had an unusual game — the Oakland-New England game. Seven times in that game, New England got first downs on penalties, I think, which is the second-most in the history of the National Football League, when penalties gave them first downs. Later in the game…>>5 yards, first down.>>…the penalties went against New England. They have a matter of evening out. Fred Biletnikoff, who’s caught three passes today, just signed a new contract middle of the year very quietly. First down Minnesota on the Oakland 46. Holding was against Charlie Phillips. There’s a pass. It’s complete right down to the 25-yard line to Ahmad Rashad. Now the Vikings are moving with the pass. It was against Willie Brown.>>Little turn-in — a deep turn-in, actually, and he threw it right in the middle of some Oakland players. Let’s see Rashad come from the outside, number 28. They’re playing him deep. Hendricks has got his back to him. That’s where he made his first mistake. Then, once the — oh, there he’s turned around to see what’s happening. That’s Willie Brown that comes over and puts the tackle on him.>>2 1/2 minutes to go in the third period. Vikings quickly up. Here’s the pitch to Foreman. Foreman slips and still gets to the 21-yard line, where Charlie Phillips, second-year player — he also played in the Rose Bowl. Lot of them in this game. Bradshaw of Ohio State. Vella, USC. Charlie Davis, USC. Willie Hall, USC. Skip Thomas, USC. Colzie, Ohio State. Phillips at USC from Oakland in the Rose Bowl game.>>And Manfred Moore is kind of a story. You know, he came in. On the last day, he was cut by Tampa. Oakland picked him up. I’m told that a lot of that had to do with, so many of the guys on the Oakland team that were from USC recommended him so highly, they picked him up. Could be a $30,000 swing for that young fella.>>Second down, 6. The drop. Now he’s going deep, and it is incomplete.>>That’s almost time to throw a flag.>>Sammy White goes down.>>Tarkenton saying he’s face-guarding.>>Skip Thomas. It’s not face-guarding unless he waves his hand. He could have his back to the passer. He could be looking at the receiver, but it’s not face-guarding unless he’s waving his hands.>>Skip Thomas went in– looks like actually slid into the side of the stadium over there. He’s holding his knee. We’ll take another look at it here. Let’s just see what we can find. Willie Hall, number 39, you can see from the linebacker position is blitzing. He had him open there for a while. Skip is up trying to defend. Sammy White saying that he interfered with him. It’s a close call, Curt, because that really is almost the same thing as holding a guy. Here’s where he slides on in. Tripped into the wall. Looks to me like he hit his left knee, but I believe he’s holding his right. But he hit it pretty good. Anyway, they didn’t call it. They’re coming back. Skip’s gonna be taken off the field. Sammy had him by a step or two that time. Skip says, “Every time they” — he doesn’t like when people take pictures of him. You were calling him Dr. Death a while ago. He says, “Every time they take a picture, they rob a little bit of my soul.” I don’t know what that means, but I’m not gonna go up, take any pictures of him.>>He’s not too bashful. He has that “Dr. Death” printed on his car.>>Hmm. I’d say not.>>So we’ll have a replacement now. Charlie Phillips is into the lineup. Right now, the Raiders are in a prevent defense. John Madden has his team on top by 19 points with 1:35 to go in the third quarter, and the Vikings now are moving the ball. They have driven from their 36 to the Raider 21. Third down, 6 to go. Hands off to Foreman. Foreman is short of a first down. He goes to the 18-yard line. The tackle — Ted Hendricks, number 83, who’s gone from Baltimore to Green Bay to Oakland.>>Seeing them run on a third down and long 6 just tells you one thing that they know already — that if they don’t make it, they’re gonna try it again on fourth. I don’t blame them. It’s a little bit more than a minute. They’re 19 points down. Now about fourth and a long 3. I would say that, if Tarkenton does what he usually does, he’s gonna try some sort of rollout or try to get that ball to Foreman.>>Fourth down and 3 to go for Minnesota.>>He’s looking for Foreman.>>There it is. He’s got him. He’s out of bounds. That’s one of their patented plays. The little dinks, the rollout, the short, stabbing passes are Tarkenton’s patent plays, and he completed that one. And what do we have down there?>>Looks like Chuck Foreman may still be down, Curt. I can’t see. Let’s just take another look at it. As you say, it’s a quick, little slide. You see Monte Johnson coming out to the outside trying to cover Foreman man-to-man. Almost impossible. I think I can outrun Johnson. I’m not sure. He hits him, goes outside. Can’t see what happens, but one of them is down, and I think it’s Foreman. And he is coming on off, looks like, to the sideline. Talk about knocking a hole in your offense.>>He’s been their offense today. He’s had 5 catches, 62 yards. He’s run the ball for 62. Sammy Johnson replaces him, number 48. First and goal to go, Minnesota, on the Raider 8-yard line. Tarkenton again to pass. It’s out there wide-open. Touchdown. A touchdown for the Vikings. Sammy White, rookie of the year of the National Conference. He caught 10 touchdowns during the regular season. He beat Neal Colzie in that far side of the end zone. And the Vikings score on a well-executed 64-yard drive.>>Well, Colzie came in for Skip Thomas. We saw he was injured a while ago. He was just wide-open out to the outside. They had kind of an inside-out combination pattern. They put a man in motion. Here it is again. Good protection. Right on the money.>>That was the first catch for Sammy White. The kick is good by Fred Cox, and this may perk the Vikings up now. 47 seconds to go in the third period. That’s their first sustained drive of the game. They took it in — 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 — 9 plays. They were helped by two penalties — the costly one, running into the kicker by the Raiders — and that’s usually very critical. That’s Tarkenton’s first Super Bowl touchdown pass. How many times have you seen a game change? Fourth down — you’re about to give the ball up. They run into your kicker. That gives you new life. And the Vikings took it right on in. There’s the drive. 12 plays, 68 yards. They don’t want a lot of time on any more drives. Time’s against them. Hubie Ginn and Carl Garrett are deep for Fred Cox’s kickoff. The last 1 minute of the third period. Garrett out to the 20, 25. Finds a hole.>>Good move again.>>35, look at him go. He’s stopped at the 37- or 38-yard line. He has really been picking his way today. Carl Garrett. Fred Cox down helping make the tackle after kicking off.>>Fred Cox has been there for a long time. He’s the guy that’s… He’s like the last stop. [ Chuckles ] No holds barred, they say. Just bring him right on in there. That was Manfred Moore, the guy we were talking about earlier, that blocked Fred Cox that time.>>First down, Raiders’ ball.>>Look out.>>Look out, here they go. They went after him that time. Now the Vikings suddenly fired up. That’s their first sack of the game.>>I would say that, out of this 106,000 people we have here, the majority of them have been Viking fans. It’s been rather quiet. You’ll see Alan Page really take care of Buehler — I mean Upshaw — pretty quickly. He went to the inside, then came to the outside real quick. He left Upshaw there. But this is not a comfortable sight, because really, you see a blitz coming in from the other side, too. We saw Matt Blair come. He took all of his auxiliary blockers. Left one-on-one for Page. Right behind Page was Sutherland.>>Vikings are gonna have to gamble on defense now with 17 seconds to go in the third period. Raiders on a straight hand-off. Van Eeghen — short 3 yards to his 30. Third and 18 for Oakland. The Vikings now feel an upsurge after driving for the score. They’ve had two successful defensive plays here. And that’s the gun and the end of the third quarter with the score the Oakland Raiders 19 and the Minnesota Vikings 7. Raiders’ ball on their own 30. Edwin Newman will be correcting our grammar today. Ball’s on the 30-yard line of the Raiders. Third and 18. First play of the fourth period is a run. Davis outside. Davis may — oh, he’s short of a first down. He stopped on his own 45-yard line. He’s been getting outside today. He had a 15-yard gain, but he’s still short.>>Unusual call again. Third and 18, run Davis to the outside. They must know something. It must be a different kind of defensive alignment. Won’t even pretend to know what it is, but an unusual call, wouldn’t you think, Curt?>>It was, but he’s had 133 yards, and three or four of his runs have picked up the yardage on that outside play.>>There is Len Willis of Ohio State back as the safety man. Fourth and 3 for the Raiders. Ray Guy in punt formation. The Vikings will get the ball right back again. Going after him. High kick.>>All right.>>Willis back, watches it. Takes a bounce. It was touched by Hubie Ginn going down the field, and they’ll touch it down at the 22-yard line. Chuck Foreman’s back in that Viking backfield. The Vikings have 181 yards total offense. Foreman by rushing or passing has accounted for 108 of those yards. They need him.>>You bet.>>Vikings on their 22. 19-7, Oakland ahead early in the fourth period. In behind Miller.>>Nobody open.>>Robert Miller.>>Nobody open that time, Curt. Trying to hit a little quick shot out to his right. It was well-covered. Had good protection that time. You’ll see it from the outside. Trying to hit Foreman, actually, seeing that slot coming in the middle there. Pretty good coverage. Came back, threw it wide — high, wide, and outside. Incomplete. Pretty good place to throw it, ’cause that was also covered.>>By the way, Skip Thomas has returned to the lineup after trying to run through the concrete wall. He beat the concrete. Second down, 10. Vikings ball on their 22. Running a slot formation left.>>Foreman’s out wide out there, but they’re gonna run up the middle.>>They go to their 25-yard line. Robert Miller. And he’s tackled by Willie Hall.>>You know, Foreman’s 6’2″, 207 pounds, he’s listed in the program, but he has the kind of a — more of a willowy sort of build than some of the other running backs in the league. And we mentioned at the beginning of this telecast — as we look at Alan Page on the sideline — that he is probably the best combination runner/pass receiver in football today. He really can do it all. He’s an excellent receiver, so you love to have him flanked out wide, ’cause he’s as good as anybody they got, and they got Sammy White and Ahmad Rashad, who are not any slouches at all.>>Third and 7. Six defensive backs in there for Oakland. Right down the middle they go to Sammy White. White is stopped, but he has a first down at the 39-yard line of the Vikings. He’s hit there by Thomas and Charlie Phillips. First down, Minnesota.>>No pressure on the quarterback. Doing a good job now. Now, that time, they didn’t bring any linebackers. I would say that Oakland is playing a little more conservative. They’ve got a lead — 12-point lead. They’re not sending those linebackers in there. They’re gonna let the three guys try to rush. The three guys are not gonna be able to put a good, strong rush on him.>>Sometimes you get conservative and let up that momentum. If the Vikings can score again, they’ll have the charge going for them. From their 39. Tarkenton. Chased around by Sistrunk. Lets it go, and it’s complete to Miller. Miller grabbed the ball in desperation over there. And a hard rush that time by Otis Sistrunk, the right end. Let’s see what happened to Tarkenton.>>Well, he did a couple of twists and turns and couldn’t find anybody open, and he completed that one for a minus-2. Looking to the outside there. They still had just the three guys. You say Matuszak and Sistrunk get to him at about the same time, and they didn’t touch him too lightly. They laid it to him that time. Smacked him pretty good.>>They call him a scrambler, but he doesn’t scramble much anymore.>>No, that’s right.>>He carried the ball only 26 times in 14 games this year. 1 1/2 runs a game for him. Draw play.>>Good move by Sistrunk.>>Otis Sistrunk was laying there. Said, “Come to me, baby, right here. Here I am.”>>Dave Rowe and Hendricks both were in the inside. You know, we’ve talked about — you see Rowe in the middle, 74. Here’s Hendricks from the outside, 83. Make a rush. They read the draw pretty well. Sistrunk’s gonna throw off Steve Riley, come to the inside, and that was Rowe. We’ve talked about, that’s his job. He hangs in the middle, waits for those draws.>>Third down, 11 to go. Right down the middle again. Oh, he held on to it. I don’t know how he held on to that, Sammy White, but he did. A remarkable catch. Even more, an improbable catch with Skip Thomas and Jack Tatum jackknifing him as he caught the ball for a first down on the Oakland 45-yard line.>>I think that ball, in my opinion, was thrown with more authority than I’ve seen Fran throw all day. Nothing fancy. Atkinson’s letting him go to the inside. He catches the ball. Watch this. 26 goes, wham. Skip Thomas, wham. 32, Tatum. Off goes the headgear, but he held onto the ball. First down for the Vikings.>>Bob Grim has replaced him, number 26. White has caught 3 passes today for 40 yards, and what a catch that was.>>And that was a third down and long, too, Curt. That’s when you got to have them catch them.>>They needed that one. Minnesota on Oakland 44. Vikings right now are moving against the Raiders since midway in the third period. Fake. Tarkenton throws. Completes it. Short one, Stu Voigt, the tight end, and he was covered by George Atkinson.>>Little fake in the middle, Curt. That’s a little running play they have — kind of a delayed draw off that where Fran will sprint out from the quarterback position, lay the ball to the guy’s stomach, he goes off tackle. That time faked it, rolled to the outside. I think he was really trying to get it to his back. That was covered. He looks back to the inside. Voigt comes across from his tight end position.>>At one time, the Raiders had an overwhelming edge in plays from scrimmage. Now the Vikings are starting to catch up. Second down and 2. Foreman dropped. Leading the charge there, Monte Johnson, the left linebacker, coming through.>>All right, that was a time, just that middle linebacker sitting back there — they’ll read formations. They’ll read the guards sometime. I don’t know what his particular key was, but he read it well. Slipped through. Nobody got him. He was back there about the time that Foreman had the ball. Now they’re back into another pretty good third-down situation. This is a tough situation, Curt, because it’s almost too long to run, and it’s not quite long enough to use those little quick flare-out passes. What are you gonna do, Francis?>>Third and 4. He’s been making the third-down plays here since midway in the third quarter — been converting them. He’ll pass for it. He’s under the rush. Now he throws on the run.>>That’s intercepted.>>Willie Hall on the 40. Hall stopped at the 46. Willie Hall grabs another one off for the Raiders as he did during the season.>>No way should you ever throw that ball. No way. When a play’s not going well, you make one move, and if it’s not there, throw it away. That was thrown down the middle. That’s where it’s gonna be picked off.>>He’d like to have that one back.>>Yeah, nobody in the stadium knows better than number 10 that he would love to have that one back. Here it goes. Sistrunk to the inside. That’s Hendricks, 83, to the outside. Look at Rowe. He finally got out of the middle. I don’t — he’s trying to throw it across the middle, but that was a desperation throw. Really had a lot of pressure. No need to throw it. Here, we’re back to live action. Up the middle, very little gain. Was that van Eeghen?>>Alan Page stopping Mark van Eeghen. The Raiders have really gone conservative. They’ve been trying to sit on this lead. They’re now on their 47 with a second and 9. They have thrown very little in this second half. Time moving along. 9:45 to play. The Raiders led at halftime by a score of 16-0. And they just romped up and down the field in the first half. Not so in this half. Van Eeghen and Davis the running backs set behind. It’s off to Davis. Davis looks for the cut. And he’s just to the 50-yard line, and that’s all, where Alan Page met him and Carl Eller.>>I think you hit it, Curt. I think, really, for Oakland’s sake, they are playing a little bit too conservative.>>Third down, 6. 19-7. Oakland ahead. 9:00 to play. Oakland on their 49. This is Stabler. Drop back. Hey, wide open! Biletnikoff! 25, 20! 10! 5! Downed! Fred Biletnikoff wide open. Brought down from behind by Bobby Bryant. I could have hit him that time, Don.>>Well, I’ll tell you what. There will be some defensive coaches running that play back, back and forth, back and forth, saying, “Wait a minute, guys. How many times have we gone over that coverage? He’s coming in to the inside.” They messed up on the defensive coverage. He had — all right. Didn’t have that much time. Almost got in there was Jim Marshall. But you’ll see Nate Wright, number 43, he’s over on the outside. That was a 48-yard completion. We didn’t say that Biletnikoff was a speedster, did we? We just said he had great hands.>>No, but I’ll tell you one thing he does. We didn’t see it there. He catches the ball. He can really spin or pivot on you and get away. Very quick feet. What he really has — quick hands and quick feet. Oakland now just set a new Super Bowl record for total yardage — 407 yards. The old record held by Green Bay in the first Super Bowl game — 358 yards, where Max McGee got out of bed early and came out and scored two touchdowns in that first Super Bowl game.>>Got out early or late. You never know for sure. That time, he was wide open. Curt, again, I think it was just a mix-up on the defensive coverage by the Wright boys. Could have been Nate or Jeff. Don’t know who. But they left somebody wide open down the middle, and that was Biletnikoff. Banaszak, Clarence Davis — [ Whistle blows ] Whistle. Something thrown on the field.>>It sure was. That was gonna be a delay draw to Clarence Davis, it looked like from up here. So I’m sure they’ll come back. He’ll probably change that particular play. He let Minnesota have a look at it. You never can tell. Most offensive teams have a set kind of plays that they run down in here because the defense plays a certain kind of defense, a goal-line defense. They usually try to stop the gaps, block up those holes, make everybody have odd-man blocking, or at least straight-ahead blocking. Let’s see what they’re gonna do.>>First down, goal to go for the Raiders. Pete Banaszak. Banaszak’s in! Touchdown! The veteran has two touchdowns. There goes the ball up in the stands. He’ll be fined. He doesn’t care. He gets more money, and they’ll fine him. 15 grand if they hold on to their win. So the Raiders score again — their first touchdown of the second half.>>One thing that’s different is that they went over the right instead of the left, but they did pull out George Buehler, the right guard, to lead that play. They sent in Lawrence, as you talked about earlier, the reserve tackle. He was in there. And that time, they just — nobody was there. Page tried to do it. Couldn’t get there quick enough. There you go. There’s $200.>>He can smell that goal line, though, Banaszak. Errol Mann’s kick is good. And the Raiders have increased their lead now. There’s the managing general partner of the Raiders, Al Davis, who’s been set back in his dream to win a Super Bowl. And now he may be almost there, unless the Vikings put on a miracle rally. Sammy White out to the 20, 25, 30, and downed at the 32-yard line. The Vikings’ ball. That was a big interception for Willie Hall. Stopped the Viking drive. If they could have gone in and scored, we might have had a tight one. But Willie Hall picked it off, and the Raiders come right back and cash in on the touchdown. Rodrigo Barnes went down to make the tackle for the Raiders. It will be the Vikings’ ball on their 32-yard line with a first down.>>I doubt they’re gonna put too much pressure on him. Let him throw those little ones.>>They swing Foreman out in motion. That’s Miller. Miller dancing at the 30 and goes down at the 35-yard line. Just a 3-yard gain. The Raiders will let him have that. Ted Hendricks pulled him down. Second and 7. As you all know, Madden, in eight years as the head coach, has averaged 10 or 11 wins a year, but in the playoffs they’ve been dumped. They’ve never been to the Super Bowl. He’s been frustrated. As he said, “I can’t believe I’m here. I want to enjoy it all.” He was out here early. Al Davis, the same way. And the Raiders have been accused of choking and never winning the big one. Now they’re ahead 26-7. Tarkenton’s pass off the hands of Chuck Foreman. A little high for him.>>Well, it was really in his arms. If anything, it was maybe thrown a little bit quick. It was thrown before he turned around. He didn’t adjust to it when the ball got there. If you’re trying to really take up for him, the sun could have been in his eyes.>>You know, Don, the AFC has won 7 of the 10 Super Bowl games, 7 of the last 8, and 4 in a row.>>The only thing I’d say is that they did a little realigning, Curt. You got — you got some — Pittsburgh has picked up two of those, and that was the old NFC. They got the Cowboys.>>But that’s new players.>>Yeah, let’s all settle down out here.>>All right, third and 7.>>They’ll let him have those.>>They have a first down on that one. That’s Stu Voigt, the tight end. He got up. Nobody around him. Kept moving. Clock is down to 6:39 to play. Vikings will have the ball on their 47-yard line.>>Ball on the 47.>>There was one of your low scoop-ups. He’s got the ball. Really a little surprised not to find anybody around him. A couple of pretty good blocks, and there’s our guy again, going for the nose.>>Quick snap.>>Oh, boy.>>And that’s broken up by Dave Rowe. Where did he come from? He’s supposed to be playing the nose guard, and he’s running out in the right flank on that one.>>Well, they’re not getting much of a pass rush, Curt. I don’t think they’re trying to do it. They want Francis just to put the ball up. They’re gonna eventually get back there to him in time. He’s trying to dump it off to the short guys. They’re gonna let him have those.>>33 passes attempted today by Tarkenton. 16 completions. That’s the actual number here. I imagine we have some no-shows. It would add a lot of no-shows with the rain that we had all week, but what a gorgeous day Pasadena’s given us. This one is complete to Rashad.>>There you go.>>Rashad at the 30, and he’s downed at the 29 — 28-yard line of Oakland by Phil Villapiano. And Tarkenton said, “Let’s get up there and get moving now.” We’re down to 6:00 to play.>>He zipped that one pretty good down into that middle zone. That’s what they’re playing. He had Rashad coming back across the middle, threaded it right between a couple of linebackers, and hit him right in the numbers. There’s another little quick flip. Look out. There he goes. Goodbye. Goodbye, Willie. ♪ Turn out the lights ♪>>14 years Willie’s waited, and he scored a Super Bowl touchdown. Look at the Raiders come on the field. The whole squad is going over there.>>Well, they love Willie. He’s been there for a long time.>>Look at them mob him. You’re right. He set back. They were waiting for that little deke out to the outside, trying to — look at that guy. Willie Brown.>>He’s a defensive Captain, All-Pro many times. He has been better this year than he’s been the last two or three years, and 14 years. Watch him grab this one.>>Well, it was almost picked off by Hendricks before it got out to Brown. He was trying to hit Sammy White on a little quick square-out. There’s nothing to it. No footrace there. There’s Fran made a little move after him.>>Willie Brown has scored a 75-yard touchdown. Bud Grant doesn’t change much expression.>>No.>>It’s now 32-7. The kick is up.>>He missed another one.>>And it’s no good. That’s two extra points Errol Mann has missed. Fred Steinfort was the regular kicker, and he hurt his knee. And Willie Brown has just turned in a spectacular 75-yard pass-interception touchdown run. That is a new Super Bowl record for an intercepted pass. The Raiders have broken the all-time total offense record of the Green Bay Packers, going all the way back to Super Bowl I. And Willie Brown now has an individual record.>>[ Laughs ] I like to see that on the sideline. You know, these guys are teammates. They spend an awful lot of time together for a major portion of six months out of the year. So they’ve got some strong friends. Big kickoff here.>>Lenny Willis on the 8. And he’s creamed there. He gets it out to the 26. The Vikings have lost three previous Super Bowl games, but this is the worst pasting they’ve taken in a Super Bowl.>>That’s right. I think that was Carl Garrett that made that tackle. He was the guy that picked him up on his shoulder. And says, “I can do everything. I’m one of your basic all-around athletes.” Here we go. Pretty good kickoff. Little short. Trying to follow some blocks in there. They’re cutting him in to the inside, and there’s Carl Garrett in his basic football position.>>Bob Lee going in now at quarterback. They’ve taken Tarkenton out.>>That’s no surprise. Fran will still make more money on this game than anybody else in it. He’s smooth.>>Bob Lee of Pacific. His eighth year. 5:33 to go. 32-7, Oakland. Lee’s toss over the head of the intended receiver, Stu Voigt, the tight end.>>”General” Lee had a heck of a season down in Atlanta one year. He had them all going. And you get kind of in a good rhythm, and there was a time when they were calling the General Lee coming through, marching all down there. They had a great 4, 5, 6 games put together. Tough season for the coach, Grant, there. Tough season for Francis again. But 16 years in the league, he’s had a lot of fun, I assume, and he’s compiled an awful lot of records, and those things will come in handy when you’re old and gray. They’ll keep you warm.>>Second down, 10. Flag is down. Pass is complete to Sammy White, but a flag was dropped.>>That was Hendricks that came up from his linebacker position. Ted’s been playing really consistent ball for them. He’s the guy that they look to in that linebacker — although Monte Johnson calls the defensive signals. But Hendricks has been around for a while, too, Curt. He’s a guy that had a little trouble finding a home and has really found one here in Oakland.>>The “Mad Stork.” We had a motion penalty on this last play. Lee going back. You see the flag drop right — there it goes. Just waved by him. I think it’s on Robert Miller. That’s two motion penalties on him.>>That’s Philyaw that came in. The guy that you mentioned is the biggest man in football. He was really replaced by Matuszak, I guess, about what, a third of the way through the season. Philyaw had a little injury. They brought Matuszak in, and he filled in and never really did relinquish his job back to Philyaw. That time, he came in, put good pressure. They think he can really be a great one because of his size and his basic natural ability.>>Third and 5. They let them have the 5-yard pass. The down advanced. Bob Lee again. Lee now out of the pocket.>>Look out.>>And he is whipped down there at the 36-yard line. Right on him, Herb McMath, who’s now in the lineup, as John Madden starts to send his subs in. McMath’s a rookie from Morningside of Iowa. It’ll be fourth.>>Total domination.>>They’re gonna bring in the yardsticks. Madden’s very relaxed now.>>For the first quarter, Curt, I got the feeling that Oakland, man, they had this thing going, and it was almost a mismatch from the first time they had the ball.>>You know, Don, we saw Oakland all year, and they really are a team that — they had a lot of narrow escapes early in the year. They weren’t very impressive. They were winning. They lost only one game this year. They got really trampled at New England. But the game that probably really made them was when they beat Cincinnati in that Monday-night game. Everybody thought they would play with not too much enthusiasm.>>Right.>>But they played a great all-around game. They wanted to play Pittsburgh and show the nation they could beat Pittsburgh. They did. And they just kept coming on after that.>>They sure did. A lot of people thought that they used it up against Cincinnati, too. I don’t think he made it.>>They stopped him.>>Yeah.>>That’s Monte Johnson sliding over to hit Chuck Foreman. Of course, they had a narrow escape against New England in the playoffs, scoring with 10 seconds to go to squeeze by that one.>>I think it’s unfair. A lot of people say, “Well, the best teams are not in the Super Bowl.” I disagree with that because they all play the same rules, same kind of situation, same deal, and the two teams that wind up here deserve it.>>Raiders have the ball on the Minnesota 36. Mike Rae is the new quarterback. Van Eeghen turns the corner and is stopped just short of the 30-yard line. Hit down by Bobby Bryant. Let’s take a look at some of these individual figures. The leading ground gainer has been Clarence Davis, 137 yards. That is Lee, the reserve quarterback. Van Eeghen now has 68 yards. So, he and Davis have had good running days. The entire Oakland club has been tremendous offensively because they’ve broken an all-time Super Bowl record for most yards gained and passing.>>Surprisingly impressed with their defense. They just shut Minnesota out.>>Second down, 5.>>Look at that move!>>That’s Hubie Ginn, the reserve back.>>Hey, hey!>>He’s been all around, too, and he’s in the Super Bowl swag.>>They just took Jim Marshall and Carl Eller out and replaced them with James White and Mark Mullaney. So, I guess the Vikings know what’s happening, too. It’s about all over, folks. Look out, Mike Rae. And that was — wait, he’s still up. And that is James White, I believe, 72.>>35 is the highest points ever scored in a Super Bowl by a team. The Raiders have 32. This one figured to be a high-scoring game but close, although the Raiders were 5-, 5 1/2-point picks. Odds kept going up in favor of the Raiders as the week went by. 3:26 to go. But the Raiders have dominated. The Vikings had a chance. They scored, 19-7. They came back on a drive early in the fourth quarter. If they could have scored again, they would have made it 19-13 or 19-14. But Willie Hall intercepted a pass, and the Raiders went on and scored another touchdown. And Willie Brown grabbed one and ran 75. So, they’ve it all the way, just about every department. [ Whistle blows ] We’re down to 3:24 to play. That’s Mark van Eeghen. James White stopped him. Chuck Foreman, sad, of course.>>Not too happy with his contract, either. There’s been some talk that he says, “Hey, I’ve got to have some more to play.” Everybody feels that way, but I imagine right now he’s thinking, “I just wish we could have all played better.” 32-7, Oakland.>>A great hand for Mark van Eeghen as he comes off.>>Van Eeghen gets a hand. There’s Biletnikoff. He has been called, Biletnikoff. Biletnikoff gets the Most Valuable Player.>>And look at this, though.>>Look at that Rae get out of there. He slips and falls down. He may be short of a first down. Biletnikoff has been awarded the car and the most valuable player of the game.>>He played well.>>Caught 4 for 79. He made some key catches down around the goal line to set up touchdowns. Monte Johnson’s hugging him. Very quiet, Biletnikoff. Doesn’t have much to say. Lets his hands do the talking.>>Lets his hands do the talking. He does it with Braille. Well, it’s fourth down.>>2:00 warning. Different moods by different coaches.>>Different strokes for different folks.>>There are four Oakland players that came into this game that played in Super Bowl II, Oakland’s only other appearance. And the veterans have done all right today. Banaszak has scored two touchdowns. Biletnikoff the most valuable player, and Willie Brown intercepted a pass and ran for a touchdown.>>Gene Upshaw was the other man.>>He hasn’t done bad, either, has he?>>He certainly opened some holes.>>Somebody has up in there. I’m telling you. Figure that first half, they ran almost scot-free in the middle of that line.>>That’s Hubie Ginn, 29. Clarence Davis had 137. Van Eeghen, 72. Stabler hit 12 out of 19, one of his decent days. And when he hits 60%, 65%, that’s a Stabler day.>>They’re happy over there now.>>Vikings’ ball as they get the defensive team on. We want to thank Joe Costanza for research and statistics, Dr. Wood, Robert Wood, the team physician of the doctors whose hobby is hanging around football booths, besides medicine.>>[ Laughs ]>>They did a great job. And our spotter, Denny Menichin and Chuck Panama. Thanks to all. And the clock running to 1:50. It’s just hand-off, hit somebody now. Brent McClanahan tackled there. Very disappointing day for the Vikings, Don.>>Serious. I want to thank you, Curt. You’ve been a heck of a nice guy, and I’ve really enjoyed this year. This has been fun, our 14th telecast together. It’s been a lot of fun. Nice place to end it up, right here at the old Super Bowl. Kenny, you’re all right, fellow.>>I’ll tell you. Every one that we did, I looked forward to doing it with you. Here’s the pass. Nearly intercepted that time by 51, Rodrigo Barnes. Old Rodrigo wants a Super Bowl score, too.>>That was actually knocked down by one of his own men that time. Think that was Floyd Rice that was in there, knocked that one down. Jim Marshall, what a guy.>>Remarkable, remarkable.>>39 years old. Really is a super, super guy, 17th year in the National Football League.>>Oldest player to ever start a Super Bowl game today, 39. Never missed a game since he’s been with the Vikings.>>And he also — he’s not one of those positions where he doesn’t get hit. He gets hit every time he lines up, or he hits somebody. Again, nice guy, varied interests. Find him an enjoyable person to know.>>Bob Lee fading again on third down.>>Sammy White.>>He’s got him out there, Sammy White for a first down at the 33. We’ll see a lot of this rookie. Runs low to the ground.>>”We’re number 1.”>>I was on a hunting trip with Bear Bryant. I said, “Who’s the best quarterback you ever coached?” He said, “Namath’s the greatest athlete. Stabler was my best quarterback at Alabama.”>>I almost played for the Bear at Texas A&M.>>Is that right?>>Yeah, really did. He was down in Texas A&M when I was a senior in high school. I wanted to play for him. I really admire him. Alan Page also a good one. Carl Eller has been around for a long time. They’re not happy, Curt. They didn’t play as well as — I don’t believe they played as well as they could, either. But they certainly didn’t play well enough today. They really never were really in the ballgame.>>You could see that Oakland was sharp right from the opening drive when they took the opening kickoff on their 33 and marched it right down to the 12. They were off the ball. They’re timing was good. You could just see it was going to be one of their days that they’ve been having the last six weeks of the season.>>They even missed that opening field goal, but you know that was a — I said, “Well, well.” You know, a lot of times when that happens early in a game, that team goes flat. But the next time they got the ball, they came right back and did it again. You were talking about those Oakland fans earlier, Curt. They could have sold 50,000, 60,000 tickets up in Oakland alone for this ballgame. They lined up. They’ve got 50-some-odd thousand season-ticket holders up there. And as you mentioned earlier, we’ve done four games, I think, in Oakland this year, and they really are rabid fans.>>Here’s a man who’s biggest booster is his own players. They all told me during this week that John Madden the last six weeks has done a master job of game-planning and preparing them for each game. And here’s Bud Grant. A lot of people think he’s sort of a cold fish. I want to tell you, that’s one of the most remarkable men I have ever met. I’ve been on a fishing trip with him for a week, and I can see why he has such great regard and respect by his players. Sammy Johnson swinging out of the backfield to take that one. We’re down to 1:18 to go. 32-7, Oakland. A one-sided game. They have dominated play, except for perhaps 10 minutes of the game late in the third period, early in the fourth period. The Vikings showed some flurry of offense and had stopped the Raiders offense themselves. Look at that grin.>>Yeah. It’s one of those smug kind of grins. He said, “I want to just jump up and down and yell, but I can’t do that. It’s national TV.”>>Second down, 8. Lee’s pass is out. It’s complete. And Atkinson makes the hit on Sammy White again. White’s rolling up some pass receptions now.>>Nobody seems to care, though. Nobody’s really even watching. You see Willie Brown, Biletnikoff.>>Matt Blair, the outside linebacker. Vikings have called time-out. The ball is resting on the Oakland 30 with 42 seconds remaining. And the score 32-7, Oakland. Our thanks to commissioner Pete Rozelle, his entire staff, particularly Don Weiss, director of public relations, Bob Cochrane, the broadcast coordinator, and all the 28 clubs, their public-relations departments and coaching staffs for their cooperation all during the regular season. One last look at the all-time record Super Bowl crowd. Willie Brown — a pass interception. Pete Banaszak — two touchdowns. And Biletnikoff. Lee’s pass complete to Sammy Johnson. Johnson trying to get to the sideline. Charlie Phillips finally tackled him. That’s Chuck Foreman.>>I think I see tears coming down that guy’s eyes. He’s an emotional player. You hate to see anybody, you know, who’s a great athlete — anybody. But, you know, it’s just not the kind of day he’s looking for. That’s a pretty good comment right there on the Minnesota Vikings’ day.>>The Vikings have a first down now on the Raider 13 with 31 seconds to go. A study in contrasts as you watch that. Now look at these fellas — relaxed, smiles. They have the first-place money, 15 grand. The Vikings have $7,500.>>Some got to win, some got to lose. “Good time” Madden, he ain’t got no blues.>>There it is to Stu Voigt, the tight end, and… He’s over for a touchdown. The Vikings get another score. Too little, too late, though. George Atkinson rode him into the end zone. Stu Voigt has scored. That makes it 32-13, Oakland.>>Quick swing out to that tight end. Voigt really was uncovered. You see Atkinson try to hit him up tight. Good, little stiff arm there by Voigt. Much bigger than Atkinson, who just carried him into the end zone.>>Fred Cox will try the point. 32-14. We’ll see Oakland once more on the offense. These fellows will be celebrating tonight.>>Oh, yeah.>>So will the city of Oakland. Oakland now is becoming the city of champions. They won the NBA basketball title year before last. They won three world baseball series in a row two years ago, capping off their third, and now they’re the champs of football. How about one city winning three major sport championships in the space of three years?>>It’s not bad. These two guys right here you see side by side have great admiration for each other. Bud Grant and Fran Tarkenton both have stood up for one another in times in the past. They have mutual respect, and both of them truly are outstanding performers in their individual fields. Bud Grant has a way of putting together winners, and Fran Tarkenton has a way of being part of those winners.>>Somebody once described Grant as “a man who had a stranglehold on reality.”>>”Stranglehold on reality.”>>In other words, he’s very practical.>>Let’s see if the Vikings try an onside kick. They are. Grabbed there by Siani. Mike Siani of Villanova. Star shortstop in college grabbed it. Oakland’s ball with 21 seconds to go. Long years of frustration for Oakland. “Can’t win the big one.” Best record in football the last 13 years.>>Second best is Minnesota.>>Yeah, well, in the ’70s, Minnesota’s the best. But over the 13-year period, Oakland the best record, but couldn’t win the Super Bowl. Today, they’ve done it. Carl Eller. Look at this. This looks like an old game of — what do you call it? — scrum.>>Yeah, the old rugby match. There it is, Curt. Counting down is right. There he is.>>That’s the toughest job Oakland’s had today — lifting John Madden up. They got him up there. 250 pounds. Off they go. And the Raiders have won the Super Bowl championship. They are the world champs, and they did it most decisively and very impressively with a final score Oakland 32 and Minnesota 14.

100 thoughts on “Super Bowl XI | Raiders vs. Vikings | NFL Full Game

  1. I love Fred Belitnokof but I wouldn't have given him MVP. Snake called all the plays and played great, I would have given it to snake just for his awesome play calling. but I might be biased because snake is my favorite qb of all time. and can somebody please get Branch and Villapiano in the HoF?

  2. Raiders only real weakness was the kicking game. 3 missed kicks (1 FG and 2 PAT) plus a blocked punt and a running into the punter call that allowed the Vikings to score.

  3. Fran looked tentative and unsure what to do in this game and that was surprising since he had played in 2 SB games already . It is still hard to grasp how all these Viking teams got so manhandled on both sides of the line every SB they played . I feel they were coached and playing not to lose instead of trying to win .

  4. Already Tarkenton is struggling in this game. Gifford starts to say " wide open" ….you can see the ball is under thrown and to the wrong side. SMH 16:37

  5. Man I loved this Raider squad. Casper, Villapiano, Van Eighen, Hendrix, Tatum, and my all-time hero, Kenny Stabler. Finally in the HOF. Love ya and miss ya Kenny. RIP my hero.

  6. Par for the course for us Vikings fans, Stu Voigt scores a meaningless fourth quarter touchdown and we can't even see it because some guy's head is in the way.

  7. This was back in the day when I would know every starter on all the good teams. There were sometimes a player or two that were replacements for injured guys that I didn’t know. For the most part there was much less turnover in player personnel over the years that gave the league continuity.

  8. 19:56 – 20:08 the moment when Vikes fans thought "This is a good omen! This could finally gonna be our year!"
    21:32 the moment Vikes fans thought "omg, they're gonna blow it again."

  9. This was the last time that the Vikings ever made it to the super bowl….
    The Vikings Are The Ones That Really Should’ve Won a Super Bowl -Patriot fan

  10. Who would have known that 10 months after this SB the greatest southern rock band in history would lose its heart and soul in a plane crash…

  11. This was the first time I saw Football game back in 1975; ever since than I got hooked to watch the Raiders Games every Season. I didn't understood NFL then, but it sure feels good when your team wins…..

  12. Bud Grant's late-'60s and '70s Vikings had the misfortune of being an excellent team that had to go up against great teams in their Super Bowls – the '69 Chiefs, '73 Dolphins, Steel Curtain, and '76 Raiders.

  13. MANDELA EFFECT – My memory of this game was the Raiders scoring forty-something points and Van-Eeghen was the MVP.

  14. Vikings' fourth Super Bowl loss in eight years.   Not only did they lose those four games, they never even held the lead in any of them.

  15. Wow that ‘76 Raider team was loaded. Top to bottom. The depth in running back alone is remarkable. Once the momentum shifted to the Raiders they imposed their will.

  16. One thing you will never see again: A Super Bowl that starts at 2:00pm on the east coast or 12:00pm on the west coast.

  17. Jesus, I'm getting sick of waiting for the Vikings to get back to the Super Bowl. The game today is almost unrecognizable compared to how it was played and broadcast in 1977.

  18. even the refs were better …a lot better back then…and they got paid squat compared to the idiots working the game today…ref jim tunney was probably the best

  19. I think the Vikings Deff did a good job just no help from the offence . In the SB Vikings did so poor on offence just sucked

  20. This was 1st, 5 Super Bowl games played in Pasadena, Calif.'s famous Rose Bowl stadium/1st one played in City/L.A., Calif. Metro. area since 1972-1973 N.F.L. season's Super Bowl, VII game bet. Dolphins/Redskins in L.A. Mem. Coliseum played in January, 1973

  21. January 9, 1977 (Sun.) was earliest date that Super Bowl game was played on. Super Bowl, XI bet. Raiders/Vikings in Pasadena, Calif.'s Rose Bowl Bowl stadium. Reg. portion, N.F.L.'s 1976-1977 season got underway on September 12, 1976 (Sun.), wk. earlier than traditional 3rd Sun. in September so they could avoid playing playoff games on Christmas Day (December 25) itself after that X-Mas Day fiasco, 5 seasons prior (1971-1972) which latter, 2 div. playoff games played on December 25, 1971 (Sat.-Christmas Day) went to II OTs before it was decided/caused havoc on Christmas Day dinners nationwide

  22. Vikings lost this game when they failed to take advantage of a blocked punt down on Oakland's three yard line in the first quarter. Football is about momentum.

  23. You listen to Don Meridith, and you realize how GREAT Al Derogatis was as Curt Gowdy's partner in the booth all those years.

  24. This is it Curtis! Yeah!! Snake and company finally brought the title to Oakland during the 76 NFL season. Greatness.

  25. 19:57 – Fred McNeill does what was thought to be impossible – block a Ray Guy punt. And the Viking offense couldn't take advantage of this miracle gift.

  26. Raiders kicker Errol Mann couldn't have kicked a ball into the ocean while standing on the edge of the pier in this game.

  27. 2019 rules forever I'm Barry manilow and all the singers they play on Kbek forever promise to god Steve Fikes bono voxx u2 and all the singers they play on Kool 108 forever promise to god go Vikings forever raider hater go twins forever a s hater bye now

  28. 5:38 – Lucky for the Raiders that this game didn't come down to a last minute field goal. Why they kept Errol Mann for another season is beyond me.

  29. Skip Thomas & Jack Tatum should had switched names ! The Man called Tatum should be Dr Death 💀, better yet, he should be called ( in regards of his zodiac sign, Scoripo 🦂) Death Dealer ! And Thomas is The assassin ( which was Tatum's name)

  30. Nice to have video evidence that the quality of television images of the past are a little better than some older YouTube videos would have you believe.

  31. 45:43 – That dropped pass was actually one of the key plays of the game. The Vikes could have easily gotten a field goal (and gained some necessary momentum) if the receiver had simply caught the ball. But he didn't, and so they were shut out offensively in the first half for the third Super Bowl in a row.

  32. i miss the way they used to decorate the end zone with the helmets and team emblems and the conference emblams,and the team name, it seems that the super bowl doesn't feel the same since they done away with those colorful Fields, I hope they go back to that when my Cowboys get there.

  33. Patriots were robbed in divisional playoffs. Hard to believe 1976 was last time Vikings were near a Superbowl.

  34. That raiders offensive line was the greatest of all time .Art shell, Gene Upshaw and Jim Otto all HOFers but Jim Otto had all ready retired.

  35. This game is a perfect example of why the Vikings lost all four Super Bowls they played in. Bud Grant was out coached in all four games, predictable play calling did them in, running right repeatedly when the defense knows it's coming is easy to defend. Constantly going to Chuck Foreman while ignoring White, Rashad, and Voight was a major mistake. Add in the missed chances and it was a disaster.

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